Month: March 2017

Oh what a weekend!



Ok in a bit. Final Fight @zuquidity

Zuq  is an amazing streamer from Poland who I got into following from the 1CC-Athon last fall. He plays a wide range or arcade games and Mega Man 4 at 39:08, and Captain America & The Avengers at 16:24. However to me, the best runs are always the 1CC runs where you can watch them on his Twitch channel or his youtube. Here’s a clip of him iCC-ing Dungeons & Dragons with the fighter, no misses on the hardest difficulty. If you are into quality arcade gaming like I am, definitely give this guy a follow.

Ok I love ducks and if you subscribe to Murphagator ‘s stream you get to use these adorable little ducks in chat which are the best damn thing ever. Apparently ducks mean a bit more in the Murph world as lately he’s been displaying this image of a Sonic Duck from Yu-Gi-Oh on his streams. Murph has told the story before which involves him playing in a tournament using a simple deck which had Sonic Ducks in it, but I just like the image because it’s a rather doofy looking duck with a bucket on its head. What can top a duck with a bucket on it’s head? Oh, yeah- Karnov yelling BALLOON every few moments in Fighters History. I think the best response I got from drawing this guy was the one follower on my twitter who said he saw the art while watching & started saying “BALLOON” himself out loud and then his kids couldn’t stop saying it. Sorry, guy! BALLOON is too damn good :3


Happy PB! Super Ghouls n Ghosts @Aqy

I also checked out Aquas‘ speed run challenge of all the main Ghouls n Ghosts games (minus the spin-offs like Maximo) on Saturday when I made this larger piece. I am a huge fan of the GnG series and it was one of the first games we had on my brother’s NES system. I’ve never been able to finish a GnG game, but I am getting much better after watching Aquas speedrun these ghoulish games. This image will most likely be up for grabs and in the upcoming second issue of my zine. Speaking about my Zine…


OMG I have put together my first issue of my Dank Zine and I am sending it off to the printers Monday evening. After months of planing and running a campaign for 2 weeks I have manage to not only hit my first goal but to surpass my second goal and I’m still growing. There’s over 24 pages of full colour artwork, two great interviews and a few special you’ve never seen before things in the first issue. I am already working on the second and third issue as well to keep myself busy (as I wasn’t busy enough). If you want a copy of the first issue you can get one for $15 by backing the project thru Patreon or you can order another issue online but need to pay for additional shipping. You can cancel your subscription at anytime on Patreon for those who are a bit worried about payments and such, but if you keep funding the Dank Zine I’ll be able to add more pages, hire more content creators and keep making amazing Dank Art for everyone to enjoy. Just this past week I had another fun Dank Art giveaway to six people on my twitter feed where I simply just mail them one of the Dank Art’s that I make during one of the many streams I watch and make art for.


Each one of these Dank Arts were given away free to lucky twitter followers :3

If you want to get the first issue at the discount Patreon price make sure you back before MARCH 31st or you’ll be set up to back the second issue instead! I am already sending the files off this evening & I need the final order in by that day to fulfill my Patreon promises, so make sure you sign up before the 31st. 


Dawn before the weekend


Macaw45 was streaming almost every day this week so there’s a bunch of Birb related stuff to show off. There was a whole day of TMNT Gameboy Advance games that went on much longer than anticipated. The GBA games were based off the more recent cartoon retellings and the in sprite turtles looked a bit funny or had dents in their skulls. For the rest of the week, it was a mixed bag of strange DOS games followed up with dank SNES Beat’emUps. I really didn’t get the Stone Protectors game though it was really nice to look at and had a lot going for it considering I never heard of that franchise. When I searched for images related to Stone Protectors a lot of toys came up and they looked like those Troll toys but all beefed up to be “marketable to boys”. There was also a Noodle-Man Beat’emUp game where you shot noodles at enemies out of your belt… yeah. Ever since I found Macaw’s twitch stream I’m not surprised anymore about was has been made into a game.

