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Macaw45 was streaming almost every day this week so there’s a bunch of Birb related stuff to show off. There was a whole day of TMNT Gameboy Advance games that went on much longer than anticipated. The GBA games were based off the more recent cartoon retellings and the in sprite turtles looked a bit funny or had dents in their skulls. For the rest of the week, it was a mixed bag of strange DOS games followed up with dank SNES Beat’emUps. I really didn’t get the Stone Protectors game though it was really nice to look at and had a lot going for it considering I never heard of that franchise. When I searched for images related to Stone Protectors a lot of toys came up and they looked like those Troll toys but all beefed up to be “marketable to boys”. There was also a Noodle-Man Beat’emUp game where you shot noodles at enemies out of your belt… yeah. Ever since I found Macaw’s twitch stream I’m not surprised anymore about was has been made into a game.

LordBBH came back on Thursday with another roulette stream and rolled up a few choice games such as Gunbird, 1943 Kai and even Cotton. It was a total Shmup night, but I wasn’t complaining because I happen to enjoy a lot of Shmups. I enjoy drawing planes and I used to have a good set of models but I recently let them go to free up space in my apartment. I was also happy to see him play through Cotton as I have seen him do it before. Though BBH didn’t 1CC Cotton that evening, he does have it up on his youtube:

Spelunker- Chuboh

I felt like I got a lot of Spelunker in my life this week. Earlier in the week, Spelunker came up on BBH’s roulette and then on Friday I tuned in and watched Chuboh play through it. Spelunker is just one of those games where you either get it or you don’t. It’s a lot of item management, puzzle solving, platforming and maze mapping so if you are up for a very skilled challenge then give one of the game in the series a try.

G-G Gimmick! @Aquas

Aquas got into some Gimmick 2 which is a ROM hack of the original Mr Gimmick that features new levels, new enemies and some new challenges. It exists to give fans from the first game some new challenges as well as more merchandise for this obscure gem for the NES and Famicom. Currently, Aquas is making attempts to speed run this game so you should check up on his progress.



Street Cop: As it sits in my Retron Player


I put my Family Trainer away for a bit so I could focus on playing Street Cop. In Japan, this game is called Manhattan Police (マンハッタンポリス) and one of the more expensive games out for the Family Trainer. I am still looking for a copy of this game that’s listed at a better price, so in the meantime, I can play the NES version.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 13.53.58
Doggo Strats!!

After being stuck at the 4th stage for weeks my “Doggo” strats were paying off and I started to make more progress in the game only to discover that as you progress your world & city gets bigger. In the 6th stage, I slowly discovered elements of a subway system that takes you to 2 other areas as well as a key & lock system for boss houses. You also upgrade to a gun weapon & need to pick up bullets at new Police Stations all over the city. I was very shocked when I got to the final stage and wasn’t prepared for the game to open up the way that it did. It’s going to take me more time and practice to make a successful 1CC attempt for this game, but wow the workout I get for just the attempts! I ran out over a thousand calories in that one session so trying to 1CC this game has added benefits besides just being fun.

298296-street-cop-nes-media.jpgStreet Cop brings a lot to the Power Pad game experience that I wish there were in more games for the controller. I’m going to have more to say as my weeks working out with it continue, so make sure you follow along.

Check out my latest Power Pad Video!

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