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Closing out a Month

Dank Work


Making Dank is what I am all about these days and I am happy to announce that I am accepting submissions for creative content! If you want to join the fam and think you have what it takes to have your work featured in my Dank Zine you may submit it here at dankzine@agentannk.com

I am looking for content that is about retro gaming, streams, and the gaming collecting community. It’s not just limited to writers, I am looking for artists as well who want to make Dank Art and be featured in the Zine or on my blog. Please end me an email and attach an example of your work to get the ball rolling.

Dank Art

BBH had a great week returning with his championship belt from the tournament he just won, as well as visiting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo over the weekend. I’m sure he’s going to talk about all the cool stuff there including this strange and new Space Harrier type game he got to try out at the expo. If only my budget would allow me more chances for travel so I could check out events like that then I’d be there myself front and centre. Hopefully BBH got some photos and will show them off during the Monday roulette stream.

Macaw45 had an emergency unboxing video as he got a bunch of new auction wins arrive at his place and whenever he gets a cool delivery such as this he’s gotta share it with his community. There was a bunch of Japanese Windows 95 games as well as few other neat things that he got to show off. The Dracula Sega CD game was a surprise being that I never thought Macaw would subject himself to the torture witch is Dracula on Sega CD, but he did manage to play the game right up to the boss where thru means of the emulation or the game itself it kept glitching out. This sums up Dracula for Sega CD as a whole.

There was a whole week where Macaw was exploring FMV Sega CD games, so hopefully he will someday replay those or explore more of the Sega CD library on a future bird stream.


Gracious IV @Aqy

Aquas is getting ready for GDQ by punishing himself with his practice streams of Contra III along with Batrider for the 1CC Marathon taking place in November. You can check out the trailer here. The 1CC Marathon is a fun weekend where streamers in the arcade scene can get together and go for those 1 Credit Clears and beat the game on one “quarter”. I took part in the event last year with Sega Marine Fishing where I managed to not just 1CC the game, but did it under 15 minutes. I’m sure someone’s done it faster. Anyway, get over to Aqy’s channel and if you are a sub or a fan so try to donate money to his GDQ fund so he can fly out this January and take part in the event.

Ultimoice is making more progress in Speedrunning Mother 2 and after a bunch of resets I got to see him complete a decent run this past Sunday. I am not 100% sure if that was his PB for Mother 2 as it was very early in the morning (what am I doing awake this early in the morning?), but I will say congratulations to Ultimoice as he does put on an impressive run of the game. If you love Earthbound half as much as I do then you definitely want to follow him as he’s going to be going for the World Record in Mother 2 soon. Ultimoice was quick to pick up that I will try my hardest to make Dank Art that is relevant to what’s going on in the current game, so this weeks collections is a whole bunch of stuff that seems to slow him down in those awkward Mother 2 situations.



Goati managed to scrub-save the final boss in Fantastic Pinball last week so its official on what conditions need to happen in order to open the boss room. The boss itself has several stages of awesomeness as Goati showed off here in this clip. I’m still playing the entire game as I am a HUGE pinball fan, however I have moved onto a new game to feature on my weekends and that is Sonic Spinball



Sonic Spinball came out in between of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 to fill a void that the Casino Zone left you with after you defeated the boss. It’s interesting mechanic is that you have to manipulate Sonic as he’s spinning as a little pinball to hit the targets and collect the chaos emeralds while you go after Dr Robitnik. It also features characters from the Saturday morning Sonic Cartoon, not to be confused with the Sonic cartoon where his siblings form a rock band or the horrible The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I was the biggest Sonic fan as a little girl and naturally I had all the Archie comics, books, guides and anything else I could get my hands on. When I found out that they were making a cartoon featuring Sonic I was excited and couldn’t stop talking about it. I always thought that the Saturday morning cartoon was the only Sonic show on TV until I started to have medical problems. I had to start waking up at 5am in the morning to take medication hours before eating which made me scan the TV Guide looking for something to watch at 5am and low and behold The Adventures of Sonic their Hedgehog was there!

If you are wondering why someone would put this Sonic Show on at 5am in the morning it’s because that’s the only time slot that would ensure no one would be able to watch it. It’s that bad. The animation is OK from time to time but the world could have been a better place without this incarnation of Sonic. I think this is also where the stupid Chilli Dog obsession came from. Oh well, if you like Sonic then tune in on Sundays when I am going to play thru Sonic Spinball and share with you not only my love of Pinball but Sonic as well.


Greg & I checked out Mill Pond in our town this past Sunday to take in the colours of the season. It was 30 degrees outside! I have photos of us walking the pond from last year in our full winter coats. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have such a glorious splendour of colours in fall please enjoy the few that I have posted here!

Bumbling birthdays and other celebrations


It was my birthday and I’ve had such a crazy week recovering from my back injury, seeing family and just getting a whole lot of work done for my jobs. I held a super cool contest on my twitter where I asked my followers to draw me their own Dank Art from their own favourite games and tweet them at me! It was really fun to see all the dank work come in so thank you very much to everyone who participated. I actually didn’t choose the winners (if it was up to me everyones a winner) so instead I asked the oldest friend I have, Greg. Winners of my Dank Art contest would either receive a free issue of my Dank Zine or a limited edition art print of one of my pieces. Here are the winners!

Congratulations to @CyberGunk  and @reccanti for your lovely Dank Art! You both win issues of this month’s Dank Zine & I will be contacting you shortly to get your shipping address. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and drew me Dank Art. I love looking at your work and I’d like to encourage others to get into it and start drawing and painting on Twitch or simply do what I do and draw to your favourite streamers. Thank you again and thank you for all your wonderful art :3



OMG the THIRD ISSUE of my Zine is being printed right now and it’s all about Pinball, plushies and of course the Dank Art you know and love. I got to speak with the pinhead of pinball himself, Dead Flip about his love of the game, his story of how he got into streaming and what sort of things he’s up to. I also got to speak with Eyes5 who is an incredible seamstress and dressmaker who is known in the gaming community for her plushies! I own a few plushies from Eyes myself and I will say they are some of the most special huggable things I have. If you want to get this issue I’ll have them up for grabs in my online store once they have shipped. In the meantime you can go back my Patreon and subscribe to my Dank Zine where you can get all my interviews, Dank Art and writings once a month delivered to your mail box.

