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Adventures in Collecting

Georgetown farm wasteland

On Sunday Greg and I took a trip to Georgetown so we can check out a retro gaming store down there. I managed to pick up several games that I needed for my collection. Greg was on his own mission that afternoon to find Disney infinity statues for a present for his niece. It had been a while since I was last in Georgetown and the landscape had changed considerably what I had originally remembered it.

This was a buy/sell game shop in a mid-range mall in a small town community. It’s always a huge shock to me that such stores exist these days in small communities like these, making the discovery of them part of the fun of collecting. Physically going to a store to handle items before you buy them  is just a safer way to go when everyone is so concerned about being ripped off. Best part is the shipping & handling is the gas and coffee pick ups we grab on route to these stores so already its better than Ebay.

What a week of art!


I’m working on a new piece at the Farmers Market and all morning people were walking up to me saying “Are you in the Group of Seven?” This piece is very “Groupie” in style with the look of the trees and camping/nature subject matter. It’s a memory of hanging out with my old pal Justin and him sharing some words of wisdom which just so happens to be the working title of the painting: “This place used to be cool before everyone started coming here.”

Aquas is going to be speedrunning Gimmick (Mr Gimmick) at SGDQ this week, so make sure you tune in and cheer him on. He’ll be on Thursday July 7th at 12:37 EST (give or take some time because it is a live speed running event with many other players). To check out the entire schedule, stop by the SGDQ website here.

LordBBH announced this week that he will be cutting back on his randomizer streams to just Mondays hopefully in favour of streaming a selection of quality games or games he wants to practice. I’m not sure how that will affect my dank art, though I have noticed I do like to go for the more strange, cute or obscure of games that come up for my dank arts. The randomzier is a great way to discover hidden gems and frustratingly bad games so terrible they are good. I look forwards to Monday nights now.

Macaw45  Had a ZENKI marathon and don’t worry if you have no idea what that is. It was an anime series that only had two seasons in Japan though it was (maybe) popular enough to get several games released onto everything from the Super Famicom to the Gamegear. Macaw also fired up Princess Maker 2, a game ex_Mortis tried to play earlier in the week in his stream that really caught my attention. It got my attention so much I downloaded and started playing the game myself in streams because it’s so addictive and fun. Macaw chose the soldier’s path for his daughter where I was a bit more ambitious and wanted to get all the fun and sexy clothes.

Just Hanging out


Anywhere from 10-12 hours in a day I am working so time off is limited for me. I only get lucky when there is a holiday that comes around giving me an extra day off in the week. Lucky for me, this week was Canada Day and I got the day off to do whatever I wanted to do. I did play some Princess Maker 2 with Gail in the afternoon, but I woke up early and spent the morning having breakfast with the veterans and then popped over to the Fairgrounds to check out the celebrations there. I hung out mostly in the exotic petting zoo but I was forced to take off early when the rain started to fall. I still managed to get a slice of Canada Day cake.

Most of my free time is spent alone so there’s lots of time to work on things like my cooking, going out to take photos and to work on my art. I used to be kind of scared about living alone but as I start to understand how much freedom I have living like this isn’t so bad. It does get lonely at times, but only like this do I have the means to develop my skills and put the time into myself so I can be better at what I do.

Also, ending this one out on the amazing burger I had when I went for Stay-cay lunch with Greg. He got the fish, but he said it was tasty fish. Oh me oh my!


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