Month: April 2017

The Dankest of Fridays


BBH is trying different streaming things to keep things fresh and fun and on Thursday evening he tried a raffle-style Arcade request event. If you were selected you got to request any arcade game you liked and it was a lot of fun for me as I got to see a bunch of fun games and draw them. The highlight for me was watching BBH play thru Gunsmoke which is one of my favourite arcade games from my childhood though he was unable to credit clear the game (though he did say he had a video up on his youtube doing that). Currently theres one of those 60-in-1 arcade cocktail cabs in my neighbourhood but it’s in the local vape shop. I don’t really vape so I have no business to go in there to sit on their machine all day popping off game after game so I’m stuck playing the NES port I have for the meantime.

I was very happy BBH came back in the week with this style of stream because as much as I love the randomness of a roulette stream it can be so unpredictable that strange odds that nothing great will come up and only strange and questionable games will…

img_0823… You know I’m just going to keep drifting this joke as much as I can. Call me Crazy, but one thing I enjoy is taxiing a joke around because I enjoy seeing their reactions.

Hydlide Special! Macaw spent a whole morning playing thru the PC98 version of Hydlide which is a huge improvement from the crappy NES version most of us got stuck playing. I for one am kind of a huge Hydlide fan as it was a game that one of the kids in my neighbourhood owned and sadly when I was over it was the only game she’d let me play. Serious. That girl had Hydlide and Bart vs The Space Mutants. That’s a quality collection right there.

This version of Hydlide actually has a save file system and a bunch of other things going right for it where the NES port didn’t. I enjoy the game because it’s an example of a very early RPG before the term really game into play and it’s not all that frustrating to play once you know how to play it. The graphics are better in the PC98 version so if you can check out the vod Macaw has up of it now you can see it’s still Hydlide but Hydlide turned up to 11.


Magical Chase @exmortis00

I had a really great time checking out ex_Mortis’s stream this week as he was playing around with a bunch of PC Engine games. He was playing through a fan translation of Energy which is also known as Ashe on the PC98. Energy is a very poor port of Ashe, but for what it is it’s still a fun game to pick up despite a few issues. He hooked me up with the fan translation too which I hope to play thru myself in a few more weeks on Sunday, so make sure you tune in to watch that.
Mortis took a few more PC Engine game recommendations from me and it was overall a fun evening. I stayed up way too late watching & working away at my Dank Zine and made a few new friends in chat.


Leona KOF for @pxlsicle 

I have this story about why I do Dank Art. I am a trained artist and I have seen some success selling my work and I am well recognized in my community. However, since 2007 I had to deal with a lot of life challenges when I first started to get sick. I could tell there was something wrong with me, but no matter how many doctor visits and check ups I had they couldn’t determine why I was feeling the way I was. It wasn’t until one day I collapsed at work that I knew something more serious was going on.

I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease which is a common autoimmune disease that effects my thyroid. After seeing a lot of doctors and specialists and reading about what I had, I opted to have mine treated with drug therapy and I have been very healthy since though a lot of stress of dealing with doctors and working with a job and a relationship that wasn’t supportive took a lot out of me. It wasn’t until 2014 that I had enough and had to start making huge changes in my life to not only take control of my disease but to get my life back.

My art has always been there for me when friends couldn’t. I had already made a fun hobby of sketching things along my friends streams and one of the biggest delights I got was hearing them get excited to look at the art I made them. Seeing people enjoying my work was a lot of fun and I started to forget about a lot of bad stuff and just focused on making people happy with my work.

I made this Dank Art for Ian AKA: @pxlsicle because he’s been going thru some sickness and hard times. Often when your down a lot of things can seem terrible and it’s easy to lose sight of where you want to go. The best thing that you can do to get out of this is to focus on what you can do for other people or give what you can, even if what your giving is something tiny. Its a tremendous feeling to see someone enjoy your work which is why I always try to give away as much Dank Art as I can.


Ghosts n Demond @Aqy

Aquas was playing more Ghosts n Demons this week as he’s playing the game in SGDQ and just recently there has been a new patch for the game. I myself am a fan of the Ghouls’ series though I am nowhere near being an expert like Aquas is. Make sure you catch him playing this summer at the event and follow his journey by tuning in when he’s practicing.


C64 Games!! @Macaw45

There were a few more Macaw Dank Arts as Macaw streams like the world is going to explode tomorrow. The best thing about Macaw’s streams is that he can take things you’d normally think would end up in someone’s computer room trash bin and gets excited to play it. He took up this daunting risk of playing C64 emulated games in the week which I was very excited to see having a huge history with that system as a small child. I am unsure if Macaw has ever touched a C64 but one thing I will admit about that system is you better not be going anywhere if you are committing to playing it. Once you get into the game itself it’s not that bad, but the loading of some of those very early games was tremendous. I remember being over a my pal Jason’s place and firing up the C64 and then him saying “HEY WANNA SMOKE CIGARETTES WHILE WE WAIT?” and the onslaught of bad choices that followed while waiting for some stuff to start up. We wrote a lot of bad Star Trek fan fiction waiting for some garbage to load. I still have those printed off the cruddy dot matrix printer he had somewhere. Hell will be had if I ever find and post those somewhere.

Macaw also had a raffle of sorts on his stream one day and he played thru Cadillacs & Dinosaurs as well as DD Crew. I wish I had more time to stream stuff like Macaw does, but then where would I find the time to make all this Dank Art?

A whole weekend to myself, Dank Art and fancy foods



I was hoping to get lots of Dank Art done over the weekend though I think the sudden change in good weather got some people outdoors instead. Saturday morning I tuned into Macaw45 playing a bunch of arcade randoms where he was making 1CC attempts. I was rooting for him to get a 1CC in Cross Blades! as I knew he was practicing on getting an easy boss strategy for the last boss in that game, but the 1CC quickly turned into 2CC’s for Macaw that day. He did get 1CC’s on Punisher 2, but still Cross Blades! was just being a pain. I often think what people did back in the day when arcades were a quarter or even fifty cents and you had to keep feeding money into these games just to figure things out. Most people were not using the internet until 1994 (if my memory is correct, the first time I got onto the internet was 1992 and I was quickly banned from the library’s computers for being a troublemaker) so it’s not like anyone could open a FAQ or guide that would explain this. Arcades wanted your money thats what arcade games do- offer people a challenge. I think thats why I have this respect for people who are into playing arcade games as back when I was a kid there was no manipulations or save-states, you just had to build your own strategy and hope you skills and luck were all in the right place at the right time.


