Month: August 2016

You wave your torch into my eyes


I went right back into playing Snatcher for the Sega CD on Sunday morning.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.20.51.png

OMG he’s got a gun!! WHERE’S MY SHOOT???

I finished act 1, however I have an open guide with me now for moments where I’m 100% stumped. This game makes Cobra feel like a walk in the park with the amount of options and at times it can get really frustrating when you’ve missed one little option in the menu and need to backtrack. It’s worth it as there’s an immense sense of satisfaction when you complete an area and make progress. This game throws gritty cyber-punk story elements in your face with hard violence and adult situations. Plus if you are a Kojima fan or remember the good old days when Konami was great you’ll enjoy spotting references, cameos and recycled elements from past/future games.


Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.18.19.png

Any game that has a seedy looking bar scene is my kind of game

When I was 12 I used to go to W.H. Smith’s in the mall to buy all my books and by chance that’s where I would find copies of Sega Mean Machines. It was an imported UK Sega gaming magazine which would come to $12 an issue and once a month my dad would give me $15 to fetch it. Against better judgment I would take these to school to read on my lunch but I got picked on by the girls in my class. I eventually started eating lunch in the computer lab because I didn’t need their shit. They were all into 90210 and still played with Barbie’s which I thought was obnoxious. Anyway, I got my first glimpses of Snatcher in the pages of that magazine and was blown away at how violent and sexy looking it was.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.22.29

better than Barbie

This is exactly what I wanted video games to be when I was a child. It was the same kind of excitement you’d get watching a movie or reading a book though it was way more stimulating because of how invested you felt towards the characters and story. It’s just great that this game is everything I’ve always dreamed it would be and that I can actually play it as it’s one of those elusive rare games for the Sega CD. I am a collector, but there are some games I’ll never own simply because of a collectors market.


Almost everyone I watch is getting ready for the 1CC Marathon Pasky is organizing. This is amazing news for me, not just because I am in it, but because a lot of my favourite games are being practiced and in turn means better Dank Arts as I am more excited and familiar with the games streamed.

Lord BBH was practicing NARC and I think he’s going to stick to playing it on Thursdays along with all the other games he’s entered. I love NARC. I remember seeing this game in arcades and thinking how insane and amusing the whole concept was. It’s a crime fighting game on drugs- everything is to the extreme and it doesn’t hold back in its zaniness. Mow crack dealers down with a car, arrest criminals or shoot them down, face off with the Big Boss at the end for some of the most “on drugs” end bosses you’ll ever see. It doesn’t just say “Drugs are a Crime”, it punches the message in crimes face for your amusement. Did I mention I like NARC? BBH also had his 600th Viewer Extravaganza on Saturday where for hours he played nothing but requests from his followers randomly for several hours. I sat in for most of it and made a bunch of fun Dank Art for the occasion. I like the randomizer, though I squirm when the viewers choice comes up as everyone always wants BBH to play the worst game in the list rather than the obvious good choice. I get that some games are really terrible and are an experience, but when total garbage wins over a quality game it’s not as entertaining for me unless I can salvage it with something supremely dank. Oh well- you take some and you lose some.

