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Don’t be afraid, it’s only a risk

A WEEK IN DANK ART It was another busy week for almost everyone including myself. BBH only had his Roulette stream on Monday as to prepare for this arcade competition he was traveling to on the weekend and announced that he wouldn’t be streaming anything later on in the week. This week was also special for […]

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1CC Marathon Danknes

Here’s a bunch of all the Dank Art made for the 1CC Marathon. Thank you again to Pasky for doing a great job- I had a lot of fun both participating and watching! I also made a bunch of Dank Art durring it. I’ll post my regular weekly recap soon, so please enjoy this gallery […]

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How quickly can you take your time

  My new day planner arrived Monday. I’m still very old-fashioned and carry a day planner. I have been carrying a Hobonichi for three years now because of its convenient size, but mostly because I can accessorize it with Earthbound/Mother stuff. My 2017 planner arrived Monday and since unboxing it I have put it all back together […]

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