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A Week in Dank Art

Not all the games I watch get Dank Art. Much of that has to do with my energy level but the games overall enjoyment is key to its chances of inspiring Dank Art. Games that are also played out for a while will get more art for them as there is more time for me to get screen shots, research a flyer or try a few practice sketches. I try to keep things as spontaneous as possible as that’s part of the fun as well.

I mailed off a bunch of Dank Art this week trying out some new things with envelopes and postcards. If the new postcards I bought hold up well when in transit they might be something I’ll try to use more often. The smaller 4×4 pieces of paper really work well for what I’m doing when I’m making Dank Art, but every now and then it’s nice to do a bigger piece and have a bit more fun with it.

If I havent mentioned this before, when Trap does his stream it’s being captured straight from his arcade cabinet. Theres a few streamers I follow with this kind of set up as it’s probably one of the more difficult setups to do for Twitch. It’s one thing to just own a machine but another to set everything up for capturing. I tend to enjoy streams that are different or unusual simply because the streamer made the effort to get things working so they could share that game with others.

On Saturday BBH did his Viewers Choice Extravaganza when I was…

…Visiting a Good Friend.

A few items for my trip.img_4600
I went to go visit my friend Jeff on Saturday. He wanted to go to this new restaurant he found on Yelp that looked really decent and asked if I could bring over a few NES games to try out. I asked if I could bring my paints so I could make some Dank Art while at his place. I knew BBH was doing the Viewers Choice show and since Jeff said it was OK I packed the Russian semi moist, two travel brushes and a pack of paper in a padded envelope.

The restaurant was located in St Jacobs which is a huge tourist spot so we got to stop inside the Antique shops and Farmers Market right after our lunch. They didn’t have any video games here, but they did have a few things of interest that I took photos of as well as a Bulk Barn. I got a few snacks here and we headed back to Jeff’s Apartment where he hasn’t been in a while.

It had been so long since Jeff had been there all his house plants were still gathered together on plastic in the livingroom. He explained to me it’s easier to keep paying the rent then to put everything into storage and then look for a new place later. In one corner he had his modest collection for Earthbound including the original game he had as a kid. We plugged it in and were surprised that all his original saves were still there, that battery still doing its job after all this time.

I made some Dank Art while we all played video games or looked online for really cheap Monopoly board games. It was nice to just hang out with no real big expectations and I had fun trying to make the Dank Art really cute and derpy looking to get a bunch of good laughs going. When I got ready to go, I turned and gave him the art I made that afternoon and he was so happy. “They really are the perfect size,” He said and we left for the bus.

Earlier on Friday morning I met up with Michelle and we took the girls out to the local farms to get a pumpkin. In town things were just grey and covered in this thick fog here-1

here-1-2it blasted away once we got to the side of the escarpment. It was like waking from a gloomy dream and suddenly minutes away from the good country where we’re going to pick some stuff and then eat it later.

here-1-5It’s so beautiful here and it doesn’t take much to notice it. It’s so close you could reach out and touch it as it passes by your window.

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