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I was a bit more exposed to Pinball as a child since a lot of video stores brought in the licenced title machines as part of a promotional tie-in. Newer pinball machines always seemed to charge $1 and many were set with the new $2 coin slots which I always thought was cruel.

Your Move, Creep! Robocop Pinball Adventures! @Dead_Flip

I had the pleasure of meeting Dead Flip at the Arcade Superplay last October at Twitch Headquarters in San Francisco. Dead Flip is from the Chicago area and often streams with his Pinball buddies either at his place or on location to one of the many bars and arcades that will feature wild and crazy pinball machines. Here is a shot of the Robocop machine he was playing live on location this week on his stream:maxresdefaultpinball.jpg This machine came out in 1989 and though I haven’t seen it personally I will say its a great looking machine. I tend to favour the older looking tables because I enjoy that classic feel and look of them. They all have a slight gritty comic book feel to them which is something I can identify with. I’m not a good player, but I do enjoy Pinball games and they are one of my favourite things to photograph. I’m always trying to scope out Pinball places or public machines to get their photograph and collecting a bunch of work for a book would be an adventurous project.

Dank Arts

Macaw played some interesting games from this anime-style Shmup for the PC98 called Vermillion which he quickly touched on in a previous stream a year ago. The only things I can remember from this game is the crazy pixel art where one of the girls flips you the bird just as the game starts and as you play the game a little box with one of their faces pops up and she stands there yelling at you. He also featured Last Action Hero for the SNES one day and actually finished it. I’ve never had the pleasure to play Last Action Hero myself, though I do remember seeing this game around before and I do know of its brand of torture.
As a kid, I was obsessed with making game board style comics as I was greatly influenced by Matt Groening’s work in “Life in Hell” which I somehow had access to. It was almost a play or nod towards when Family Circus would do these giant comic strips that were just one board with a bunch of situational jokes. I really liked that large visual idea and I find myself going back to it often when I’m using humour.
Most of the ideas for the bird bingo came from the chat, so this was a bit of a “group effort” if you want to call it that.img_8984Here is an example of Life in Hell and one of those Family Circus Comics so you have a reference to work from.

Besides Bird Bingo, Friday night was also Puri’s Birthday and I made him awesome Alundra Dank Art
img_9023I used a lighter stock Watercolour grade paper here as it’s perfect for little Dank Sketches like these. I’ve always tried to max out my paper even when I was a kid, so I tend to buy oversized paper and then tear it into smaller corners to get the most out of my supplies.

Streaming Board games

screenshot-2017-03-03-10-56-52There was a time when I was a very young kid that I asked for nothing but board games for Christmas gifts. Usually from my extended family that wouldn’t understand that I hated things like Barbie’s and babydolls and generally most girl toys. My dad was always up for a good afternoon playing games with me but trying to get my mom and brother to play with us was always a chore. They’d give in eventually and I would be super excited to be “the Game Master” who’d be in charge of all the rules, the bank (if there was a bank or dealer or someone who needed to be awake enough to keep the rules constant).

Jones in the Fast Lane is a fun board game style game by one of my all time fave old school publishers Sierra that showcases their own brand of humour. You play as one of 4 characters and circle the board using up time as you go to school, get a job, pay rent,  You should try this out not just because it’s weird but because you can play it one player or with up to 4 persons

You can check out the vod here and also check out me playing Oregon Trail after winning the game!

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