Dank Art

Macaw45 got back into playing a bunch of fun SuperFamicom games after spending a day discovering this one explorer game. The explorer game was really interesting where you were some 16th century guy trying to set up trade routes and discover the world and all the unique items around the globe. If you are looking for some obscure games, Macaw has it. He also started up this one game called Stealth where it was set in the Vietnam war and you have to find enemy snipers in the forest while not taking damage in a turn based action JRPG style. If I had seen the box I’d probably pass it up myself but the game had some really neat elements to it after Macaw gave it a few goes. The best game he played thru was Super Keirin where you play as a professional gambler who bets on bike races at the velodrome in town and you spend your money upgrading your apartment and life with goodies you buy from your winnings. I saw him play thru this game once before maybe two years ago when I first started following Macaw & I bought the game from his playthru alone. Since I just bought a Super Famicom of my own I can finally attempt to do runs of this game myself, though it will be hard as I don’t read Japanese. This is a must for anyone who wants to pick up a game for a fan translation as its super addictive like Harvest Moon but in a lot of ways better.

LordBBH is having his Viewers Choice Extravaganza this Saturday and made the announcement during his Monday MAME Roulette stream. Since it’s been a rather busy week for me I only have a few BBH Dank Arts to share, but I did mail out a bunch of special BBH-themed Dank Arts to six of my lucky twitter followers who happened to see my contest. I’m always looking to give out my Dank Art to help brighten the day, so if you want to try your luck and see if you can win one make sure you watch my Twitter. As I have been super productive with my Zine I will be having a HUGE contest soon where I will be giving out free issues of the Zine as well as posters and so on! I love giving gifts so make sure you’re watching my twitter so you can win.

Aquas had his 3,000 follower special and decided he was going to do a 24 hour stream where he would play thru a bunch of his favourite games. As I was crazy busy I tuned in when I could and lucky for me I was watching when he was doing his Contra 3 runs and when he was playing a few PC Engine titles such as Air Zonk. Yes! Aquas was doing speed runs in a marathon stream because he’s a beast. I actually got a chance to sit down with Aquas and talk a bit about him for an upcoming issue of Dank Zine.

img_2076I keep talking about how much of an old Beat’em-up fan I am so whenever MURPHAGATOR has a stream going where he’s doing a run of them I’m going to race over to my computer & watch. I never really got into Final Fight when I was a kid as I was a Streets of Rage kind of girl, but I used to thin Final Fight was very progressive for having Poison who was a bad-guy & a woman. Well, I thought she was a woman because it turns out she is really a trans-woman which they say they did to get around the whole idea that punching women is a bad thing. I don’t think switching the gender changes anything, but it is cool that Poison is the first popular and openly trans-gender video game character out there. When I was a little kid I used to think that Poison could be on any of those talk shows when they did the whole “I used to be a zero but now I’m a hero” where they would pit a bully to come on the show and they’d come face to face to the nerdy kid they hurt all thru school and it’s one of those “oOOoOh Look at me now, bitch!” moments. I used to watch those shows and think maybe that could be me when I get older as I always thought of myself of being very plain, unattractive and nerdy due to the amount of bullying I went thru myself. Poisons of the world unite and take back the beautiful streets one right-hook after spin-kick!


Taking the A-Train to fail town with @Goati

The next issue of my Dank Zine will feature this guy here, Goati who hails from Rome Italy. Goati is in the middle of playing every Megadrive game out there which is a challenging feat as there’s a lot. I used to think I knew Sega games until I interviewed Goati but my knowledge is peanuts next to this guy. The best things about following the retro community are the diverse global connections we share within it. I now have friends all over the world just from streaming on Twitch and thats a cool feeling. Rumour has it that Goati is getting ready to start up another Nintendon’t event, so if you wanna get into that event make sure you contact him.

Birthday Stuff

My friends Sarah and Greg came over for my birthday and we got MAME working on my iMac!! The other cool thing was Sarah & I got to go to my favourite place, Mountsburg. It’s a Raptor sanctuary and I have been coming here ever since I was born so I have a very close and personal attachment for the park. When I was a little girl we had so many hawks, eagles and vultures that I could see without even leaving my house. I used to play games with my mom where we would count how many Birds of Prey we found just by driving around. That’s not the case now as it’s very rare to see these birds.

I’ve always been especially fond of raptors and owls and when I was 5 my grandmother got me the book, Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat. Mowat was her favourite author and I think she new him as at that time (the 1930’s) everyone knew everyone in Windsor Ontario. Mowat was the sort of guy who was very in tune with nature and what we should do about preserving it.

It really was one of the best days so far of 2017 for me. I don’t get many chances to see my friends or go for nature walks up on the escarpment, so when I get to do both it’s a real treat for me. I’m so glad I have such great friends who have stuck by me forever.

Here’s the special Birthday moment I shared with Greg, Sarah and a little shout out to my good pal Tony who wanted to be there but needed to be elsewhere. I was thinking about you and the family all weekend, buddy- so no worries and i’ll see you soon :3



A whole weekend to myself, Dank Art and fancy foods



I was hoping to get lots of Dank Art done over the weekend though I think the sudden change in good weather got some people outdoors instead. Saturday morning I tuned into Macaw45 playing a bunch of arcade randoms where he was making 1CC attempts. I was rooting for him to get a 1CC in Cross Blades! as I knew he was practicing on getting an easy boss strategy for the last boss in that game, but the 1CC quickly turned into 2CC’s for Macaw that day. He did get 1CC’s on Punisher 2, but still Cross Blades! was just being a pain. I often think what people did back in the day when arcades were a quarter or even fifty cents and you had to keep feeding money into these games just to figure things out. Most people were not using the internet until 1994 (if my memory is correct, the first time I got onto the internet was 1992 and I was quickly banned from the library’s computers for being a troublemaker) so it’s not like anyone could open a FAQ or guide that would explain this. Arcades wanted your money thats what arcade games do- offer people a challenge. I think thats why I have this respect for people who are into playing arcade games as back when I was a kid there was no manipulations or save-states, you just had to build your own strategy and hope you skills and luck were all in the right place at the right time.


