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Tony came down Sunday morning to innahalate The Wall Street Kid, a stock market simulator that was realsed on the NES. He also brought this mini wet vac so I could finally clean the second hand couch I got at the end of April.

img 0550 Following classic gamingThe Wall Street Kid is a very dry, very frustrating game if you don’t know what you are doing when you first pick it up. I would imagine that most kids who actually got this from a loved one on a birthday or christmas would shut it off after 15 minutes. It plays out more like a serious drama where you, The Wall Street Kid, is a bit too excited that your uncle has passed away and is leaving you the family fortune only if you master the stock market. There’s an entire cast of characters that all do unique jobs in the game, but good luck if you want to torture yourself to play the game to meet them all.

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The Wall Street Kid has one of the most frustrating passwords known to mankind. Good luck writing this thing down as it uses not only wacky characters, but black and white coding as well. However no one really has a problem with the password system of this game as most smart people will know to turn this game off and play something else.

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Unless you are us I don’t recommend picking this game up. It’s only fun if you get a few friends together, get very drunk & then pop it in as a joke. Even then it’s kind of a dumb joke.

For Tony & I, Wall Street Kid is a moment of our life we gave shared that were never getting back- so we’ve made the best of it. 

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