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This Tuesday feels like a Monday


Every now and then I do some amazing Dank Art’s that just stand out more to me than others and that goes for the Riot City Dank Art I made for Macaw45’s stream on Friday of last week. Usually great Dank Art like this happens when I am in a great art mode or when I have done so much work I can just power out effort like it’s nothing. I need to bank in a lot of drawing time to get to that level, but it’s something I strive for when I do make Dank Art. I want to be in that zone as much as I can be and the only way I can get there is if I spend hours perfecting my skills. It’s a lot like when an athlete trains to always stay in top form or why speedrunners need to constantly be trying runs of the same game over and over to keep up the consistency.

Macaw also played thru a bunch of Sega CD FMV games as well on Monday morning and did an entire playthru of Masked Rider which I have never seen before as well as muddling around with a few others including Time Gal. I am a huge fan of Time Gal and that game alone sold me on a Sega CD as a kid (though I never did save up my money for one). Today the Sega CD is the bastard of collection as I own the least amount of games for it. Sega CD games are hard to come by and demand insane prices for most of the good games online so often I stick to emulating the games I want to play. It’s a shame because the system was never very popular in my country yet I was obsessed with it as a small child. I do own a copy of Shining Force CD which is quite possibly the best collector game for the system, but key titles such as Time Gal and Snatcher will forever elude me for their scarcity and high listed prices.


BEAT EM UP Fighters History Dynamite @Murphagator 

I think Fighters History Dynamite is quickly turning into one of my more fave fighting games as everyone is picking it up and having fun rediscovering it again. I think Murph owns the actual arcade board for this as well so it’s even more interesting when he streams it. Fighting games & me have a very strange and sorted history as I was always the one who wanted to go after games like these though I never had any friends who were totally into them. Everyone played Street Fighter II and I had a few friends who were into Mortal Kombat, but outside of those games no one else in my circle was willing to go that far for fighters. I’m not a pro but I LOVE two player games no matter what they are. Even if you have one friend who totally sucks at games theres nothing like a fighting game that you can pick up and start playing right there in the room. I once had a crazy Street Fighter birthday party where all we did was play Street Fighter for hours eating cake and drinking beers until 3am and everyone had a great time even if they didn’t know all the combos and buttons. The only negative thing about most two person fighter games is after 3 rounds thats it and if you have a friend who is really bad at playing them they might feel a bit cheated when their turn comes up. This is why I really like Beatem’ups as I find that first time players can usually just pick them up & take their time getting used to things as they make progress in the game. Not all my friends are the best at games, but they are good enough friends that they will try something outside of their comfort zone just to make me happy.


LordBBH has surpassed 1100 games now on his Monday Mame Roulette streams and announced on Monday that his Viewers Choice Extravaganza will take place this Saturday, the Passover/Easter long weekend. Nothing like a moving holiday to really mess up your fun! Since my family isn’t very religious and my parents are retired I was able to move our family lunch to Friday so I’ll have all the time to paint Dank Art on Saturday. You might be thinking that’s a bit much but for me it isn’t. My family is very laid back and I’m the product of my father so when he asked why I wanted to move it I told him I was making Dank Art & the old guy just laughed and said “I understand.” My dad is probably the only man in my life to really get that about me as he’s seen me do it time and time again over the years he’s raised me.
Now with BBH surpassing 1100 games in Mame you’re probably wondering if he’s ever going to run out of games at this rate. Not on your life because there are THOUSANDS of games ripped for Mame and it’s going to take him a long dang time to get thru them all. Sure the cheesecake-porn arcade games are kinda mediocre and really over glorified gambling games, but they are a game and they were created with a purpose to take your quarters just like every other arcade game out there. In Canada we used to have soft-core porn movies play on stations such as City TV & the french stations after a certain time when I was a kid growing up. We’d call these “Blue Movies” or “Baby Blue” for some strange reason- but mainly because thats what the intro for them was called. I wasn’t alive in the 70’s at all, but I do remember that on channel 07 you’d see a lot of brief nudity and adult behaviour after 11pm at night. Don’t act like you didn’t know cause I always knew this but played dumb at recess when kids would talk about the totally naked people and F-Bombs that were dropped on the TV last night. I remember how sad some kids were when they said they were not allowed to watch TV at all and how we just made up TV shows and over-glorified all the violence and sex we saw just to watch them go “Gosh really?? Wo-o-o-ah.”
I guess it depends on your upbringing how you see sex and what you deem appropriate or not- I had a very laid back up bringing but I think my parents were totally cool with me watching sexy stuff on TV & in movies with the hopes that I would get most of my information from that & not bug them about having that talk later when I’m 13. FYI when I turned 11 my dad started buying me every damn video game in the discount bin he could for me as “IT KEEPS HER HOME WHERE I CAN SEE HER” as he would shout. Good play, dad, good play.
Don’t believe me when I say City TV used to air porn? Here’s the intro from the 70’s I found online.


