Month: July 2016

I didn’t come all this way to fool you

It felt like a lot of people were sick with something this week so I made a bunch of “Get Will Soon” art to cheer them up. I also played through Earthbound during the week.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 17.40.44

I played through Earthbound because I had yet to do that on my twitch channel. I usually stick to Sunday mornings as that’s the best time for me to stream but I made a few evening appearances just so I could get through the game smoothly. Earthbound is one of my personal top 5 fave games and it was nice to share it with an audience. I recommend picking it up and trying it out. It’s not for everyone, but it’s very charming and it will offer you a unique experience not found in many RPG’s.
I would like to get thru Mother 3 at some point but I am not sure if I should do that right away or get good on some of the plans I’ve made with friends for my stream. I also have a few projects I have been working on, but first….

Dank Art


Since it was a slow week for Dank Art I decided to give away a few of them randomly through my twitter. That’s something I really want to keep doing as I don’t think I will run out of Dank Art. Just another reason to follow to get some free Dank Art. You can still check out the very basic gallery I have here to buy any of the past Dank Arts. I do take commissions so if you don’t see the Dank you were looking for I can still make that happen. Send me a message or email me this way

Since I only got to see a few streams this week I only have the Dank Art you see in this one gallery. Everyone was playing Beat ’em up’s- one of my fave styles of video games to play. Macaw took a break from the PC Engine/ Retro PC98 stuff to play a few SNES beat ’em ups that were a bit more obscure such as Dark Water and Legend. He finished Legend on stream to reveal a top quality ending screen which was totally worth holding out for. Try going for it yourself- it looks like a real fun game to play through. A lot of the games Macaw features on his streams don’t pop up on many other channels which makes the Dank Art harder to interpret if you are not already familiar with the source material. What makes it work is putting the little bird in there which explains why there’s a little Macaw bird in almost all of his Dank Arts. It’s a Dank Artist interpretation of the bird’s experience with the game.
MURPHAGATOR was playing SNES Beat ’em up and did attempts on Sailor Moon. Of course I like this game, not just because it’s a Beat ’em up, but it’s Sailor Moon and I used to be super into that when I was a kid. It wasn’t just the dubbed Anime, I was collecting the actual Japanese manga books and tracking those down at that time in this country was a feat in itself. Sailor Moon has a bunch of great Beat ’em up’s too considering its Magical Girl anime/manga. I used to play this game a bunch when I had my first PC using emulators but I would always choose Jupiter or Sailor Moon herself while Murph was just going thru runs with Venus that night.
Funkdoc was playing thru X-Men Arcade on two occasions this past week to build save states for future attempts. This X-Men game was immensely popular in arcades in the 90’s when it came out with cabinets that featured up to six players with a huge two-screen set up. There are some differences between the North American and Japanese of this game and I highly recommend watching Funkdoc’s stream as he’s always very good at explaining not just the game itself but a bit of the history and information behind it. I’ve mentioned before I am a huge X-Men fan & one day I should share my comic collection in a future blog.

Powerpad Things

For my birthday this year I was sent a copy of “Family Trainer Meiro Daisakusen” for the Famicom system. If you’ve been watching my streams this year you’ll know I’m really into Powerpad games and this game is unique in that its an RPG style game that uses the Japanese Family Trainer pad. I had to do some reading up on the Japanese Family Trainer to figure out what was the best way to play the game.

I had a few ideas about how to play this game, the best way being just buying a Famicom and a Family Trainer Pad and streaming that way. I also toyed around with the idea of buying a Retron 5 to play the game, though my stream needs a new capture card if I am going to capture a HDMI output. The Retron 5 with Capture card alone would be $500 Canadian without a guarantee that this would work. However, I had this idea if I bought a Game Converter & used that to convert the Famicom game could I get away using my North American Powerpad? Trying this method was only going to cost me $60 and I needed a new Retron to stream my NES collection on so doing this was the best first option to try when it came to playing  Meiro Daisakusen.


Look at how huge that Famicom cart is!

I got my editor Rick to drive his kids and I to the Game Hoard in Georgetown where I had my second chance to pick up Sky Kid which thankfully was still there. I knew from checking them out a few weeks back that they had Retron consoles in stock and he was still cheaper than paying for shipping online. I already bought the Game Converter on eBay (I was astounded at how quickly it arrived!) so getting the Retron was the last piece I needed to try out this crazy experiment.