On certain Sundays, iast has a Shmups Randomizer which is totally worth checking out if you are into Shmups. Since a lot of Shmups are technical in design or focuses on the shooting itself it’s harder to come up with concepts for Dank Art. When I can capture something from a game I get very excited. It’s also a great chance for me to actually draw planes, cars, or any vehicle as it’s a challenging object for me to whip up quickly.
Fantastic Planet has this passion for PS1 games and though he’s not on a mission to play every single one like Puri Puri, he finds crazy over looked titles and tries to complete them just out of the sheer challenge. Occasionally he’ll do a Time Gal playthru (which I am a huge fan of). This was a strange Magical Girl style game called chou kousoku gran doll and it had a very strange Magical Girl ending. I think I am the only one who’s done chou kousoku gran doll fan art,
Pjoxt is a wizard and likes games with Wizards in them because that’s what the society of Wizards do when they are not out wizarding. I have this amusing back story that Pjoxt works at his local Wizard factory and it’s basically a large building with many different hallways and rooms where he walks around performing acts of wizardry and occasionally all hell breaks loose when some clumsy hero with a sword comes in & starts hacking up the place. You THINK being a Wizard is like Harry Potter, but it’s a lot of dungeon crawling, hardcore strategy, complex quests and endless wizardry conquests to dark terror core metal. That’s what I think when I think of Wizards.
I also like tuning into ex_Mortis’s casual streams as he plays a random selection of whatever he likes and it’s more about hanging out and enjoy the game and the chat- kind of what I really like about video games with friends. Just hanging out and enjoying the game together on a lazy afternoon instead of wasting it in a pub or a shopping centre (do people still think shopping is fun??)
Murphagator was playing one of my favourite beat em ups for the Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2. This is a rare occasion when I couldn’t photograph or upload the Dank Art mainly because I’m at work or working in a cafe with really crumbs internet and too many people. I loved this game as a kid not just because it was fun and I loved pretending I was Blaze turbo kicking the crud out of everything. I had an overactive imagination as a child and had this whole back story for her and wanted to dress up as her for Halloween. My mom thought the costume wouldn’t be appropriate for a 11-year-old girl. Blaze is incinerating class over other girls from games I could have dressed up as (looking at you, Camando-ass Cammy… who I dressed up for Halloween when I was 24 :/)

I couldn’t sleep much this week so I was happy that Macaw was doing 1CC attempts of The Super Spy, a game that is dominated by BBH. Don’t believe me? Look up the strategy guide he wrote for it here. It’s a “Punch-Out” style Neo Geo game where you fight a team of terrorists who try to take over buildings and bring down the establishment. You don’t get any weapons on starting, but you pick up things like a knife that rusts super fast or guns that hostages have recovered. Theres also only one female bad-guy character, but she crazy bad and majorly difficult. Her name is Pink & she’s like top-tier Femme Fatale. I showed some concept art to my buddy Sarah who loves to paint FF’s and even she commented that she was dangerous. Why not make her the final boss? I could totally see the world’s evilest terror group being run by a woman. Besides lots of Super Spy, Macaw played a bunch of interesting DOS games, the stand out one being Robinson’s Requiem. It’s a space survival simulation game where your character is stranded on a strange planet and you got to explore this dangerous landscape while using your wits to survive. When I was in grade 6 (and I think for most Canadian’s in grade 6) I was forced to watch Voyage of the Mimi and do all the painfully ridiculous educational programs that came with it. I always figured this style of education was a total cop-out when I was a child because all the teacher had to do was press play on the giant TV and stand in the dark classroom as we all ripped on it. The only good thing that came from this was the computer game which was my first time playing a survival strategy game. Maybe it’s worth hunting it down and streaming it someday as I do have very fond memories of hiding in the computer lab playing it and other edu-tainment video games on those ancient Apple IIgs. Also waggon wheels, configurations and Pirate Booty streams.

The softer side of things

I said good luck to Rebecca on Wednesday. She was our office summer high school student this year at my main Social Media job. We had a going away party for her and as difficult as it was for me to take a day off work I kinda owed it as a friend to be there.

I work with some incredible women and I wish I knew girls like this when I was growing up. I always felt a terrible dread when I wasn’t accepted around other girls when I was younger and it made going to class and building on strong and healthy relationships later on in my life a challenge. Though as I get older and stop giving any real fucks about what people think about me I’m starting to build on stronger relationships. I like people for being beautiful and real beauty lies in how kind you are and what you can give of yourself. If I could give Rebecca any sort of advice on her road to becoming a woman is to look for those qualities in people and the sooner you start making yourself happy instead of looking towards the acceptance of others you’ll stop giving all the fucks and enjoy life.
Yes- we bought her a selfie stick as part of her going away gift. Get over it- look how much fun it is.