No biggie 4CC! Trina SNES @Macaw45

I also fell asleep at like 7 pm on Saturday and woke up again at 2am & caught Macaw playing thru all 3 endings for the best one in Trina for the SNES. I basically woke up, drew Dank Art & went back to sleep. I ate & drank far too much on Saturday, but I’ll get into that later on…


Sonic is the Dankest thing alive! @Aqy

Aquas was streaming Sonic & Knuckles on Saturday which was a huge treat for me for as many of you know I am a huge Sega fan and when I was 10 I was a cute Sonic fangirl. I wanted Sonic everything from birthday cakes, T-shirts and toys. The holly grail for me was to get a Sonic plushie which led me down this crazy path of imports and collecting which is how I got into collecting video games to begin with. When I was in school I would make all these lame Sonic game poster mock-ups in art class and in wood shop I made a sonic pencil holder. I was reading Archie Sonic comics and woke up every day at 5 am to just watch that terrible Sonic cartoon show that was just screaming and mentions of chilly dogs. I even got plans to turn my whole bedroom into the ending scene from Sonic 2 because I loved it so much, but my mom would never let me. Sonic & Knuckles was kind of the last hurrah I had with Sonic games. The whole concept of having to collect ALL the Chaos Emeralds in all 3 games to see a real ending was really daunting for me & I still haven’t done it. But Sonic 3 is where the franchise ended for me in my childhood as soon after I turned 13 a lot of my tastes changed and I didn’t want to play “crazy platforming” games any more and instead wanted to play RPG’s and strange strategy games where the main focus was all on micromanaging everything. I used to have an astounding focus for strategy games when I was 13 and I did more things like joining the chess & GO team at school as well as getting super dirty & nerdy playing Magic The Gathering.

I haven’t played a Sonic game I like after Sonic & Knuckles. But really, for me there doesn’t need to be a part 4 or a part 10 for a franchise thats all about a hedgehog with attitude. Some stories can only be told so many times before they start becoming contrived and predictable. There really wasn’t much of a story line to Sonic games other than Eggman bad, Tails is cute, save the animals, collect the emeralds and save the world! That’s why I think so many strange and out-there things happened with Sonic after his Genesis days because there wasn’t anything to really go to with his story. Video games when I was a kid didn’t require full lore or explaining why, you played the game and were dazzled if it offered you something outside of being entertained. That’s why I started to get more into hardcore nerd strategy junk when I was 13 because those games offered a world outside of the game that was entertaining to me because there was lore and characters who were motivated by emotions and plot devices.

I simply grew up and out of Sonic stuff. I will admit that it wasn’t until 2013 that I actually got a Sonic plushie and I won him at The Ex in Toronto in one of those “Guess your age” booths. The guy who guessed my age was way off so I got to choose any toy I wanted so I went for the modest Sonic toy and laughed because I basically had to grow up to get the one thing I wanted my entire childhood but I got it because I still look like that stupid cheeky kid who would scribble bad Sonic doodles in her math book.



Spring is FINALLY here though it’s still rather chilly out first thing in the mornings. I love getting out in these early sprinkles of good weather to be dazzled by everything around me. I love watching the leaves on trees come out, bugs buzzing around, and of course the return of birds to my neighbourhood. My favourite bird is the Red Wing Blackbird and my indicator that spring has arrived. When the weather warms up I go for walks  looking for them and so far this year I have only been able to hear them. For a while it was really hard finding a lot of the birds on my list that I always go out to find as the area where I live has been under a lot of growth and construction so many of the birds have flown away for safer areas. Some are returning and every year it’s encouraging to see more natural wildlife return to my area as when I was a kid it used to be teaming with life everywhere.


Here is a shot of my Town Hall which was the town Court House back in the day. 

Besides enjoying the better weather I had plans to go out for dinner with my friend Liz and her two daughters at this crazy new Italian place that opened up in my neighbourhood. I like Liz a lot and I really like hanging out with her and her kids as they have this really adorable relationship and constantly make jokes that are really amusing to me. No matter what I’ve been thru, Liz is that friend around town I need to just forget about it and go out and have fun with. Many of my local friends are too tied up with raising their new families or are just terrible at managing their time but Liz has it together and we somehow make our little outings work despite being two incredibly different and busy career women.

Liz doesn’t get things like comic books, video games and that “itch” thing I do “AnnK Art” to, but we find common grounds on our desire and need to write and blog. I first met Liz working freelance at one of the magazines I work for and I was impressed at how motivated she was to make blogging and writing her main thing for many years. She writes every day and that a huge deal to me as it sounds like such a small thing when really it’s possibly the hardest thing to do. I try to blog as much as I can and keep myself writing because I see women like Liz rocking it and having fun every step of the way. You need to surround yourself with motivated people who think differently from you if you want to experience things to the fullest around you and I am grateful for a friend like her because it’s hard to get that connection with others who are doing things rather then people who wait until they are told.


IMG_0806The last weekend of the month now means DEADLINE DAYS again and I spent a lot of time working on laying out the second issue to my Dank Zine. I had so many great interviews and Dank Art that I had to up the pages to 34 and still I can’t get everything in it! I should be done soon and sending the issue to the printers, so if you want to get an issue make sure you back my Patreon before April 30th to ensure you get issue number 2. This issue I sit down with Arcade master LordBBH and we get to hear a bit from him about streaming, arcades and growing up as a kid in arcades as well as illustrator Anthony Brennan who is well known in the Toronto scene with his Qooplo paper crafts as well as crashing every con and event dressed up as some crazy WWF wrestler from the early 80’s and 90’s. Also, everyone who backs my Patreon this month will get a FREE SURPRISE in each issue which you can “build” yourself.

