Spending the treasure that love cannot afford

Police Nuts


I finished my playthrough of Policenuts this past Sunday and have uploaded the entire collection of videos to my Youtube. You can check out the videos here:

I’m trying to get better at archiving my Twitch videos, so if you missed watching the stream live or if Twitch deletes the videos at least there’s a backup on Youtube. It will be fun revisiting this game in the future now that I have played thru it once, but for now, I want to focus on looking at other games and explore more Dank fun on the MSX. I do want to go back and look at a few of my favourites on the system such as Penguin Adventure, so stay tuned for more Dank Streams.

Back Issues

Screenshot 2019-08-20 11.01.53.png

The last three issues of my Dank Zine are in my Dank Shop for those who have been asking. There are only limited copies of each one so if you are missing one in your collection get your orders in soon. Once I sell out of a zine’s run, it’s challenging to reprint them on demand so order them fast before they are gone. I’ve also updated things such as mugs and T-shirts if you want to grab those and help support the Dankness.

Get your DANK here!

Dank Art

I’m using my time to get caught up (store update should have been a give away) as I have been quite sick over the last few months. A lot of my time has been eaten up with doctor appointments and work, so it’s been a bit of a struggle to get started on the massive backlog of updating all my sites with my work as I refuse to quit doing art when I am sick.

Check out the streams: LordBBH, Aquas, Zallard1, Retrograde Tom, Macaw45, Omnigamer, PJ, Duke Donuts, Tondagossa, Goati, SQPat, Chuboh and CapnClever.


Addressing the Elephant in the room

I have made a few hints to my current health status on my streams and in my Discord. After months of visiting doctors and specialists, I now have a clear answer to what is going on with me. If you have been watching my streams, you might have noticed that I have lost an insane amount of weight and I have been a bit more absent from a lot of events, meetups and social activities. I have been struggling with Graves Disease since I was diagnosed back in 2010, which is an autoimmune disease that causes the Thyroid gland to be hyperactive. Though I have undergone medical treatment in the past and had everything under control, things started to become unstable again beginning in March. I’ve lost an astounding amount of weight and was having significant problems with my blood pressure, which resulted in a few hospital visits.
Medical stuff is tricky. You don’t always get an overnight answer to this stuff, and often you are left waiting and wondering what’s going on between visits. It’s not like you can check into a hospital and someone says “yeah you got this and were going to use this quick fix” and then forget about it. You get put into the system, and you wait your turn like everyone else. When I started to notice things were wrong, I focused on what made me happy, and that was making art for my friends and the people I follow to keep my passion going for the Zine. It was the grounding force that kept me sane for those months, so I need to thank the communities I am apart of for being there. Some of the best comments I get are “Your art makes me smile” and “Your work adds to the experience of this stream”. I believe in healthy communities, so I am glad I can give back to the ones who make me happy.
Now that I have an official answer to what is going on I’m starting my treatment and getting control over this stuff so I can get back to 100% again. Thank you for being there and understanding.

Stay tuned for more art, more Dank Streams and continued adventures in retro games!


Bunches of Games Done Eventualy

After a few months of intense deadlines, new things in life and big changes, I am back with my weekly blog! A LOT of stuff has been going on in my life but I have made time to stay on top of all my Dank Art and Dank Zines. The blog however had been put on hold but now that things seem to be not as busy I am back at it with the Dankness every week! Let’s get caught up on all the stuff you missed:


Puri-Puri with his issue of Dank Zine #15

Have you been checking out my Dank Shop lately? I now have issues of Dank Zine for sale there so if you have missed an issue or only wanted to grab the issue of your favourite streamer. Remember issues are always cheaper when you subscribe.

The most current issue up for grabs right now is Issue 16 with an interview with Giby who is known in the fighting scene circles as well as his goonish appearance with the GameGoons who stream on Twitch. I got to sit down with him and talk about his fights in and out of competitions.

We also celebrate 10 years of Fangamer in issue 16 of Dank Zine with an interview with co-founder Reid Young where he reflects on his little game merchandise company that could. We touched down on how 10 years ago, Fangamer was operating out of Reid’s second bedroom in his apartment and how it’s grown to the size it is now. Sadly I wont be at Camp Fangamer taking place on July 20th, but it’s at that event where Fangamer will celebrate it’s official 10 year’s with the people who helped make it great, the fans.


