Month: October 2017

Closing out a Month

Dank Work


Making Dank is what I am all about these days and I am happy to announce that I am accepting submissions for creative content! If you want to join the fam and think you have what it takes to have your work featured in my Dank Zine you may submit it here at

I am looking for content that is about retro gaming, streams, and the gaming collecting community. It’s not just limited to writers, I am looking for artists as well who want to make Dank Art and be featured in the Zine or on my blog. Please end me an email and attach an example of your work to get the ball rolling.

Dank Art

BBH had a great week returning with his championship belt from the tournament he just won, as well as visiting the Portland Retro Gaming Expo over the weekend. I’m sure he’s going to talk about all the cool stuff there including this strange and new Space Harrier type game he got to try out at the expo. If only my budget would allow me more chances for travel so I could check out events like that then I’d be there myself front and centre. Hopefully BBH got some photos and will show them off during the Monday roulette stream.

Macaw45 had an emergency unboxing video as he got a bunch of new auction wins arrive at his place and whenever he gets a cool delivery such as this he’s gotta share it with his community. There was a bunch of Japanese Windows 95 games as well as few other neat things that he got to show off. The Dracula Sega CD game was a surprise being that I never thought Macaw would subject himself to the torture witch is Dracula on Sega CD, but he did manage to play the game right up to the boss where thru means of the emulation or the game itself it kept glitching out. This sums up Dracula for Sega CD as a whole.

There was a whole week where Macaw was exploring FMV Sega CD games, so hopefully he will someday replay those or explore more of the Sega CD library on a future bird stream.


Gracious IV @Aqy

Aquas is getting ready for GDQ by punishing himself with his practice streams of Contra III along with Batrider for the 1CC Marathon taking place in November. You can check out the trailer here. The 1CC Marathon is a fun weekend where streamers in the arcade scene can get together and go for those 1 Credit Clears and beat the game on one “quarter”. I took part in the event last year with Sega Marine Fishing where I managed to not just 1CC the game, but did it under 15 minutes. I’m sure someone’s done it faster. Anyway, get over to Aqy’s channel and if you are a sub or a fan so try to donate money to his GDQ fund so he can fly out this January and take part in the event.

Ultimoice is making more progress in Speedrunning Mother 2 and after a bunch of resets I got to see him complete a decent run this past Sunday. I am not 100% sure if that was his PB for Mother 2 as it was very early in the morning (what am I doing awake this early in the morning?), but I will say congratulations to Ultimoice as he does put on an impressive run of the game. If you love Earthbound half as much as I do then you definitely want to follow him as he’s going to be going for the World Record in Mother 2 soon. Ultimoice was quick to pick up that I will try my hardest to make Dank Art that is relevant to what’s going on in the current game, so this weeks collections is a whole bunch of stuff that seems to slow him down in those awkward Mother 2 situations.



Goati managed to scrub-save the final boss in Fantastic Pinball last week so its official on what conditions need to happen in order to open the boss room. The boss itself has several stages of awesomeness as Goati showed off here in this clip. I’m still playing the entire game as I am a HUGE pinball fan, however I have moved onto a new game to feature on my weekends and that is Sonic Spinball



Sonic Spinball came out in between of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 to fill a void that the Casino Zone left you with after you defeated the boss. It’s interesting mechanic is that you have to manipulate Sonic as he’s spinning as a little pinball to hit the targets and collect the chaos emeralds while you go after Dr Robitnik. It also features characters from the Saturday morning Sonic Cartoon, not to be confused with the Sonic cartoon where his siblings form a rock band or the horrible The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I was the biggest Sonic fan as a little girl and naturally I had all the Archie comics, books, guides and anything else I could get my hands on. When I found out that they were making a cartoon featuring Sonic I was excited and couldn’t stop talking about it. I always thought that the Saturday morning cartoon was the only Sonic show on TV until I started to have medical problems. I had to start waking up at 5am in the morning to take medication hours before eating which made me scan the TV Guide looking for something to watch at 5am and low and behold The Adventures of Sonic their Hedgehog was there!

If you are wondering why someone would put this Sonic Show on at 5am in the morning it’s because that’s the only time slot that would ensure no one would be able to watch it. It’s that bad. The animation is OK from time to time but the world could have been a better place without this incarnation of Sonic. I think this is also where the stupid Chilli Dog obsession came from. Oh well, if you like Sonic then tune in on Sundays when I am going to play thru Sonic Spinball and share with you not only my love of Pinball but Sonic as well.