No biggie 4CC! Trina SNES @Macaw45

I also fell asleep at like 7 pm on Saturday and woke up again at 2am & caught Macaw playing thru all 3 endings for the best one in Trina for the SNES. I basically woke up, drew Dank Art & went back to sleep. I ate & drank far too much on Saturday, but I’ll get into that later on…


Sonic is the Dankest thing alive! @Aqy

Aquas was streaming Sonic & Knuckles on Saturday which was a huge treat for me for as many of you know I am a huge Sega fan and when I was 10 I was a cute Sonic fangirl. I wanted Sonic everything from birthday cakes, T-shirts and toys. The holly grail for me was to get a Sonic plushie which led me down this crazy path of imports and collecting which is how I got into collecting video games to begin with. When I was in school I would make all these lame Sonic game poster mock-ups in art class and in wood shop I made a sonic pencil holder. I was reading Archie Sonic comics and woke up every day at 5 am to just watch that terrible Sonic cartoon show that was just screaming and mentions of chilly dogs. I even got plans to turn my whole bedroom into the ending scene from Sonic 2 because I loved it so much, but my mom would never let me. Sonic & Knuckles was kind of the last hurrah I had with Sonic games. The whole concept of having to collect ALL the Chaos Emeralds in all 3 games to see a real ending was really daunting for me & I still haven’t done it. But Sonic 3 is where the franchise ended for me in my childhood as soon after I turned 13 a lot of my tastes changed and I didn’t want to play “crazy platforming” games any more and instead wanted to play RPG’s and strange strategy games where the main focus was all on micromanaging everything. I used to have an astounding focus for strategy games when I was 13 and I did more things like joining the chess & GO team at school as well as getting super dirty & nerdy playing Magic The Gathering.

I haven’t played a Sonic game I like after Sonic & Knuckles. But really, for me there doesn’t need to be a part 4 or a part 10 for a franchise thats all about a hedgehog with attitude. Some stories can only be told so many times before they start becoming contrived and predictable. There really wasn’t much of a story line to Sonic games other than Eggman bad, Tails is cute, save the animals, collect the emeralds and save the world! That’s why I think so many strange and out-there things happened with Sonic after his Genesis days because there wasn’t anything to really go to with his story. Video games when I was a kid didn’t require full lore or explaining why, you played the game and were dazzled if it offered you something outside of being entertained. That’s why I started to get more into hardcore nerd strategy junk when I was 13 because those games offered a world outside of the game that was entertaining to me because there was lore and characters who were motivated by emotions and plot devices.

I simply grew up and out of Sonic stuff. I will admit that it wasn’t until 2013 that I actually got a Sonic plushie and I won him at The Ex in Toronto in one of those “Guess your age” booths. The guy who guessed my age was way off so I got to choose any toy I wanted so I went for the modest Sonic toy and laughed because I basically had to grow up to get the one thing I wanted my entire childhood but I got it because I still look like that stupid cheeky kid who would scribble bad Sonic doodles in her math book.



Spring is FINALLY here though it’s still rather chilly out first thing in the mornings. I love getting out in these early sprinkles of good weather to be dazzled by everything around me. I love watching the leaves on trees come out, bugs buzzing around, and of course the return of birds to my neighbourhood. My favourite bird is the Red Wing Blackbird and my indicator that spring has arrived. When the weather warms up I go for walks  looking for them and so far this year I have only been able to hear them. For a while it was really hard finding a lot of the birds on my list that I always go out to find as the area where I live has been under a lot of growth and construction so many of the birds have flown away for safer areas. Some are returning and every year it’s encouraging to see more natural wildlife return to my area as when I was a kid it used to be teaming with life everywhere.


Here is a shot of my Town Hall which was the town Court House back in the day. 

Besides enjoying the better weather I had plans to go out for dinner with my friend Liz and her two daughters at this crazy new Italian place that opened up in my neighbourhood. I like Liz a lot and I really like hanging out with her and her kids as they have this really adorable relationship and constantly make jokes that are really amusing to me. No matter what I’ve been thru, Liz is that friend around town I need to just forget about it and go out and have fun with. Many of my local friends are too tied up with raising their new families or are just terrible at managing their time but Liz has it together and we somehow make our little outings work despite being two incredibly different and busy career women.

Liz doesn’t get things like comic books, video games and that “itch” thing I do “AnnK Art” to, but we find common grounds on our desire and need to write and blog. I first met Liz working freelance at one of the magazines I work for and I was impressed at how motivated she was to make blogging and writing her main thing for many years. She writes every day and that a huge deal to me as it sounds like such a small thing when really it’s possibly the hardest thing to do. I try to blog as much as I can and keep myself writing because I see women like Liz rocking it and having fun every step of the way. You need to surround yourself with motivated people who think differently from you if you want to experience things to the fullest around you and I am grateful for a friend like her because it’s hard to get that connection with others who are doing things rather then people who wait until they are told.


IMG_0806The last weekend of the month now means DEADLINE DAYS again and I spent a lot of time working on laying out the second issue to my Dank Zine. I had so many great interviews and Dank Art that I had to up the pages to 34 and still I can’t get everything in it! I should be done soon and sending the issue to the printers, so if you want to get an issue make sure you back my Patreon before April 30th to ensure you get issue number 2. This issue I sit down with Arcade master LordBBH and we get to hear a bit from him about streaming, arcades and growing up as a kid in arcades as well as illustrator Anthony Brennan who is well known in the Toronto scene with his Qooplo paper crafts as well as crashing every con and event dressed up as some crazy WWF wrestler from the early 80’s and 90’s. Also, everyone who backs my Patreon this month will get a FREE SURPRISE in each issue which you can “build” yourself.

Issue number 1 was SUCH A HUGE HIT I’ve had to go in and order more copies because some people missed out on the first wave and I forgot to get my parents a copy. If you still need issue number one, email me (agento@hotmail.com) and I’ll work out something to get you an issue! In the meantime, you should back my Patreon so you don’t miss an issue and also get access to my discord chat where you can download all my Dank Art at high rez as well as vote on articles and art for inclusion in the Zine.