I’m stuck!!

It works yes and no. Not all Powerpad games work on the Retron 1 or there’s an issue with how I have things plugged in. It’s not really hard to mess up plugging a controller in, but I found that the Power Pad was unresponsive with Super Team Games, but more responsive than I remember using World Track Meet. When I plugged in Meiro Daisakusen it worked with the controller but only the top row of numbers on the B side of the Power Pad would work & I found myself squashing into walls most of the time. It’s a tease to get that far only to see things go splat so quickly :3


They call her Jenny

By chance I also got The Lost World of Jenny for my birthday as well so I had another Famicom game to test out on the Retron to check if it was the Game Converter or not. It works fine, but often I find that the controls will go slightly weird so there is a possibility that something is getting fuddled up in either the conversion or with the Retron itself. It’s something worth looking into.

Overall I was pleased with my experiment- I have a new NES to play my games on and I have a Game Converter to play Famicom games with. I’m now looking into buying a Famicom and a Family Trainer Pad so I can complete my experience with Powerpad style games.

Summer Days


Goldfinch season is here

Theres a heat wave moving through my area and one of the hottest that I can remember. It’s hard to be outside in this weather and already I’ve managed to get sunburned really bad. I can take sun usually well, though I can’t escape sun exposure and I think I got hit by that real bad.


Greg & I went out on Friday to Downtown Milton where there seems to be the best place to go and play Pokemon. I’m not sure how long this Pokemon thing will last for, but it is nice for what it is and we are having fun with it. When we were downtown to catch Pokemon there was a good crowd of people at the pond with music playing just enjoying the evening. It’s a nice thing to be able to get back outside at night and feel comfortable around people just having fun and playing games.

Summer is all about a festival or a country fair happening every weekend at the Fairgrounds. I had to cover a Kids Festival for the Milton Villager Magazine where I freelance photography and occasionally write stories.

I always enjoy a fun fair though I don’t really go for the rides (I get sick) and I try not to go for the midway. I just like to go to community events to take photos and soak up the atmosphere of being around other people. I always manage to get stuck looking after my friends kids but hanging out with kids is actually not that bad. I’m really good with kids and they can be nice if you give them a chance.

Here’s a photo of Squash with my Ninja Boyfriend to close this week out


You look good when you’re tired. You look like you could go on forever

The Dank Arts

With EVO starting up this week and the cult of Pokemon Go taking over the world I didn’t have as much streams to work from. LordBBH did have a Monday night Mame Arcade Roulette, but with the upcoming competition most of his time was spent getting ready for the event. My hopes are that the next time he streams he could do a summary of the events at the competition as only poked in a few times over my weekend. There were a few good moments in these streams, especially the X-Men Arcade stuff. I used to be a huge X-Men comic collector when I was a kid & it was fun to return to drawing these characters again. Also I made BBH a Sheep Dank Art so he could have a causal Sheep to use.

I got to do a quick Q&A with my pal Tomato last week and amazingly Poemato CX made a return to Twitch! PMCX is one of my fave streams to tune into and where I started pumping out Dank Art. They went back to live-translating this obscure Japanese game called Tomato Adventure that has a lot of cute moments and I hope that they start streaming again on the regular. Definitely follow & check out their very cute and chill stream and discover something different.

Streaming through the week Aquas was back with Muchi Muchi Pork runs, possibly one of the more insane bullet hell shmups I have seen. It also stars these adorable pig girls on bikes. Pig girls? Aquas explains a bit of the plot each time he plays though the only thing you need to know is that there’s cute pig girls on bikes.
MURPHAGATOR did a few Streets of Rage 2 runs on Saturday afternoon Streets of Rage 2 being one of my all time fave games for the Sega Genesis. Murph found a neat way to overlay my Dank Art on his splits so when he was doing speedruns my work was featured right there. Thank you, Murph! I’m always happy that people like my work and incorporate it with their streams. That’s what Dank Art is all about, sharing in the experience of playing games with friends.
Funkdoc got up to more of that Jackie Chan arcade game he showed off a few weeks ago. He wanted to show me this incredibly cheap move by this one character in the game where you just spam the butt-attack for an easy kill. It’s probably not the best strategy to win, but it certainly is a crowd pleaser. That in itself deserved some Dank Art.

