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I paint at the local farmer’s market & have since 2005. I set up this little travel easel my dad got me a few years back at one edge of the street and just paint whichever painting I am working on that week. I’m working on a collection of paintings that focus on homes in my area which are encased by trees simply because that’s interesting me at the moment.

annk market


I’ve started to seek out play-lists of Tchaikovsky on iTunes for when I am painting. My dad’s fave composer was Tchaikovsky so it’s nostalgic to flip this stuff on and listen to how each conductor has their take on the entire thing. I saw this LP cover art and brought the photo up when my dad came to meet me for lunch because knowing him he would not only know of this recording but he would own the LP as well. My dad’s reaction when I showed him the photo was “That composer is lousy.”


After lunch he did comment that he possibly owned the LP so hopefully maybe next week when I see him again I will have it in hand.

Retro Findsfinds

I climbed up on a high ladder to pull down some of the Complete in Box games at the retro shop today to judge if anything was interesting. I just got a Japanese Sega Saturn but I have yet to mod it so I am still only limited to playing the Japanese games. I also do not have the  memory expansion cart and it was my hope that I might have came across one there. Not so lucky this week.  Just as I was getting ready to leave with a small pile of games something in the case caught my eye.


The Master System is one of my fave systems and I am very attracted to anything for it- i’m even into the SG-1000 and Mark 3 consoles that never made it out over here. It wasn’t a popular system in my area and when I was getting into it everyone already had next gen. consoles. The positive for me was I was collecting this as a kid right as people were dumping this stuff out of there garages & dens so I came out with a good collection.


Justifiably I don’t feel bad about using a flash cart- it was $85 and it’s going to expose me to more of the system’s library. The huge advantage is its going to keep me from buying the games I want to buy just out of morbid fascination such as Alf that fetch a high price tag and will just sit on my shelf since the replay factor is non-existent.


Dank Arts: Macaw45 Arcade Fighting Streammacaw slips

The top two are from a very strange fighting game called Nekketsu Oyako where you fight these squids with boxing gloves on a few stages. The story from what I was told is a family has their mom kidnapped but this family is an awesome fighting family. You can choose between the Father, son or daughter but this was just a Dad play-thru, hence the painting on the left is just dad celebrating.

Followed up was Fatal Fury 3 and Art of Fighting attempts. Since it’s a Macaw fighting stream its really amusing to have a little bird try to fight all the opponents in the dank art.

bird arcade

Icarus suggested that I draw a little bird with bags of quarters for the stream & I actually drew two images but only shared the above piece because that concept worked better then the first one I had.

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