I’m also going to try out a new idea that I had with commissions as I am getting A LOT of them lately and to help me stay focused I would want to try that all my commissions will be purchased thru my Patreon and be featured in the Zine itself. You don’t need to back every month which I think is the thing that scares off people from things like Patreon. If you just want the commission you can still get that, only I’d rather have everything to go towards printing my Dank Zine as thats what I want. This is a very fun project for me and it’s great to be doing it again and I am happy that I have something productive to do with my Dank Art.

Get your issue already! What are you waiting for? If you like my Dank Art keep me doing it! This artist thanks you :3

Another chance at greatness

A Week in Dank Art

Not all the games I watch get Dank Art. Much of that has to do with my energy level but the games overall enjoyment is key to its chances of inspiring Dank Art. Games that are also played out for a while will get more art for them as there is more time for me to get screen shots, research a flyer or try a few practice sketches. I try to keep things as spontaneous as possible as that’s part of the fun as well.

I mailed off a bunch of Dank Art this week trying out some new things with envelopes and postcards. If the new postcards I bought hold up well when in transit they might be something I’ll try to use more often. The smaller 4×4 pieces of paper really work well for what I’m doing when I’m making Dank Art, but every now and then it’s nice to do a bigger piece and have a bit more fun with it.

If I havent mentioned this before, when Trap does his stream it’s being captured straight from his arcade cabinet. Theres a few streamers I follow with this kind of set up as it’s probably one of the more difficult setups to do for Twitch. It’s one thing to just own a machine but another to set everything up for capturing. I tend to enjoy streams that are different or unusual simply because the streamer made the effort to get things working so they could share that game with others.

On Saturday BBH did his Viewers Choice Extravaganza when I was…

…Visiting a Good Friend.

A few items for my trip.img_4600
I went to go visit my friend Jeff on Saturday. He wanted to go to this new restaurant he found on Yelp that looked really decent and asked if I could bring over a few NES games to try out. I asked if I could bring my paints so I could make some Dank Art while at his place. I knew BBH was doing the Viewers Choice show and since Jeff said it was OK I packed the Russian semi moist, two travel brushes and a pack of paper in a padded envelope.

The restaurant was located in St Jacobs which is a huge tourist spot so we got to stop inside the Antique shops and Farmers Market right after our lunch. They didn’t have any video games here, but they did have a few things of interest that I took photos of as well as a Bulk Barn. I got a few snacks here and we headed back to Jeff’s Apartment where he hasn’t been in a while.

It had been so long since Jeff had been there all his house plants were still gathered together on plastic in the livingroom. He explained to me it’s easier to keep paying the rent then to put everything into storage and then look for a new place later. In one corner he had his modest collection for Earthbound including the original game he had as a kid. We plugged it in and were surprised that all his original saves were still there, that battery still doing its job after all this time.

I made some Dank Art while we all played video games or looked online for really cheap Monopoly board games. It was nice to just hang out with no real big expectations and I had fun trying to make the Dank Art really cute and derpy looking to get a bunch of good laughs going. When I got ready to go, I turned and gave him the art I made that afternoon and he was so happy. “They really are the perfect size,” He said and we left for the bus.

Earlier on Friday morning I met up with Michelle and we took the girls out to the local farms to get a pumpkin. In town things were just grey and covered in this thick fog here-1

here-1-2it blasted away once we got to the side of the escarpment. It was like waking from a gloomy dream and suddenly minutes away from the good country where we’re going to pick some stuff and then eat it later.

here-1-5It’s so beautiful here and it doesn’t take much to notice it. It’s so close you could reach out and touch it as it passes by your window.

Undercover Private Investigator Simulator

I did my first Creative Painting stream on my Twitch account

Screenshot 2016-09-18 14.24.49.png

Check out the vod here

I’m still trying out a few of the settings, but expect to see more art streams in the evenings. What I would like to try is teaming up with other streamers and see if I can eventually live paint with someone else streaming. It’s just finding the right people to work with where this would be effective, but for now these majorly chill art streams are cosy.

I had a game already picked out from my ancient list of Sega CD games I wanted to play ever since I was a kid. Most of them were all the available “graphic novels” that they had for the system and one of those on the list was Rise of the Dragon.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 23.28.16.png

Let’s play film noir detective simulator!

The back story is that were a Private Ditective who used to be a cop in sometime in the future LA. The Mayor wants us on this special case that involves the death of his daughter but it leads to something much sinister then just a murder. Along the way we are greeted by a bunch of seedy and undesirable characters that we either need to persuade to help us or take care of to help continue the story.This game was on DOS as well and I was plesently surprised people tuned in because of the game title. I really enjoy adventure games such as these and I took to it very fast using just a basic walkthru but as I progressed hoping I could muddle my way thru it like in Cobra or in Snatcher where I would only glance at the guide as needed, this game had game breaking situations where if you didn’t respond with 100% accuracy then you were taken out or the game would just not advance past that moment. If this was me as a kid in 1994 trying to figure this out I would be stumped like a dumb oak.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 23.31.04.png

Me making that guy’s face

Because of that this game is deemed “ruthless” by many who just want to pick it up and casually. There are also segments where you need to go as fast as you can as to not be caught by the bad guys as well as a few “arcade” segments that really shouldn’t have been in there. Still, this switches the game play up a tad and gives you something else to figure out other than who you still need to talk to so you can advance the story.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 23.42.38.png

ARCADE STAGE! Wait- why does this have arcade stages?

Overall it’s decent. I dug out my old Mean Machines magazine to see what they gave this game back in the day and to my surprise they gave this game an honest 89 because when it came to these style of games for the Sega CD they were few and rare compared to the library of interactive novels that found their way on the system in Japan. Play it for the experience and pick it up for an alright price if you want to collect it.

A Week of Dank Art

This was a hard week as I wasn’t feeling my best. I just got through it the best was I knew how and that was to draw. LordBBH is really good at keeping a consistent schedule with Monday night Arcade Randomizer and his Thursday night practice streams that on those two nights I like to hurry home from work so I can enjoy making some Dank Art. When I arrived there were a few technical problems which is where BBH’s quote, “I just wanna play some fucking video games” comes from. It was kind of silly way to start a rather silly instalment of the roulette evenings. I think when it comes to drawing Dank Art the best ones are when the streamer is enjoying the game and generally entertained. That is why you’ll see a lot of work for the most obscure of games simply because of how everyone reacted to it seeing it together.
I got to catch a bit of Macaw45’s PC-88 streams just before heading to bed. He was playing thru this game called D’ that gave me this major “Metal Gear” feel from the semi top down perspective, fighting thru hallways of obstacles and collecting weapons and key cards. It’s got one of those “demons are invading, save the world” plots where you’re this dude mowing down things with a machine gun. This game also has a giant smiling skull in the border art. It’s a real good look on this game.  It’s only there to look badass and to creep you out. Good job, skull.

