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I’m doing more late night 1CC fishing attempts because I’m playing in the 1CC Athon starting September 30th and going all weekend. Since I work during my week it’s harder to commit to regular streams in a week. I am going to be doing more, so catch me if you can.
I had a really good catch on Tuesday, check it out!



On the long weekend and I had plans for activities with my friends as well as looking forwards to playing Snatcher on Sunday.

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Get Snatched

I choose Sunday mornings because that is the best time for me to play games. I don’t work any of my jobs on that day, and usually at that hour no one else is streaming. The hardest thing about streaming games on early Sunday morning is waking up.


I was aiming to end Snatcher at around noon that day as I made plans with an old childhood friend for lunch. I told him I could end my stream around noon and meet up with him at 12:15 at Troys diner which is close to me. At what time do you think the game chooses to troll me extra hard? Yup.


Part of the main feature of Snatcher for me when i was young was that you can play the game using the Konami Justifier which resembles a Colt Python (Pro tip: same gun that Cobra uses).


Originally designed to work with Konami’s Lethal Enforces games, these guns found life in the use of other games on the system. They come in pink though I am very attached to the slick blue colour. I think to get the pink one you needed to mail away for it to Konami so people will try to tell you it’s more collectible. For me its all about how well a controller works and often I get burned when I buy second-hand. But wow- imagine how immersive & sexy Snatcher gets when you have to actually “draw” that Colt Python for those light gun scenes. I’m all about light gun games though since the technology is very dated it’s very hard to show off a 100% light gun play thru unless I had the CRT monitor set up. Who knows if using the actual light gun would improve those spider shooting scenes or make them harder. All I am sure of is that it would be fun as I love light gun games.


I also wanted to mention I did make it in time to meet up with my buddy Jeff- he was running late as well & was walking up to the diner just as I arrived. He said, “Why are you running? Geesh!”


It was a lighter week for Dank Art as more people are using their stream time to practice for the 1CC Athon. Lord BBH got a bit of a break after his huge 600th Viewer Choice extravaganza with a few better rolls of the randomizer and used Thursday to work on his 1CC stuff. Choosing a game as hard as NARC to 1CC is going to be a challenge, but I hope BBH doesn’t change his mind & keeps practicing as it’s one of my favorites. You just can’t lose with a game like NARC. I made some art to Monster Maulers, a Japanese fighting game I think never saw a release here in North America and a very beautiful looking fighter named Ninja Masters. There was also some last-minute SOS art done on my part which I think was the best of the night.

Macaw is back into playing really old Japanese computer games, mostly Dios by a company called Zain Soft. As someone who grew up when games were floppy disks, there is a real appreciation for streams like these that show off some of what the best these older systems had. However, Macaw is on Australian time and many of these streams happen when I am sleeping so I only caught the fist few hours of these streams. I usually follow-up watching the videos later as he has been playing a few more randoms.

When I first started to follow Aquas two years ago on twitch he was playing Rolling Thunder 2 and always seemed to get really close to the end before dying. I think the game pissed him off for a real long time as he never picked it back up until recently in BBH’s 600 VCE when it was nominated. Not only did he finish it, but Aquas took it one step closer and 1CC’d the entire game. Way to go, dude! I also did some really cute fan art for Funkdoc of Ninja Kids that has him depicted as the master. It was a more of a chill week for Dank Art, so I had another giveaway one morning where I gave out free dank art to people on my twitter.


I picked up a second Sega Gamegear as it was a lot collection that came with a pile of decent games and accessories such as the power adapters and rechargeable batter pack.

I have a real charming story about my gamegear that I will leave for another blog post as it’s a very long and needs an entire post all to it. I already own another gamgear, but the big problem with them is the screen starts to go. The easy fix is to open them up and replace the capacitors but it’s been a while since I’ve needed to solder anything so I might call on the help of one of my bosses at work and see if he can lend me his talents when I get the kit delivered. I also picked up a sweet copy of Truxton and cleaning up I found my SNES mouse so I can play that silly King Arthur’s World easier.

Adventure Time

I met up with my best buddy Sarah in the city and after stopping at her house we went to the McMicheal gallery to check out some crazy Canadian art.

It was incredibly hot and overly sunny so getting photos wasnt the best, but the gallery was fun and I love having the chance to look at wonderful pieces of art work created by the people I look up to the most in art. It was also fun spending some time with my best buddy as both of us have been working very hard this year. The best part about the day was going back to her place and sketching in her beautiful garden with the cats (Sarah is all about her cats).

Sometimes you just need to rewind with good friends and take a break. I think after the way we both have been working this year some well needed rest is good.


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I am the master at Jones in the Fast Lane

Tony came over and we played a bunch of Sierra games after I did some Fishing . We got burgers too! Next weekend is Tony’s wedding so we knew we had to get together before that day and get some fast food and old school Serria games. I’m lucky I still have friends who are close to me who want to get together and do fun things like play old games or go to art galleries or just make some art.

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Kings Quest 4 laziness

Tony and I have been talking about doing a Kings Quest 4 stream all year as part of something silly I said about wanting to play all the King Quest games on my stream. Theres still a few more Kings Quest games on the list and I hope we still have time to play thru them.


It’s amazing that I still have this and whats even more amazing is that I used this to get into clubs when I was under age

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