Shiryō Sensen - War of the Dead MSX Fan Translation

Shiryō Sensen: War of the Dead for MSX is a classic Japanese horror game that will soon be available in English. The goal is to have the project completed before the end of 2023, and the dedicated team has made significant progress in the development process. I am thrilled to present their remarkable advancements and offer frequent updates on the game’s evolution. Prepare for an exciting journey as we provide glimpses into this highly anticipated gaming experience. Keep an eye out for further developments as we approach the end of the year and prepare to embark on a hauntingly immersive adventure.

Shiryō Sensen: War of the Dead is an action-packed gaming experience sprinkled with subtle RPG elements. Players take charge of our female protagonist, Lila, as she navigates through the top-down “world map” portraying the desolated monster-infested city. Encounters with enemies occur randomly, transitioning into action-based battles on distinct side-scrolling screens. 

The primary objective is to seek out and rescue the trapped survivors within invaded buildings, escorting them safely back to the church’s sanctuary. Players progress by engaging with characters and receiving vital clues. The game operates on a day/night cycle, with Laila having the option to rest anytime, restoring a portion of her health.

Shiryō Sensen – The War of the Dead Story:

A once-vibrant town was suddenly overrun with demons and monsters and cut off from the outside world under mysterious circumstances. Investigators arrived to find a haunting landscape: buildings reduced to rubble, sinister entities lurking in the wilds, and a small group of survivors trapped with no way out.

The Supernatural Special Weapon Attack Team (SSWAT) has sent their top agent, Lila, to this desolate city. Lila is armed with potent psychic abilities that enhance her weapons, and her mission is defeating the menacing creatures and ensuring the rescue of the remaining survivors at any cost.

Shiryō Sensen: War of the Dead first appeared in 1987 on the MSX platform, brought to life by Victor Musical Industries Inc. and crafted by the creative minds at Fun Project Inc. This game was later remastered for the PC-88 and for the PC Engine. A sequel, Shiryō Sensen 2 also released only for MSX2.

Shiryō Sensen - War of the Dead for MSX Fan Translation
Shiryō Sensen - War of the Dead for MSX Fan Translation
Shiryō Sensen - War of the Dead for MSX Fan Translation
Shiryō Sensen - War of the Dead for MSX Fan Translation

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