As the week continued Macaw continued to play through War of the Dead which caught my attention due it’s really creepy premise. You are this girl whose part of the army’s secret fighting force and you’re trapped on this island with a whole bunch of other people trying to avoid all these deadly demons. You eventually need to get everyone into the church which is also the only place where you can save your progress. It looked very frustrating where you’d need a guide to help you along the way but the bad thing for Macaw was he was playing a version of the game that didn’t have a walk through. Though it was similar to other releases on different platforms that had walkthrus, the PC-88 port seemed to have its own sequences and trigger points to advance certain scenarios.
Fantastic_Planet was practicing his 1cc runs of Batman Forever so I popped in to wish him luck. He’s also streaming Zombie’s Revenge at the 1CC Marathon which I have been tuning into him doing runs of for well over a year. It’s kind of neat to me how my own connections and friends online are evolving their Twitch broadcasts over all this time I’ve been watching and drawing.
Batman Forever has a sound glitch where there is no sound. However, it’s still a playable game with an exciting challenge so I hope he does well. It’s a very ridiculous game, but it’s got a charm to it that’s so ridiculous that it works. The event is coming up in two weeks and I think it’s starting to set in so everyone has been upping their practicing.


Mailing out Dank Art

I found some better looking envelopes to use for mailing out Dank Art. I like these ones as they have extra room to put extra things inside. It also has way more room for Gummrick drawings on the outside. I only have one special request left on my list for this week.

I spontaneously streamed 1CC Fishing attempts on Wednesday and stayed up a bit later to play games into the evening. I didn’t have a good night of fishing and was down 3-6 in attempts. All that week I was fatigued and very sore and it showed this evening. I just wanted to be very chill and casual and just enjoy playing games.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 19.22.25.png

I spent an entire Thursday evening painting up the image for my blog announcing the 1CC Marathon. I love flyers and I have quite the collection from when I used to be all about music going back a few years. I still need to get those scanned or take photos of them to share sometime as the artwork is really interesting.

Some people contacted me asking for a printed copy of the flyer- as long as it’s OK I don’t see why not. Let me check first!


One of SRKFunkdoc’s choices for the 1CC Marathon is Pit Fighter and he was doing practice runs for it on Friday evening. Pit Fighter is one of those “Bastard” style games where it’s so bad its good, and Funkdoc can actually 1CC this thing. I own the Genesis port as part of a joke I had over twitter after watching iast stream it. I think everyone was taking a turn playing this game just so they could say they made an attempt but there’s a special kind of charm you get when you play a game such as Pit Fighter. Almost the same kind of special from this one game Fantastic Planet was streaming a bit later. I don’t even know so I’ll just leave that there.

It was very rainy Saturday and any chance I had leaving my apartment was unlikely. I was tied down because an event I was helping to promote had to be canceled over social media so I had to sit around my computer and transcribe information and post it as it came out. I was on call for most of the day so it was perfect for a big long day of painting.

Both Funkdoc and Macaw started streaming at the same time so I was checking out both streams every now and then as I was painting. Funkdoc was doing 1CC Attempts of X-Men and Macaw was playing through Valis II. I would go on to make more Valis art later in the evening when I had a test creative art stream. I made some really fancy looking X-Men art for Funkdoc as I decided he needed more X-Men love. I also caught a bit of Murphagator’s Final Fight stream and made some kick ass Poison art. It seemed as if everyone was having a really hard week practicing their games or 1CC’s including myself.


Here’s the art from the Sunday morning Art stream! There’s some great moments in these and it’s really nice to sit back, relax and draw like this with the chat. I’m really looking forwards to having another though I’m not sure how often I should try one of these. If I could have it my way it would be everyday, as long as there were people who wanted to be apart of it. It’s nice doing what I like to do, but there is a certain desire to be kind and make something for someone. I love taking requests and it’s a big reason why I like to show up to streams and draw.

Getting colder

Michelle and I went apple picking

It used to be nothing but farm land all around here when I was growing up as a kid. The last time I was at this particular farm was around 8am in the morning after a very dewy spring morning for a ploughman competition taking photos for the news paper. That wasn’t even 10 years ago when I was right here yet someplace entirely different…

I was just happy to be doing something that I used to take for granted in my youth. I always loved going to the farms and picking food with my mom. One of the best memories I have of my mom is her packing me up with blankets and bushel baskets with a tape copy of Abbey Road on loop for the ride. I just remember how ruthless her effort was to get out there and do this stuff with me. I see that in Michelle cause she’s always trying to take her kids out to places like these for exactly the same reasons.


I generally feel positive and content these days though I still feel as if I am recovering from a terrible nightmare.


throw away a chance at greatness just to make this dream come into play

The end of COBRA

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.52.00.png
Space Adventure Cobra has always been a beloved manga/anime from my past and the game had eluded me for years. I grew up with Sega, but I never had the Sega CD until 2 years ago when I used money my dad gave me for Christmas to buy myself “what I really wanted”. I have a great dad.
Noted, this is a very hard to find game for the system fetching prices over $300 Canadian on ebay. I’ve only ever seen the sequel to this game in JP format in the wild and that was at a retro game swap going back a while. I highly recommend trying this game out as its fun, laid back when it needs to be but keeps you invested so you keep playing. It’s very linear, but I like that when it comes to games like these as too many choices can be overwhelming. The game over all is around 10 hours (you can do it in 7 with no muddling around) so play like I did breaking it up over a few days to really enjoy it.