I write this knowing the day before I was attacked by a man at my other job simply because I couldn’t provide him the service he wanted. I hate talking about the more horrible things that happen to me, but they happen. I don’t know what is going thru the mind of a 40 something family man when he’s calling me derogatory names and throwing a cell phone at my face, but that’s what happened. I stood there like a zombie sighing”oh no not again”. It brought back a lot of terrible feelings and stress I’ve been trying to deal with but not because of the attack but with how dead & defeated I accepted it. If this was younger me I’d be screaming, fighting back, but there I was just taking it and realizing that was worse than the attack itself. I couldn’t sleep, I was breaking out in hives, I was exhausted and I found it really hard to enjoy anything. Some days it was like all I had to look forwards to was making art so thank you for streaming and giving me a reason to keep going.

Greg spontaneously called me on Saturday and dragged me out of this terrible funk I was in from all the stress.

We went for lunch and we drove to Georgetown where we visited Wastewise, one of the larger recycling depots in the area. They recently shut down the Burlington location and the Goodwill shut down in town so it’s one of the few reuse centres still running. Some people wont even go into a second-hand shop or they get turned off by the smell or sight of what they think is trash, but if you can handle it you might find some treasure. Theres also an allure that you are buying things on the cheap so you can get trapped into buying a bunch of crud you don’t really need. Taking photos of such finds is one way of treasure collecting without bringing home things you don’t need. Places like these are the last stop before the landfill and you can only think it’s the bottom end of someone’s failed garage sale. The day’s of finding anything worth value at these places are long gone though it’s nice to walk around and check things out. We also stopped by The Game Hoard in the mall where I picked up a copy of ESwat which was iast’s choice for Funkdoc to 1CC on his stream.
Pro tip: If there is a Sega Arcade port of the game I’m going to hunt it down and own it.

I felt worlds better after getting some fresh air, lunch and making piles of art later in the afternoon for BBH’s extravaganza stream.


it was small but I don’t mind :3

I also had pie. This is the pie I had. I was so happy to have this pie that I sang the pie song. It’s basically this song but replace all instances of “high” with “pie”. I should make this my new karaoke song and order a slice of pie so I’m ready for the occasion when my name is called.


Got a problem with pie? Deal with it. Also, whats wrong with you?


Whats wrong with you?



throw away a chance at greatness just to make this dream come into play

The end of COBRA

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.52.00.png
Space Adventure Cobra has always been a beloved manga/anime from my past and the game had eluded me for years. I grew up with Sega, but I never had the Sega CD until 2 years ago when I used money my dad gave me for Christmas to buy myself “what I really wanted”. I have a great dad.
Noted, this is a very hard to find game for the system fetching prices over $300 Canadian on ebay. I’ve only ever seen the sequel to this game in JP format in the wild and that was at a retro game swap going back a while. I highly recommend trying this game out as its fun, laid back when it needs to be but keeps you invested so you keep playing. It’s very linear, but I like that when it comes to games like these as too many choices can be overwhelming. The game over all is around 10 hours (you can do it in 7 with no muddling around) so play like I did breaking it up over a few days to really enjoy it.

I finished Cobra & went right into the game I originally was going to play first for my Sega CD Madness Streams: Snatcher. This cyber-punk adventure drama has been at the top of my list for years as one of my most sought after games. Like Cobra, it commands a high price if you are a collector and it’s one of those games I would love to own but probably never will as the game has too many bootlegs floating around the market. If you can’t verify what you are holding in your hands or looking at then you shouldn’t buy it and collecting games is starting to get like that these days. It takes the fun out of collecting to play so for stuff like this I’ll just emulate it. I plan to have a truly unique experience with the game & crack as many jokes as needed when doing it.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.58.55.png

Dank Arts


Lord BBH is now down to one Arcade roulette stream a week taking place on Mondays to focus on playing games he actually likes and has submitted for the 1CC athon. I watched the 1CC athon around the winter holidays and I thought it was one of the best events for its type on Twitch as it featured amazing talent, skills and people who I follow to draw Dank art for now. One of the first few games I remember BBH playing was Super Spy & he’s something of an expert on it. The plot is Terrorists have taken over this building & you gotta punch, stab & shoot your way to the top to fight the main villan going thru all his crooked goons along the way. Theres only 1 lady enemy and that’s Pink up there who’s mean as hell & who BBH is a big fan of. The other piece of Dank Art that I want to point out in the BBH pile is the NARC one as I wasn’t 100% confident with posting it & hesitated a few times as I didn’t think it was good enough to share. I do have a small Ultra Dank pile of things I have drawn & either abandoned or never finished that I’ll never share online as I can get like that.

