Gotta go Fast

Day off for AnnK!

I had a day off from one of my jobs on Thursday so I chose to take a huge break from my every day stuff to get some much wanted game time in.

Earlier on Sunday I had introduced the aspect of a randomizer to my stream which was something I’ve never done before. I do admit the random choice is a great way to play things I normally wouldn’t, but I still like going for all my top faves and well-remembered.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 18.29.58.png
Winnie Cooper for the Master System is a quality 10/10 game

An example of a well-remembered game is Alex Kid which came pre-installed on my Master System 2. It was one of the more attractive and cute looking games though playing it was one of my more hated moments from my childhood. Not much has changed and I still hate Alex Kid though because it was such a huge part of me growing up I have slight attachment for this game.


alex kidd.jpgAlex Kid can eat 5 moldy baloney sandwiches though. I’ll dedicate an entire blog post soon about my hatred of this game & the other games that followed it. I did do something awesome on my stream (that took me long enough)…

sonic chaos

I had a Gamegear when the system launched- it was a gift from my dad one christmas. That year I asked for a Super Nintendo, but instead I got Gamegear. I was disappointed that year for Christmas, however I soon found myself obsessed with the system & collecting the games for it. However, finding any of the games in a retail store was difficult. Sure, they had Sonic the Hedgehog and Shinobi, all the Disney games, but when it came to finding a game such as Shining Force II or any of the RPG’s that were out for this system you had problems.

My problem was I loved the Gamegear.


When forced to look in other places and countries to find Gamegear games I started to find out that a lot of the better Gamegear games were also ported, or in fact, released on the Master System. The 8-Bit Sonic games are some of the best games for both.


I had this really awful strategy guide that I bought for $29.99 at a Max Milk just so I could finish Sonic Chaos. I never finished the game. I got damn close, but I always got too frustrated despite reading reviews that it was “so easy” to play. Because they had to shrink the screen dimensions down for the Gamegear port it altered the way certain boss rooms work but whatever it was I never got to finishing this game as a kid. It was nice to finally finish this game after all these years (though I only finished the Tails Section of the game & have to go back & do a proper Sonic run).

Stream Dreams & Things

Pumpkin Face Link with Grey

I’m tuning in more to ex_morits stream as he’ll play more the DOS games that I like or go through an adventure style RPG just because its fun. He also has a wonderful cat that makes several appearances when she wants food or attention. He starts though when I’m usually at work & it’s hit or miss now if I can tune in and watch then. I’m not sure if a lot of people enjoy that sort of thing, but I kinda do like chilling out or working when a good adventure is on in the background.

Shock Troopers gets you jumping like a real live wire

lordBBH showed off his favorite game on Wednesday, Shock Troopers. He’s been going after the world record for quite some time I think, though the game he was playing on Wednesday was to show off the really bad recent port of the game. He still managed to get a very high score on the leaderboard and I got to draw some really fun Dank Art.


Aquas  is getting back into practicing Muchi Muchi Pork again, a Bullet Hell Shmup that has these pig girls on pig bikes fighting pig armies collecting lard and… it’s adorably charming despite it’s difficulty level. Aquas brought this game over to have Poetrader try it out on her & Mato’s stream Poemato CX two summers ago when we were in the South West. Poe actually got through the game during that stream which was way cooler than us playing Cross Country Canada, the game I wanted them to play. Speaking of CCC, I should play that sometime soon.

BBH had a really rough week being tortured by the arcade MAME randomizer. A few gems did show up and the tormenting of his soul was lifted for a few games. I always try to stop in for anything randomized and arcade if it’s on at a time I’m home for. Arcade games are a lot of fun to draw and having someone who actually knows how to play them is really fun to watch.


I like turning into Macaw’s streams not just because he’s all about obscure games with an interesting element, but he usually has a good time slot for me as he’s an Australian with terrible internet forcing him to play when I’m actually at home, usually that’s my morning. The internet gods have not been so kind to him this week so I don’t have as much Dank Art featuring his games this week. Hopefully his internet situation will improve soon.