I finished Cobra & went right into the game I originally was going to play first for my Sega CD Madness Streams: Snatcher. This cyber-punk adventure drama has been at the top of my list for years as one of my most sought after games. Like Cobra, it commands a high price if you are a collector and it’s one of those games I would love to own but probably never will as the game has too many bootlegs floating around the market. If you can’t verify what you are holding in your hands or looking at then you shouldn’t buy it and collecting games is starting to get like that these days. It takes the fun out of collecting to play so for stuff like this I’ll just emulate it. I plan to have a truly unique experience with the game & crack as many jokes as needed when doing it.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.58.55.png

Dank Arts


Lord BBH is now down to one Arcade roulette stream a week taking place on Mondays to focus on playing games he actually likes and has submitted for the 1CC athon. I watched the 1CC athon around the winter holidays and I thought it was one of the best events for its type on Twitch as it featured amazing talent, skills and people who I follow to draw Dank art for now. One of the first few games I remember BBH playing was Super Spy & he’s something of an expert on it. The plot is Terrorists have taken over this building & you gotta punch, stab & shoot your way to the top to fight the main villan going thru all his crooked goons along the way. Theres only 1 lady enemy and that’s Pink up there who’s mean as hell & who BBH is a big fan of. The other piece of Dank Art that I want to point out in the BBH pile is the NARC one as I wasn’t 100% confident with posting it & hesitated a few times as I didn’t think it was good enough to share. I do have a small Ultra Dank pile of things I have drawn & either abandoned or never finished that I’ll never share online as I can get like that.

Funkdock is still at it with the 1CC requests where if you subscribe to him on twitch he will 1CC the arcade game of your choice. I’m thinking that’s how it goes for him so if you’ve been dying to see someone master a game with detailed commentary FD is your doctor. I really want him to play thru a game I really like, but I would need to take my time and really give it some thought as it would need to be a game I’d want to give the FD treatment. I had a lot of fun catching FD’s streams in the week that featured E-Swat because in my eye I pictured the cop just as I drew him here- just a slobby guy who’s a cop and has a better day with a full mech-suit on. FD started to play Bucky O’Hare & I did this Jenny drawing. I never watched the show as a kid, my brother was always older for remembering that stuff way back then. It was an experience drawing Jenny as there is a lot of Jenny fan art out there- most are weirdly proportioned sexualized Jenny’s. It’s a fair statement to say that 1 in every 50 Jenny Fan Arts out there is actually decent which isn’t saying a whole lot.

Macaw didn’t really stream a bunch this week, probably due to life or Australian internet, but when he did he played this epic onslaught of Witchaven. It’s a DOS game I actually remember seeing as a child and being excited to play. A few of my friends owned this game in fact and I had very rare occasions playing this when at their houses. The thrill was having Macaw actually beat the game (hours later) but he had to die a whole lot of times to get there as the #1 killer in this game is hidden floor pits with spikes in them that will impale you. That’s the humor in the bird getting hit by the stick Dank Art as there were often moments where it was nothing but non-stop floor spiking for a while. I also get a lot of messages over twitter from people who are fans of Birb- Macaw’s little bird character in the dank arts. I’ve always been into birds since I was a small child though my parents were never cool about pets. My mom did say I could be the owner of all the wild birds I wanted so I would spend hours at the Raptor reserve in my community drawing hawks and eagles that had broken wings or missing eyes. Next time I can get a ride I’ll grab some photos to post here.

Aquas is still going strong routing speed strats for Hammic- the Gimmick hack, Trip World and Ninja Gaiden 2. There was this evening where I was so tired from work that I was watching Aquas’s stream in my living room working on a few tax and bill things and I passed out where I had things set out on the couch. When I came to, Aquas was streaming guitar practice and it was morning. Aquas is one of the few other streamers I know who will stream another skill other than video games, kinda like how I am streaming a Dank Art before playing a game now. It takes a lot of skill to play games live for people, so just think what it takes to perform another skill like music or art. I take a lot of that for granted, but I know how enjoyable it is to share a skill withan audiance which is why I really like Twitch for what it does. It’s a thrill to see skills live and share that with a chat.

Trap doesn’t like my new Apple Watch, but he played some Battle Geregga on a Friday night. Yes, I like Battle Geregga. I can’t play it worth beans, but I enjoy seeing someone with skills play it. And you need skills to play it. Thanks for the Shmoops, Trap.

Adventures in Life

I have post cards now! If you want one, please contact me as I am taking requests for these. They are $25 and that covers the shipping. This goes for the little 4×4″ Dank Arts you see in my blog- they go for $15 each which covers shipping them in the mail. All of my Dank Art money goes towards supplies & burgers.

Dank Art money also goes towards improving my stream. A few months ago my entire retro gaming set up went down which is the reason behind all the Sega CD & Emulated DOS games lately. My old capture card died so I needed to put money into ordering a new capture card for my computer. My switcher went down randomly too so I’ll need to order another one of those so I can quickly swap out systems when I play.

I’ve wanted a nice quiet week to myself since I returned from Tucson at the start of the month. I work close to 60 hours in a normal week, more if I am freelancing and about the only thing I get excited for these days is coming home to make Dank Art. I work like this so I can pay off my debts and bills- just get by and live. It was easy living like this when I left home at 18, but these days I crave comfort so I try to make things as comfortable for me when I’m not working.
I remember two years ago I was really worried about living alone and on my own. My mother hated the idea & I remember she called me only to say that she worries about me. I told her she was never worried about me before when I did crazy things, trespassed, investigated news stories, or went off for weeks at a time with next to no contact. She agreed but back then I didn’t want to admit how scared I was, especially to her. Today I’m really happy I live alone and i can have these quiet moments.

You have no idea how simple things like buying food can be taken for granted when its an hour and 20 minute walk to just get to a decent grocery store. I have to be crafty when I eat as it’s super easy to cheap out and order food and you can lose a lot of money doing too much of that in a week. Perogies are simple to make and you can put just about anything in them- I like a simple potato cheddar cheese combo though if I can get my hands on proper sauerkraut I will make those. My dad would tell me when he was a child he would help his mom in the kitchen and she’d make the best perogies he’s ever had. It’s a skill that’s usually handed down through the family but since my dad was born when his parents were in their 60’s I never got the chance. My father would never make perogies from scratch, he’d always buy them from the store and boil. It was a rare moment to see the old guy in the kitchen to do anything besides washing the dishes, but I miss the way he’d cook those things. He had this way of boiling them just right so they were so soft & melty.

