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Going for a World Record never seemed like an afterthought because I like playing Seaga Marine Fishing. I’ve been shaking a fishing rod at my Dreamcast for three years, 1CCing the arcade mode and having a lot of fun in the process. If you’ve caught any of my streams where I’m fishing, I’m usually just cracking jokes, yelling at polygon sharks and screaming “ITS HUUUUUUUUGE” when I get the big fish. I decided to look up the World Record and was stunned to discover that my time was around a good minute and a half faster than the current ranking.

The thing about a world record is that as soon as you go for one, there’s going to be several other people who will try and crush it. I held the world record for a good day before someone else took it away from me. I knew that I could get a better time with my fishing if I focused more on the game instead of joking around. Sure enough, my current time is now 5:29 and in the lead. One of the best things to come from all of this was clicking into IcKY’s stream when he was doing runs and finally meeting someone else who was playing this game. One of the best things about playing games in this community is making friends along the way, and I am hopeful other people are hungry enough to want to go for the World Record themselves.


Also, props to Dasyati for making this fantastic Dank Sega Marine Fishing Art for me! Dasyati does Dank Art for the zine as well, and if you want to submit your work, please email me your stuff to agento@hotmail.com, and it might get in!

Fishing for Dank Updates

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You’ll be noticing a change to the format from now on with the Zine as the company I was printing with before closed, and I had to find someone else local to help with production. To help cut down on costs, it’s worth me looking for a company that is as local as possible as shipping a box of Zines from another country costs way more than me having to go pick it up. Hopefully, things should be a bit smoother with this new company.


This month’s sticker was ultra-cute featuring the Poochy and his pupper crew. I have stacks of stickers still available so I will be including more stickers in the next instalment of orders. If you want a sticker, pick one up in the Dank Shop soon before they are gone.

Dank Art

As always, I’m up to making lots of Dank Art to numerous streams for your enjoyment. If you back the zine at the right levels, you get a chance to grab one of my originals or even commission me to make some personalized Dank Art. Check out this amazing piece I made for Volwrath that he recently got framed. I love it when my work is framed :3


New Dank T-Shirt in the Dank Shop

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Get the new Dank Zine T-Shirt and wear it when you watch Dank Streams- or at work… if your work is easy going like that. You can grab the new shirt up at the Dank Shop here. All funds collected from the Dank Shirt go right back into making the Zine more wacky and fun (and possibly my UberEats spending).

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