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Dank Zine issue 37
Dank Zine Issue 37

It’s here! Issue 37th of Dank Zine is ready for order. It features the first cross-over art done by Goemonsama and myself. Phantasy Star inspired both pieces with the main cover art by Goemonsama with colors by myself. Turn the Zine over, the back art was done by myself, and Goemonsama did the inks and colors. Back-to-back Dankness! It’s a sick selection of art throughout this zine. This issue packs in a lot of quality art and content that I’m really proud of.

I also overhauled the entire look and feel of the Zine. As I start growing and more people want to join in and make Dank content, I needed a new layout, so everything perfectly fits the page. It was a real effort that paid off this issue, and every page is loaded with content.

We spooked things up with a feature story on Harvester: a strange and psychotic adventure game where writer Patrick B. talks about his gameplay experience. TangoBunny is back with a selection from her Zine that focuses on an obscure game: MicroZine: Haunted House, only available in select schools with the Scholastic magazine program. We also featured art from Goemonsama and Dasyati in their own special section. Each issue comes with a sheet of Dank Stickers (as supplies last). This month’s stickers feature many good faces, mostly faces from the PC-88 release of War of the Dead, the Harvester feature, Tango’s ghost, pancakes for the pancake crew, and even a rare and magical appearance from Dr. Quandary.


I always try to feature as much art on my Twitter as possible. I have been working on a few special pieces that are a bit larger and will take some time to get those digitized. As always, the square Dank Art features much of what I draw during twitch streams as I always have games open when I am working. Check out the streamers, as they are part of the reason I make this fun stuff. Please make your own too cause it’s a fun thing to do when you’re watching.

New look & items in the Shop

Since I started to make a bunch of new products for the Dank Shop, I updated the entire look. You should be able to browse things a bit easier by sections and get a quickview if something is sold out.

Dank Shop

See what I did back there? I mentioned new products. Oh shucks, the newest new product featured in the shop is the Dank Mask. Yes, social distancing is still a thing. It’s been almost all of 2020; you should move up from those disposable kinds and grab yourself something you actually like covering up half your face. Put that Dank face on and go pick up those groceries. Each mask features a quality print, Dank design, adjustable ear straps, nose adjuster (helpful if you wear glasses or just keeping it secure), and an inside pocket for you to use your own disposable filters for an extra layer of protection.

There’s three different looks to choose from: Doom Pizza, Adventure Penguin, and Get Squawked.

Dank Masks

I even got a new T-shirt design with everyone’s favorite trash panda, DNO. It’s printed on nice stretchy T-shirt fur. It’s quickly become one of my favorite shirts and makes me do my laundry cause I only own one. You can get one too and join the raccattack army!

DNOpls Dank Shirt
Yeah that makes sense!


I’m excited to announce that TangoBunny has her own Zine, TangoPunk. She’s an amazing writer and knows her stuff when it comes to old obscure Dank games. It’s a huge refreshing feeling to pick up something in this style that’s so nicely presented. Saying that, Tango doesn’t hold back and features a wide range of retro features of pachinko games, mahjong with lewd scenes, and other sexy games. Hey, it’s not all lewds- it’s got a lot of heart, and she includes a lot of information on all the games she features, including some walkthroughs and codes for some of them if you get inspired to try them out yourself. It’s great to see other people inspired to create their own Zines, and I always get excited when it’s something on the topic of weird old games cause I’m into that myself. Check out her Patreon here.


Do you watch my Twitch streams? Oh Shucks, did you see I got Partnered? OH SHUCKS! That’s a thing that finally happened this August, and to help celebrate that huge milestone, I bought a PC. It sits next to my iMac. I saved up all my bits and subs to get this modest used gaming PC perfect for streaming Dank games. I have no limits now to the games I can play, and I have been showing off many of them.

I have been working on a few deep dives on those games I have been playing. If you happened to catch any of the Labyrinth or the War of the Dead games that I am currently playing, I have articles in the works for both. I also want to go back and look more at that FairyTale game I discovered on the MSX, Dancing Mai. I’m trying to play through these interesting games and do deeper looks or information writeups that cause the story behind these games, which makes them interesting. All of this Dankness is made possible by my backers and subscribers and their support.


Dank Movies
Art by Satsy

Is Lockdown getting you down? Yeah, I feel that. You should come and watch some Dank Movies with us. I have gone through many weird cult films, Grindhouse, and just obscure forgotten films as I enjoy a good bad movie. The thing is, a good bad movie is only perfect when you get to watch it with others. Don’t fret; we have Dank Movies almost every Saturday when you join the community. If you just want to sit back and watch or join in with the chat riffing on whatever is playing, you should come out. All the info is there except for the info that isn’t.

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