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With EVO starting up this week and the cult of Pokemon Go taking over the world I didn’t have as much streams to work from. LordBBH did have a Monday night Mame Arcade Roulette, but with the upcoming competition most of his time was spent getting ready for the event. My hopes are that the next time he streams he could do a summary of the events at the competition as only poked in a few times over my weekend. There were a few good moments in these streams, especially the X-Men Arcade stuff. I used to be a huge X-Men comic collector when I was a kid & it was fun to return to drawing these characters again. Also I made BBH a Sheep Dank Art so he could have a causal Sheep to use.

I got to do a quick Q&A with my pal Tomato last week and amazingly Poemato CX made a return to Twitch! PMCX is one of my fave streams to tune into and where I started pumping out Dank Art. They went back to live-translating this obscure Japanese game called Tomato Adventure that has a lot of cute moments and I hope that they start streaming again on the regular. Definitely follow & check out their very cute and chill stream and discover something different.

Streaming through the week Aquas was back with Muchi Muchi Pork runs, possibly one of the more insane bullet hell shmups I have seen. It also stars these adorable pig girls on bikes. Pig girls? Aquas explains a bit of the plot each time he plays though the only thing you need to know is that there’s cute pig girls on bikes.
MURPHAGATOR did a few Streets of Rage 2 runs on Saturday afternoon Streets of Rage 2 being one of my all time fave games for the Sega Genesis. Murph found a neat way to overlay my Dank Art on his splits so when he was doing speedruns my work was featured right there. Thank you, Murph! I’m always happy that people like my work and incorporate it with their streams. That’s what Dank Art is all about, sharing in the experience of playing games with friends.
Funkdoc got up to more of that Jackie Chan arcade game he showed off a few weeks ago. He wanted to show me this incredibly cheap move by this one character in the game where you just spam the butt-attack for an easy kill. It’s probably not the best strategy to win, but it certainly is a crowd pleaser. That in itself deserved some Dank Art.

Macaw got up to playing PC Engine & PC 9801 style games from a few Shmups to some Beat em’ Up’s through the week. He wanted to show off a few games he had stored on the system that he’s only briefly went through to get an idea if it should be played on stream or not. All of these games are Japanese so if it’s heavy in text or heavy in content not suitable to stream he’s gotta spend some time off stream to figure out if it’s worth playing through or not. Often the game is only worth peeking thru quickly to get more of an idea of how and what were games for these older and obscure systems.

Thursday night when I was walking home I got ambushed by a freak severe thunderstorm. I was still quite a distance from home, so I had to seek shelter under a building & wait it out. The winds & rain was so ridiculously intense that my umbrella broke & my shoes were torn to shreds. Just another reason to buy new shoes & my choice was to order clearly the best Van’s on the American website: the DabsMyla slip-ons. DabsMyla  is one of my fave artists out there & I had the pleasure of meeting them in LA at an art show a few years back. Their style is major hype- follow them 100%


I didn’t stay too long at the Market this past Saturday. I had a lot of things on my plate this weekend & I wasn’t feeling great after Thursday’s storm. I did finish the painting I have been working on and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The best part about creating something is finishing and I understand for many out there just finishing is a feat in itself. That’s why Dank Art is important to me because it gets me hours into using and practicing my skills to finish small projects. I don’t sit down and think “Let’s make a collection”, I like to flow into something naturally and the best way to do that is effortlessly without fear. If I put 3 to 4 hours of art in each day I can go to create and finish the larger pieces with confidence.

The weekend was packed with work, though it was the kind of work that’s fun because it was a photo assignment weekend. I covered the Friday night Classic Car show that I had been promoting in an insane online campaign for months. There was a lot of successes with this event and my team & I rocked it. So many people came out to this thing and it was the event to go to in town. It’s so rewarding to be apart of a positive event for the community.
I also checked out the modest Rib Festival that was over at the Fairgrounds. I was reading online posts that people were not happy with the Ribfest, but CLEARLY these people don’t enjoy ribs or are hardcore rib snobs. I went alone to Ribfest to maximise my rib eating experience and sat there ramming racks of ribs in my face reading a book off my phone. I went for the ribs, I ate the ribs, I went home and sprawled out on my couch and went into a hardcore rib-coma drooling all over myself because I am a lady of class. I would say 8/10 event because I came, I saw, and I conquered.
Sunday I spent most of my day off playing Earthbound, but I did get done a bunch of cleaning and I went for a very long discovery walk at the base of the Escarpment. One of my clients has this “Explore your neighbourhood” idea so I have set up a map and stuck pins in it to go discover all the cool places in my Town and take photos. I used to be ace at doing this already, but the landscape is changing and evolving rapidly around here so it’s just as well I get out there and check it out. I did make sure to take care of my feet when I went out for this adventure.

I have a new desk set up in the game room where I can start to clean up Dank Arts and get them ready to mail out. I guess it’s my new shipping room :p
I picked up an antique dresser that I am using to store and file arts as well as envelopes and art supplies. It’s nice to have a little work space like this so I can keep on top of my ideas and help to get things done and shared with people.



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