I actually ran out of the tiled cardstock that I use for most fo my Dank Art Streams. I like saving the larger pieces of paper for when I have something special to paint or it’s a commission. The tiles are great to sit down and get a little idea out quickly and to figure out techniques plus they come with accessories that I can use to display them such as the glass frames and photo albums. I ordered more and they’ve since arrived so I don’t have to use the really soft sketching paper I have.

I’m still a town girl though I feel way different about things.


I used to be very connected with my community either through any of my past jobs, work within the media or by just being creative. These days I feel as if I am on an island or I am a ghost, or in some tower with a long telescope just observing into the distance.

D600 -5

I love being around people but I live in a bedroom community where a good % of the people here are into raising a family. Theres not really a scene or a group that I can attach myself to so I wander around just doing my thing because I don’t care and I like living. I also love living here because it’s so beautiful and I go for that small town charm. I love honesty and accepting the natural landscape and my surroundings for what it is as I’m just passing through it.

I like going to the cute festivals where my friends bring their kids & they get all excited about a few bouncy castles & ice cream. I’ve been going to small town festivals like the annual Strawberry Fair all my life- hit or miss a few due to rain. I’ve been going so long I know all the people behind everything and we catch up on how’s the family and what crazy adventures I’m up to these days. It’s also nice to see that my friends kids are getting the same kind of connection I had with my community when I was growing up because I am always fearful that days like these will be gone forever.


In related cat news, Squash is still a grump.



I work FIVE jobs :/

Work has been catching up to me as I took on a new social media client early in the week. Whenever something new gets thrown into my routine it always takes a few days to adjust to the new workflow around my apartment.


I would say I work from home but a lot of my job involves a lot of leg work either photographing things or events to researching whats going on in the community. It’s my job to make sense of all of that information and make it as simple and attractive for readers to understand. I used to work at a small independent Newspaper and I still freelance stories for magazines and this job is a way I can use that skill set and make it work for me.

black and white -1-8
We’re working on a nice collectors Callender to sell this year for one of the places I work for This is one of the shots I took for it

On top of the social media job, I work a full-time job retail/service job at an Apple Store as well as making time to do my photography and my art. Squish in video games someplace in there & that’s what a 24 hour day is for me with moments of sleep and showering someplace. Finding ways to manage my time and staying afloat is the only way I can juggle my jobs, not too many people can live this way but hopefully soon I wont have to work all of them just to pay off my bills.

Fathers Day

My dad showed up at my place with a plastic bag full of three LP albums, All Swan Lake. The album I was showing him on iTunes last weekend (the conductor he hated) was in there. He included the two other albums as they were his personal choice for me so I could hear the difference between different orchestras and conductors. As soon as I saw the black swan LP I knew that was my father’s choice as I have very strong memories as a child of him playing this record and then purchasing it on CD.

iTunes has nothing on the books that used to come in boxed LP’s like these. These were printed with full history on the composer, detailed information about the ballet studio it was arranged for, and tidbits on the composer highlighting a few of his career goals.

I love music and I try to get an appreciation for whats out there. Over the weeks you’ll start to see more of the records I have and the strange stories behind each one as a lot of my records were acquired through trades or as gifts.

Adventure Time!

Greg came over and we decided to go for a tiny hike behind the Mill Pond in my town to get all outdoors without the commitment of a full hike. The Mill Pond is stumbling distance from my house and it’s one of the best benefits of living where I do as I can take 5 steps into it and it’s as if the entire world just screwed off.

You see that video there? That is what it sounds like when you take the secret paths behind the waterfall. That crazy lump of sticks there is a small yet sturdy Beaver dam. I was slightly suspicious about what was going on at the pond as one tree that had a major damage a few years back when we had that terrible ice storm (Dec 2013). instead of lopping it off, the branch just hanged there for years from the tree over the water. This day we went back the whole tree was taken down & lying in the water as if it had fallen over.

I didn’t know what I was looking at first glance. It’s been YEARS since beavers have been in Milton. I don’t like talking too much about it either because last time we had beavers I was five and someone blew up the damn. Yeah people are miserable like that because beavers can screw up the landscape of an area crazy fast if they get out of control. Everyone wants to believe that our landscape is dying around here yet I have seen more recovery now than I can remember as a kid. The water back here used to be orange in some of the stagnant areas from dumped chemicals.