Issue number 1 was SUCH A HUGE HIT I’ve had to go in and order more copies because some people missed out on the first wave and I forgot to get my parents a copy. If you still need issue number one, email me ( and I’ll work out something to get you an issue! In the meantime, you should back my Patreon so you don’t miss an issue and also get access to my discord chat where you can download all my Dank Art at high rez as well as vote on articles and art for inclusion in the Zine.

I’m also going to try out a new idea that I had with commissions as I am getting A LOT of them lately and to help me stay focused I would want to try that all my commissions will be purchased thru my Patreon and be featured in the Zine itself. You don’t need to back every month which I think is the thing that scares off people from things like Patreon. If you just want the commission you can still get that, only I’d rather have everything to go towards printing my Dank Zine as thats what I want. This is a very fun project for me and it’s great to be doing it again and I am happy that I have something productive to do with my Dank Art.

Get your issue already! What are you waiting for? If you like my Dank Art keep me doing it! This artist thanks you :3

Mother 3 Day & other 4/20 Nonsense


I forgot one of the Dank Art’s I made for Macaw’s streams this week in the last blog entry I made so I stuck it in with todays :3
I really wanted to focus on that Castle game that Macaw was playing as one of my good friends from my high school days who reads my blog and twitter sent me a message freaking out over the fact that someone was playing his fave DOS game ever, Castles. Heck, Castles looks like a DOS game I would play myself. It’s a builder game where you have to build your fortress and be king. Who doesn’t want that? Well being king kinda stinks because the Celts are always trying to knock over your castle because you are building it on their land (what uncivilized heathens!) or some jerk-face is poaching deer in your forests or your dork prince son is getting into trouble with the ladies & to show him who wears the crown around here you’re going to ship him off to the crusades! That will teach him. Macaw killed the game after muddling thru for an hour but it was enough to spank my own interest in looking for this game myself as I bet you Castle Kick-Ass (AKA AnnK’s place) would actually get completed on schedule and my annoying prince Son would be studying in the Kievs Academy where after he completes his study he will rejoin me & the rest of my Cossack army to take over Poland (aw shucks, thats the premise for Taras Bulba but really, it’s a good story). Click on the image to go watch birb build a castle.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.54.50 PM

IMG_0652Dead_Flip Goes on another Pinball rant

Dead_Flip is an interesting guy and you don’t really need to be into pinball to like his show (though it does help since 99% of it is him playing pinball). I recently sat down with Mr Flip and we talked about a few of his upcoming projects for a feature in an upcoming Dank Zine issue. I’m not the biggest pinball fan but I do love to play and I’m always on the hunt for machines to photograph as pinball machines are one of my fave things to take photos of.

LordBBH had a quick 4/20 arcade stream on Thursday night which I literally passed out on my desk while watching. I woke up at like 2am face down on my keyboard & had this really weird scar from the keys all down the right side of my cheek. If I was more awake I would have taken a selfie and tweeted that hot mess out, but I was so tired that I just marched off to bed & shut-down till 9 am later in the day.
I was a bit upset because usually on Thursdays BBH plays more of the arcade games he wants to play so theres a chance of 1CC’s or if a game was really good that came up roulette it might get a run-back on this day. The gem this time was Super Baseball 2020 which for a sports game is actually really fun. The only other baseball game I like for any video game set up is the Mario Super Sluggers when I owned it, however I will stress that game is only fun when you have another person to play with.
I found out later on the next day BBH played more Fighters History Dynamite that evening which was definitely done when I was passed out. Aw shucks- I’ll catch it next time, I guess.

Mother’s Day 


Are we visiting Mom’s grave? No were visiting Mother 3’s grave

It’s been 11 years since Mother 3 came out on April 20th (AKA 4/20 day). Like there wasn’t already enough going on this day, the Mother community got together in some ways to pay tribute to this wonderful game that will sadly never see a North American release. Personally I have said this before when I was playing thru Mother 3 earlier in the year that I don’t ever expect Mother 3 to get an official release by Nintendo. 10 years is a long time to wait for something but I have been waiting since 1996 for a Mother 3 official release cause that’s how long I have been waiting for a sequel to one of my fave childhood game.

Earthbound came out in 1995 for the SNES here in North America when I was a kid. It came out right when the SNES was about to be shelved for the new Nintendo 64 console. When they announced that Mother 3 was coming out for the N64 my heart sunk a bit as I really didn’t like anything about the N64 and I wanted to avoid buying one if at all possible. 3D polygons and graphics didn’t sit well with me at all and still to this day I don’t like the look of these games. Call me old fashioned, but I love the look of sprite work and to me there is more emotion and soul in pixel art then you’ll ever find in awkward polygon graphics. Here’s the video of what Mother 3 would have looked like if it got green lighted.

I am happy with what I have today even if it’s just the fan translation because I can play the game and enjoy it and thats all I want. I look at how older franchises which were like Mother 3- stuck in development hell for years such as Duke Nukem and how mishandled the finished official release was when it finally hit shelves. I also think most fans of Mother 3 have moved on and accepted that this game won’t get an official release and that it’s OK because you really don’t need that to enjoy something you love. By all means keep making fan art, showing your appreciation and love for the game, but instead of begging for something that will never happen do what so many did this 4/20 and just say “thank you” for making a really amazing game.




I am an adorable cyclops mammoth from Space Harrier Dank Art, Hi!!

IT’S CRUNCH TIME. I’m down to the end of the month with building the second issue of my Dank Zine. I’m already halfway thru building up each section of the Zine and hopefully on Wednesday I will be sending the issue off to the printers and then ship them out. Making a Zine is A LOT of hard work, but my hopes are once I reach my next Patreon goal of $600 I should be able to hire someone to help me offset some of the editing and layout of each issue so I can focus a bit more on making the content (and take some time off cause dang AnnK needs a vacation).

If you want to help me reach that $600 goal I’m only $122 away from making it. I’m so close it’s exciting!! You can check out my Patreon for my Dank Zine here where you can sign up to back my dank project and if you want sign up for a subscription and get a physical copy of the Zine every month in your mail box.