LordBBH came back on Thursday with another roulette stream and rolled up a few choice games such as Gunbird, 1943 Kai and even Cotton. It was a total Shmup night, but I wasn’t complaining because I happen to enjoy a lot of Shmups. I enjoy drawing planes and I used to have a good set of models but I recently let them go to free up space in my apartment. I was also happy to see him play through Cotton as I have seen him do it before. Though BBH didn’t 1CC Cotton that evening, he does have it up on his youtube:


Spelunker- Chuboh

I felt like I got a lot of Spelunker in my life this week. Earlier in the week, Spelunker came up on BBH’s roulette and then on Friday I tuned in and watched Chuboh play through it. Spelunker is just one of those games where you either get it or you don’t. It’s a lot of item management, puzzle solving, platforming and maze mapping so if you are up for a very skilled challenge then give one of the game in the series a try.


G-G Gimmick! @Aquas

Aquas got into some Gimmick 2 which is a ROM hack of the original Mr Gimmick that features new levels, new enemies and some new challenges. It exists to give fans from the first game some new challenges as well as more merchandise for this obscure gem for the NES and Famicom. Currently, Aquas is making attempts to speed run this game so you should check up on his progress.




Street Cop: As it sits in my Retron Player


I put my Family Trainer away for a bit so I could focus on playing Street Cop. In Japan, this game is called Manhattan Police (マンハッタンポリス) and one of the more expensive games out for the Family Trainer. I am still looking for a copy of this game that’s listed at a better price, so in the meantime, I can play the NES version.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 13.53.58

Doggo Strats!!

After being stuck at the 4th stage for weeks my “Doggo” strats were paying off and I started to make more progress in the game only to discover that as you progress your world & city gets bigger. In the 6th stage, I slowly discovered elements of a subway system that takes you to 2 other areas as well as a key & lock system for boss houses. You also upgrade to a gun weapon & need to pick up bullets at new Police Stations all over the city. I was very shocked when I got to the final stage and wasn’t prepared for the game to open up the way that it did. It’s going to take me more time and practice to make a successful 1CC attempt for this game, but wow the workout I get for just the attempts! I ran out over a thousand calories in that one session so trying to 1CC this game has added benefits besides just being fun.

298296-street-cop-nes-media.jpgStreet Cop brings a lot to the Power Pad game experience that I wish there were in more games for the controller. I’m going to have more to say as my weeks working out with it continue, so make sure you follow along.

Check out my latest Power Pad Video!

Over the Weekend Affairs



Wow- That was so bad! I hope is doesn’t kill the franchise! Streets of Rage 3 @MURPHAGATOR 

Murphagator was torturing himself with Streets of Rage 3 which in my opinion isn’t the best game for the series. I was heavily into Streets of Rage 2 when I was a kid and I wanted to be Blaze for Halloween that year. I used to be pretty hardcore into SoR stuff and would highly defend the series and Sega when arguments would come up on the school yard about if SoR or Final Fight was the better Beat’emUp. Then SoR3 came out and… seriously theres a kangaroo character? Ok, sure. Kangaroos I guess are cool- oh they have the Kangaroo jean shorts? How does it use its pouch now? Yeah, I know only female kangaroos have pouches, but how do we know? By looking at those dumb cut-off jean shorts that is basically an oversized diaper. Also who’d hit kids and the elderly? Yeah well you can play as a kid & watch him get smacked around and same with the old guy. I know he’s suppose to have an old master background story but really. After SoR3 that was pretty much it for the franchise and only rumours existed about a possible 3D game featuring the characters and story on other systems. So yeah, SoR3 killed it. You can still pick it up & try to have some fun with it, but I never found SoR3 actually fun to play & the better game for me will always be SoR2. Mmm Love that game <3


Rock N Rage Arcade

I found out about Chuboh because as soon as Murph was done playing SoR games, he hosted him. Almost all of the followers I have come from people who have hosted someone else so I try to encourage people to do so when they end a stream. Chuboh is into the same kind of stuff I am into- strange and bizarre style games that are fun. When I caught his stream, Chuboh was playing thru a very interesting arcade game called Rock N Rage which is about this rock band that has its lead singer kidnapped and you choose one of the band mates to go rescue her. This game is also unique because Chuboh explained it actually had licensed music. That means they paid money to have tracks from Led Zeppelin and the Beatles to appear in the game. It kind of adds to the feel of the game because you are a rock band that plays your musical instruments to battle bad guys to save your singer. Definitely give Chuboh a follow and check out his streams!