I’ve loved this place since I was a small child and it’s one of my most loved places to paint. Always take the time to meet up with friends and share in the experience of most treasured places.


The problem with acquiring new games or collectibles is where am I going to put it all. I recently bought a new shelf to caddy the main media shelf where I keep most of my systems to stream.

Left side from top: Japanese Sega Saturn, Technics Automatic, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis II, 32x, Sega CD. Right side is my Master System set up with controller storage and the best arcade stick for the Sega Dreamcast ever.

I’ve been collecting since I was a kid because hitting up the garage sales was my idea of a saturday morning well spent. However I got more serious with my collecting when I started to make steady money for myself. I remember the first game n’ swap that was in my town was a Microplay though I had a hard time trading in my stuff because I had a strong attachment for my games and systems. Many of my friends sold off their collections when they left the house but I was lucky that my mom and dad let me keep all of my collections in their house when I was off on crazy adventures.


Nice & simple living 

Since my parents sold the house in 2014 anything that is mine needs to stay in my place. It’s just me and my pets so I try to keep things simple and cosy like a little clubhouse fort. For a year I had my entire apartment set up as a photo studio where I would have clients stop in and get their photos done. I kind of wanted my space back so I took apart my working photo studio and put more bookshelves out so I could display my belongings better. I’m trying to move closer to having everything visible so if I need it I can simply grab it.

Dank Tank

This is what two weeks of dank art looks like

I like me some arcade games when I go looking on stuff to sketch on Twitch. My material of choice these days are the 4×4″ Artist Tile Set because of its availability on Amazon. The paper also comes with accessories such as frames and photo albums to display the work which will be a great option for me once I launch my Esty shop.

I’ve been silently watching Murphagator since the fall of last year though I have seen his name pop up a few times I think that’s why I started following him as someone told me if I was into arcade games. Chat rooms with lots of views sometimes intimidates me (reason one for why I like drawing.) Today Murph was playing this SNES port of the arcade The Combatribes and when he was explaining what was going on with the back story of this game, someone posted a link to a cartoon ad for it in the chat.

The really fun thing now is hearing the person streaming actually laughing or having an idea of what I am doing when I show up in the chat. If I share with them or choose not to this is what I do when I watch anything. I could be watching a movie or the news, I’ll sit there and scratch out a quick reaction image from whats there in front of me. It’s also a great way to get a few hours of sketching and practice in.

Lord BBH is a decent enough streamer to upload his stuff to YouTube so there’ll be a more permanent way to archive his streams. He had his 30th episode of MAME Roulette viewers choice extravaganza #3 where we all got to throw arcade game suggestions at him & he would randomly choose from that list. It was an 8 hour stream and I was tossed out by 1am and never finished my final dank Art of the evening (though I will come back to it). As I mentioned earlier I had taken on a new client this week so I was already tired when I got home. I ran out of my 4×4″ artist tiles so I had to start using my sketchbook which is only great for pencil sketching. New tiles will arrive by thursday at the latest.

If you are up for it, here is the entire 8 hour episode

On a cool highlight for BBH, he actually beat The General in Kaiser Knuckle who I thought was next to impossible. He made a quickie video here to show off that crazy moment


I’ve been making dank art for Macaw45‘s streams since as far back as last spring 2015 before I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with dank art. He plays some of the more interesting titles as well as old Japanese computer games and DOS/Amiga crud that I grew up with as a child. He’s been playing every single fighting game that’s out there though keeps going back to Final Fury 3 or Art of Fighting 2. Some of these fighting games I’ve never heard of though its interesting in the differences in each one and why one game is better over another game.



Back to work

Powerpad games are so bad

I’ve been on a huge Powerpad kick lately where I like to wake up and stream the games that use the stupid thing. Not too many people stream Powerpad games which is a bit of a shame. It’s a fun way to get into a game and the peripheral should have gotten a few more titles when it came out in the 80’s. I never had one (being a Sega girl) so experiencing the Powerpad is all fresh and new for me.
img_8216I picked up Super Team Games at a video game trade show a few weeks back but I had yet to try it out. It was one of the titles I needed to complete my set of North American Powerpad games and I paid $11.95 for it. Why not $12? Why do you want to fuss with tiny coins at a huge show? What are you doing to me, nerds?? Just tell me $12 & have at it. Nerds.