I’m limited to buying fresh produce at the local Farmers Market on Saturdays which happens in Downtown. Usually I would be painting at the market, but I have been too busy to get out lately and also too tired. I would like to get out for a few more paintings days this summer, but for those who have been missing me at the market this year I do apologise. I am working on a new collection of landscapes which I will unveil soon so keep watching here for progress photos.

I have been trying to get out and go off on adventures to see what I can gather- anything that I find of interest is useful inspiration. I guess you could call these my insparation walks. I look for things that connect with me or a scene or subject that is beautiful. I can’t stay cooped up in my place all the time and the best way to focus on creating a new collection of work is to get outside and enjoy things. I’m happy I had a chance to have a few quiet days and do this.

Gotta go Fast

Day off for AnnK!

I had a day off from one of my jobs on Thursday so I chose to take a huge break from my every day stuff to get some much wanted game time in.

Earlier on Sunday I had introduced the aspect of a randomizer to my stream which was something I’ve never done before. I do admit the random choice is a great way to play things I normally wouldn’t, but I still like going for all my top faves and well-remembered.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 18.29.58.png

Winnie Cooper for the Master System is a quality 10/10 game

An example of a well-remembered game is Alex Kid which came pre-installed on my Master System 2. It was one of the more attractive and cute looking games though playing it was one of my more hated moments from my childhood. Not much has changed and I still hate Alex Kid though because it was such a huge part of me growing up I have slight attachment for this game.


alex kidd.jpgAlex Kid can eat 5 moldy baloney sandwiches though. I’ll dedicate an entire blog post soon about my hatred of this game & the other games that followed it. I did do something awesome on my stream (that took me long enough)…

sonic chaos

I had a Gamegear when the system launched- it was a gift from my dad one christmas. That year I asked for a Super Nintendo, but instead I got Gamegear. I was disappointed that year for Christmas, however I soon found myself obsessed with the system & collecting the games for it. However, finding any of the games in a retail store was difficult. Sure, they had Sonic the Hedgehog and Shinobi, all the Disney games, but when it came to finding a game such as Shining Force II or any of the RPG’s that were out for this system you had problems.

My problem was I loved the Gamegear.


When forced to look in other places and countries to find Gamegear games I started to find out that a lot of the better Gamegear games were also ported, or in fact, released on the Master System. The 8-Bit Sonic games are some of the best games for both.


I had this really awful strategy guide that I bought for $29.99 at a Max Milk just so I could finish Sonic Chaos. I never finished the game. I got damn close, but I always got too frustrated despite reading reviews that it was “so easy” to play. Because they had to shrink the screen dimensions down for the Gamegear port it altered the way certain boss rooms work but whatever it was I never got to finishing this game as a kid. It was nice to finally finish this game after all these years (though I only finished the Tails Section of the game & have to go back & do a proper Sonic run).

Stream Dreams & Things


Pumpkin Face Link with Grey

I’m tuning in more to ex_morits stream as he’ll play more the DOS games that I like or go through an adventure style RPG just because its fun. He also has a wonderful cat that makes several appearances when she wants food or attention. He starts though when I’m usually at work & it’s hit or miss now if I can tune in and watch then. I’m not sure if a lot of people enjoy that sort of thing, but I kinda do like chilling out or working when a good adventure is on in the background.

Shock Troopers gets you jumping like a real live wire

lordBBH showed off his favorite game on Wednesday, Shock Troopers. He’s been going after the world record for quite some time I think, though the game he was playing on Wednesday was to show off the really bad recent port of the game. He still managed to get a very high score on the leaderboard and I got to draw some really fun Dank Art.


Aquas  is getting back into practicing Muchi Muchi Pork again, a Bullet Hell Shmup that has these pig girls on pig bikes fighting pig armies collecting lard and… it’s adorably charming despite it’s difficulty level. Aquas brought this game over to have Poetrader try it out on her & Mato’s stream Poemato CX two summers ago when we were in the South West. Poe actually got through the game during that stream which was way cooler than us playing Cross Country Canada, the game I wanted them to play. Speaking of CCC, I should play that sometime soon.

BBH had a really rough week being tortured by the arcade MAME randomizer. A few gems did show up and the tormenting of his soul was lifted for a few games. I always try to stop in for anything randomized and arcade if it’s on at a time I’m home for. Arcade games are a lot of fun to draw and having someone who actually knows how to play them is really fun to watch.


I like turning into Macaw’s streams not just because he’s all about obscure games with an interesting element, but he usually has a good time slot for me as he’s an Australian with terrible internet forcing him to play when I’m actually at home, usually that’s my morning. The internet gods have not been so kind to him this week so I don’t have as much Dank Art featuring his games this week. Hopefully his internet situation will improve soon.

I actually ran out of the tiled cardstock that I use for most fo my Dank Art Streams. I like saving the larger pieces of paper for when I have something special to paint or it’s a commission. The tiles are great to sit down and get a little idea out quickly and to figure out techniques plus they come with accessories that I can use to display them such as the glass frames and photo albums. I ordered more and they’ve since arrived so I don’t have to use the really soft sketching paper I have.

I’m still a town girl though I feel way different about things.


I used to be very connected with my community either through any of my past jobs, work within the media or by just being creative. These days I feel as if I am on an island or I am a ghost, or in some tower with a long telescope just observing into the distance.

D600 -5

I love being around people but I live in a bedroom community where a good % of the people here are into raising a family. Theres not really a scene or a group that I can attach myself to so I wander around just doing my thing because I don’t care and I like living. I also love living here because it’s so beautiful and I go for that small town charm. I love honesty and accepting the natural landscape and my surroundings for what it is as I’m just passing through it.

I like going to the cute festivals where my friends bring their kids & they get all excited about a few bouncy castles & ice cream. I’ve been going to small town festivals like the annual Strawberry Fair all my life- hit or miss a few due to rain. I’ve been going so long I know all the people behind everything and we catch up on how’s the family and what crazy adventures I’m up to these days. It’s also nice to see that my friends kids are getting the same kind of connection I had with my community when I was growing up because I am always fearful that days like these will be gone forever.


In related cat news, Squash is still a grump.



I work FIVE jobs :/

Work has been catching up to me as I took on a new social media client early in the week. Whenever something new gets thrown into my routine it always takes a few days to adjust to the new workflow around my apartment.


