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MSX Adventures

Since I got Windows working on my Mac, I have been going back to some of the translated versions of games that I love for the MSX, mainly Snatcher. When I was trying to play thru this game before on my Mac set up, I was using an emulator called Coco things were running smoothly until the text started to muddle and layer all over itself. Guys. Pro tip: the easy fix for many emulation problems on a Mac is to run Parallels and play games using Windows. I have been pulling my hair out for years trying to get retro games to work on my Mac with not great results, so breaking down and getting Windows was my last resort. I’m not even mad.


The first game I am re-looking at on the MSX is Snatcher, which came out in 1988 by the infamous Hideo Kojima. Earlier in the year, I played through SD Snatcher on my Mac and talked a lot about the JRPG mechanics and differences between that and the last Sega CD port. Playing the game now, I share how the game was initially intended to play as a dramatic film noir visual novel. When you compare MSX Snatcher to the later ports, there are many similarities as it was an almost direct port; however, a bunch of things were changed or censored due to graphic violence, overtly sexual themes and copyright violations.

I’m playing a strange translation of MSX Snatcher that needs a re-edit. You might think that’s a high negative, but the Engrish is a whole new level of entertainment when I stream it. Unfortunately, this game will most likely never see a re-release and get a proper translation, so that means its emulation and fan translations all the way.

Another exciting thing we discovered in my play-through of the game is the arcade gun test modules. The human faces look exactly like my pal and speedrunner Zallard1. Now I have more incentive not to shoot the humans as I don’t want to shoot my buddy Zallard1.

Dank Art

Lots of older stuff with newer stuff this week! I’m scanning these for the next issue of the Zine and touching up a few of the pieces where I rushed thru to get them done for the chats.

UnBoxing Boyz!

A strange yet wonderful package arrived this week with a lot of cool gifts. Thank you so much to the anonymous gifter for this beautiful surprise package full of everything I love. I have not been well the last few weeks, and I have been in and out of the hospital. When I checked my mail this week, I almost fell over with excitement at the strange package in there. I cannot thank you enough, and I will make good use of it in future streams and feature many of the contents in future UnBoxing photo features in the Dank Zine.

For those who don’t know, I’ve started a new feature in the Zine where I feature photo spreads of some of the cool stuff in my collection that I have acquired over the years. It’s almost like doing an exciting unboxing online but 2D (lol).


It’s the long weekend which means I’m stuck working this Sunday. Don’t worry, my cozy Sunday stream will be moved to Monday, and I should be going through many fun games that day. I want to go through and play a bunch of stuff from my existing systems, so if you have the day off Monday, spend it with me, and we will go through a bunch of fun stuff in the comfort of my cozy apartment.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been quite sick. Many of you might have noticed that I have dramatically changed in a short time. It is a little scary, but a lot of it has to do with my thyroid, and I have been working a lot with my doctors to figure out what the next step will be. I will keep you all posted on what is going on as I don’t want to alarm anyone if I have to step away for a bit. All I can say is, please don’t worry because it is what it is, and I’ll do my best not to let it slow me down.

The Zine should be arriving Tuesday so stay tuned for giveaways, updates and chances to get free Dank stuff!

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