My Power Pad ❤

 I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have the manual so someone in the chat posted up the game FAQ which had a strategy guide. The main game is an obstacle course where each section would switch up how you use the power pad to keep the gameplay interesting. The “I-don’t-know-what-i’m-doing” approach I was trying was just running on numbers 5 & 6 till I was drenched in sweat. That’s how I found out the race will end at 10 minutes if you do not finish it.

Screenshot 2016-06-15 23.38.15.png
Let’s Give Up!

This game MURDERED me. I was a hot sweaty mad mess at the end. Until I have a better idea of what I am doing here I think my Super Team Games days are over.


I was very pleased when I woke up on Tuesday morning and there was a package waiting for me! A while back when I was streaming Shenmue someone at Twitch promised to send me these collector cards. They finally came! I’ll have to figure out the best way to display them so that I can still read the backs. Thank you again for the amazing gift and the T-Shirt :3


My buddy Owlnonymous had his Happy New Year this week so I made him this iPad Pro drawing to wish him well. Hope you had a special day, buddy 😀

Dank Art

I mailed out a bunch of Dank Art to people two weeks ago and already people are receiving them. Please take photos of the work I send you so I can post it up- I love seeing my work in the wild.

bbh mailer dank art

This is the small collection I sent LordBBH from a few of the games he’s played during his arcade randomizer streams. I originally was only going to send two images, but included the cyclops mammoth because he recently 1CC’d Space Harrier (it was around my birthday & I’m a HUGE Space Harrier fan). I always get a kick when people enjoy my work.

Pieces I created so far this week are these pieces from Macaw45‘s Neo Geo stream on Tuesday where he mostly played fighting games and gave Kaiser Knuckle’s impossible boss, The General, another go. I don’t think it’s possible to beat that boss at all and trying is only going to cook your goose. To keep it interesting, Macaw streamed some obscure Japanese Bird Simulator while playing some death metal and the soundtrack to B-Rap Boys. Tuesdays.

img_8255Bird playing a Bird Simulator

Heres a few pieces I made on Wednesday watching BBH play a few random arcade games on a chill stream. I’m still watching his stream as well as ex_mortis play thru this Zelda game. The week is only halfway over and I still have more work I need to finish.

Sunday June 12

Morning nonsense
Screenshot 2016-06-12 18.18.40

I gave the Master System Flash-Cart a go this morning and found myself fully addicted to playing Girls Garden and Rainbow Island.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 11.50.48

Girls Garden is this ridiculously cute game that was released on the SG-1000 exclusively in Japan. I have seen images of this game being available for C-64 or the Coleco system, but I’m not sure if this game was ported for anything else other than the SG-100 & Sega SC-3000. You play as this girl who’s always trying to keep the interest of this boy who slowly starts to fall for another woman if you are not quick to collect 10 fully bloomed flowers. Seems easy but you gotta do this without falling pray to the marauding bears that hunt you down right in front of your house. Once you collect the flowers you not only win over the heart of your love, but you collect points that are added to your score. Its crazy cute, but the kind of game I go for and it’s also the debut work of Yuji Naka. You know- the guy who created Sonic the Hedgehog?

Oh snap! His first game was a dating sim! Wait- this is a dating sim? When you look at it from that point of view, yes it is.

I’m having interference issues with my AV cables. I noticed this last week when I plugged in my speaker system though I am unsure how to get around the issue. It’s only the Master System that does this and the picture improves slightly when I only have the AV cable plugged directly into my capture device. The way I have everything set up in my place I don’t have enough room to properly space everything out so I am thinking something might have to give in the next few days & i’ll be stuck changing everything around again.