In Birdland this past weekend, Macaw revisited both Cliffhanger and The Shadow, two extremely difficult Beat’emUps with interesting elements to them. Cliffhanger is just looks like a total pain to me- it has skill testing platforming that will really test your abilities mixed in with horribly long fighting sequences, but there is enough mix of the two styles to keep things interesting. The Shadow was an unfinished prototype game for SNES, so I can’t really make fun of it seeing as it never had a proper release. The major thing about The Shadow is that it’s over 2 hours long with no saves which is very taxing for a Beat’emUp and there’s a lot of strangeness to the actual fighting bits. It’s a shame though that this was never finished as it looks amazing and someone really wanted to make an epic style game to pay honour the comic book series and to be a tie in to the movie that it was possibly tied with. I can’t remember ever seeing this movie, but I have a feeling the movie didn’t do as well in the box office so that could explain why this game was never finished. Of course the two gems Macaw shared over the weekend was Skateboard Kid which was an Israeli developed DOS game that at first looked immensely poverty, but as he explored the game more it turned into something far more fun, challenging and entertaining. Also he quickly featured this game Gourmet Sentai which is a unique Beat’emUp with cooking elements to the gameplay. Thats right, I wrote that. It a Japan only SNES game, so if you can use a walkthru or know a little Japanese then totally pick up this game just so you can say you experienced it.

LordBBH played a bit of Sunset Riders on Sunday which I was excited for as I am currently working on some bigger Dank Art from the tiny one I created here. Sunset Riders is HUGE! I had no idea how much love is out there for this game and there should be as it’s crazy fun. I’m always down for watching someone try to do 1CC attempts of this incredibly hard arcade style game.
As always, Monday means MAME Roulette and where last week I only came out with a few Dank Art’s, this week I managed to create five individual Dank Arts for the evening. I usually only do that much for when BBH has Viewers Choice Extravaganzas. Though BBH might say that Monday was a lot of “What the fuck am I doing?” I was really happy he suffered through Final Fury 3 to finish it, painfully fell to his death in Spelunky, ate a bunch of ants, got Hotline Bling playing Mahjong with questionable women on the internet and finally experiencing the non-stop frustration of Final Blow, a overly-complicated boxing game.


Boxing. What are you doing? Final Blow @LordBBH

I want to make this one bigger and make a poster out of it so I can hang it on the wall and look at it when I have no idea why I am doing the dumb stuff I do in a day. This Dank Art sums it up. Thank you, BBH for all your suffering!


IMG_9635I am happy to say that I have recently made my second tier goal in my Patreon project in only a week! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all my backers and those who believed in me to make this possible. I spent all weekend working away at the layout, scanning everything in at the highest levels possible, and popping things in to get ready for printing.

It’s still a small little project, but I hope with the right amount of hard work, dedication and love that I can see a future for my Dank little Zine. I understand that crowdfunding can sometimes be seen in a bad light by those who abuse it, but thats why I spent over four months working and brainstorming a proper plan for this so that it works and I have something to give back to my backers besides just a pile of random images. The cool thing is if more people sign up, the Zine will grow in size and contributions which is what I hope will come from this. It’s far too soon to think like that now, though. The only thing I glad for is that my little Dank dream is coming true and I have so many people to thank for making it happen. Thank guys <3

If you want to get into the project, get Dank Art or want to learn more about my Dank Zine make sure you keep following my blog here and also check out my Patreon page where you can back the project and get an issue!



Another Strange week for us to meet


More TMNT Action! I do get happy when people put some sort of effort into their streams and come up with ideas such as marathons or weeks that feature a certain kind of game. Macaw45 is almost about to wrap up his TMNT Gauntlet where he was playing almost every 2D Turtles game. I should have posted these two in my last blog post, but since I had such a chaotic week at work I missed that chance and decided just to post them up now.