I would say I work from home but a lot of my job involves a lot of leg work either photographing things or events to researching whats going on in the community. It’s my job to make sense of all of that information and make it as simple and attractive for readers to understand. I used to work at a small independent Newspaper and I still freelance stories for magazines and this job is a way I can use that skill set and make it work for me.

black and white -1-8

We’re working on a nice collectors Callender to sell this year for one of the places I work for This is one of the shots I took for it

On top of the social media job, I work a full-time job retail/service job at an Apple Store as well as making time to do my photography and my art. Squish in video games someplace in there & that’s what a 24 hour day is for me with moments of sleep and showering someplace. Finding ways to manage my time and staying afloat is the only way I can juggle my jobs, not too many people can live this way but hopefully soon I wont have to work all of them just to pay off my bills.

Fathers Day

My dad showed up at my place with a plastic bag full of three LP albums, All Swan Lake. The album I was showing him on iTunes last weekend (the conductor he hated) was in there. He included the two other albums as they were his personal choice for me so I could hear the difference between different orchestras and conductors. As soon as I saw the black swan LP I knew that was my father’s choice as I have very strong memories as a child of him playing this record and then purchasing it on CD.

iTunes has nothing on the books that used to come in boxed LP’s like these. These were printed with full history on the composer, detailed information about the ballet studio it was arranged for, and tidbits on the composer highlighting a few of his career goals.

I love music and I try to get an appreciation for whats out there. Over the weeks you’ll start to see more of the records I have and the strange stories behind each one as a lot of my records were acquired through trades or as gifts.

Adventure Time!

Greg came over and we decided to go for a tiny hike behind the Mill Pond in my town to get all outdoors without the commitment of a full hike. The Mill Pond is stumbling distance from my house and it’s one of the best benefits of living where I do as I can take 5 steps into it and it’s as if the entire world just screwed off.

You see that video there? That is what it sounds like when you take the secret paths behind the waterfall. That crazy lump of sticks there is a small yet sturdy Beaver dam. I was slightly suspicious about what was going on at the pond as one tree that had a major damage a few years back when we had that terrible ice storm (Dec 2013). instead of lopping it off, the branch just hanged there for years from the tree over the water. This day we went back the whole tree was taken down & lying in the water as if it had fallen over.

I didn’t know what I was looking at first glance. It’s been YEARS since beavers have been in Milton. I don’t like talking too much about it either because last time we had beavers I was five and someone blew up the damn. Yeah people are miserable like that because beavers can screw up the landscape of an area crazy fast if they get out of control. Everyone wants to believe that our landscape is dying around here yet I have seen more recovery now than I can remember as a kid. The water back here used to be orange in some of the stagnant areas from dumped chemicals.

I’ve loved this place since I was a small child and it’s one of my most loved places to paint. Always take the time to meet up with friends and share in the experience of most treasured places.


The problem with acquiring new games or collectibles is where am I going to put it all. I recently bought a new shelf to caddy the main media shelf where I keep most of my systems to stream.


Left side from top: Japanese Sega Saturn, Technics Automatic, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis II, 32x, Sega CD. Right side is my Master System set up with controller storage and the best arcade stick for the Sega Dreamcast ever.

I’ve been collecting since I was a kid because hitting up the garage sales was my idea of a saturday morning well spent. However I got more serious with my collecting when I started to make steady money for myself. I remember the first game n’ swap that was in my town was a Microplay though I had a hard time trading in my stuff because I had a strong attachment for my games and systems. Many of my friends sold off their collections when they left the house but I was lucky that my mom and dad let me keep all of my collections in their house when I was off on crazy adventures.


Since my parents sold the house in 2014 anything that is mine needs to stay in my place. It’s just me and my pets so I try to keep things simple and cosy like a little clubhouse fort. For a year I had my entire apartment set up as a photo studio where I would have clients stop in and get their photos done. I kind of wanted my space back so I took apart my working photo studio and put more bookshelves out so I could display my belongings better. I’m trying to move closer to having everything visible so if I need it I can simply grab it.

Dank Tank


This is what two weeks of dank art looks like

I like me some arcade games when I go looking on stuff to sketch on Twitch. My material of choice these days are the 4×4″ Artist Tile Set because of its availability on Amazon. The paper also comes with accessories such as frames and photo albums to display the work which will be a great option for me once I launch my Esty shop.

I’ve been silently watching Murphagator since the fall of last year though I have seen his name pop up a few times I think that’s why I started following him as someone told me if I was into arcade games. Chat rooms with lots of views sometimes intimidates me (reason one for why I like drawing.) Today Murph was playing this SNES port of the arcade The Combatribes and when he was explaining what was going on with the back story of this game, someone posted a link to a cartoon ad for it in the chat.

The really fun thing now is hearing the person streaming actually laughing or having an idea of what I am doing when I show up in the chat. If I share with them or choose not to this is what I do when I watch anything. I could be watching a movie or the news, I’ll sit there and scratch out a quick reaction image from whats there in front of me. It’s also a great way to get a few hours of sketching and practice in.

Lord BBH is a decent enough streamer to upload his stuff to YouTube so there’ll be a more permanent way to archive his streams. He had his 30th episode of MAME Roulette viewers choice extravaganza #3 where we all got to throw arcade game suggestions at him & he would randomly choose from that list. It was an 8 hour stream and I was tossed out by 1am and never finished my final dank Art of the evening (though I will come back to it). As I mentioned earlier I had taken on a new client this week so I was already tired when I got home. I ran out of my 4×4″ artist tiles so I had to start using my sketchbook which is only great for pencil sketching. New tiles will arrive by thursday at the latest.

If you are up for it, here is the entire 8 hour episode

On a cool highlight for BBH, he actually beat The General in Kaiser Knuckle who I thought was next to impossible. He made a quickie video here to show off that crazy moment


I’ve been making dank art for Macaw45‘s streams since as far back as last spring 2015 before I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with dank art. He plays some of the more interesting titles as well as old Japanese computer games and DOS/Amiga crud that I grew up with as a child. He’s been playing every single fighting game that’s out there though keeps going back to Final Fury 3 or Art of Fighting 2. Some of these fighting games I’ve never heard of though its interesting in the differences in each one and why one game is better over another game.