Let’s stay up & make Dank Art all night


The Viewers Choice Extravaganza for LordBBH continued from where it left off on Saturday playing requests in place of regular MAME Roulette on Monday. I happened to join in right as BBH was about to finish Golden Axe and got to see him use the magic where the skeleton barfs. It’s silly, but I had a good laugh at it. I never really make requests for the extravaganza as BBH has already played enough Space Harrier (I only ever request Space Harrier) and once I requested The New Zealand Story, but usually I leave the requests up to everyone else and sit back, enjoy and draw up some fun Dank Art in the process. BBH also gets thru a lot of games so when I wake up in the morning I usually have an impressive little pile to share on my blog.


A fresh pile of wake the hell up


This little bugger is going to get you and his pot of gold in Leprechaun 

Tuesdays usually means I have a chance to stream something myself but instead I wanted to get caught up on some of my Dank Zine stuff and just take it easy. By luck, Chuboh was streaming Classic Golden Age Arcade’s on his channel much later in the evening. Outside of him and BBH, I don’t know many others who would even attempt to stream Golden Age stuff, but I love it. I’d stream it myself if I had a better setup from what I have now. I’ve never been one to look down on something because of its age or think something isn’t fun because the graphics are not 3D, but I really enjoy classic games for their look and simplicity. It all stems back from this crazy vacation I took with my grandmother to Point Pele when I was a small child and the hotel where we stayed at had this AMAZING arcade set up of nothing but classic arcade games. Even then these arcades were deemed “old” (it was the 90’s) and some of the other kids who were staying at the hotel as well who’d always be hanging out by the pool wouldn’t go near them because they were too old. I on the other hand had a field day taking advantage of the unlimited amount of free tokens we had because we were staying at the hotel and played old Golden Age games for most of the time we were at the hotel. It’s a special memory for me and one I’m never going to ever get back or experience again but it’s why I enjoy those older games so much.

Macaw returned from IRL Easter shenanigans with a non-stop Gauntlet of SNES games which he streamed for over 5 hours. Many of the games were Super Famicom titles I haven’t heard of and each time he’d 1CC one he’d bring up 3 at a time and have a poll where chat could choose which game he should play next. I know I draw a lot of the Macaw Birb for Macaw’s streams (it is his show after all) but sometimes I think I draw a lot of Birb’s and maybe people just want to see Dank Art from the actual game itself. That’s what I was going with the Hagane Dank Art. After posting it, a lot of people in chat started asking “Where’s the Birb?” “Maybe the Birb is under the helmet” “Maybe he ate the Birb”
My quick response was to be all “ok ok ok- i’ll Birb it up” and moments later I posted Birb in a box of SNES games and balanced returned.
Birb is probably one of the best characters to come out of making Dank Art as I get a lot of feedback from people who check out my work who have no idea what Twitch and Streaming is. I still have the first Dank Art I made where I drew the Birb and when I run out of the best ideas, Birb is there with 20 more terribly great ideas for me to run with.


A few weeks back I was right into doing my annual Leisure Suit Larry 1-3 playthrus which I try to do each year in the spring. Some people have asked when I will do playthrus of the next official games in the series (5,6 &7) and I might actually get around to playing those soon. I love Larry and have been a fan of Larry games since I was a kid. It’s not so much that he’s a sleazy swinger, for me he was your typical shmoe guy just trying to get by and get a date.
I found this book used on Amazon for $1. The shipping cost more than the book! It arrived in great condition and I was super happy with my discount discovery. The book has a walk thru for each original game, little maps, synopsis and character information as well as “Larry” adding his own commentary to the content. Al Lowe is featured through out, though Ralph Roberts is the author credited for the writing. What I really wanted to get with this book are all the behind the scene conversations and stories that you’re only going to get talking directly with the creators of these kind of games so when I do my playthrus of the next 3 games I’ll be sure to use this book as a reference and to show off a few of the more interesting parts of it.


img_0027If you are thinking of backing my Dank Zine for the second issue, all custom Dank Art needs to be requested by this Friday for me to get it in for the deadline. The second issue is already going to be bigger then the last issue that came out as I am already adding more pages to accommodate all the new art I have and to give the feature stories a bit more breathing room. It’s going to be another great issue to make sure you are backing the Zine on my Patreon and keep me making Dank Art!

The Long Weekend


Macaw45 got right into some Lighbringer and The King of Dragons arcade runs before signing out for the Easter long weekend. I know Funkdoc is right into doing 1CC attempts of The King of Dragons game right now, but he’s choosing to use the Cleric where Macaw often will choose the Fighter and stick with him all the way thru the game. The King of Dragons looks a lot like the same art style that Capcom used in the Dungeons & Dragons games. I am unsure if they did use the same artist at Capcom to design all the creatures and characters in the game, though.


Twilight Struggle or How I Stopped Worrying And Loved the Video Games @SRKFunkdoc

I missed Funkdoc’s 1CC attempt at King of Dragons earlier in that day but stuck around to see Twilight Struggle, a strategy card game that has a cold war theme to it. FD has always been into card style games for as long as I have known him and often would stream other strategy intensive games on his stream. The crazy thing about Twilight Struggle that I didn’t know before watching FD’s stream is that it is an actual board game that you can buy thru Amazon & hold in your hands as well as available to download to your computer to play. It looks interesting enough when FD was playing thru it and I am a huge sucker for physical boardgames,, I just wish I had more friends around me so I could play. That’s always been the sad truth for me as a kid when I wanted to play D&D or any kind of boardgames as there never seemed to be anyone around my age willing to get in and set up the boards so we could. Thats the nice thing about having a downloadable option for the game as now I can play without people or often I can connect with friends who do want to play online.