I couldn’t get anyone to meet me for lunch so I went for lunch by myself in one of the little café’s located in Downtown Milton. My doctor has been on my case about my burger a day diet, so now I am trying to limit treating myself to only the weekends. A decent meal like this was $16- hard to swallow when you think the same amount of money is what this would cost at McDonalds to get the same volume of food. It’s always cheaper to cook at home, but sometimes it’s just nice to get a treat.
I took a walk down to the pond & watched the fish swim around for a while. Few weeks ago the geese here were showing off their babies to everyone and you could tease them by stretching your arm out like you had bread so they’d come closer when really you had nothing. This week the cuteness had faded and they looked closer to fully grown geese just swimming around. Everything was lush and overgrown from the rain and despite it being warm in the sunlight this chilling breeze kept pestering me to bundle up. I had intentions to make it a longer walk, but the cold started to bother me & I had the wrong shoes on for a serious hike so I went home to work on other projects.


Aquas was streaming speed attempts of Ninja Gaiden II and Gimmick when I got back in. Many of the older 8-bit games are fun to draw since their designs are left so open to interpret through your own imagination. Ryu is eating a donut, a throwback to when I first started to make Dank Art during Poemato CX & Aquas’ Ghouls streams last year. Almost all of those dank arts featured the characters of the games going for some sort of fast/cheap food. Don’t ask me how he’s eating that donut thru his mask- he’s a bad-ass ninja and being sneaky like that is just his thing.


Tony came down and we went for burgers (twice in one day! I’m so bad) and this wonderful sunset happened. There has been nothing but wonderful sunsets happening as of late and it’s nice to grab them though I often regret leaving behind my good camera.
Originally Tony & I had sat down and made plans to do a Kings Quest 3 stream on my twitch but the more we talked about that the more we got discouraged to actually play KQ3. It’s not our fave game out of the collection and when its sandwiched between better games (such as all the other games) it’s not screaming to be played. Instead we made rough plans to have a Wall Street Kid show followed by a KQ4 play-through.

Macaw started streaming more Final Fury 3 to which this piece needed to be created.


Painting & Stuff

I paint at the local farmer’s market & have since 2005. I set up this little travel easel my dad got me a few years back at one edge of the street and just paint whichever painting I am working on that week. I’m working on a collection of paintings that focus on homes in my area which are encased by trees simply because that’s interesting me at the moment.

annk market


I’ve started to seek out play-lists of Tchaikovsky on iTunes for when I am painting. My dad’s fave composer was Tchaikovsky so it’s nostalgic to flip this stuff on and listen to how each conductor has their take on the entire thing. I saw this LP cover art and brought the photo up when my dad came to meet me for lunch because knowing him he would not only know of this recording but he would own the LP as well. My dad’s reaction when I showed him the photo was “That composer is lousy.”


After lunch he did comment that he possibly owned the LP so hopefully maybe next week when I see him again I will have it in hand.

Retro Findsfinds

I climbed up on a high ladder to pull down some of the Complete in Box games at the retro shop today to judge if anything was interesting. I just got a Japanese Sega Saturn but I have yet to mod it so I am still only limited to playing the Japanese games. I also do not have the  memory expansion cart and it was my hope that I might have came across one there. Not so lucky this week.  Just as I was getting ready to leave with a small pile of games something in the case caught my eye.


The Master System is one of my fave systems and I am very attracted to anything for it- i’m even into the SG-1000 and Mark 3 consoles that never made it out over here. It wasn’t a popular system in my area and when I was getting into it everyone already had next gen. consoles. The positive for me was I was collecting this as a kid right as people were dumping this stuff out of there garages & dens so I came out with a good collection.


Justifiably I don’t feel bad about using a flash cart- it was $85 and it’s going to expose me to more of the system’s library. The huge advantage is its going to keep me from buying the games I want to buy just out of morbid fascination such as Alf that fetch a high price tag and will just sit on my shelf since the replay factor is non-existent.


Dank Arts: Macaw45 Arcade Fighting Streammacaw slips

The top two are from a very strange fighting game called Nekketsu Oyako where you fight these squids with boxing gloves on a few stages. The story from what I was told is a family has their mom kidnapped but this family is an awesome fighting family. You can choose between the Father, son or daughter but this was just a Dad play-thru, hence the painting on the left is just dad celebrating.

Followed up was Fatal Fury 3 and Art of Fighting attempts. Since it’s a Macaw fighting stream its really amusing to have a little bird try to fight all the opponents in the dank art.

bird arcade

Icarus suggested that I draw a little bird with bags of quarters for the stream & I actually drew two images but only shared the above piece because that concept worked better then the first one I had.