I also want to welcome cartoonist and illustrator Shan Murphy to the team as she now will be featured monthly in Dank Zine with a series of comics that looks at the personal experience of playing video games. You can check out her work here to see more of her work. As the months go by and the Zine grows I hope to keep adding more content from quality content makers like Shan to the mix.


The pile of Dank Art that needs to be uploaded is too big! When I started to get busy, I started off with the intentions to put all the Dank Art in folders from the week so that when I got unbusy I could simply drop them all in. Yeah, that didn’t happen and now I am sitting a huge dank pile. I should be uploading more as the weeks go on, so do keep checking back to get more Dank Art.

SGDQ 2018

Over $2 Million dollars was raised in just one week during Summer Games Done Quick and I had the pleasure again to be there as it happened. I flew out solo but met up with a bunch of people at the event so I never really felt alone when I was there. It was great to see all of my awesome friends again and hang out with them even if it was all the way in Minneapolis.

I had the honour of sitting on the couch for both Aquas’ Mr Gimmick run with fellow speed runner Narshe along with his daughter as well as LRock’s Double Dragon run on the NES. You can check out both the vod’s here:

The BEST thing about going to a GDQ is to meet other speed runners and streamers and hang out with old friends as well as meeting new. I think I firmed up the next 5 issues of my Dank Zine in just three days of talking to people. Oh shucks, I was also super happy when I introduced myself people said “Oh yes! I know you and your Zine! I would love to be part of that!” I also had the pleasure of meeting Puwexil who I have been following for a while on twitter and ask him some questions about his Final Fantasy 6 speedrun as I am a huge fan of FF6 and his stream was going to be my highlight of the week. Make sure you sub to my Patreon or keep watching my Dank Shop and pre-order or back the zine if you want to read about that one as Puwexil really dove back into some GDQ history from its humble beginnings in some guys basement to the 4H club.

AGDQ2018 or How I stopped worrying and learned to love Speedrunning

Zerst going for that high score

After not getting tickets to SGDQ in 2017 I made a point of doing my best to give it all I got and put my bid in to get a ticket to the January event. When I actually got tickets, I kind of sat there in my chair and thought, “OK, I got in. Now what?” I thought that because I had no real idea what games were going to be played or if any of my friends’ runs would be accepted. I had to give it time and wait. I waited too long and missed out on a chance to get a hotel room on site so I was forced to book an Air BnB a bit off-site just to sleep.

The Cool Club at AGDQ 2018

I keep hearing people say “GDQ’s were better before 2013” or something to the effect. I can’t speak to that as I was only watching those at home and not at the event itself. I would safely say being there has its own set of advantages as well as negatives. However, GDQ’s are events that are designed to celebrate Speedrunning and working towards raising money for a selected charity. They really don’t have anything else behind the scenes that you would find at a regular convention because the event is the main draw. So there were really no artist alley or merch booths that you would expect at other cons. There was a booth set up that focused on the charity itself so you could learn more about where your donations were going and if you wanted to keep supporting the charity they could give you more information. Nice.

A wild Omnigamer and PJ appeared!
Pho time with Omnigamer and PJ

I checked into the event on early Sunday morning and since I was travelling alone I asked PJ very nicely to meet up with me at the event so I wouldn’t feel as awkward waiting for my Air BnB to be ready later on in the afternoon. He totally didn’t have to, but he said yes and because he & Omnigamer were kind enough to let me tag along with them for a few hours I gave out a bunch of PJ stickers I had lying around from when I made him the Feature Streamer in my Dank Zine. I had no run in for this event and besides seeing a few choice runs I was mainly there to find people to write about. I had my own agenda and it involved Zines, burgers, beer and watching a lot of games.