Greg & I checked out Mill Pond in our town this past Sunday to take in the colours of the season. It was 30 degrees outside! I have photos of us walking the pond from last year in our full winter coats. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have such a glorious splendour of colours in fall please enjoy the few that I have posted here!

DejaVu! Another Weekly Blog Update

Dank Art

BBH had a shorter streaming week due to an arcade tournament called Grinkfest that he was participating in over the weekend. Last year he placed first so he went back with the belt to defend it. I am happy to say that BBH did win the 1st place spot and is returning champion! Way to go, BBH! Most likely he will talk more about the event on Monday’s roullete stream, so make sure you tune in tonight for a possible Talking segment.

Macaw45 has been playing more spooky games to fit in with his spooky-themed layout and for the season. He’s being playing his usual strange stuff such as the NES Frankenstein game to more recognized games like Highlander on SNES. One of the more surprising non-spooky titles on the list was Crash Dummies for the NES that was published by LJN who’s known for being the people behind some of the worst NES games for the system. LJN has a rough rap for a company that really didin’t make any games back in those days but instead they would farm-out work to get their games created. Though there are some memorable terrible games that LJN did release, not every game was a turkey and this cute Crash Dummies game played like it should and was quite fun. Check it out.


Contra III @Aqy

With another GDQ coming up in January, the Speedrunning community is getting ready to showcase their skills for the upcoming event. Aquas is going to be there and play Contra III for SNES so he’s already hard at work practicing and working out changes to his routes. I should be at GDQ this January too if the vacation gods smile at me and i’ll Be there to cheer Aquas on as well as a few other friends. Aquas isn’t all about Contra III though, he’s practicing some Batrider for the 1CC Marathon tanking place next month with a bunch of other players, so make sure you watch my blog for when i’ll Be sharing that information along with a schedule.


Adorable shopkeeper in Fight’n Rage

MURPHAGATOR recently announced a few things for his stream going forward in his new schedule so if you follow you should check out his Twitch channel. Murph has posted up his newest goals for games for the next few weeks/months as well and one of those goals involves the game that I did Dank Art for. Murph has been playing a lot more Fight’n Rage, a new game available for PC that has a lot of that old Capcom Beatem’up flavour. This game is a must if you are a fan of classic Beatem’ups and with all the unlockables, outfits and more this is a game that will deliver and is sure to keep you busy. It’s interesting me enough too look into trying it out myself!


Ultimoice is continuing running Mother 2 going for that World Record for the Japanese Famicom release of the game. Though I want to associate Ultimoice as someone who streams Earthbound and only Earthbound, he actually has a whole pile of games that he’s known for running and one of them is Final Fantasy VII. Some of my friends raise the question of why would someone want to speed run an RPG especially a huge one such as FFVII, the answer is simply that as long as the streamer makes it entertaining and interesting to watch fans of the game will. It’s very fascinating when a game you are a huge fan of gets a speedran and even more when the streamer explains how they are manipulating the game in order to skip a bunch of stuff or to advance the game quicker. Earthbound is just one of those games that I can sit back and watch non-stop and I always try to tune in for when the best of the best play it. I guess I can say that Ultimoice is one of the top Earthbound players out there so make sure you check him out.


Magical Pop’n @FantasticPlanit

Fantastic Planet, or Fapple, (he’s a man of many names but one face which he never shows) is back. Yes, he said he was quitting Twitch and streaming for good. And that he did. He sold his mic and sailed off into the sunset vowing to never return again.
And he returned. And he came back with a whole new set up and a bunch of games such as Fantastic Pinball and Phantasy Star Online streams that I like to chill out to and finish up Zine work while watching. FP got me into playing Fantastic Pinball which we are now obsessed with (we even got Goati playing it) and now if I unlock anything I start jumping up and down yelling excitedly. FP is also into playing strange Japanese PS1 games as well as a bunch of interesting oddities.


Ka-ge-ki Fists of Steel @Chuboh

Chuboh was having some Sega CD problems this week when his system which he acquired when he was 13 died. Though it came back to life 3 days later so now we’re under this theory that it can walk on water and so on. Chuboh also dug out a 32X so I have a bad feeling that upcoming Jank CD and 32X streams are a possibility in the near future.


