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Recapping two weeks due to being at the Arcade Superplay Expo at Twitch Headquarters & some major life changing stuff that happened in the meantime <3

This week in Dank Art

I was having a rougher week as I am still having back problems from my trip along with a few other work related issues I’m managing. Though I didn’t get as many Dank Arts as I am used to done during streams I did manage to put more time and quality into them.

HAPPY PARTNERSHIP DAY! It seemed as if both LordBBH and Macaw45 got partnered on Twitch on the same day. This means that they join the likes of Murphagator and Funkdoc where you can now subscribe to their streams for a fee and not only support your friends but encourage them to stream more often because of this. Most of the people who I follow do have that subscribe button now so I would say try to sub to at least one of them to keep them entertaining people. It also means I’ll keep doing my Dank Art for them, but it also means that I will be branching out and looking for new streamers to make Dank Art along with, just my way of spreading that love around.

Though I was busy with a few IRL issues, I did find time in the evening to start streaming my painting process and put some hours into the Super Mario pieces I promised to paint up for donation incentives for the Arcade Superplay Expo that was at Twitch  a few weeks back. It took me a few days, but I managed to get thru painting up a bunch of Mario Themed Dank Arts on larger 8×8″ slabs of paper so that those who did make the donation will get their money’s worth.

With the weekend I didn’t have anything planned until Sunday so I was able to sit down and really enjoy the games as well as make some cool art for them. The best time for me to make Dank Art are on my days off as I can commit to more time on them, but with streaming more regular art streams I’m constantly banking in hours towards my skills so I’m finding out how I can improve my technique as well as taking risks to discover new things to try out in my work. The best part is when I can see a huge improvement from when I first started to make drawings for my friends almost 2 years ago watching their streams to how I am painting now an dhow those pieces are really standing out and taking notice.


One of my followers, Reccanti, came to visit me twice with a mutual friend Aaron Sky last year and when we met those times I was just starting out making Dank Art. Reccanti who was just setting out on his own adventures in Art was quite interested in my work process, so I showed him my workflow and a basic introduction to using watercolours. I am always delighted to see that he’s still at it and is making his own Dank Art when I play games. I always want to see your work, so make sure you post it up on twitter & tag me in the post so I can check it out.

img_5342I do sell my work, but I also give away some of my Dank Art as a way to say thank you to not just the people who follow me, but for the streamers as well as without them I wouldn’t be making any of this Dank stuff! Here’s the spread of give aways I did this week! If you missed your chance make sure you follow me on twitter and watch for my Dank Art Giveaways!


img_4634Change only seems to happen right after I start to settle in and get comfortable with my surroundings. A lot of big changes happened right after I got back from San Francisco and it’s leaving me in a bit of a spot where I need to start thinking about making changes myself in order to keep doing what I am doing. The next few weeks means a lot of changes to things at work which I cannot control, so all I can do is hope for the best and keep myself in a regular groove.
One thing I can control is how often I stream and I am looking to bank in more hours streaming both art and games so make sure you have your alerts turned on as I will plan to be around more. My hopes is that I can settle down a bit more in 2017 and not have to work as many jobs (I work six jobs if you can believe that) and focus on doing the things I love the most such as painting a creating neat things.

If anything, all I want to do is to keep making things :3

A Week(s) in Dank Art

Macaw was getting into play a lot of Castlevania but the PC 68000 version which could be argued as one of the best ports of that game and one of the best CV in the series. I first watched him make attempts of this version last year where the Werewolf boss would constantly generate him- now he’s got a better strategy so it’s an easier fight. There were a few non-CV games in the mix of two weeks which are pointed out in the art themselves.

LordBBH had double the Arcade Roulette when we got back from ASX with an additional roulette stream on Thursday so theres a bunch of Dank Arts here from those. It has been pointed out that the Shinobi Dank Art is really dark considering that the kidnapped victims are children, but they are also his students and that’s the lore of the game. I’m just sitting here making art based off the games themselves. The other stand outs for this mega dump of Dank Art is the Raiden piece which has Trap15 flying the actual plane, Lupin the Third as Cliff Hanger for the cheesey laserdisc game, and the NO, no, NO for Crime City. Just say No.

Trap15 was back playing his PCB’s after the whirlwind from ASX and went right back into G runs.

Three randoms here from Aquas, Funkdock and myself. Aquas is now on some ongoing battle to do 50+ levels in Commando to basically “Git Good, Son” and had a strong run going for a long time on his weekend stream. He has been saying he’s wanted to put more time into improving this game so good luck making it past 50. Also as weird as Pur is I haven’t done a lot of Dank Art for it when Funkdoc streams it. It has the crazy weird themes and cutesy anime look, so I’m not sure why I don’t have more Dank Art for this game- seems like a given that I should. Anyway, heres his Pretty Boy Strut. The Gotta Drink your Coffee Fast Dank Art was made during my Sunday at Home stream where I was playing a bunch of Master System games and snuck a chilli dog in there because canon.


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