One of the important things I wanted to do that week was to catch Aquas’ run as I always try to watch his stuff when I am at home watching this event and seeing it in person would be a great kick. His run was around 8 am on Monday and Mr B & I both woke up early to go to the event with him. We met up with one of Aquas’ streaming friends Figbird and to our excitement Aquas said it was alright for all of us to sit on the couch for his run. First GDQ & already on the couch. I was glad I was as Aquas made a very touching speech before his run about his dad who passed away because of Cancer and he wanted to dedicate his run to him. I kept getting so many alerts on my Apple Watch during this that I just switched it to Do Not Disturb for an hour so I could focus better on his Contra III run. Lots of you were all tweeting “I see you on the couch!” Which was very nice, but since I had one of the best views in the house I didn’t want to comment till it was over. Aquas had a very good run, it wasn’t deathless, but it was still something to watch as this guy plays like a beast when he needs to bring it. Check out the video from the event:

My time was spent hanging with people, being social, and playing games in the set up arcade that was on site. There was no pinball this year which was kind of depressing, but there was a Neo Geo multi-cart in the room which I sat on most of the time with my pal Zerst and together we clocked in a lot of hours on Money Exchanger. Zerst also got the Donkey Kong 3 machine to its max score which was fun to watch as I love that game myself and it is always exciting to see someone master a game you like. I also met up with a few of my friends from Macaw45’s chat to play a bunch of dank games in the practice room and this C64 that my buddy Dana had going with an everdrive. Let’s say that when we had the C64 going we put a few good hours playing around with the games on that.

It was really exciting to see my friends up on stage playing games when it came too their runs. PJ managed to break an arcade button in the middle of his Battletoads run which could only be described as “PJ’s dumb luck”. He had a backup planned and it only took him a few moments to switch over to a backup (what a backup? Yes if you know PJ….). It was also really fun to watch The Mexican Runner play the rocket ship part in Battletoads for NES blindfolded. There’s always going to be a few blindfolded donation incentives and I didn’t want to miss this one as it’s known for being extremely frustrating even without a blindfold. I have huge respect for TMR as he played every NES game as part of a challenge and that meant playing all the Powerpad games. If you know me I love the powerpad and try to stream it as often as I can and knowing someone else actually beat Street Cop gives me hope that I can do it too. I also saw Zallard1 do his amazing Two-Punchout One Controller challenge. Fellow streamer Omnigamer helped out and rigged up this splitter that would help him use one controller to beat both games at once.

Zallard1 who played Starfox2 and Punch Out & Super Punch Out at the same time

Please when you share these runs don’t use click-bait tactics like “Some Dude just killed Contra” but share links properly as in “Watch The Mexican Runner play Battletoads blindfolded” as its more about the player and less about the game itself at these events. I was also reading a lot of game devs upset with people who were using words such as “this game is broken” to describe certain manipulations and taking offence to it. I can’t say that for all games, but having see some of the codes from some of my most favourite games I would be safe in saying that not all games are broken, but having broken mechanics and code in a game does make the game more easy to be manipulated hence why they can use glitches to a speedrun advantage. I can think of many fan translations projects my friends worked on where they had to clean up the original source code and fix game ending bugs left in the code itself simply because a game was rushed into development to make a sales date. I’m not saying all games are like that, but I also don’t put any game up on a pedestal of perfect coding either. Even great paintings have mistakes in them and it is those mistakes that we as players love/hate to our advantage.

The Dank Zine core staff: Aquas, AnnK, Lady Te and trap15 (as JJ Squawkers)

The BEST thing about the entire trip was finally meeting up again with Lady Te who I hired to edit my Dank Zine. We’ve known each other before the Dankness set in, but this was the first time we have met up face to face since she’s been staff. I was able to get a very rare staff photo of Aquas, myself and Lady Te and hopefully one day we will be able to get trap15 in there as well. That’s pretty much the core Dank Zine staff right there and I am lucky to have these wonderful people in my life. My little zine has really grown in just under a year and now I have people who contribute to it all over the globe so it makes me getting a photo with everyone harder. I hope that in the future when my zine gets bigger I can start actually traveling to these places and meet everyone.

Overall it was a great time and I was happy to meet up with a bunch of people I have only known thru Twitch, chats and over the internet. Maybe when I get things figured out I’ll work on my fishing game and see if it’s something I want to submit and if its something people would like to see at an event such as this. In the meantime I’ll be hard at work making Dank Art, Dank Zines and trying to give back as much as I can to the retro gaming community.