Macaw45 is from Australia so when he streams in his evenings it’s when I am waking up. Often the work I do for his streams are when I am making cups of coffee and figuring out what my days is going to be like. He showed off a bunch of neat Beat’emUps which I really enjoyed as I used to be really into that genre as a kid. A lot of the games he plays are Japanese, so it’s amusing when him or the chat comes up with their own ideas of what the translation should be. The only problem with morning streams is I often find myself cutting out early so I can get to work at my jobs.


Ninja’d Warriors @LordBBH

LordBBH got into playing The Ninja Warriors last night where he was making serious efforts to 1CC the game just because he’s been meaning to do it. The Ninja Warriors is one of those unique arcade games that was in one of those ultra large cabinets. It’s a side-scrolling Beat’emUp by Tatio that came out in 1987 and was unique due to its special mirror set up. It created a special effect that gave the appearance of a single giant screen that spanned 3 screens wide. Only a few games at the time used this method. Oh yeah, the game is tough as nails (probably why BBH wants to 1CC this game) and is very long. I have done Ninja Warriors Dank Art before & sold it, so having a chance to try another Kunoichi was fun.


TAKE IT EASY & keep on putting! Neo Turf Masters @SRKfunkdoc 

Funkdoc is back!! He took some time off after the holidays to sort out some life stuff, but he’s back here and there doing 1CC requests for his subs. Currently he’s doing practice runs of Neo Turf Masters which actually is a lot harder then you think. I hope he gets his golf on and gets that 1CC he’s been working for all this week cause I have seen him online and working hard for it.

IMG_9422I also took time this week to work on a few commissions and special Dank Zine stuff which I can’t show publicly yet (aw shucks) but I can show you the process of this awesome larger Twin Eagle 2 Dank Art that might be featured in the Dank Zine depending if I get another $50 sponsor for the first issue or not. Also Birdland is the emoji that keeps on giving.



OMG I’m so close to my second goal it’s crazy. It seems like such a small number when you look at other crowd funding projects online but it’s my first time and I really wanted to make small steps with this. Thank you so much to everyone who’s backed me so far with this because I was worried I wouldn’t even get 10 people at the $3 range. Here I am almost 5 days into it and I’m close to making my second goal with the rest of the month open.

One of the big things I had to do for this project was to buy a new scanner that could carry the colour range that I wanted so you can see all the neat tone and shade variants in the Dank Art I make. It just arrived and now I can not only scan in the art for the Zine, but I can scan in ALL my Dank Art to archive. I also sat down this week and worked out a layout that I am going to use as I couldn’t find a decent template that would showcase the square images.

I also got my paper samples from the printer and that’s really got me excited. I can’t wait to pull this entire project together and start sharing my Zine with everyone! If you want to be part of this project then you should get in there and help me make it happen!

Click here to see my Patreon page and how you can sign up 



Roulette, Dank Art, Dank Zine & yes all this happened in one day


Personally I love the idea of having someone just taking a crack at every single game for a system that they can get their hands on. I’m not going to play every game myself, but I do enjoy seeing things I don’t normally get to when I watch someone else’s random torture- I mean “random game playing”. Most of the people who I follow (or used to follow) on Youtube were making attempts at doing just that. I’m not sure if they gave up or got busy with other projects as I don’t hear much from that group of players anymore. In fact, a lot of my attention has been focused on watching people stream games live rather then going on Youtube to watch a Let’s Play or something that has been recorded. I think my own answer is my streamers fulfil my constant need for content where almost everyone I was subbed to on Youtube hardly ever produces content. Maybe my answer is to find new people to follow, which I have, but I am often waiting for them to put effort and time into making beautiful and informative videos. Thats great, but I wanna watch people play games & no one needs a production crew to do that.

The best part about LordBBH’s roulette is that it’s always around the same time ever Monday evening & has been for a year. It’s there when I get off work on a day that I wouldn’t have anything going on in the first place to encourage me to make Dank Art. I follow a lot of people on Twitch but everyone has their own schedules and often they don’t fit with mine because of how hard I work.

