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AGDQ2018 or How I stopped worrying and learned to love Speedrunning

After not getting tickets to SGDQ in 2017 I made a point of doing my best to give it all I got and put my bid in to get a ticket to the January event. When I actually got tickets, I kind of sat there in my chair and thought, “OK, I got in. Now …

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That first week in November

Dank Art Ultimoice went back to playing regular EarthBound again but he was playing for a World Record in PJ% which has a different set of requirements then a regular Speedrun of EarthBound. You can catch video of Ultimoice here making that World Record. Keep checking back to my blog as I am working on an …

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Closing out a Month

Dank Work Making Dank is what I am all about these days and I am happy to announce that I am accepting submissions for creative content! If you want to join the fam and think you have what it takes to have your work featured in my Dank Zine you may submit it here at …

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Summer months never slow down

Dank Art I spoke to LordBBH this morning about last nights Monday Roulette stream and he told me it was possibly the worst stream he’s ever done. I don’t think so as I was highly entertained and popped off a few fun Dank Arts. That’s the luck of the draw with a Mame roulette, you …

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Maybe this time I’ll get it right

Stupid me took a spill down my stairs last week. All the way down the stairs on my ass. I hurt my back again and was out for the entire long weekend(booooooo). It hurt a lot, but I managed to get some work done, just nothing for my blog. In saying that, there’s a lot …

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The Long Weekend

DANK ART Macaw45 got right into some Lighbringer and The King of Dragons arcade runs before signing out for the Easter long weekend. I know Funkdoc is right into doing 1CC attempts of The King of Dragons game right now, but he’s choosing to use the Cleric where Macaw often will choose the Fighter and stick …

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Dawn before the weekend

DANK ART Macaw45 was streaming almost every day this week so there’s a bunch of Birb related stuff to show off. There was a whole day of TMNT Gameboy Advance games that went on much longer than anticipated. The GBA games were based off the more recent cartoon retellings and the in sprite turtles looked a bit …

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