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The best thing about Digital Art is that all you need is the tablet and the pen, and there’s next to no clean-up. Someday’s I’m too busy to get the brushes and water flowing, so it’s nice to have something easy to go-to like Digital Art that doesn’t have to be an enormous ordeal to set up or clean up. I love working in watercolours, but my go-to sketchpad is Digital Art on my iPad these days, which is a good thing if you have any idea of the amount of work I create.

Digital Art

My preference? I never want to choose between making Physical and Digital Art, but if I had to I’m always going to be going back to watercolours as it’s my main. Still, Digital Art is a fun medium to experiment with due to how versatile it can be. The best thing to try and do is replicate the same style and look you get with your Physical Art with your Digital.

Start exploring some new brushes or textures and start drawing some Digital Art!

Digital Art


Oh Shucks! A few weeks back, I played thru Goemon for the MSX2 on my stream as it’s been on my list of “Games to Revisit.” From 2019 to 2020, I was on this hot streak of playing every MSX game I could get my hands on to see what this system had to offer.

Goemon for MSX2 is close to its Famicom port but with two huge differences. 1- you can play two-player with the MSX2 port, and 2- There is no diagonal jump. Or so they say. There’s a reason why people haven’t beaten this game in over 30 years of playing it, and after two weeks of total effort into this game, I gave up.



It’s been a while since LordBBH paused his long-running MAME Roulette streams. Arcade fans did get a treat this month when LordBBH brought back the Roulette table to look at a few recently added MAME games. You can watch the full backed-up video here.

Must-See TV was another one of those recently added games that LordBBH featured, which is great since many of these games rarely get that much attention, let alone streamed on twitch. Arcade games from this era may have basic elements and simple ideas, but they are designed to eat your quarters and entice you to work for that high score.



Did you know there is an unwritten law to cute-styled games? If you said there was nothing cute about their difficulty, you’re right. PaRappa The Rapper doesn’t look like a challenging game, but I have clear memories of always getting stuck at this one cooking part of the game. It was soul-crushingly tricky in some areas, so I was thrilled that AshSaidHi made it through.

Hey, did you hear that AshSaidHi is now your Retro Twitch Ambassador? It’s not just old console games either. She likes to explores games for older computer systems such as the Amiga and C64 as well. Best of all, she has a warm, friendly demeanour, so it’s like we’re going over to hang out with big Sis and play some fun old games.



Pilotwings. Every beginning of replaying this game starts with a huge smile as one remembers a bit of nostalgia playing this as a kid. It’s also one of those games that will quickly escalate into a precise and focused concentration as it’s hard as heck.

Pilotwings is a different-style flight sim playing 1 of 3 insanely difficult flying minigames. It was also a launch title back when the SNES came out, so I think everyone who smiles with their nostalgia for this game is always met with the sheer punishment that Pilotwings delivers.

When Aquas isn’t online, you can check out his YouTube here and see all his work put into Speedruns, World Records, and his passion for playing through some punishing games.

More Dank Digital Art



DNO plays EVERYTHING. That even means some jank DANK games you’ve probably never seen before. Or maybe you have seen some of the games that DNO was playing that day as he was featuring nothing but ports of popular arcade classics to old home computers. This was his adventures in coin-op conversions and I got the link if you missed it.

It wasn’t uncommon to see arcade ports to home computers, though there was that expectation that the games would be limited to the computers themselves’ capabilities. There was a market for this stuff then, and a lot of it never really gets to be seen. Leave it to DNO to reach into that trash bin of his and find a way to turn trash into gold.



Grunt_Guru was exploring a bunch of Jurassic Park games this past week. Back in the 90s, the entire world was taken by storm with the first Jurassic Park movie. People were generally impressed by CGI dinosaurs back then.

It was natural to get a Nintendo and Sega version of a game from the movie, but it doesn’t stop there. There wasn’t a home computer or game system that didn’t see its own crazy Jurassic Park video game. It makes picking up these games make for a good exploration when you play them all back to back like this.

Grunt_Guru is a chill retro streamer from New Zeland and I’ve interviewed him before in my Dank Zine. You should at least follow a few streamers on the other side of the planet, that way you can tune in and enjoy breakfast while they play games broadcasting to you from the near future.

Check out his Youtube videos here and enjoy his entire collection of Jurassic Park game playthrus.



If you are looking for games no one has ever heard of before, follow Macaw45. Spider-Man: The Sinister Six for DOS focuses its gameplay on Peter Parker talking to people and solving puzzles, but a few action scenes feature the Sinister Six: Dr. Octopus, Hobgoblin, Shocker, Chameleon, Mysterio, and Vulture.

This game came out in 1996 during the airing of the Spider-Man the Animated Series on the FOX Kids Network. This cartoon was the gateway-drug to your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in the 90s. It also introduced children everywhere to reading comic books.

I bet someone thought having Peter Parker whine about his day on the sofa to his wife MJ would translate seamlessly for a PC game. Warning, it doesn’t, but it’s cringe enough that it’s worth watching.

Check out the vod on his Twitch before it’s gone as it’s a well known fact this bird doesn’t back up any of his past vods anywhere.

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