Macaw got up to playing PC Engine & PC 9801 style games from a few Shmups to some Beat em’ Up’s through the week. He wanted to show off a few games he had stored on the system that he’s only briefly went through to get an idea if it should be played on stream or not. All of these games are Japanese so if it’s heavy in text or heavy in content not suitable to stream he’s gotta spend some time off stream to figure out if it’s worth playing through or not. Often the game is only worth peeking thru quickly to get more of an idea of how and what were games for these older and obscure systems.

Thursday night when I was walking home I got ambushed by a freak severe thunderstorm. I was still quite a distance from home, so I had to seek shelter under a building & wait it out. The winds & rain was so ridiculously intense that my umbrella broke & my shoes were torn to shreds. Just another reason to buy new shoes & my choice was to order clearly the best Van’s on the American website: the DabsMyla slip-ons. DabsMyla  is one of my fave artists out there & I had the pleasure of meeting them in LA at an art show a few years back. Their style is major hype- follow them 100%


I didn’t stay too long at the Market this past Saturday. I had a lot of things on my plate this weekend & I wasn’t feeling great after Thursday’s storm. I did finish the painting I have been working on and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The best part about creating something is finishing and I understand for many out there just finishing is a feat in itself. That’s why Dank Art is important to me because it gets me hours into using and practicing my skills to finish small projects. I don’t sit down and think “Let’s make a collection”, I like to flow into something naturally and the best way to do that is effortlessly without fear. If I put 3 to 4 hours of art in each day I can go to create and finish the larger pieces with confidence.

The weekend was packed with work, though it was the kind of work that’s fun because it was a photo assignment weekend. I covered the Friday night Classic Car show that I had been promoting in an insane online campaign for months. There was a lot of successes with this event and my team & I rocked it. So many people came out to this thing and it was the event to go to in town. It’s so rewarding to be apart of a positive event for the community.
I also checked out the modest Rib Festival that was over at the Fairgrounds. I was reading online posts that people were not happy with the Ribfest, but CLEARLY these people don’t enjoy ribs or are hardcore rib snobs. I went alone to Ribfest to maximise my rib eating experience and sat there ramming racks of ribs in my face reading a book off my phone. I went for the ribs, I ate the ribs, I went home and sprawled out on my couch and went into a hardcore rib-coma drooling all over myself because I am a lady of class. I would say 8/10 event because I came, I saw, and I conquered.
Sunday I spent most of my day off playing Earthbound, but I did get done a bunch of cleaning and I went for a very long discovery walk at the base of the Escarpment. One of my clients has this “Explore your neighbourhood” idea so I have set up a map and stuck pins in it to go discover all the cool places in my Town and take photos. I used to be ace at doing this already, but the landscape is changing and evolving rapidly around here so it’s just as well I get out there and check it out. I did make sure to take care of my feet when I went out for this adventure.

I have a new desk set up in the game room where I can start to clean up Dank Arts and get them ready to mail out. I guess it’s my new shipping room :p
I picked up an antique dresser that I am using to store and file arts as well as envelopes and art supplies. It’s nice to have a little work space like this so I can keep on top of my ideas and help to get things done and shared with people.



Poemato Salad 

If you ever wondered how Dank Art happened it all goes back to 2014 when two of my friends, Tomato & Poetrader, started streaming games for fun that summer. As the weeks went by, I thought it would be a fun idea to draw along with their stream to help add to its experience and its enjoyment (mostly my own). It’s been almost two years & my friends little stream Poemato CX is growing with them, their lives and their relationship.

If you’re not familiar with this ghost & vegetable duo, Heidi & Clyde are best known for their recent book: Legends of Localization Zelda– a companion guide that focuses on the differences between the North American and Japanese release of Zelda on the NES. Clyde is also known for his work on a few fan translations of Japanese games, notably the Mother 3 Fan Translation.

Here’s a quickie Q&A with Mato about streaming 

Tell me a bit about what is Poemato CX and where you both stream from (as in city/state)

My wife and I stream all sorts of strange games – usually crazy Japanese games – in what we call Poemato CX. We’re located in Tucson, Arizona and use these streams as a way to play games. Our lives are so busy that streaming is the only way we can find time to sit down and play games anymore.

