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Morning nonsense
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I gave the Master System Flash-Cart a go this morning and found myself fully addicted to playing Girls Garden and Rainbow Island.

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Girls Garden is this ridiculously cute game that was released on the SG-1000 exclusively in Japan. I have seen images of this game being available for C-64 or the Coleco system, but I’m not sure if this game was ported for anything else other than the SG-100 & Sega SC-3000. You play as this girl who’s always trying to keep the interest of this boy who slowly starts to fall for another woman if you are not quick to collect 10 fully bloomed flowers. Seems easy but you gotta do this without falling pray to the marauding bears that hunt you down right in front of your house. Once you collect the flowers you not only win over the heart of your love, but you collect points that are added to your score. Its crazy cute, but the kind of game I go for and it’s also the debut work of Yuji Naka. You know- the guy who created Sonic the Hedgehog?

Oh snap! His first game was a dating sim! Wait- this is a dating sim? When you look at it from that point of view, yes it is.

I’m having interference issues with my AV cables. I noticed this last week when I plugged in my speaker system though I am unsure how to get around the issue. It’s only the Master System that does this and the picture improves slightly when I only have the AV cable plugged directly into my capture device. The way I have everything set up in my place I don’t have enough room to properly space everything out so I am thinking something might have to give in the next few days & i’ll be stuck changing everything around again.

I couldn’t get anyone to meet me for lunch so I went for lunch by myself in one of the little café’s located in Downtown Milton. My doctor has been on my case about my burger a day diet, so now I am trying to limit treating myself to only the weekends. A decent meal like this was $16- hard to swallow when you think the same amount of money is what this would cost at McDonalds to get the same volume of food. It’s always cheaper to cook at home, but sometimes it’s just nice to get a treat.
I took a walk down to the pond & watched the fish swim around for a while. Few weeks ago the geese here were showing off their babies to everyone and you could tease them by stretching your arm out like you had bread so they’d come closer when really you had nothing. This week the cuteness had faded and they looked closer to fully grown geese just swimming around. Everything was lush and overgrown from the rain and despite it being warm in the sunlight this chilling breeze kept pestering me to bundle up. I had intentions to make it a longer walk, but the cold started to bother me & I had the wrong shoes on for a serious hike so I went home to work on other projects.


Aquas was streaming speed attempts of Ninja Gaiden II and Gimmick when I got back in. Many of the older 8-bit games are fun to draw since their designs are left so open to interpret through your own imagination. Ryu is eating a donut, a throwback to when I first started to make Dank Art during Poemato CX & Aquas’ Ghouls streams last year. Almost all of those dank arts featured the characters of the games going for some sort of fast/cheap food. Don’t ask me how he’s eating that donut thru his mask- he’s a bad-ass ninja and being sneaky like that is just his thing.


Tony came down and we went for burgers (twice in one day! I’m so bad) and this wonderful sunset happened. There has been nothing but wonderful sunsets happening as of late and it’s nice to grab them though I often regret leaving behind my good camera.
Originally Tony & I had sat down and made plans to do a Kings Quest 3 stream on my twitch but the more we talked about that the more we got discouraged to actually play KQ3. It’s not our fave game out of the collection and when its sandwiched between better games (such as all the other games) it’s not screaming to be played. Instead we made rough plans to have a Wall Street Kid show followed by a KQ4 play-through.

Macaw started streaming more Final Fury 3 to which this piece needed to be created.

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