In saying that, I am totally in love with that Twin Eagle 2 Dank Art & I’m so going to paint it larger. This wouldn’t have happened without BBH & the randomness of that Roulette!

Macaw is about halfway playing every 2D TMNT game he could get his hands on. I’m still cranking out piles of Dank Art featuring more of the hilarious side to the games- usually it’s the image of Shredder coming out of the TV in one of its numerous story-arcs for the games. I really like the group images that have lots of detail for the Dank Arts I do and it’s great seeing people’s reactions when I post them online. Macaw will beat every game even if it means restarting the game to ensure that win with more continues if needed, so I know I have a bit more time to put into these Dank Arts vs a Roulette stream where it could be done with in 20 minutes.

Aquas is settling into this monster-like regiment of playing Ninja Gaiden, Mr. Gimmick, and then a series of Ghouls n Ghosts or Super Ghouls n Ghosts or Ultimate Ghouls. It’s a serving of really incredibly punishing games and he speedruns them instead of drinking coffee when he wakes up. That’s rather impressive for me as I’m utterly useless until I inject several cups of coffee in me so I can sit up long enough to focus on what I’m doing after I wake up. Anyway, here’s some mad Gimmick love & one tootin’ one for Pasky.


IMG_9337I am very happy to say that in under one day I have met my goal on my Dank Zine Patreon project. I’m now only $85 away from my second goal so I can make 20 books. A Dank Zine is a lot of work and I want to be very open and talkative about what I am doing and where I am taking this project.

Today I spent a bunch of money for a very nice scanner so I can get the best scans possible of each piece of media I am using for each book. I originally thought was to photograph each image on a cool backdrop but that meant a lot more work then needed so I scrapped it. I also sat down and make layouts templates for the magazine itself as I can’t seem to find templates that will work with the square format that my Dank Art originally is made on. By this weekend I should be popping images into the template and rolling out my first rough draft for people to preview in the Discord room I have made to encourage creator & backer engagement.

I’m also starting to sit down with my top backers to figure out what custom pieces they want me to work on so I can have those images featured prominently in the book. I’m easy going and if you want to influence my work this is a great project to back to do just that. I’m always set up now to take backers & if you want in for the first issue you better get in there soon. Please go back me at 



Screenshot 2017-03-13 11.59.01.png

I’ve been hinting at a few projects I wanted to do and one of them was a printed book in some capacity. The best way to get all of my art into something printed would be a monthly magazine. I have set up a Patreon to do just that after months of careful planning.

When I was 13 I made my own Zine. I kept doing it right up till I was 20 and stopped doing it as I started writing and producing content for other publications. The main reason why I stopped making one is I no longer had access to a free photocopier. Paying for small print runs is expensive and I figured people we’re so over printed stuff.

Each issue is $15 where most of it is going to the printing and shipping. The more people who subscribe the better the content as I’ll have more funding to put time in to focus on it. As well, since the higher rewards focus on commissions supporting on a higher tier is an incentive to influence the content.

I have very simple goals to start. My first goal is to get 10 people to sign up and then work my way to 20. As I write this I am happy to say I have already made my first goal of 10 issues and now I am working towards going for 20!!!!

I want to keep each issue content heavy, full colour, and of good quality. I want to leave things open for potential growth with this project, but keep my expectations small to start. The original idea behind this was to offer the people who wanted a collection of my art to get just that. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you in the Discord chat to collaborate on cool new ideas!


Macaw45 is still working his way through the TMNT Gauntlet where he’s playing through all the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles 2D classic games. This has been really fun to follow of the last few days though I am not that big of a Turtles fan as I have already mentioned, but drawing TMNT is such a fun thing to do. You can make those Turtles do anything. That was the good and bad thing about TMNT. Cowboy Turtle? Sure! Caveman Turtle? OK! Turtles wearing masks as toys? That happened. There is just something super marketable about these characters which is why generation after generation they keep coming back to make being a kid awesome again.
I’m actually impressed at Macaw’s knowledge of TMNT lore as when he plays he’s constantly talking about storylines from the TV show that I vaguely remember or only half knew about from picking up comic books. If you can’t watch these live make sure you check out the vod’s on his Twitch as they are entertaining.