Final Fantasy Magics

What made you want to get into streaming? Was it more of a fun thing to do or had the idea been there for a while to start doing it

It all started when I was working on a new version of the MOTHER 3 fan translation. After making all the changes I wanted to make, I needed to test the entire game to make sure everything worked properly. I figured it might be fun to share that with other fans, so I set my shyness aside and streamed the entire game over a week or two. It was a lot of fun, so more games followed after that.

Cid from Final Fantasy 6 T edition

Back when you started up how basic was your set up compared to what you are doing now?

I originally took ideas from Starmen.Net’s funfest streams and combined them with my basic knowledge of website layout to create a simple but nice setting for our streams. Programming is a hobby of mine so I naturally wanted to improve things and add more functionality, so now there are all kinds of fancy automated scripts, special effects, and other bells and whistles. It’s fun making them and newcomers often seem impressed enough to keep watching for a while.

Link in the forest

What kind of games do you like to stream on PoematoCX? Tell me about some of the hacked games and memorable games you have featured 
We used to celebrate odd holidays such as World Cat Day by playing a bunch of games revolving around related themes. We also play a lot of Japanese games – usually I’ll translate everything live and sometimes I’ll also have fancy programming stuff that displays English text overlays automatically. We used this to play an incredible Japanese hack of Final Fantasy VI that added loads of new content. It was great fun and a very memorable experience. Other times we’ll do more traditional streams like Zelda speedruns, but often with extra little quirks, like adding a heart monitor or letting the stream chat affect the game in question through programming magic.



What would you say are your goals with streaming? Are you setting any serious goals with your streams or do you just like to play games and share the experience with people 

I’d say our goal is just to have fun and to have an outlet for playing games. Without these streams we almost never take time out to play video games anymore. Maybe it’s because we like the social aspect of streaming and playing alone doesn’t feel as fun anymore. I consider streaming to be a lot like the old days when you’d go to a friend’s house just to watch them play games. Sometimes it’d be a game you don’t own and wouldn’t see otherwise, or sometimes it’d be a game you own too but was more fun in a social setting. I view streaming as the modern version of that. So if people come watch our silly streams with that mindset, then my goal is already achieved.

Annoying Mato with the power of Link

in your words, how would you say you make your stream unique? do you offer information on the games or an opinion? do you play really really good? Would you say you are the only Poe & Tomato team?
I think the fact that we’re a little older than many streamers is a big factor. I think the fact that we act like our normal, silly selves helps too. We’re not very good gamers and not very knowledgeable gamers, so I think it comes down to who we are. We’re probably a standard married couple streaming team I’d say. 

Ugly Final Fantasy 4

Whats the best thing about streaming with your wife? 
Being able to make new gaming memories with her is great. Having a close partner to interact with helps make streams more interesting too.

Fast Food Final Fantasy 6 T Edition

chat has joked that the two of you are the kind Mom & Pop twitch streamers. how does that comment sit with you?
I’d say we’re more like the Aunt and Uncle streamers. I can tell kids about “the old days” while playing Japanese games that have yet to release outside of Japan. I’m that uncle that every kid used to have who worked at Nintendo and played games before they came out.

Yo-Kai Watch

You are a tomato of many hats- I could say you work as a translator but you are more than that these days. Could you tell me a bit about your projects such as books/ translation work

I’ve been a professional translator for almost 15 years now, working on all sorts of stuff like games, anime, movies, and TV shows. I recently took a side hobby of mine – digging into classic game translations – and turned it into a small career too. I now write books on the subject on the side. I also do translation consulting work here and there, and have started dabbling in writing about Japanese gaming history.

Tomato Adventure

You guys havent streamed for a while- what are some of the reasons such as your book, life and cats that are taking more priority? 

A couple of factors have kept us from streaming regularly lately. We got some kittens a few months back, and they like to jump around and get in the way. That kept us away for a good while, so for whatever reason it’s been hard to get back into the rhythm. And the more time that passes, the harder it gets to jump back into streaming. My current book writing has also kept me very busy. We do hope to break this weird cycle and get Poemato CX back soon though.

my dank art assistant

Where do you see Poemato CX in the future? Will there be a glorious return?

I see it being a regular thing again. We miss it and we consider all the regulars visitors genuine friends. I don’t think there’ll be a big, fancy, glorious return though, it’ll just be a quiet “we’re back” realization once we’re in our groove again.