Maybe this time I’ll get it right

Stupid me took a spill down my stairs last week. All the way down the stairs on my ass. I hurt my back again and was out for the entire long weekend(booooooo). It hurt a lot, but I managed to get some work done, just nothing for my blog.

In saying that, there’s a lot to talk about! The big news is that this Friday is my birthday and I am having a contest. Just draw me your own Dank Art of your favourite game, tweet it at me before Saturday at 11:59 pm you can win a free issue of my Dank Zine! Already a subscriber? If you already back my patreon, you can win a print of the poster I made for LordBBH for his 1CCBBH event he held last weekend. I originally said Friday, but since I’m so late updating my blog I decided to extend the date to the last possible minute. The winner will be chosen on my stream in some sort of ceremony- most likely me dancing around & clapping my hands thanking you for making my day.

Screenshot 2017-05-26 01.49.45.png

Speaking about my Dank Zine, you still have until the end of this month to get in for the Third Issue featuring a player-profile with pinball’s pinhead Deadflip. This guy from Chicago is helping to make Twitch a better place with his pinball streams. I also got a chance to ask the talented Eyes5 from Metroidhat.com fame a few questions on a few plushie projects she has on the go. Plus you get pages of Dank Art to enjoy! Every issue keeps getting better so make sure you back the patreon to get yours.



LordBBH had his first BBH1CC-athon last weekend on May 20th and 21st where his plans were to 1 Credit Clear from a selection of games. It’s all titles that he’s familiar with, as well as a few risk-taking titles to keep it interesting (Space Harrier!). I made a cool poster to help promote it plus it was an excuse to make a poster! If you want the poster, you can buy it here!

Since I was a scrub & I missed so many blog updates I’m just going to dump the all the Dank Art that has accumulated over the weeks by streamer so that people can find the ones they want and enjoy them.

BBH’s player profile is featured in the May issue of Dank Zine where I sit down with him and talk a bit of what it was like being a kid when arcade games were cool, what it’s like to stream MAME Arcade games on twitch and a few of his top picks for those looking to get into playing arcades. If you want to get an issue with BBH’s interviewI set up a way where you can get back issues made to print here.

Macaw played thru a strange bunch of dank building games that were from all over the place. German Windows 95 stuff, DOS games and even these strange train -city builders for the PC-98. There was a day he streamed SIM Isle attempts and the music in that game is quite excellent. You’ll probably never see anyone else show this much passion for really obscure stuff

Macaw also streamed thru this crazy Sci-Fi adventure game called Zeta for the PC-98 in a crazy stream that went well over 9 hours. I remember almost a year ago when he was showing off the box to this game along with a few others he picked up in an online auction. It’s a very stylised space drama where a team goes to investigate the ruins of a failed experiment into the psyche that gets really twisted at the end. Macaw played thru the entire game only to reveal that it was only a build up to show off what he was really excited about getting which was its follow-up sequel titled Nirvana. There’s a lot of twist for all the plot points in both games, so if you have the time go check it out.

img_1195I’ve been following Abs for almost a year now and back before he had a lot of streamers my buddy Aquas told me to go follow him as he was starting to play thru Earthbound which is one of my favourite games. Abs now primarily streams in the mornings and from Monday to Friday playing thru SNES games, so check him out if you’re into 16bit goodness. I made this Wolverine Dank Art the morning he was playing thru the SNES game which Abs then turned around and made into “official Dank Box Art”. Good stuff, Abs!


Trap played some Twin Eagle on his candy cabs one weekend which was really cool. He now lives in a seabed of arcades which is kinda cool. He showed me photos of his apartment & the only surface that wasn’t carpet or arcade machine was this ironing board I think he forgot to put away. Anyway Trap is living one of my dreams which is to own several cool arcade machines and to have sort of a mini arcade set up in the home. I’m looking forwards to working on something cool with Trap for my zine in the upcoming months, so make sure you stay tuned for that one. I also have another pinball issue coming up where I am going to be talking to a few cool pinball collectors and how they live with such a crazy hobby.



1,000 Viewer Special

I started streaming over 6 years ago to celebrate playing video games with my friends in a social and engaging way. However, it’s only been rather recent in the last two years that I have been streaming more frequently. I recently just hit 1,000 followers.