Murphagator spend the weekend playing Guardians, also known as Denjin Makai 2. I’m super into this arcade Beat-em’up as it’s crazy easy and theres so much detail given to the enemies and backgrounds. I’m impressed that Murph owns the board to this game as it’s not a very popular game (I NEVER saw a machine of this as a kid- only came across it in MAME). Like I’ve mentioned before, my hat always goes off to those streamers on Twitch who put themselves thru hell to stream using the original hardware as it’s not an easy task to do.


Famicom Splatterhouse is fun. I got a first hand introduction at how amazingly fun Splatterhosue is by the two people who speed run the game, @Sacaitlin & @Zallard1 though they much prefer to play the mature arcade version of this spooky game. In fact, you should CLICK THAT VIDEO of Caitlin just owning that World Record at the Galloping Ghost Arcade. You should follow both though as they are amazing players!

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti is close to what you would find in a Splatterhouse game. Our hero Rick is undead in a mask who needs to rescue Jennifer, his girlfriend from a bunch of spooky ghosts inside of a haunted house. The big deal about this game is that its cute yet still owns up to being rather spooky with gross guts bosses, severed hands and gross maggot things. It’s more of a platformer game then a Beat’em-up, but I am not complaining as it’s a highly addictive game with lots of detail.

Totally worth your money picking up one of these if you have a Famicom!



Screenshot 2017-03-13 12.03.15.pngI finally finished my play through of both Police Quest 1 & 2 for DOS over the weekend. By far my choice game out of the entire series of Police Quest games is Police Quest 2 just because it has a more fleshed out world and they got rid of the driving “arcade” game from the first (I should make a compilation of all the crashes I did when I streamed it on Twitch).

Police Quest 1 & 2 were a big part of my young life. When I was a kid I would always stop by my friend’s house for lunch to play on the “old computer” that her dad had stuck in the basement to make room for his new “Windows Machine” upstairs. Even though that old computer was already dated by the time we got our hands on it as kids it was hours of entertainment playing thru this crazy collection of Sierra software.

You could say it all started in Heather’s basement, my love affair with classic computers as it was from that moment on that I caught the bug & started getting into all sorts of shenanigans in our school computer lab. I am happy that I can still play these games today and relive the memories.

The other cool thing about Police Quest is the crazy story behind how such a concept even came around. I’ve read several interviews and it’s even quoted on Wikipedia about how Ken Williams was looking to make a seriously detailed police simulator and by chance the woman who cut his hair was married to Jim Walls, a veteran of the California State Troopers who was on leave from work after a traumatic incident. Them meeting lead to a seriously amusing squash game which in turn got Ken to talk Jim into writing a simple script and make a game designer out of man who could only type using two fingers (Computers were still a new thing for the California Police Dept).

There are people who dedicate their lives to designing great games and every now and then someone who’s never even coded before gets a great idea and runs with it. I’m glad these people take risks and go for it as thats how we keep games interesting instead of being the same thing over and over again.

Check out my vod here and see the thrilling ending to Police Quest 2 in Two parts because something happened to my Internet halfway thru the game :p

PAX Weekend & Pile of Dank Art


I won’t be going to PAX East this year, but if you are going make sure you stop by my friend’s over at Fangamer and their booth and say hi! You’ll be able to find them if you follow the sweet sounds of the Super Soul Bros. who are performing live at the Fangamer booth.

I’ve been mulling around following Fangamer shenanigans for a long time now. I’m so happy to see my friends grow with their dreams and designs as a company and as people. You want to know amazing people then get to know Fangamer. They make incredible stuff and always try to bring a little extra to the table when they do an event or roll out a new product.

It’s also been six years of PAX with Fangamer! Look at these damn kids in these photos from the first booth build back in those early PAX days. Wishing you guys all the love and success this year!