See you next game!

You go your way I’ll go your way too!

It’s been an exhausting week at work managing a few things and getting ready for a huge photography project at the end of month. I have been asked to take photos for Camp Fangamer in Tucson Arizona, so I have been sorting out my flight details and working out the little things like hotel room and car rentals. I’m always down for a good adventure & the Fangamer crew are like some of my best friends so I can’t wait to go back and see them again. I hope to see some of you there and please ask me to take your photo so you can be in the Photo Album were making.


This past week was also Summer Games Done Quick where a few of my streaming friends Aquas, iast & Puri_Puri were featured in speedruns over the week. There was a few schedule shifting on Thursday the day Aquas was going to stream Gimmick, so it looked as if I was going to miss it. I took the morning off to ensure I could be at home to watch. To help cheer him on, I asked twitter to draw a Gimmick & a bunch of my friends came thru. Thanks guys- I’m always down for making things a little more fun with art :3

Adventures in Collecting

I went to Aberfoyle this past Sunday with my friend Michelle and her kids to spend an afternoon walking around and looking at antiques. I wanted to walk around and see what sort of games/toys were there as you never know whats going to pop up. I gave the girls special instructions to look for games and when they did find games to not make a big deal but to run up and pinch me. Aberfoyle isn’t a flea market and often I find that the prices change depending on how you ask and making less of a scene right away is always better.

The girls are really into Halloween and cute things and I got them yelling “SKELETON AHEAD!” each time we found something that fit that criteria. I also happened to run into my old antique dealing friend who used to hire me when I was in high school to help him on garage sales runs. He was the one who taught me how to work out great deals at shows, events and sales. He’s kind of like my Frank from Pat’s NES Punk Flea Market Madness videos (which I love btw) and he was a great sport that day. He gave both the girls whistles and told them to run around the market blowing them as loud as they could. Did I mention my pal is a bit of a card? hahahhaha. I miss those collecting adventures with him.

aberfoyle -6

Craig is my Frank


It’s been another week of Dank Art and I have been hit by a bit of a problem by Canada Post. They have been threatening to strike for a while making things scary when it comes to mailing out commissions and so on to my buyers. Amazon is also my life-line for the paper I use for Dank Art so I tried my best to order extra just incase they decided to strike. Recently on Friday they announced a 30-day talks truce so I am going to do my best to get special things done for people who have placed commissions in so they get out the door & in their hands before Canada Post flips out again.

Great news- Funkdoc has his new computer up and running and is streaming again. He came back with an impressive 1CC of Crossed Swords on Sunday. I’m amazed at how casual Funkdoc talks and explains whats going on when playing such a challenging game such as Crossed Swords. If you love Punch-Out you’re in for a major challenge with this game as it’s just as fun but really tests your skills to the limit. He also played a bit of The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan and gave a very through explanation of each character and their move sets. Please follow Funkdock- in fact follow all the people I feature in Dank Art collections as their game is really tight and they always love to explain things or tell a good story when they stream games.

If I haven’t already said it, I am a huge Beat-em up fan as it was one of my fave game genres to play when I was a kid. I didn’t have access to a lot of arcade games though as my town was really small in those days and had limitations on how many arcade games could be in one spot. Murphagator is one of those special streamers where he will actually hook up his arcade boards and play them on stream just because he can. I wish more people with boards would do that, though I understand its complicated to do the capture and very expensive (but an investment well spent in my opinion).

Lord BBH is getting closer to hitting 500 games in his Arcade Roulette streams that he;s limiting now to just Mondays as he preps for a few tournaments. He’s going to be at EVO which is happening very soon so I hope I can follow along with him & his team when they are there. Hopefully there wont be a shortage in Dank Art when he’s gone. As a way to say thank you for the 500 games played I made a special larger Dank Art featuring all the fun from BBH’s past streams from (coolpool), the Arcade warehouse, Skeletons and so on. make sure you watch for the big 500 game stream!