Yay! I guess thats an achievement. I was never really sure if I wanted to do anything more then just share how much fun video games are with people when it comes to streaming. This year things have sort of changed as I have my Dank Zine, my art, and so many cool friends that I have made just by streaming on twitch. Thank you so much for sticking by me and being my friend. For the next six years lets just keep streaming and sharing more fun moments online :3


The Long Weekend


Macaw45 got right into some Lighbringer and The King of Dragons arcade runs before signing out for the Easter long weekend. I know Funkdoc is right into doing 1CC attempts of The King of Dragons game right now, but he’s choosing to use the Cleric where Macaw often will choose the Fighter and stick with him all the way thru the game. The King of Dragons looks a lot like the same art style that Capcom used in the Dungeons & Dragons games. I am unsure if they did use the same artist at Capcom to design all the creatures and characters in the game, though.

Twilight Struggle or How I Stopped Worrying And Loved the Video Games @SRKFunkdoc

I missed Funkdoc’s 1CC attempt at King of Dragons earlier in that day but stuck around to see Twilight Struggle, a strategy card game that has a cold war theme to it. FD has always been into card style games for as long as I have known him and often would stream other strategy intensive games on his stream. The crazy thing about Twilight Struggle that I didn’t know before watching FD’s stream is that it is an actual board game that you can buy thru Amazon & hold in your hands as well as available to download to your computer to play. It looks interesting enough when FD was playing thru it and I am a huge sucker for physical boardgames,, I just wish I had more friends around me so I could play. That’s always been the sad truth for me as a kid when I wanted to play D&D or any kind of boardgames as there never seemed to be anyone around my age willing to get in and set up the boards so we could. Thats the nice thing about having a downloadable option for the game as now I can play without people or often I can connect with friends who do want to play online.

Murph had a whole day where he went thru all his boards and played them on Good Friday, possibly just for fun but it was a great way to see what kind of boards he actually has. I’m always excited and looking for people who stream from the actual PCB’s or the boards themselves as the amount of effort that goes into showing off arcade games as they are originally were meant to be played is insane. I always see people who get offended when arcade players will use MAME to play games and that really needs to stop because people who say these kinds of comments don’t understand the amount of effort that needs to go into not just streaming but preserving the boards themselves. If you are dedicated and love arcade games that much and you want to take on the task, please do (and let me know so I can watch) but I am saying it is way more easier to stream that stuff using MAME. I myself run into all sorts of issues just trying to capture video from my systems and I often try to show off the original hardware as best I can. However there are things that I will just emulate to save myself the hassle and the time in order to keep the stream looking as best as I possibly can. I also never knew Murph owned a GROWL board and now that I know he does I can keep bugging him to plug it in when he streams :3

LORDBBH VIEWERS CHOICE EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Yup- it’s that time again when BBH does his huge Viewers Choice Extravaganza and plays viewer requests randomly all day. When he announced on Thursday it was going to happen Easter weekend where I moved my family lunch around so I could be around to take part and paint. You might be thinking thats a far stretch, Ann- don’t go shoving your life around just for some arcade and paint time. Well you don’t really know me if you had to make that statement and also my family is so laid back these days that it doesn’t matter which day we get together just as long as we do. My family dinners these days are more like lunches and when I told my parents that the Friday

Though most of these were done for the extravaganza, but because it was the long weekend I got a bit behind with all my other work and decided just to post all the stuff up from Thursday in one impressive block. Personally for me I adore the Arkanoid Dank Art the most because I find any game that has a Moai Head statue in it to be hilarious. This is probably because of the hours I have spent playing Space Harrier, but to me Moai Heads are ridiculous and every time I see one I get this obnoxious voice in my head and I picture the stupid thing trying to tell me that you totally can install Android Apps on an iPhone or “my SIM card in my iPhone stores all my information so why can’t I recover it?” in the most nasal-dripped voice possible.

I also wasn’t feeling all that great, possibly due to my mom’s cooking at Easter lunch, so I sort of held back in chat & just enjoyed the show. I always have the best intentions of making Dank Art for EVERY viewers choice, but sleep always gets the best of me and as long as I get 6 Dank Art’s done I am happy with myself. I always go overboard with my Dank Art, but it’s all mine and it’s what I love to do so it’s totally OK.

