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Let’s take a moment to look back at Dank Zine in 2019 and celebrate almost three years of Dank Art, retro gaming and new merch in the Dank Shop. One of the most significant changes for my Dank Zine was a new format look. The book is now more of a classic-magazine with the saddle-stitch binding.

I often get comments that making a zine is a lot of work and takes up a lot of time. However, it’s something I have a passion for doing. It also compliments a lot of what the Retro Gaming community is all about as well.

In addition, I also love that you get a beautiful physical something in your hands each month. I feel that getting something for your time is special, and that’s what I am trying to do. Just make your experience a little more unique and a little bit danker.

Dank Art

I like retro gaming streamers who are entertaining and open to the idea of having Dank Art posted in chat. That’s why you’ll see everything from arcades, pinball, people who stream from the actual hardware and classic PC gaming. We’re all here for fun, and part of that fun is how engaging the chat is.

Here is a collection of some of the dank pieces that have appeared in the last few issues of Dank Zine. You should check out some of the streamers I follow if you are into retro gaming and give them a follow. Featured here are RetrogradeTom, LordBBH, Moonbeam Arcade, Puri_Puri, Hungrygoriya, Chuboh, and Macaw45.


One of the cool things I started doing in 2019 was putting some of my Danks on actual merch. In previous years I looked into making stickers as a reward tier for my Patreon and naturally the idea of looking into Tshirts followed. Now I have a Dank little shop that features a bunch of the cool stuff I have made from some of the games and moments playing them.

Snatcher SD Backpack
I love it when people share with me photos of their Dank Stuff! Please send me yours!

If you have been watching my streams, I have been playing a lot of MSX games lately so you’ll see a lot of merch in the shop that speaks to that. I find there isn’t a lot of stuff out there for MSX fans, so I am turning that around and featuring a bunch of fun MSX merch in my shop.

Check out the entire collection of merch and zines in my Dank Shop.

Did 2020 turn out any better? Read the update: Looking Back at Dank Zine 2020

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