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Waiting for the KFC drops in Alien Vs Predator Arcade @MURPHAGATOR 

I have been tuning into more of Murphagator’s streams lately and finally decided to sub this weekend. I did it not just to get a little duck icon, but because I have been enjoying his BeatEm’up playthroughs for months now. I try to Sub as much I can, but I give myself a limit to how many a month so I am well within a spending budget. It’s more of me saying thank you and encouraging the streamer to keep broadcasting. You have to think it’s more then just playing the game that goes into a regular streaming show- most of the people I follow like to keep things casual and about their adventures either collecting or playing games. Subbing just means they can now afford to up to a better internet connection to stream more or to improve things such as getting new equipment or saving up for a better computer to have more polished shows (I also helps that I  like the cute duck emojis :v)

Macaw is streaming almost every day now so thats why theres always so much Dank Art. I remember his streams from two years ago when the internet was really dodgy for him and dropped frames kept him from streaming at key times. Things have really developed as he’s kept at it despite a few hiccups every now and then (leave’straliaemote). Macaw wrapped up the Turtles Gauntlet as well as playing thru a few other interesting DOS games, the best one being that Executioners game which I swear to goodness I can remember seeing a billion years ago when I was first discovering the internet and all the horrors it had as I distinctly remember one of my friends saying this game was “the shit” as it was violent, stupid and abused midgets. Yeah, Executioners was certainly a product of its time and was also created and distributed by high school students when it first came out. See back then it was amazing to me, a small kid, to know that other kids were out there laughing at the system and making their own games (despite how tasteless and immature they were). They were selling these tasteless games online and over BBS’s back when 99% of all their friends had paper routes for jobs. See that was motivational to someone in the 5th grade who wanted to do more with her ideas and got me thinking there was more to a world of video games then just playing them for me…

LordBBH streams every Monday with his Roulette streams, but often I poke around and see what he gets up to on Thursdays as he sometimes will either do an extra roulette or will do something else on that day to keep things interesting. Franbkly I love it when BBH will do a night of 1CC attempts or plays a game he really enjoys because he has a lot to say about a game thats challenging or that he enjoys. This Thursday he had a little Neo Geo evening where he played thru a few games and we got more Fighters History Dynamite. Fighters History is not the best fighting game but its strange enough to be one of the games I like seeing in people’s stream rotations. I think BBH is one of the players I watch that has the better grasp of playing it, but everyone who does play this game has that one go-to character that isn’t the same as the other person and I get to see this game played so many different ways because of this. Props to for this just being a really weird fighter with Karnov from Karnov fame jumping around yelling BALLOON and the final boss being Bull. Not Bull from Night Court (are we still on the Night Court throw backs in chat?) but a giant Bull. Check it out!

One thing I’m good at is fixing cabs! @KevinDDR

KevinDDR got his hands on an old DDR machine and decided one night it would be fun to stream fixing it. I was already interested in what was going on as he had tweeted out what was the floor out on twitter earlier in the day and for a good 20 minutes my boss & I at work were trying to figure out what we were actually looking at. Then it dawned on me that this is KevinDDR & under all that garbage and dirt that was a DDR pad. Wow it looked shabby but it was fun to see Kevin & his crew try to salvage it. Stuff like this always interests me as it’s different and I love getting into big fix-it projects like this. I also hope to one day own a few machines of my own but thats not until I can get into a bigger place from where I am living now cause I really don’t have the room.


Screenshot 2017-04-03 11.51.06.png

My Zine is on sale NOW and you can collect each issue by either backing my Patreon, or by ordering each issue online at Blurb where I am currently having each issue printed. I have used Blurb before for photo books in the past and they are great for little projects like this as they specialise in small runs. The bonus of backing the Patreon is that you never miss an issue and you save on the shipping as well as added rewards for those who are backing more.

I’m overwhelmed at how quickly things are moving with this project! It really has been a project a year or more in the making when I started drawing Dank Art, but I am still amazed at how many people are backing this who enjoy my art and enjoy watching the people streaming the games. I’ve already started to work on the next issue & sharing that work with everyone in my Discord chat. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to make this Zine a reality!

Sunday Mornings

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.00.40My Sunday mornings have quickly turned into my most favourite moment in the week as thats when I know 100% I am going to stream. I often will try to stream in my week, but with everything being so chaotic in my life it’s nice to have one moment where I slow down and take time to share a little bit of what I like to do with people. That Sunday I had plans to wake up early and see if I could get sunrise photos, but instead I waited for the sun to peek outside of the clouds and watched my friend Kevinchai play thru the end Metal Gear Solid 2. I joked that in 2014 when Kevin moved to Arizona I was there as well for a photo job and for that week we were roommates. He started playing MGS2 and he’s played it over and over again since, but we joked that everything has come full circle now that I’ve seen him play the ending. My morning sketch was my tribute to Metal Gear, friendship and really good coffee.

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.01.18

I also played thru Leisure Suit Larry 3 and finished it despite not getting the perfect score. In the second part of the game you play as Patti who’s trying to find Larry after he took off fearing that Patti didn’t truly love him. This particular game was around the same time when Sierra was still defining what the Action Adventure genre was all about which is why you’ll find all these arcade segments awkwardly stuck in which dramatically takes away from everything. I know Space Quest III has one boxing mini game and LSL3 has an insufferable log riding arcade game which I STILL can’t do btw (I always have to skip it), but Manhunter is a real good example of this and I look forwards to sharing that game on my Sunday stream soon as I’ve only ever played 30 minutes of the game & it’s possibly one of the more interesting Sierra titles as it DOESN’T feel like a Sierra game at all.

Also that bamboo forest maze in LSL3 can eat it.

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.01.35

Tune in next Sunday as I play thru more fun old games!! You can watch my last broadcast here!


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend J_Spade!! I hope you had a great day and I can’t wait to mail you some of this special Dank Art birthday art! Thank you for being my friend and for being there when I need ya, good buddy <3


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