Friday the 13th
I wasn’t feeling well starting Friday. Must have been something I ate or my allergies, but I left work and went home feeling terrible. I spent all day Saturday resting around my apartment and watching all the Friday the 13th movies I could as one just needs to have a sick day and watch a bunch of silly movies. I thought I would play Friday the 13th on the weekend as my pal Simon Bob gifted me that game as a gag a few years ago but I had jokingly gifted it again to the Fangamer crew so they could play it on an upcoming Friday the 13th. If they will play it or not is up to them though I hope Kevinchai will get around to playing it at least.


My HUGE seventh issue of my Dank Zine arrived and I spent a few hours packaging them up for shipping. This issue I wanted to roll out the new design that I have been working on and hope to stick with for the next 6 months. This design took me a few months to work out as I had to not only re-learn the entire Adobe InDesign program, but sit down with a few friends with design skills to go over what would work and wouldn’t for my layout.

I’m really excited about all the new changes and growth of my zine as it’s starting to look more as how I envisioned it almost a year ago. I love that this project is involving different people within the streaming and game community and how much fun it is to work on. I am glad I have people to share it with! As always if you want to back my Zine you can click here to back my Patreon or if you want to buy some Dank Stuff my shop always has a bunch of Dankness waiting there.

Again, thank you to everyone who is helping me make this a reality :3



I finished Sweet Home and suddenly found myself with a choice for what game I should play next. After showing off a few of my NES games, I choose DejaVu simply because my followers on Twitter told me to. No wait- I choose it because I had yet to play it and it kinda fit with the whole spooky atmosphere of the month.


You play as this guy who wakes up in a bar’s bathroom stall hungover and feeling like total trash- not uncommon for some but fo Rome I kept making jokes about how close this game felt to Leisure Suit Larry 1. The idea in this game is that you’re a guy who’s lost his memory and you have to craw thru a series of clues left behind to regain your memory and most importantly find out why you lost your memory to begin with.


Adventure games like theses were incredibly popular with me as I love exploring and taking my time finding things all around me. I was never really great at platformer games as a small child and would take my time lining up jumps to only fall into a deep pit or becoming frustrated when you’d take damage only to see a horrible game over screen because its BS one-hit-deaths. I loved developing the story in my head and trying to figure out what to do next using only the information provided. It’s funny because often these adventure style games were just as cruel as the one-hit-death games where you could potentially break your game by ignoring a series of clues or pickups along the way.

Hopefully when I sit down to give games like Shadowgate and Uninvited a play-thru I’ll have just as much fun as I did with Dejavu.

Fantastic Pinball!!!!

OH. SHUCKS. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME. My current PB for a 1 Credit Game is 87 million and I did that live on stream a few weeks ago. Most of you know me for being a lady who’s big into video games, but I am also very much into Pinball and because the local movie theatre had a few older machines I have lots of great memories of playing those as a small kid. Though what really got me into playing Pinball was my oldest friend Jeff and his mother.

Jeff and I were born a day apart and our backyards backed each other. He had a NES growing up where I had a Genesis  so it worked out nicely. As we got older his family would still play NES games where most of the kids on our block were already moving onto the next gen systems. His mom was an ace at the Pinball game for the system and I would watch her play it non stop and marvel at how good she was at it. My dad would never play video games with me but Jeff’s mom was all about the NES and was quite good at all the games they owned but her go to was Pinball. It was really something to see her rack up a high score and it got me interested in searching out weird video game Pinball myself.


Sweet Home

Dank Art

Still working on getting that backlog of work uploaded. I’m almost caught up with the time that I have lost, but I will eventually get there. Enjoy!

More great LordBBH stuff here from Monday roulette and Thursday raffles. LordBBH will be one of many players that will be in the 1CC Marathon which we both took part in last year. An official players schedule should be going up halfway thru October so stay tuned to see who made the cut. In the meantime, shoutouts to Mokototruth, Dasyati  and leilei for their own contributions to art during BBH’s streams. I’ll see if I can talk to them and get permission to post up their pieces of Dank Art along mine here so it all gets to be shown off in one place if people go looking for it. Also, omg Dank Art is a thing now!