When LordBBH isn’t torturing himself playing MAME Roulette, Thursday nights are more about the games he wants to play. I love the randomness of the roulette streams, but often I just prefer a good game over a hilariously terrible one. What separates a good game from a bad one? If it’s not fun to play it’s a bad game. I’ve seen BBH find hidden gems in games like Time Tunnel because despite the game looking a certain way or acting up, there’s some element of fun to it. You never know what is going to happen with a roulette which is the most appealing thing about doing one, but it’s also nice the BBH will play things he’s really good at as well as he’s pretty good at what he does.



This really busts my barrels! Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts @Aqy

Aquas is the Ghouls n Ghosts go to guy in my opinion. I’ve known how incredibly punishing the Ghouls n Ghosts/Ghosts n Goblins series can be first hand as one of the first games I ever played was Ghosts on the NES. Finishing any one of these games is a tremendous feat of concentration, skill and just knowing the game. Currently, he’s streaming a lot of Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts on his PSTV  which is an amazing game to play and watch. Aquas has a video list on his youtube that has all his World Record attempts in one place.


There was a break in the TMNT Gauntlet and instead Macaw was going to play hot and steamy romance novels for the Sega Genesis. Actually no, it was a game called “Generation Lost” which came out in 1994 when Sega was self-rating it’s games in an attempt to address to the US Senate. It’s like a futuristic post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure game with the art design was done by Bruce Straley who around that time was already known for his artwork in the Genesis X-Men game (which I played hours as a kid) and currently is known for his work on “The Last of Us” and Uncharted. The game has a close feel to Flashback

Last year around this time Macaw45 broke his arcade stick& pulled it apart live on stream. Every now and then it’s eery ghost will come back to haunt him & hand down several stream-killing technical issues. I just made the ghost part up though so I could make the Ghost of Old Stick Dank Art.

TMNT, DRUNK & Nintendon’t



Macaw started doing this TMNT Gauntlet where he’s playing thru all the 2D Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle games. There’s no way he can do it all in one sitting so this will be featured on his channel for a bit. The best highlights are from when he was playing through the tough as nails NES TMNT game and was totally generated by the Technodrome and then by Shredder. If you grew up in the 90’s then you’ll definitely know about the Turtles as they were everywhere when I was a little kid. It’s weird because I wasn’t really into the Turtles as a kid though I did find myself watching the TV series when there was nothing else on, but I never really understood the hype outside of the comics and the video games. Maybe that passed over me because I was younger but then again I was a strange child & when my friends were getting hardcore into things like TMNT I was getting into underground adult comics and getting into all sorts of trouble for bringing that garbage to school with me.


Currently, I am hyped up listening to Thundercat’s Drunk album which was released this past February.


“Just gotta get thru this day, yo…”

I’ve been listening to Thundercat kind of unexpectedly when I started being more and more obsessed with Flying Lotus back in 2014. When “You’re Dead” dropped I was immediately drawn to the tracks where Thundercat was featured with his unique thick basslines and crazy falsetto backups. It’s a sound fusion of Funk, Hip-Hop and Jazz and they perform rather on point for a live performance group (which is getting rare these days).

Noted tracks right now are of course “Friend Zone” (any song that talks about Diablo & Mortal Kombat has my vote) as well as “Where I’m Going” and “Walk on By”.

Power Pad Junk

Screenshot 2017-03-09 10.21.37.pngI can only really manage an hour’s worth of foot pad games before I get too tired or my feet start to hurt. However I am getting better and working out a lot of the crazy camera issues I was having when I first had this layout working. I tried one of the other games blind, something that I really didn’t want to do when I was setting out to do these streams but I figured “why not” and literally jumped into it. I gave “Baby Kyonshi no Amida Daiboken” a whirl after trying a few rounds of “Metro Daisakusen” which is the dungeon crawler game. Baby is a rather silly game where you constantly need to jump around to save your family or girlfriend. I haven’t figured out who these people are yet, when I play I like to think were going after our girlfriend but its going to get awkward if I find out were saving our family after the way I was playing the game last night. You can check out the vod here!