Funkdock is still at it with the 1CC requests where if you subscribe to him on twitch he will 1CC the arcade game of your choice. I’m thinking that’s how it goes for him so if you’ve been dying to see someone master a game with detailed commentary FD is your doctor. I really want him to play thru a game I really like, but I would need to take my time and really give it some thought as it would need to be a game I’d want to give the FD treatment. I had a lot of fun catching FD’s streams in the week that featured E-Swat because in my eye I pictured the cop just as I drew him here- just a slobby guy who’s a cop and has a better day with a full mech-suit on. FD started to play Bucky O’Hare & I did this Jenny drawing. I never watched the show as a kid, my brother was always older for remembering that stuff way back then. It was an experience drawing Jenny as there is a lot of Jenny fan art out there- most are weirdly proportioned sexualized Jenny’s. It’s a fair statement to say that 1 in every 50 Jenny Fan Arts out there is actually decent which isn’t saying a whole lot.

Macaw didn’t really stream a bunch this week, probably due to life or Australian internet, but when he did he played this epic onslaught of Witchaven. It’s a DOS game I actually remember seeing as a child and being excited to play. A few of my friends owned this game in fact and I had very rare occasions playing this when at their houses. The thrill was having Macaw actually beat the game (hours later) but he had to die a whole lot of times to get there as the #1 killer in this game is hidden floor pits with spikes in them that will impale you. That’s the humor in the bird getting hit by the stick Dank Art as there were often moments where it was nothing but non-stop floor spiking for a while. I also get a lot of messages over twitter from people who are fans of Birb- Macaw’s little bird character in the dank arts. I’ve always been into birds since I was a small child though my parents were never cool about pets. My mom did say I could be the owner of all the wild birds I wanted so I would spend hours at the Raptor reserve in my community drawing hawks and eagles that had broken wings or missing eyes. Next time I can get a ride I’ll grab some photos to post here.

Aquas is still going strong routing speed strats for Hammic- the Gimmick hack, Trip World and Ninja Gaiden 2. There was this evening where I was so tired from work that I was watching Aquas’s stream in my living room working on a few tax and bill things and I passed out where I had things set out on the couch. When I came to, Aquas was streaming guitar practice and it was morning. Aquas is one of the few other streamers I know who will stream another skill other than video games, kinda like how I am streaming a Dank Art before playing a game now. It takes a lot of skill to play games live for people, so just think what it takes to perform another skill like music or art. I take a lot of that for granted, but I know how enjoyable it is to share a skill withan audiance which is why I really like Twitch for what it does. It’s a thrill to see skills live and share that with a chat.

Trap doesn’t like my new Apple Watch, but he played some Battle Geregga on a Friday night. Yes, I like Battle Geregga. I can’t play it worth beans, but I enjoy seeing someone with skills play it. And you need skills to play it. Thanks for the Shmoops, Trap.

Adventures in Life

I have post cards now! If you want one, please contact me as I am taking requests for these. They are $25 and that covers the shipping. This goes for the little 4×4″ Dank Arts you see in my blog- they go for $15 each which covers shipping them in the mail. All of my Dank Art money goes towards supplies & burgers.

Dank Art money also goes towards improving my stream. A few months ago my entire retro gaming set up went down which is the reason behind all the Sega CD & Emulated DOS games lately. My old capture card died so I needed to put money into ordering a new capture card for my computer. My switcher went down randomly too so I’ll need to order another one of those so I can quickly swap out systems when I play.

I’ve wanted a nice quiet week to myself since I returned from Tucson at the start of the month. I work close to 60 hours in a normal week, more if I am freelancing and about the only thing I get excited for these days is coming home to make Dank Art. I work like this so I can pay off my debts and bills- just get by and live. It was easy living like this when I left home at 18, but these days I crave comfort so I try to make things as comfortable for me when I’m not working.
I remember two years ago I was really worried about living alone and on my own. My mother hated the idea & I remember she called me only to say that she worries about me. I told her she was never worried about me before when I did crazy things, trespassed, investigated news stories, or went off for weeks at a time with next to no contact. She agreed but back then I didn’t want to admit how scared I was, especially to her. Today I’m really happy I live alone and i can have these quiet moments.