IMG_0413I also had a mini-Dank Art Giveaway on Thursday where 6 more pieces of Dank Art were offered for free on my twitter. I always try to give away as much as I can and six lucky people got their chance to get their hands on these. If you see a Dank Art you really want then you can contact me via email or on twitter buy one- I sell them for $20 which includes the shipping and materials used and goes towards pizza and me making more Dank Art. I stress this as now a lot of the nicer Dank Arts will go towards my Patreon backers and often they do end up being given away. Sometimes when I do giveaways people will ask for a certain one. I always try to do my best, but the best thing and possibly worst thing is that Dank Art is one of a kind and I can’t make promises! All you need to know if that the opportunity to get what you want is there next to the opportunity to get something!


My records finally arrived from Mondo this week. I felt like I was waiting a very long time for these to arrive and when they did I had to go fetch them as there was still taxes to be paid on them. I hate that! I don’t understand why all the monetary transactions can’t take place at checkout. It’s bad enough that my mail often goes missing or gets lost, but when stuff such as duty comes up I often never pay it, return to sender and get a refund. Just have me pay that at the checkout so I can just get my stuff delivered to me- saves me so much hassle.

I don’t get hit with duty fees all the time when I order online and I have bought records online before where I didn’t have to pay duty or it was included in the price. I guess it’s different no matter where you go so my hint for the shops is to include this pricing on your checkout if you want to keep international buyers such as me. Normally I would rather buy my records in a shop where I can inspect the quality right then and there and not have to endlessly worry if they will be ruined on arrival.

Overall, the records were very sharp, clean looking and the artwork wonderful. Records are now super trendy and I’m seeing a lot of video game soundtracks being released from places I wouldn’t even assume would even get into the record business which slightly worries me. One of my bosses is a HUGE record junkie and takes huge pride in his collection and spends way more money then I do for his own collection. Right now he’s stuck waiting for two albums he ordered online to arrive and because of some packaging mishaps he might be waiting even longer for his stuff to come in. These are records he ordered all the way back in November. Hopefully he’ll get his order soon and I can show off what he got once they do come in.


IMG_0460I went to my parents condo for Easter lunch on Friday. My family is very casual about holidays and the only rule we have is that you just show up. We don’t go anywhere and my mom tries to put the years of mothering into 3 hours of cooking to good use. I got my parents to switch up our Easter movie this year and we watched King Kong Lives while we ate lunch and I told them all about my Dank Zine that I am working on.
I also noticed that my dad framed the Dank Art I gave him when he came by to take care of me when I was sick in February. Aw, thanks dad :3


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.58.07 PM
I have streaming a bit more in the week, not so much to play games but because I have so much work to get done for my Dank Zine that streaming part of the creation process seems to kill two birds with one stone. I had been using other things such as Facebook live to try and reach out more with my work, but I always seem to get the best response when using Twitch.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.56.27 PMWith another Sunday I completed playing thru Castle of Dr. Brain, a popular point and click Sierra game where you go thru the Castle of Dr. Brain solving a wide range of puzzles from math to words to programming and more. I actually played this game as a kid in my school and could never get past the first room so completing this now as an adult was super rewarding. Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.57.24 PM
I also played thru a cute and popular DOS game, The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy. I used to play Dizzy at a friend’s house when I would go over and I was marvelled at the gold cartridge that it came in. Dizzy I would say was reasonably popular for a little egg character. The game came out in 1991 by Codemasters and Dizzy appeared not only on the NES but on EVERYTHING. DOS, C64, Amiga, Dizzy even was out on Gamegear. It’s a simple little collection game with simple mind puzzles where the hardest obstacles are always something along the lines of “Where do I use this pick up?” and “What does that thing do?”

Dizzy was created by two brothers known as The Oliver Twins Andrew and Philip. Dizzy was an idea the two had years ago when they first started programming as kids in their bedrooms. They had a Kickstarter in 2012 where they wanted to come out with more Dizzy games, but sadly didn’t reach their goal. That doesn’t mean Dizzy is dead! There is more life for Dizzy these days and the Twins Oliver  the community is still alive for this game and you can check it out here. They actually finished a NEW DIZZY GAME in 2015 and a new Kickstarter was backed recently that features a book that tells the story about Dizzy, so there’s still love for our little hard-boiled buddy.

