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Dank Zine Issue 41: Excitingly Exclusive! Dank Zine Podcast

A month in review- a quick look inside Dank Zine Issue 41, behind the scenes as well as Dank Comic Magazines, retro games, and Zine news This episode is also available as a blog post: https://agentannk.com/2021/03/11/dank-zine-issue-41-excitingly-exclusive/

I couldn’t be happier with how this issue of Dank Zine turned out. I can be thankful for the lockdown because it gives me lots of time at my desk so I can focus on things like making zines, dank art, and finding new things and people to feature. The entire pandemic is drastically different depending on where you are. For myself, January was mostly done indoors under strict lockdown restrictions. It gave me time to put more thought into the entire book’s physical layout and take new risks. What it shows me is how much has changed in four years of self-publishing a book every month.

My place is now a mini-zine factory where I have two large desks set up in the main room, and I can do all my painting there. It’s where I stream as well, and it’s possibly the best room in my place to work because it’s by the large window that faces a brick wall. I wouldn’t have it any other way because making zines is fun.

Let’s have a look at issue 41 without too many spoilers and just before Issue 42 comes out:

Featured Streamer:


Issue 41 we featured Grunt-Guru, a retro and variety streamer who hails all the way in New Zealand who’s got a real comfy show. We get to know Grunt_Guru a bit better and look a bit more about the content he plays.

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Dank Game Notes

In issue 41 of Dank Zine, I wrote all about Shiryo Sensen- War of the Dead, a game series I explored heavily on my Twitch Streams. Some of you even got some of the stickers that I created for an issue a few months back. I’ve been fascinated with this weird old Japanese game for quite a few years due to its horror elements and out there story that involves sealing a dimension to hell. You also play as a super cool tough-as-nails, green-haired anime girl.

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I like to feature a different game or classic gaming topic in the zine every month. If you want to submit your work or pitch a project, please email me!

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Feb. Dank Art

A quick look at some of the featured artwork in Dank Zine Issue 41

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I get asked a lot if I prefer working in traditional mediums vs digital. My answer is I love both. Digital is still something that I am exploring as a medium, so there’s lots of excitement when I get to take risks with it. It’s a lot safer than ink or watercolour, where you have to make choices and commit to them.

This month’s cover was done by Marty Elmer, who captured a super Dank moment in Puzzle Bobble. I enjoy the detail in each Bobble, so make sure you look carefully.
Keep on reading to find out what work Goemonsama has been up to this month, and check out our most recent 5 Questions with Jiggeh.

Dank Magazines, Pulls and Pickups

Greg and I managed to get ourselves to Kitchener as soon as the lockdown lifted. One of my favourite comic book shops is located there, and they always seem to have a good selection of comics and magazines. I’ve been slightly obsessed with picking up comic magazines for over six years now, where I have been passing over actual comic books in favour of them.

One way that comic writers would get around the standard codes before the Comics Code Authority was dropped in 2011 was to have a magazine. I’m a massive fan of the horror and sci-fi magazines from the 60s and 70s I discover, but I am fascinated with the number of fan magazines that exist for any niche that ever lived. I’m attracted first to the older gaming magazines to fish out of the white boxes laid out on the tables. However, I sometimes get super lucky, and I find weird and fascinating zines and self-published publications that no one has ever heard of looming around these buckets.

The cool thing about these pulp-style comic magazines is it’s where a lot of amazing artists and writers got to explore their skills and take risks. I would recommend that if you are picking up older horror magazines, you do a little research first as each book’s price reflects the artists, articles, and stories within, besides things such as its physical appearance and rarity. There are also many different style magazines to come across where some are nothing but newsprint style pages in black ink only that smell like your grandparent’s den. Again, you have great full-colour fan and culture zines with heavy articles and layouts where comics are snuck in between the editorials and ads for whiskey.

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Anthony Vaccarelli’s most recent comic book.

You might know Anthony as Goemonsama. I’ve had the pleasure of featuring his work for over a year in Dank Zine. He recently just came out with his own self-published comic that you should check out (if you haven’t already.) Click on that button cause Anthony does tremendous work and it’s crazy that he put this entire thing together when he was making all that Dank Art at the same time. Amazing work!!

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