Macaw45 is streaming almost every day now so when I wake up and get into my first job of the day I start it off watching whatever strange oddities he’s got cooked up for my morning. There was almost of week of Lord of the Sword where he dived into the strange Zelda II looking action RPG game for the Sega Master System. It took him a few days, but he eventually became the Lord of the Sword himself when he finished it. There was also some muddling around with the endless glut of licensed Gameboy Advance titles and other strangeness.

Chuboh is the Lord of Jank and has started to not only look at Janky arcade games, but is also focusing on some of the more special titles featured on the Amiga: the forgotten computer system of the 90’s. In one of these streams he played The Amazing Spider-Man which some people will remember for that insane looking health bar which is just Spider Man’s skeleton. That Dank Art has gotten well over 100 likes since I posted it last Thursday and is my official top rated Dank Art ever so far. Who would have thought that boner Spider-Man was such a huge deal?


Also Zallard1 is starting to route thru Starfox 2 for Speedruns on his channel. Check out what he’s got going on for this never before released classic from the SNES. There has been some amusing articles floating around about Starfox 2 and depending on which ones you read you’ll find very polarizing points of view that either say the game is a bunch of trash compared to modern games to a product of its time that pushed new concepts of gaming for the SNES. Just remember that this was a game that was made for the 90’s when gaming was in a completely different universe compare to where we are now. Also, the mystery behind why this game never game out has been answered by a few diligent fact finders so go watch the video and stop guessing as to why this game never saw an official release as it might disappoint you …


I’ve started following Ultimoice as he has started routing Mother 2 for Super Famicom recently and for those who know me I cannot get enough Earthbound. I found out first about ___ like many this year who saw him perform at SGDQ when he wrapped up the event speedrunning Earthbound for the first time ever at a Games Done Quick. If you love the Mother games as much as I do then go check out his stuff and give him a follow as he’s friendly, entertaining and really has his head wrapped around these games.

Sweet Home


I have wanted to stream Sweet Home since 2011 when I first discovered it from a few online articles that were passed along to me. Everyone will tell you that this is the game that inspired the Resident Evil games and that it was a tie-in with a movie with the same name that came out at the same time. This game never saw a North American release for reasons that are quite obvious such as the gore, violence and graphic death scenes.

That’s right, death scenes. And when your characters die they die for the rest of the game. There are no places to sleep off the pain to restore your health, no secret water that heals all wounds and defiantly no phoenix downs. Just like in real Life, Death is permanent.



The other challenging thing about this game is the item management where each character has a special tool ability that only they can use. If that character dies you are stuck looking for alternatives that are littered around the dirty haunted mansion. Also if you find yourself in a situation where you need to pick up something but your inventory is full you’ll have to drop something. Sounds a little like Earthbound in that aspect of gameplay only it’s more serious and stressful in Sweet Home.




Also, this game is creepy as hell. The music is every eery and some of my followers has described it as “Jaws” sounding where it gives you this feeling you are being hunted or something terrible is following you. Even the pause button stressed you out when you use it as it just screams “STOP!” As in “OMG STOP THIS CRAZY GUTS GAME PLZ!”

Totally pick this game up as it really is a hidden gem seeing that it was never released outside of Japan. If you want to spoil it for yourselves, you may always check out the movie, Sweet Home, as it’s online with subtitles and it’s alright as horror movies go. For me, I am excited as I have ordered the strategy guide that is in full Japanese, but has lots of hand drawn art featuring the actors/characters from the game and movie as well as screen captures with lots of information. Once this comes in I’ll be showing it off on my stream.


Ew Monsters.

Tune in Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I’ll be playing thru this game. I started streaming more during the week to help play thru some of the games I have in my backlog and I should be posting up a poll soon to see which game I will play thru next in my weeks to come! You can follow me on Twitch here

Comic Con 

My good buddy Greg and I checked out the Hamilton Comic Con on Saturday morning last week and we had a BLAST. It’s been a very long time for me visiting a comic con and at first I was a bit shy asking if I could take people’s photos, but as the day progressed I calmed down a bit and I got to meet a bunch of neat people who had some really stand out costumes. I actually found some amazing deals on some games that I picked up including Lord of the Sword for the Sega Master system complete in box.

Funny that I didn’t pick up many comic books, but I am finding that the more cons I go to its less about the books and more about what crazy crud people can sell at their booths. I’m totally alright with that as I need more crazy crud and video games in my life.