On a side note, here’s and example of what the prices for “Street Cop” are going for on Ebay. The prices for these games are really off and I recommend if you are thinking of picking up a Family Trainer you wait to see if you can find bundled games complete in box over individuals which might fetch ridiculous prices. Remember I only paid $150 CAN for a Pad & 6 games complete in box!! I understand some games are more rare than others, but I also know if I wait i’ll find a seller who actually wants to sell his games.


I got crazy sick just after participating in the Nintendon’t 3 event so I didn’t get a chance to really talk about it. This was a really fun event where I got to play with a bunch of other Twitch streamers for a week where we played everything and anything that wasn’t Nintendo. I got up to crazy Dreamcast Fishing, but a lot of my other friends were featured in this mix bag of fun such as Owl, Bouphe, Fantastic Planet, Macaw, Goati and more. Check out this awesome completion video and make sure you follow some of these awesome players as this was a fun event & I am happy I got a chance to be featured this year.

Wishing You All The Best


Make the most of your vacation buckazoid! Space Quest 3 @3FG_Inc

I have been drawing art for my friends’ streams for a while now but it’s been one year since I made a choice to really take it someplace. It was also Puri_Puri who gave it a name, dank as it is Dank Art has stuck around and I have been making a lot of it.

I could always look forwards to Puri’s evening streams as I tend to stay up later and get work in on my many projects. I first followed Puri for his Shenmue speed runs but stuck around because he would play other games I was into such as Space Quest 3. He was playing through a bunch of PS1 games which ambitious as it was it gave him a lot of variety to offer someone who was looking for a nice stream to follow along with.
On Monday, Puri made an announcement that he was quitting streaming full time at 5 days a week so he could pursue other projects in life. There will always be the chance of the occasional stream but the glory days are over. Thank you for all the fun & being a part of my Dank Art Adventures, Puri! I wish you the best in all your future projects.


LordBBH is still celebrating a whole year of Mame Roulette on his Twitch streams and since he’s been putting all this effort in on looking back I have been as well! I will be looking back at over a year of Dank Art in the next coming weeks where I will post up some of the best Dank Art’s that I created in 2016. This weeks Roulette I didn’t get much of the chance to make a lot of Dank Art for it- I had a few other projects on the go and I wasn’t feeling a lot of the games that were coming up in the mix. I don’t do Dank Art to every game, only the ones that really stand out for me and often I want to draw good games. Part of the fun of the roulette is you never know what you will get!

I checked out a bit of Trap stream on Monday evening as well because Trap usually always streams from the original hardware may that be from his actual arcade cab to any of the random game consoles he has lying around. With streaming from original hardware you can run into many technical issues that are often fixed with you choose to emulate some of these retro games on Twitch. I myself try to stream from the original hardware myself if I can so I always try to support those who go the distance to offer people a little bit more when it comes to a stream.

It’s funny that Macaw was streaming Guardians in the wee hours of Sunday morning because earlier on Sunday Murphagator was having fun playing around with the same game. I did a bunch of cool sketches for a few smaller posters from Murph’s stream on Sunday which I will be showing off soon, but because I already got warmed up jumping into these smaller Dank Arts were quite easy & I got them in just before I went to sleep.


I got a little box all the way from Jolly England! I wish I took a photo of what it looked like in the mail box as they had it in a HUGE pickup pigeon hole and for the size of the box that was rather amusing. I was quite happy to open it up and discover a little derpy-cute Kirby looking back at me. Thank you so much for the cute gift, Bouphe!! You totally made my day and are really kind. I brought him to work & had him hanging around there for a while :3


Thank you thank you thank you! I will give him a good home :3

If you haven’t noticed already I have been blogging a lot more frequently! This is all part of changes I wanted to do for my blog so I can keep things a bit more frequent rather then rushing at the end of the week to dump out a huge pile. Also, you should see some new and exciting stuff FINALLY happening this week for me! Make sure you are following/subscribed to my blog and watching for the updates in twitter as they will be happening a lot more often!