You have no idea how simple things like buying food can be taken for granted when its an hour and 20 minute walk to just get to a decent grocery store. I have to be crafty when I eat as it’s super easy to cheap out and order food and you can lose a lot of money doing too much of that in a week. Perogies are simple to make and you can put just about anything in them- I like a simple potato cheddar cheese combo though if I can get my hands on proper sauerkraut I will make those. My dad would tell me when he was a child he would help his mom in the kitchen and she’d make the best perogies he’s ever had. It’s a skill that’s usually handed down through the family but since my dad was born when his parents were in their 60’s I never got the chance. My father would never make perogies from scratch, he’d always buy them from the store and boil. It was a rare moment to see the old guy in the kitchen to do anything besides washing the dishes, but I miss the way he’d cook those things. He had this way of boiling them just right so they were so soft & melty.

I’m limited to buying fresh produce at the local Farmers Market on Saturdays which happens in Downtown. Usually I would be painting at the market, but I have been too busy to get out lately and also too tired. I would like to get out for a few more paintings days this summer, but for those who have been missing me at the market this year I do apologise. I am working on a new collection of landscapes which I will unveil soon so keep watching here for progress photos.

I have been trying to get out and go off on adventures to see what I can gather- anything that I find of interest is useful inspiration. I guess you could call these my insparation walks. I look for things that connect with me or a scene or subject that is beautiful. I can’t stay cooped up in my place all the time and the best way to focus on creating a new collection of work is to get outside and enjoy things. I’m happy I had a chance to have a few quiet days and do this.

The high indifference Some call fate

Space Adventure Cobra!!

Screenshot 2016-08-15 09.02.58.png

I have recently made a bunch of sales with my Dank Art so I could purchase a new webcam so I can start doing Dank Art live on streams.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 08.55.41.png

I’m still playing around with the settings and trying out new things and I hope to have something that works the best for me when I intend to do these live. I am also really into playing Space Adventure Cobra on the Sega CD- it’s a very linear graphic novel style game for the system, but they way that it is presented is so immersive that it works. The music and graphics really show off how beautiful the Sega CD can make things look and if you can get this game be prepared to shell out anywhere from up to $300 or more. I’m emulating this game as I need to get a new capture device.

Check out this link to see me draw my frist streamed Dank Art :3

Speaking about Dank Art….

Dank Art

It’s a two for one week as I am still playing catch-up.

Thru the week I’ll try to catch as many streams as I can when the time is good for me. I’m usually at my best when I first wake up in the morning and just before going to bed. The best days though are the weekend as I am usually always working at my desk then (if I am not chasing down photo assignments).
iast was playing a few Contra runs Sunday evening & I was already sitting at my desk. My confession is I have been carrying this video of some dude 1CC-ing the hell out of Contra for the NES since someone shared it with me in 2003.
Mato and Poe were playing with Lucklight playing Famicom Exorcism by simply reaching into the box and grabbing a game to play. This cute chubby bird-round thing called Flappy which came up that looked very addictive (and adorable).
Ex-Mortis was already playing Leisure Suit Larry when I got home from work one night & noticed. LsL1 is one of my top 10 games and he was happy I showed up so I could give him some clues on what to do next. Another evening he was playing Golvellus, which I own for Master System, and I stayed awake drawing.
Funkdock was working away at 1CC Requests with grinding Alien Storm and as a lover of burgers I was a bit proud with this one. It’s going to take maybe 3 bibs to protect that outfit from that greasy alien burger.
Murphagator was playing thru some Arcade Battletoads- a franchise that has been a personal fave of mine since I was a little kid. I never had a NES growing up, but almost all my friends did and they had the very broken Battletoads.