Murph had a whole day where he went thru all his boards and played them on Good Friday, possibly just for fun but it was a great way to see what kind of boards he actually has. I’m always excited and looking for people who stream from the actual PCB’s or the boards themselves as the amount of effort that goes into showing off arcade games as they are originally were meant to be played is insane. I always see people who get offended when arcade players will use MAME to play games and that really needs to stop because people who say these kinds of comments don’t understand the amount of effort that needs to go into not just streaming but preserving the boards themselves. If you are dedicated and love arcade games that much and you want to take on the task, please do (and let me know so I can watch) but I am saying it is way more easier to stream that stuff using MAME. I myself run into all sorts of issues just trying to capture video from my systems and I often try to show off the original hardware as best I can. However there are things that I will just emulate to save myself the hassle and the time in order to keep the stream looking as best as I possibly can. I also never knew Murph owned a GROWL board and now that I know he does I can keep bugging him to plug it in when he streams :3

LORDBBH VIEWERS CHOICE EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Yup- it’s that time again when BBH does his huge Viewers Choice Extravaganza and plays viewer requests randomly all day. When he announced on Thursday it was going to happen Easter weekend where I moved my family lunch around so I could be around to take part and paint. You might be thinking thats a far stretch, Ann- don’t go shoving your life around just for some arcade and paint time. Well you don’t really know me if you had to make that statement and also my family is so laid back these days that it doesn’t matter which day we get together just as long as we do. My family dinners these days are more like lunches and when I told my parents that the Friday

Though most of these were done for the extravaganza, but because it was the long weekend I got a bit behind with all my other work and decided just to post all the stuff up from Thursday in one impressive block. Personally for me I adore the Arkanoid Dank Art the most because I find any game that has a Moai Head statue in it to be hilarious. This is probably because of the hours I have spent playing Space Harrier, but to me Moai Heads are ridiculous and every time I see one I get this obnoxious voice in my head and I picture the stupid thing trying to tell me that you totally can install Android Apps on an iPhone or “my SIM card in my iPhone stores all my information so why can’t I recover it?” in the most nasal-dripped voice possible.

I also wasn’t feeling all that great, possibly due to my mom’s cooking at Easter lunch, so I sort of held back in chat & just enjoyed the show. I always have the best intentions of making Dank Art for EVERY viewers choice, but sleep always gets the best of me and as long as I get 6 Dank Art’s done I am happy with myself. I always go overboard with my Dank Art, but it’s all mine and it’s what I love to do so it’s totally OK.

IMG_0413I also had a mini-Dank Art Giveaway on Thursday where 6 more pieces of Dank Art were offered for free on my twitter. I always try to give away as much as I can and six lucky people got their chance to get their hands on these. If you see a Dank Art you really want then you can contact me via email or on twitter buy one- I sell them for $20 which includes the shipping and materials used and goes towards pizza and me making more Dank Art. I stress this as now a lot of the nicer Dank Arts will go towards my Patreon backers and often they do end up being given away. Sometimes when I do giveaways people will ask for a certain one. I always try to do my best, but the best thing and possibly worst thing is that Dank Art is one of a kind and I can’t make promises! All you need to know if that the opportunity to get what you want is there next to the opportunity to get something!


My records finally arrived from Mondo this week. I felt like I was waiting a very long time for these to arrive and when they did I had to go fetch them as there was still taxes to be paid on them. I hate that! I don’t understand why all the monetary transactions can’t take place at checkout. It’s bad enough that my mail often goes missing or gets lost, but when stuff such as duty comes up I often never pay it, return to sender and get a refund. Just have me pay that at the checkout so I can just get my stuff delivered to me- saves me so much hassle.

I don’t get hit with duty fees all the time when I order online and I have bought records online before where I didn’t have to pay duty or it was included in the price. I guess it’s different no matter where you go so my hint for the shops is to include this pricing on your checkout if you want to keep international buyers such as me. Normally I would rather buy my records in a shop where I can inspect the quality right then and there and not have to endlessly worry if they will be ruined on arrival.

Overall, the records were very sharp, clean looking and the artwork wonderful. Records are now super trendy and I’m seeing a lot of video game soundtracks being released from places I wouldn’t even assume would even get into the record business which slightly worries me. One of my bosses is a HUGE record junkie and takes huge pride in his collection and spends way more money then I do for his own collection. Right now he’s stuck waiting for two albums he ordered online to arrive and because of some packaging mishaps he might be waiting even longer for his stuff to come in. These are records he ordered all the way back in November. Hopefully he’ll get his order soon and I can show off what he got once they do come in.


IMG_0460I went to my parents condo for Easter lunch on Friday. My family is very casual about holidays and the only rule we have is that you just show up. We don’t go anywhere and my mom tries to put the years of mothering into 3 hours of cooking to good use. I got my parents to switch up our Easter movie this year and we watched King Kong Lives while we ate lunch and I told them all about my Dank Zine that I am working on.
I also noticed that my dad framed the Dank Art I gave him when he came by to take care of me when I was sick in February. Aw, thanks dad :3


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.58.07 PM
I have streaming a bit more in the week, not so much to play games but because I have so much work to get done for my Dank Zine that streaming part of the creation process seems to kill two birds with one stone. I had been using other things such as Facebook live to try and reach out more with my work, but I always seem to get the best response when using Twitch.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.56.27 PMWith another Sunday I completed playing thru Castle of Dr. Brain, a popular point and click Sierra game where you go thru the Castle of Dr. Brain solving a wide range of puzzles from math to words to programming and more. I actually played this game as a kid in my school and could never get past the first room so completing this now as an adult was super rewarding. Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.57.24 PM
I also played thru a cute and popular DOS game, The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy. I used to play Dizzy at a friend’s house when I would go over and I was marvelled at the gold cartridge that it came in. Dizzy I would say was reasonably popular for a little egg character. The game came out in 1991 by Codemasters and Dizzy appeared not only on the NES but on EVERYTHING. DOS, C64, Amiga, Dizzy even was out on Gamegear. It’s a simple little collection game with simple mind puzzles where the hardest obstacles are always something along the lines of “Where do I use this pick up?” and “What does that thing do?”

Dizzy was created by two brothers known as The Oliver Twins Andrew and Philip. Dizzy was an idea the two had years ago when they first started programming as kids in their bedrooms. They had a Kickstarter in 2012 where they wanted to come out with more Dizzy games, but sadly didn’t reach their goal. That doesn’t mean Dizzy is dead! There is more life for Dizzy these days and the Twins Oliver  the community is still alive for this game and you can check it out here. They actually finished a NEW DIZZY GAME in 2015 and a new Kickstarter was backed recently that features a book that tells the story about Dizzy, so there’s still love for our little hard-boiled buddy.

