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It’s been an exhausting week at work managing a few things and getting ready for a huge photography project at the end of month. I have been asked to take photos for Camp Fangamer in Tucson Arizona, so I have been sorting out my flight details and working out the little things like hotel room and car rentals. I’m always down for a good adventure & the Fangamer crew are like some of my best friends so I can’t wait to go back and see them again. I hope to see some of you there and please ask me to take your photo so you can be in the Photo Album were making.


This past week was also Summer Games Done Quick where a few of my streaming friends Aquas, iast & Puri_Puri were featured in speedruns over the week. There was a few schedule shifting on Thursday the day Aquas was going to stream Gimmick, so it looked as if I was going to miss it. I took the morning off to ensure I could be at home to watch. To help cheer him on, I asked twitter to draw a Gimmick & a bunch of my friends came thru. Thanks guys- I’m always down for making things a little more fun with art :3

Adventures in Collecting

I went to Aberfoyle this past Sunday with my friend Michelle and her kids to spend an afternoon walking around and looking at antiques. I wanted to walk around and see what sort of games/toys were there as you never know whats going to pop up. I gave the girls special instructions to look for games and when they did find games to not make a big deal but to run up and pinch me. Aberfoyle isn’t a flea market and often I find that the prices change depending on how you ask and making less of a scene right away is always better.

The girls are really into Halloween and cute things and I got them yelling “SKELETON AHEAD!” each time we found something that fit that criteria. I also happened to run into my old antique dealing friend who used to hire me when I was in high school to help him on garage sales runs. He was the one who taught me how to work out great deals at shows, events and sales. He’s kind of like my Frank from Pat’s NES Punk Flea Market Madness videos (which I love btw) and he was a great sport that day. He gave both the girls whistles and told them to run around the market blowing them as loud as they could. Did I mention my pal is a bit of a card? hahahhaha. I miss those collecting adventures with him.

aberfoyle -6
Craig is my Frank


It’s been another week of Dank Art and I have been hit by a bit of a problem by Canada Post. They have been threatening to strike for a while making things scary when it comes to mailing out commissions and so on to my buyers. Amazon is also my life-line for the paper I use for Dank Art so I tried my best to order extra just incase they decided to strike. Recently on Friday they announced a 30-day talks truce so I am going to do my best to get special things done for people who have placed commissions in so they get out the door & in their hands before Canada Post flips out again.

Great news- Funkdoc has his new computer up and running and is streaming again. He came back with an impressive 1CC of Crossed Swords on Sunday. I’m amazed at how casual Funkdoc talks and explains whats going on when playing such a challenging game such as Crossed Swords. If you love Punch-Out you’re in for a major challenge with this game as it’s just as fun but really tests your skills to the limit. He also played a bit of The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan and gave a very through explanation of each character and their move sets. Please follow Funkdock- in fact follow all the people I feature in Dank Art collections as their game is really tight and they always love to explain things or tell a good story when they stream games.

If I haven’t already said it, I am a huge Beat-em up fan as it was one of my fave game genres to play when I was a kid. I didn’t have access to a lot of arcade games though as my town was really small in those days and had limitations on how many arcade games could be in one spot. Murphagator is one of those special streamers where he will actually hook up his arcade boards and play them on stream just because he can. I wish more people with boards would do that, though I understand its complicated to do the capture and very expensive (but an investment well spent in my opinion).

Lord BBH is getting closer to hitting 500 games in his Arcade Roulette streams that he;s limiting now to just Mondays as he preps for a few tournaments. He’s going to be at EVO which is happening very soon so I hope I can follow along with him & his team when they are there. Hopefully there wont be a shortage in Dank Art when he’s gone. As a way to say thank you for the 500 games played I made a special larger Dank Art featuring all the fun from BBH’s past streams from (coolpool), the Arcade warehouse, Skeletons and so on. make sure you watch for the big 500 game stream!

I just want to make a huge announcement that Macaw is playing PC Engine and crazy Dungeon adventure games which are totally worth the time to check out. As a kid I have so many awesome memories of going over to my buddy Jason’s house at the crack of dawn to play DOS games and a good portion of my preteen life was wasted playing DnD style games, Magic the Gathering and a whole bunch of wizardry and fantasy garbage because I so wasn’t into dating at all. Anyone who grew up with me will vouch for this but they wont because they will have to admit they were playing these games with me and thus were dateless wonders as well looking to kill orcs and trolls. I used to get trolled really hard when I got to high school because I was really into anime & was always after anime style games and movies which was “not cool” by some of my friends standards. Yes, I was “so uncool” for liking this stuff and not getting into things like “Backstreet Boys” but I think in the long run I made the better choice. I also want to comment that I have perfected the Dank Little Bird character in these Dank Arts. Soooooooour good! I also want to point out that every time you see a wizard from Macaw’s streams they are all irl Pjoxt because I have been told that Pjoxt is a master wizard who streams mighty wizard games every now and then.

In closing for this week here is a shot of just a small slice of my movie collection, most of it Anime. Some were just recently acquired as well so they are still in the plastic!

Soooooooour Many!!!


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