Two weeks of BBH streams is a wall of Dankness that hangs in my gallery. They are also some of the best to guess what is actually going on due to the sheer randomness of each game. Since roulette is on Mondays I have to jet home from work after closing up to get a chance to watch & draw. The best thing for him this week was his #1 fave game ever, Shock Troopers, came up in roulette and he played it again even though he already played it. After all the weirdness that comes up he’s due for some good games to get played every now and then. My two personal faves from the batch are Devil Curve Ahead & Nick Fury from the Punisher game as I think Nick Fury is the better character.

Aquas was doing a 12 Hour Marathon of Trip World which was a game he has been meaning to pick up for a while to route out and make attempts at speedruns. Trip world is a really cute Gameboy game by Sunsoft which feels a lot like Gimmick for the NES. Aquas has been Speedrunning Gimmick for over a year now always going for a faster time. There were also some playthrus of Ghosts n Goblins Arcade again which I am a huge fan of.

Macaw– Normally I wake up and draw Dank Art first thing in the morning to Macaws streams as that’s the best time for him to stream all the way from Australia. Mornings are when I can take more risks as I am not coming off some long day of work or standing on my feet. I like to take a bit more risks and try new things with my work in the mornings as I have a bit more clarity. The best days are when I wake up in the morning and get to paint and when I come home I close it out by painting.

How fast can you take your time

I’m starting to get into a solid groove with my art again as I am spending more time with it each day. I’m not 100% sure how I used to function when I was younger working more jobs than I am right now and pump out fully painted landscape pieces. I think sleeping and the no-sleep I got when I was younger made the most of it. If I am not drawing I am thinking about how long I can keep going like this. I would love for things to slow down a bit so I could catch up, get myself sorted and relax though I would hate to do this alone. I don’t think I am good at taking a break & I need someone to remind me to take them & actually try to get me to relax. That’s the big drawback for me living alone, I have no one telling me to slow down but then I have no one telling me to slow down.

IMG_2600One of the things I promised I would do was to bring back a swag-bag from Camp Fangamer for my good friend Jeff who couldn’t go this year. I made the final stretch to his place via the Go Bus where usually there would be no issue except that day it was raining a mess. We sure needed it as it’s been painfully hot, humid and burned from weeks without rain. It was another adventure and his family made me dinner and we had a good time just chilling out talkng about the event and what our friends were up to. Jeff is a very good friend so I wish him all the best :3

That’s how the light gets in

I missed my blog post last weekend as I was photographing the event known as Camp Fangamer in Tucson AZ.

camp large -1.jpg

I know so many wonderful people thru playing video games, especially Earthbound. It felt like “My Game” because I one of the few who really knew anything about it when I was a kid. I was a Sega girl growing up so when I wanted to Earthbound I would need to rent it & a SNES at the same time at the local video rental shop. It used to be $50 for a long weekend with one game and because I didn’t have a credit card I had to put down a deposit of $100. I could buy a SNES for $150 but my dad was weird and didn’t want that? Whats the problem, dad?

camp test -1-3.jpg

No problem here.

I grew up with the Sega plugged into this giant tube TV set up in the dining room so my dad could keep an eye on me. When I rented Earthbound I boldly dragged a TV into my room so I “wouldn’t be disturbed.” My parents were very against my brother and I having TV’s in our rooms so this was a bold move. I basically said “Goodbye” to my family so I could go on an adventure with this little game which is also about a child under the same pretenses. It was all “Let’s go on an adventure- a really strange adventure but I promise lots of laughs.”


“Looks like another one of those weekends.”

Camp Fangamer is just how it sounds, summer camp for gamers. It offered a unique weekend getaway experience for gamers, especially fans of the game Mother 3 which still hasn’t seen a North American Release. You followed along with the Fangamer team not only playing the game, but acting out a stage show that was streaming live over Twitch to viewers at home. It was all for a good cause where all funds from the auctions all weekend were donated to Speak Your Silence.