I like Dizzy! I’ll have to get a map and try to make more sense of this game as it’s quite good and a lot of fun to play. It’s definitely something to pick up. Check out this video clip of The Oliver Twins talking a bit about how the concept of Wonderland Dizzy first happened in 1993 and it took years later in 2015 for this game to finally happen.

In other news, Squash has found a new “nest” in my retro controller box. Just enjoy this classic “I hate everything” Squash shot sitting on all my junk.IMG_0509

You can always follow me on twitch and tune into Sunday mornings when I regularly stream! I also try to stream during the week, so make sure you follow and have your alerts turned on so you don’t miss my next one!

This Tuesday feels like a Monday


Every now and then I do some amazing Dank Art’s that just stand out more to me than others and that goes for the Riot City Dank Art I made for Macaw45’s stream on Friday of last week. Usually great Dank Art like this happens when I am in a great art mode or when I have done so much work I can just power out effort like it’s nothing. I need to bank in a lot of drawing time to get to that level, but it’s something I strive for when I do make Dank Art. I want to be in that zone as much as I can be and the only way I can get there is if I spend hours perfecting my skills. It’s a lot like when an athlete trains to always stay in top form or why speedrunners need to constantly be trying runs of the same game over and over to keep up the consistency.

Macaw also played thru a bunch of Sega CD FMV games as well on Monday morning and did an entire playthru of Masked Rider which I have never seen before as well as muddling around with a few others including Time Gal. I am a huge fan of Time Gal and that game alone sold me on a Sega CD as a kid (though I never did save up my money for one). Today the Sega CD is the bastard of collection as I own the least amount of games for it. Sega CD games are hard to come by and demand insane prices for most of the good games online so often I stick to emulating the games I want to play. It’s a shame because the system was never very popular in my country yet I was obsessed with it as a small child. I do own a copy of Shining Force CD which is quite possibly the best collector game for the system, but key titles such as Time Gal and Snatcher will forever elude me for their scarcity and high listed prices.


BEAT EM UP Fighters History Dynamite @Murphagator 

I think Fighters History Dynamite is quickly turning into one of my more fave fighting games as everyone is picking it up and having fun rediscovering it again. I think Murph owns the actual arcade board for this as well so it’s even more interesting when he streams it. Fighting games & me have a very strange and sorted history as I was always the one who wanted to go after games like these though I never had any friends who were totally into them. Everyone played Street Fighter II and I had a few friends who were into Mortal Kombat, but outside of those games no one else in my circle was willing to go that far for fighters. I’m not a pro but I LOVE two player games no matter what they are. Even if you have one friend who totally sucks at games theres nothing like a fighting game that you can pick up and start playing right there in the room. I once had a crazy Street Fighter birthday party where all we did was play Street Fighter for hours eating cake and drinking beers until 3am and everyone had a great time even if they didn’t know all the combos and buttons. The only negative thing about most two person fighter games is after 3 rounds thats it and if you have a friend who is really bad at playing them they might feel a bit cheated when their turn comes up. This is why I really like Beatem’ups as I find that first time players can usually just pick them up & take their time getting used to things as they make progress in the game. Not all my friends are the best at games, but they are good enough friends that they will try something outside of their comfort zone just to make me happy.


LordBBH has surpassed 1100 games now on his Monday Mame Roulette streams and announced on Monday that his Viewers Choice Extravaganza will take place this Saturday, the Passover/Easter long weekend. Nothing like a moving holiday to really mess up your fun! Since my family isn’t very religious and my parents are retired I was able to move our family lunch to Friday so I’ll have all the time to paint Dank Art on Saturday. You might be thinking that’s a bit much but for me it isn’t. My family is very laid back and I’m the product of my father so when he asked why I wanted to move it I told him I was making Dank Art & the old guy just laughed and said “I understand.” My dad is probably the only man in my life to really get that about me as he’s seen me do it time and time again over the years he’s raised me.
Now with BBH surpassing 1100 games in Mame you’re probably wondering if he’s ever going to run out of games at this rate. Not on your life because there are THOUSANDS of games ripped for Mame and it’s going to take him a long dang time to get thru them all. Sure the cheesecake-porn arcade games are kinda mediocre and really over glorified gambling games, but they are a game and they were created with a purpose to take your quarters just like every other arcade game out there. In Canada we used to have soft-core porn movies play on stations such as City TV & the french stations after a certain time when I was a kid growing up. We’d call these “Blue Movies” or “Baby Blue” for some strange reason- but mainly because thats what the intro for them was called. I wasn’t alive in the 70’s at all, but I do remember that on channel 07 you’d see a lot of brief nudity and adult behaviour after 11pm at night. Don’t act like you didn’t know cause I always knew this but played dumb at recess when kids would talk about the totally naked people and F-Bombs that were dropped on the TV last night. I remember how sad some kids were when they said they were not allowed to watch TV at all and how we just made up TV shows and over-glorified all the violence and sex we saw just to watch them go “Gosh really?? Wo-o-o-ah.”
I guess it depends on your upbringing how you see sex and what you deem appropriate or not- I had a very laid back up bringing but I think my parents were totally cool with me watching sexy stuff on TV & in movies with the hopes that I would get most of my information from that & not bug them about having that talk later when I’m 13. FYI when I turned 11 my dad started buying me every damn video game in the discount bin he could for me as “IT KEEPS HER HOME WHERE I CAN SEE HER” as he would shout. Good play, dad, good play.
Don’t believe me when I say City TV used to air porn? Here’s the intro from the 70’s I found online.


New Friends Every Day @Clover&sealife 

Happy Birthday to Clover & Sealife! I made you this beautiful Dank Art to make you smile and to tell you how special you are. My boss thinks you make the best music and I have been 100% behind your adventures in music since the very beginning. Remember when you wanted to DJ at our cabin in Lake George all those years ago and we needed an extension cord? I yanked that crap so fast out of the public arcade room causing 5 machines to be “Out of Order” that weekend cause I wanted to dance to your grooves. It was a tiny thing, but we danced and danced and had so much fun and I’ll never forget it. Please go get some chiptunes in your rotation and cast your lucky clovers into the sea HERE



April 11 -1

I would get dragged around Toronto as a little kid by my father as he’d be on the hunt for his classical music. I have these very early memories of going into these tiny record stores that were nothing but bins of wax with a few posters on the wall. All the buildings were old, stone and decaying all around us and you felt safe. Toronto used to be like that for me.

