About Dank Zine

About AnnK

AnnK is a retro gaming enthusiast with MSX2 skills. She’s the creator of Dank Zine, a magazine celebrating fan art and articles centring around retro gaming. She likes to create zines by interviewing people in the Twitch and streaming community, playing games on her MSX2, eating burgers (mostly from Wendys), and drawing dank art for Twitch streams. AnnK is also into metal music and collecting comic books.

About Dank Zine

Dank Zine is a full-colour 5.5 x 8.5 physical magazine that comes out monthly. Subscriptions are available through the patreon, but you can buy back issues at the Dank Shop. The Dank Team consists of AnnK and a handful of amazing creators.

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There are several ways to get a copy of Dank ZIne

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Pick up past available issues in the Dank Shop. We carry a good selection of Dank items, so visit today!

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Dank Zine is on Patreon, where you can subscribe and never miss an issue. Enjoy the perks of backing the Dank Zine Patreon and adjust your support level as needed.

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Besides being an artist, writer, and publisher, AnnK also likes to stream her Dank adventures, often featuring obscure retro games to help share them. You can watch her Twitch Streams when she goes live every Sunday at 12 pm EST. or when the mood hits her (follow to get those alerts!)

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I love sharing people’s stories, projects, and art. If you want to get your work in Dank Zine or have any inquiries, please email me! Please Email Dank Zines