I would constantly hear non-camp goers looking in and saying things like”My daughter would love this,” or “How can we sign up?” It was a bunch of silly fun and I am glad I went again. There was so much to Camp that I’m just going to list things since I there was a LOT of things happening there:

  • A film festival that was held all weekend that encouraged camp-goers to make a short movie using their phones. They had a team of video editors in a creative room that could help you and edit your movie just incase you couldn’t.
  • There were constant arts and crafts- lots of hands on creative things to make all weekend with a team capitan there to help you out if needed.
  • Food trucks were usually always on site with a good selection of eats
  • There was a cafe style room with a smaller stage with a selection of instruments so jam sessions were a thing. There was always music coming out of this room.
  • There was a small arcade room with a bunch of games set to free play so everyone got a chance to play games. There were also systems set up to play almost any game you wanted (no there was not an option to play PC98 games- maybe next year if I bribe the right people)
  • A Merchandise Museum returned again and it offered a nice quiet room to enjoy if you needed a quiet room. Ah.
  • They had a system of money with stock options through the online banking app you just needed to download. You could use the DP to pay for crafts, items in the Cafe, and the event encouraged people to trade their items at the event using the DP. The market eventually crashed before the end of the weekend.
  • There was a room set up to act as a trading post where you could rent a table to trade of sell for DP.
  • There were a lot of panels available, the stage show was always playing, there was always something interactive going on all weekend. A giant T Rex rushed the show

Camp was another great time for me and I was happy to be there to help out :3

Dank Art

Art is a lot like video games. If you put your time into it you should be able to master it. Real skill comes from what an individual can bring to the game to make it their own. If you really want something you will set goals and go for it. Even tiny steps, like putting a few hours in every day, helps to get closer to those goals. I put my time in when people are going for theirs.

Earlier in the week I catched some of Aquas streams where he was trying out routes for ghosts and goblins arcade as well as a few arcade randoms. Aqy was also with me taking photos at Camp Fangamer and has helped me out tremendously on strange photographing adventures. He’s also a tremendously gifted gamer so I always try to make it out to his speed runs or casual plays. He’s amazing at playing Ghouls & Ghosts and Gimmick, though he was really signing himself up for torture runs with that Ghosts & Goblins Arcade practice runs.

Macaw had to try two nights in a row to get this game to work, but it was worth it once his internet problems worked out. Story of the 7 Heroes is a Simulator RPG for the PC-9801 that follows a group of fighters off on a quest with not a lot of information about it online. It’s face paced and invites the player to lead the characters across a playing board fighting enemies much like Shining Force or Fire Emblem. Since it’s on the PC-9801 it has a few sexy scenes (it wouldn’t be on the PC-9801 unless it had sexy).

Funkdoc is playing 1CC Requests from his monthly subscribers. It’s one of the nice things he does for people who subscribe to his stream. He was still playing thru X-Men (hence White Queen) and after a few hours he switched to 64th Street which is a game I am not familiar with at all. I made the dank art based off the hilarious flyer art for the game that was posted in chat though I forgot to put in a wall cat.

I actually snuck away from some of my photographing duties to catch a bit of BBH’s 500th viewer special and made some quality Danks for the occasion. I really didn’t want to miss the 500, so I tried my best to be therein some kind of capacity. I was able to catch his Monday randomized and the game to catch a bunch of Sky Adventure which was really fun to the glitchy foot ball game, so the nicer ones are from when I was still here. I only had limited materials on my trip and from now on I’m packing a small paint set to take with me because when you gotta paint you gotta paint. I still made do with what I had in the hotel room.


Since I was gone I didn’t have many opportunities for art though Omintarian and I did break down and visited a local Hobby Lobby. I picked up some resources and we went to work to make a Dank Art booth in one room and made announcements over Twitter. Our table got rushed and soon we were rolling in DP. These are very special Danks so if managed to pick one up you were very lucky.


Down to Earth

It’s always hard for me to get back into the swing of things if I stray off my routines. As soon as I got back into town I was thrown back into all the work waiting for my return. cat house -1

I love shooting on a 50mm lens. It’s by far the most versatile lens I own for my pro set up. I have others but I keep using the 50 out of convenience and because it packs up nice on the camera body. I enjoy going for walks and taking photos of things I like or that catches my eye.

When I am out on an assignment I want to be able to bring that same level of comfort I have when I am out on my walks. It’s a game of “How fast can you take your time” when setting up each subject so the light is perfect. Lately I have been seeing nothing but light cracking through the shadows.