These days they are tearing down most of what I liked about Toronto. The music shops are almost all gone and huge lots of buildings are being knocked over to make way for condos. Union station has been under construction for over two years now which has been a huge problem when I come in for visits. Nothing stays the same and it’s weird mulling around when things are in this weird change transition all around me. All the old comic book stores, record shops and arcades I used to frequent as a kid are being bought and sold for condos.

I wanted to go check out a different retro game shop when I was downtown but it seems as if the one place I wanted to see was closed on Sundays, so Sarah & I walked over to that place we visited in January instead. I am glad I did as they made changes to the store from the last time I was there and now when you walk in they have a beautiful glass display case with all the systems they sell. They also had a LOT of Turbo Graphix 16 consoles and PC Engine’s there. I thought 2016 I had never seen so many TG16’s but thats already surpassed what I have seen recently in resell shops alone. Someone also offloaded a bunch of very rare Nintendo handheld Game & Watch stuff which was very interesting to me as I never had seen some of those in the wild before. Some were going for $500+ which is cool but way out of my price range.

We walked over 16km’s that day all over my old stomping grounds and passing by places I used to work, old apartments of past friends, rotting buildings and strange people. I got Sarah a copy of my new Dank Zine and she was very excited when she was looking thru it. I told her everyone who’s seen it made a huge smile when looking thru it, so I guess I am doing something right. It’s always a great time when you get together with your best friend.

IMG_0344I also picked up a copy of McKids! Expect some crazy streams of this to happen soon and let’s see how far I’ll get :p

Nothing but the Dankest, please


When I came home Monday night, LordBBH was already playing one Soccer arcade game & immediately rolled into another one. It was looking like another evening of strange random picks by the MAME Roulette picker, but quickly that all seemed to melt away when B-Rap Boys came up. Last year at exactly this time it was as if everyone was picking up this obscure arcade game and trying to make 1CC attempts (it’s hard as hell!!!). BBH had just started streaming regularly too so he was making attempts to go for it and we all had downloaded the soundtrack. I have very early Dank Art of this game as that was around when I first started calling it “Dank Art” and putting together a collection of it to share with people who were tuning in and watching as well. Other awesome games such as P-47 Aces and Night Warriors (which I own on my JP Sega Saturn). I chucked out a bunch of fun Dank Art that night and BBH kept going well into the evening. I went to bed at 1am I think so I missed the end of the show, but it was one of the better ones where really interesting games came up (despite the chat not choosing Dig Dug but I’m ok with that cause we got to see Night Warriors.


Take it easy Cleric runs- King of Dragons @SRKfunkdoc 

SRKFunkdoc is done with golf for a while and is back into Beatem’ups with 1CC attempts of King of Dragons, it’s very similar to the Dungeon & Dragons games that Capcom released around in the 90’s though I don’t think this one was officially part of the franchise. It was Funkdoc’s first attempts learning this game & he made rapid progress thru the evening making enough save states to help him learn all the different parts of the game to help him get that 1CC. I’m going to enjoy FD doing practice runs of this game as I already like it and I am a huge fan of Beatem’ups already, so expect a lot more Dank King of Dragons art to come out of his streams.



Link enjoying some McDonalds pancakes before going on silly quests @Floatypoe & @ClydeMandelin 

My friends Poe & Mato are still at work getting screen shots for upcoming articles and books for the Legends of Localizations series and amazingly they are streaming a bit later in the evenings now so I can catch their streams live! They recently got a new Nintendo Mini and wanted to play thru all of Zelda just to see if by chance any of the long & overdue spelling mistakes would get cleaned up in this release of the game. Sure enough, Nintendo FINALLY fixed them and this morning when I was checking my twitter feed I’m seeing all the screen shots that they & another friend King Darian got of it all over every other crazy Video Game Blog. Yay for team Poemato for putting the effort in once again!
I keep talking about Mato & Poe’s work because I have been a fan of it ever since I bought my own computer back in 2001. I think then Mato had this very basic site I found thru when I was looking for Earthbound maps. His site, “To Earthbound and Back Again,” was about the differences between the english and Japanese versions of the game and I was intrigued that there were so many differences between the two. Where had message forums and a social aspect, Mato had all the info I was looking for there (except for the info that wasn’t). Here we are years later and it’s amusing for me to know that we are still doing the same thing we were doing all those years ago.



Splatterhouse Rick doing the dishes & can’t get the blood splatters out…. Splatterhouse! @Owlnonymous 

My brother from another mother Owlnonymous has cooked up a new idea for his Owlcade located in his kitchen of his beautiful Florida home. He’s doing PC Engine Raffles where he will randomly choose someone in chat to choose a game and Owl will play it on stream for at least 15 minutes. If you didn’t know, I spent months scrub-playing thru almost every PC Engine game I could find (minus a few sports games) so I am supportive of anything PC Engine. Owl plays a bunch of different stuff from obscure games to arcades, Shmups and Pinball. He’s even into fixing stuff up so give him a Hoo-Hoo and a follow to see what he’s up to. Watching Owl & his friends set up new machines in the kitchen only makes me wish I could squeeze a few arcade & pinball machines into my place.


Macaw45 got around to playing the Earnest Evans Trilogy of games Wednesday morning when I woke up as part of his Wolfteam tribute streams. Wolfteam was founded in 1986 and later went on to change their name to Namco Tales Studio Ltd. as it was formerly known in the 90’s. The team was founded and lead by Masahiro Akishino who Macaw has amazing rants about, so instead of me telling that story I would say to check out the vod here and check it out. It’s highly entertaining.
I will give credit due to @CloudyMusic for actually stating in chat that “Earnest Evans is basically QWOP” because that made me laugh so much I started to draw that decrepit Dank Art of poor Earnest.

I included a few of the Tuesday morning Beatem’up Dank Arts here as well from the DOS games Macaw was playing. I’m big into DOS games these days and finding ones that really stand out in the graphics and story are the ones I really want to get my hands on. Pick up  Water Margin: Heroes of Liang Shan if you can find it as it has some of the most incredible backgrounds I have ever seen in a DOS game and I’m not just saying that because it’s done in such a style that looks like watercolours, but it helps!

