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Space Adventure Cobra!!

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I have recently made a bunch of sales with my Dank Art so I could purchase a new webcam so I can start doing Dank Art live on streams.

Screenshot 2016-08-15 08.55.41.png

I’m still playing around with the settings and trying out new things and I hope to have something that works the best for me when I intend to do these live. I am also really into playing Space Adventure Cobra on the Sega CD- it’s a very linear graphic novel style game for the system, but they way that it is presented is so immersive that it works. The music and graphics really show off how beautiful the Sega CD can make things look and if you can get this game be prepared to shell out anywhere from up to $300 or more. I’m emulating this game as I need to get a new capture device.

Check out this link to see me draw my frist streamed Dank Art :3 https://www.twitch.tv/annk_/v/83606210

Speaking about Dank Art….

Dank Art

It’s a two for one week as I am still playing catch-up.

Thru the week I’ll try to catch as many streams as I can when the time is good for me. I’m usually at my best when I first wake up in the morning and just before going to bed. The best days though are the weekend as I am usually always working at my desk then (if I am not chasing down photo assignments).
iast was playing a few Contra runs Sunday evening & I was already sitting at my desk. My confession is I have been carrying this video of some dude 1CC-ing the hell out of Contra for the NES since someone shared it with me in 2003.
Mato and Poe were playing with Lucklight playing Famicom Exorcism by simply reaching into the box and grabbing a game to play. This cute chubby bird-round thing called Flappy which came up that looked very addictive (and adorable).
Ex-Mortis was already playing Leisure Suit Larry when I got home from work one night & noticed. LsL1 is one of my top 10 games and he was happy I showed up so I could give him some clues on what to do next. Another evening he was playing Golvellus, which I own for Master System, and I stayed awake drawing.
Funkdock was working away at 1CC Requests with grinding Alien Storm and as a lover of burgers I was a bit proud with this one. It’s going to take maybe 3 bibs to protect that outfit from that greasy alien burger.
Murphagator was playing thru some Arcade Battletoads- a franchise that has been a personal fave of mine since I was a little kid. I never had a NES growing up, but almost all my friends did and they had the very broken Battletoads.


Two weeks of BBH streams is a wall of Dankness that hangs in my gallery. They are also some of the best to guess what is actually going on due to the sheer randomness of each game. Since roulette is on Mondays I have to jet home from work after closing up to get a chance to watch & draw. The best thing for him this week was his #1 fave game ever, Shock Troopers, came up in roulette and he played it again even though he already played it. After all the weirdness that comes up he’s due for some good games to get played every now and then. My two personal faves from the batch are Devil Curve Ahead & Nick Fury from the Punisher game as I think Nick Fury is the better character.

Aquas was doing a 12 Hour Marathon of Trip World which was a game he has been meaning to pick up for a while to route out and make attempts at speedruns. Trip world is a really cute Gameboy game by Sunsoft which feels a lot like Gimmick for the NES. Aquas has been Speedrunning Gimmick for over a year now always going for a faster time. There were also some playthrus of Ghosts n Goblins Arcade again which I am a huge fan of.

Macaw– Normally I wake up and draw Dank Art first thing in the morning to Macaws streams as that’s the best time for him to stream all the way from Australia. Mornings are when I can take more risks as I am not coming off some long day of work or standing on my feet. I like to take a bit more risks and try new things with my work in the mornings as I have a bit more clarity. The best days are when I wake up in the morning and get to paint and when I come home I close it out by painting.

How fast can you take your time

I’m starting to get into a solid groove with my art again as I am spending more time with it each day. I’m not 100% sure how I used to function when I was younger working more jobs than I am right now and pump out fully painted landscape pieces. I think sleeping and the no-sleep I got when I was younger made the most of it. If I am not drawing I am thinking about how long I can keep going like this. I would love for things to slow down a bit so I could catch up, get myself sorted and relax though I would hate to do this alone. I don’t think I am good at taking a break & I need someone to remind me to take them & actually try to get me to relax. That’s the big drawback for me living alone, I have no one telling me to slow down but then I have no one telling me to slow down.

IMG_2600One of the things I promised I would do was to bring back a swag-bag from Camp Fangamer for my good friend Jeff who couldn’t go this year. I made the final stretch to his place via the Go Bus where usually there would be no issue except that day it was raining a mess. We sure needed it as it’s been painfully hot, humid and burned from weeks without rain. It was another adventure and his family made me dinner and we had a good time just chilling out talkng about the event and what our friends were up to. Jeff is a very good friend so I wish him all the best :3

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