I like Dizzy! I’ll have to get a map and try to make more sense of this game as it’s quite good and a lot of fun to play. It’s definitely something to pick up. Check out this video clip of The Oliver Twins talking a bit about how the concept of Wonderland Dizzy first happened in 1993 and it took years later in 2015 for this game to finally happen.

In other news, Squash has found a new “nest” in my retro controller box. Just enjoy this classic “I hate everything” Squash shot sitting on all my junk.IMG_0509

You can always follow me on twitch and tune into Sunday mornings when I regularly stream! I also try to stream during the week, so make sure you follow and have your alerts turned on so you don’t miss my next one!

Dawn before the weekend


Macaw45 was streaming almost every day this week so there’s a bunch of Birb related stuff to show off. There was a whole day of TMNT Gameboy Advance games that went on much longer than anticipated. The GBA games were based off the more recent cartoon retellings and the in sprite turtles looked a bit funny or had dents in their skulls. For the rest of the week, it was a mixed bag of strange DOS games followed up with dank SNES Beat’emUps. I really didn’t get the Stone Protectors game though it was really nice to look at and had a lot going for it considering I never heard of that franchise. When I searched for images related to Stone Protectors a lot of toys came up and they looked like those Troll toys but all beefed up to be “marketable to boys”. There was also a Noodle-Man Beat’emUp game where you shot noodles at enemies out of your belt… yeah. Ever since I found Macaw’s twitch stream I’m not surprised anymore about was has been made into a game.

LordBBH came back on Thursday with another roulette stream and rolled up a few choice games such as Gunbird, 1943 Kai and even Cotton. It was a total Shmup night, but I wasn’t complaining because I happen to enjoy a lot of Shmups. I enjoy drawing planes and I used to have a good set of models but I recently let them go to free up space in my apartment. I was also happy to see him play through Cotton as I have seen him do it before. Though BBH didn’t 1CC Cotton that evening, he does have it up on his youtube:

Spelunker- Chuboh

I felt like I got a lot of Spelunker in my life this week. Earlier in the week, Spelunker came up on BBH’s roulette and then on Friday I tuned in and watched Chuboh play through it. Spelunker is just one of those games where you either get it or you don’t. It’s a lot of item management, puzzle solving, platforming and maze mapping so if you are up for a very skilled challenge then give one of the game in the series a try.

G-G Gimmick! @Aquas

Aquas got into some Gimmick 2 which is a ROM hack of the original Mr Gimmick that features new levels, new enemies and some new challenges. It exists to give fans from the first game some new challenges as well as more merchandise for this obscure gem for the NES and Famicom. Currently, Aquas is making attempts to speed run this game so you should check up on his progress.



Street Cop: As it sits in my Retron Player


I put my Family Trainer away for a bit so I could focus on playing Street Cop. In Japan, this game is called Manhattan Police (マンハッタンポリス) and one of the more expensive games out for the Family Trainer. I am still looking for a copy of this game that’s listed at a better price, so in the meantime, I can play the NES version.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 13.53.58
Doggo Strats!!

After being stuck at the 4th stage for weeks my “Doggo” strats were paying off and I started to make more progress in the game only to discover that as you progress your world & city gets bigger. In the 6th stage, I slowly discovered elements of a subway system that takes you to 2 other areas as well as a key & lock system for boss houses. You also upgrade to a gun weapon & need to pick up bullets at new Police Stations all over the city. I was very shocked when I got to the final stage and wasn’t prepared for the game to open up the way that it did. It’s going to take me more time and practice to make a successful 1CC attempt for this game, but wow the workout I get for just the attempts! I ran out over a thousand calories in that one session so trying to 1CC this game has added benefits besides just being fun.

298296-street-cop-nes-media.jpgStreet Cop brings a lot to the Power Pad game experience that I wish there were in more games for the controller. I’m going to have more to say as my weeks working out with it continue, so make sure you follow along.

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