Oh what a weekend!



Waiting for the KFC drops in Alien Vs Predator Arcade @MURPHAGATOR 

I have been tuning into more of Murphagator’s streams lately and finally decided to sub this weekend. I did it not just to get a little duck icon, but because I have been enjoying his BeatEm’up playthroughs for months now. I try to Sub as much I can, but I give myself a limit to how many a month so I am well within a spending budget. It’s more of me saying thank you and encouraging the streamer to keep broadcasting. You have to think it’s more then just playing the game that goes into a regular streaming show- most of the people I follow like to keep things casual and about their adventures either collecting or playing games. Subbing just means they can now afford to up to a better internet connection to stream more or to improve things such as getting new equipment or saving up for a better computer to have more polished shows (I also helps that I  like the cute duck emojis :v)

Macaw is streaming almost every day now so thats why theres always so much Dank Art. I remember his streams from two years ago when the internet was really dodgy for him and dropped frames kept him from streaming at key times. Things have really developed as he’s kept at it despite a few hiccups every now and then (leave’straliaemote). Macaw wrapped up the Turtles Gauntlet as well as playing thru a few other interesting DOS games, the best one being that Executioners game which I swear to goodness I can remember seeing a billion years ago when I was first discovering the internet and all the horrors it had as I distinctly remember one of my friends saying this game was “the shit” as it was violent, stupid and abused midgets. Yeah, Executioners was certainly a product of its time and was also created and distributed by high school students when it first came out. See back then it was amazing to me, a small kid, to know that other kids were out there laughing at the system and making their own games (despite how tasteless and immature they were). They were selling these tasteless games online and over BBS’s back when 99% of all their friends had paper routes for jobs. See that was motivational to someone in the 5th grade who wanted to do more with her ideas and got me thinking there was more to a world of video games then just playing them for me…

LordBBH streams every Monday with his Roulette streams, but often I poke around and see what he gets up to on Thursdays as he sometimes will either do an extra roulette or will do something else on that day to keep things interesting. Franbkly I love it when BBH will do a night of 1CC attempts or plays a game he really enjoys because he has a lot to say about a game thats challenging or that he enjoys. This Thursday he had a little Neo Geo evening where he played thru a few games and we got more Fighters History Dynamite. Fighters History is not the best fighting game but its strange enough to be one of the games I like seeing in people’s stream rotations. I think BBH is one of the players I watch that has the better grasp of playing it, but everyone who does play this game has that one go-to character that isn’t the same as the other person and I get to see this game played so many different ways because of this. Props to for this just being a really weird fighter with Karnov from Karnov fame jumping around yelling BALLOON and the final boss being Bull. Not Bull from Night Court (are we still on the Night Court throw backs in chat?) but a giant Bull. Check it out!


One thing I’m good at is fixing cabs! @KevinDDR

KevinDDR got his hands on an old DDR machine and decided one night it would be fun to stream fixing it. I was already interested in what was going on as he had tweeted out what was the floor out on twitter earlier in the day and for a good 20 minutes my boss & I at work were trying to figure out what we were actually looking at. Then it dawned on me that this is KevinDDR & under all that garbage and dirt that was a DDR pad. Wow it looked shabby but it was fun to see Kevin & his crew try to salvage it. Stuff like this always interests me as it’s different and I love getting into big fix-it projects like this. I also hope to one day own a few machines of my own but thats not until I can get into a bigger place from where I am living now cause I really don’t have the room.


Screenshot 2017-04-03 11.51.06.png

My Zine is on sale NOW and you can collect each issue by either backing my Patreon, or by ordering each issue online at Blurb where I am currently having each issue printed. I have used Blurb before for photo books in the past and they are great for little projects like this as they specialise in small runs. The bonus of backing the Patreon is that you never miss an issue and you save on the shipping as well as added rewards for those who are backing more.

I’m overwhelmed at how quickly things are moving with this project! It really has been a project a year or more in the making when I started drawing Dank Art, but I am still amazed at how many people are backing this who enjoy my art and enjoy watching the people streaming the games. I’ve already started to work on the next issue & sharing that work with everyone in my Discord chat. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to make this Zine a reality!

Sunday Mornings

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.00.40My Sunday mornings have quickly turned into my most favourite moment in the week as thats when I know 100% I am going to stream. I often will try to stream in my week, but with everything being so chaotic in my life it’s nice to have one moment where I slow down and take time to share a little bit of what I like to do with people. That Sunday I had plans to wake up early and see if I could get sunrise photos, but instead I waited for the sun to peek outside of the clouds and watched my friend Kevinchai play thru the end Metal Gear Solid 2. I joked that in 2014 when Kevin moved to Arizona I was there as well for a photo job and for that week we were roommates. He started playing MGS2 and he’s played it over and over again since, but we joked that everything has come full circle now that I’ve seen him play the ending. My morning sketch was my tribute to Metal Gear, friendship and really good coffee.

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.01.18

I also played thru Leisure Suit Larry 3 and finished it despite not getting the perfect score. In the second part of the game you play as Patti who’s trying to find Larry after he took off fearing that Patti didn’t truly love him. This particular game was around the same time when Sierra was still defining what the Action Adventure genre was all about which is why you’ll find all these arcade segments awkwardly stuck in which dramatically takes away from everything. I know Space Quest III has one boxing mini game and LSL3 has an insufferable log riding arcade game which I STILL can’t do btw (I always have to skip it), but Manhunter is a real good example of this and I look forwards to sharing that game on my Sunday stream soon as I’ve only ever played 30 minutes of the game & it’s possibly one of the more interesting Sierra titles as it DOESN’T feel like a Sierra game at all.

Also that bamboo forest maze in LSL3 can eat it.

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.01.35


Tune in next Sunday as I play thru more fun old games!! You can watch my last broadcast here!


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend J_Spade!! I hope you had a great day and I can’t wait to mail you some of this special Dank Art birthday art! Thank you for being my friend and for being there when I need ya, good buddy <3