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How to find the 2 hidden mini-games in Mahō Shōjo Fancy Coco – UPDATES!

Did you know that in Mahō Shōjo Fancy Coco, there are hidden mini games to be found? In my most recent article, I talked about my own experience playing this game. After unlocking the mini games, I was shocked to have the entire game glitch out on me. However, this is not the end to the hidden content in this game. Read on!

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Policenauts & 3 More Dank Updates for Summer 2019

Policenauts Policebauts is a graphic adventure game by Konami, written and directed by Hideo Kojima. It initially saw a release for the PC-9821 in 1994, but I played the Playstation port that came out in Japan in 1996. The PlayStation version featured full-motion cell animated cutscenes, but most fans agree that this game’s original classic …

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Retro Games, Snatcher MSX2 & Policenauts

I finally finished MXS2 Snatcher two weeks ago, checking off another game in my classic Kojima retro games playthroughs. I had been trying to play the MSX2 version for a while, but due to my setup limitations, the translation patch would always breakdown mid-game causing large dumps of garbled text. With my new set up …

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Catching up Two years? Get out of here. That’s right- I’ve been making Dank Zine’s for two years now and to help celebrate making the world Dank I have made a special two-in-one issue which is coming out this week. It’s been a wild ride of ups and downs, especially in the last few months …


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Nintendon’t go breaking my heart

Issue 18 is out NOW Issue 18 is out and has been mailed out to all my Patreon backers!!! If you want to get this issue, make sure to get your orders in at my Dank Shop or back my patreon to get your issue today. This month we interview Angrylanks who is known not …

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