I just want to make a huge announcement that Macaw is playing PC Engine and crazy Dungeon adventure games which are totally worth the time to check out. As a kid I have so many awesome memories of going over to my buddy Jason’s house at the crack of dawn to play DOS games and a good portion of my preteen life was wasted playing DnD style games, Magic the Gathering and a whole bunch of wizardry and fantasy garbage because I so wasn’t into dating at all. Anyone who grew up with me will vouch for this but they wont because they will have to admit they were playing these games with me and thus were dateless wonders as well looking to kill orcs and trolls. I used to get trolled really hard when I got to high school because I was really into anime & was always after anime style games and movies which was “not cool” by some of my friends standards. Yes, I was “so uncool” for liking this stuff and not getting into things like “Backstreet Boys” but I think in the long run I made the better choice. I also want to comment that I have perfected the Dank Little Bird character in these Dank Arts. Soooooooour good! I also want to point out that every time you see a wizard from Macaw’s streams they are all irl Pjoxt because I have been told that Pjoxt is a master wizard who streams mighty wizard games every now and then.

In closing for this week here is a shot of just a small slice of my movie collection, most of it Anime. Some were just recently acquired as well so they are still in the plastic!


Soooooooour Many!!!


Let’s be alone together

Adventures in Collecting


Georgetown farm wasteland

On Sunday Greg and I took a trip to Georgetown so we can check out a retro gaming store down there. I managed to pick up several games that I needed for my collection. Greg was on his own mission that afternoon to find Disney infinity statues for a present for his niece. It had been a while since I was last in Georgetown and the landscape had changed considerably what I had originally remembered it.

This was a buy/sell game shop in a mid-range mall in a small town community. It’s always a huge shock to me that such stores exist these days in small communities like these, making the discovery of them part of the fun of collecting. Physically going to a store to handle items before you buy them  is just a safer way to go when everyone is so concerned about being ripped off. Best part is the shipping & handling is the gas and coffee pick ups we grab on route to these stores so already its better than Ebay.

What a week of art!


I’m working on a new piece at the Farmers Market and all morning people were walking up to me saying “Are you in the Group of Seven?” This piece is very “Groupie” in style with the look of the trees and camping/nature subject matter. It’s a memory of hanging out with my old pal Justin and him sharing some words of wisdom which just so happens to be the working title of the painting: “This place used to be cool before everyone started coming here.”

Aquas is going to be speedrunning Gimmick (Mr Gimmick) at SGDQ this week, so make sure you tune in and cheer him on. He’ll be on Thursday July 7th at 12:37 EST (give or take some time because it is a live speed running event with many other players). To check out the entire schedule, stop by the SGDQ website here.

LordBBH announced this week that he will be cutting back on his randomizer streams to just Mondays hopefully in favour of streaming a selection of quality games or games he wants to practice. I’m not sure how that will affect my dank art, though I have noticed I do like to go for the more strange, cute or obscure of games that come up for my dank arts. The randomzier is a great way to discover hidden gems and frustratingly bad games so terrible they are good. I look forwards to Monday nights now.

Macaw45  Had a ZENKI marathon and don’t worry if you have no idea what that is. It was an anime series that only had two seasons in Japan though it was (maybe) popular enough to get several games released onto everything from the Super Famicom to the Gamegear. Macaw also fired up Princess Maker 2, a game ex_Mortis tried to play earlier in the week in his stream that really caught my attention. It got my attention so much I downloaded and started playing the game myself in streams because it’s so addictive and fun. Macaw chose the soldier’s path for his daughter where I was a bit more ambitious and wanted to get all the fun and sexy clothes.

Just Hanging out


Anywhere from 10-12 hours in a day I am working so time off is limited for me. I only get lucky when there is a holiday that comes around giving me an extra day off in the week. Lucky for me, this week was Canada Day and I got the day off to do whatever I wanted to do. I did play some Princess Maker 2 with Gail in the afternoon, but I woke up early and spent the morning having breakfast with the veterans and then popped over to the Fairgrounds to check out the celebrations there. I hung out mostly in the exotic petting zoo but I was forced to take off early when the rain started to fall. I still managed to get a slice of Canada Day cake.

Most of my free time is spent alone so there’s lots of time to work on things like my cooking, going out to take photos and to work on my art. I used to be kind of scared about living alone but as I start to understand how much freedom I have living like this isn’t so bad. It does get lonely at times, but only like this do I have the means to develop my skills and put the time into myself so I can be better at what I do.

Also, ending this one out on the amazing burger I had when I went for Stay-cay lunch with Greg. He got the fish, but he said it was tasty fish. Oh me oh my!