New Friends Every Day @Clover&sealife 

Happy Birthday to Clover & Sealife! I made you this beautiful Dank Art to make you smile and to tell you how special you are. My boss thinks you make the best music and I have been 100% behind your adventures in music since the very beginning. Remember when you wanted to DJ at our cabin in Lake George all those years ago and we needed an extension cord? I yanked that crap so fast out of the public arcade room causing 5 machines to be “Out of Order” that weekend cause I wanted to dance to your grooves. It was a tiny thing, but we danced and danced and had so much fun and I’ll never forget it. Please go get some chiptunes in your rotation and cast your lucky clovers into the sea HERE



April 11 -1

I would get dragged around Toronto as a little kid by my father as he’d be on the hunt for his classical music. I have these very early memories of going into these tiny record stores that were nothing but bins of wax with a few posters on the wall. All the buildings were old, stone and decaying all around us and you felt safe. Toronto used to be like that for me.

These days they are tearing down most of what I liked about Toronto. The music shops are almost all gone and huge lots of buildings are being knocked over to make way for condos. Union station has been under construction for over two years now which has been a huge problem when I come in for visits. Nothing stays the same and it’s weird mulling around when things are in this weird change transition all around me. All the old comic book stores, record shops and arcades I used to frequent as a kid are being bought and sold for condos.

I wanted to go check out a different retro game shop when I was downtown but it seems as if the one place I wanted to see was closed on Sundays, so Sarah & I walked over to that place we visited in January instead. I am glad I did as they made changes to the store from the last time I was there and now when you walk in they have a beautiful glass display case with all the systems they sell. They also had a LOT of Turbo Graphix 16 consoles and PC Engine’s there. I thought 2016 I had never seen so many TG16’s but thats already surpassed what I have seen recently in resell shops alone. Someone also offloaded a bunch of very rare Nintendo handheld Game & Watch stuff which was very interesting to me as I never had seen some of those in the wild before. Some were going for $500+ which is cool but way out of my price range.

We walked over 16km’s that day all over my old stomping grounds and passing by places I used to work, old apartments of past friends, rotting buildings and strange people. I got Sarah a copy of my new Dank Zine and she was very excited when she was looking thru it. I told her everyone who’s seen it made a huge smile when looking thru it, so I guess I am doing something right. It’s always a great time when you get together with your best friend.

IMG_0344I also picked up a copy of McKids! Expect some crazy streams of this to happen soon and let’s see how far I’ll get :p

Another chance at greatness

A Week in Dank Art

Not all the games I watch get Dank Art. Much of that has to do with my energy level but the games overall enjoyment is key to its chances of inspiring Dank Art. Games that are also played out for a while will get more art for them as there is more time for me to get screen shots, research a flyer or try a few practice sketches. I try to keep things as spontaneous as possible as that’s part of the fun as well.

I mailed off a bunch of Dank Art this week trying out some new things with envelopes and postcards. If the new postcards I bought hold up well when in transit they might be something I’ll try to use more often. The smaller 4×4 pieces of paper really work well for what I’m doing when I’m making Dank Art, but every now and then it’s nice to do a bigger piece and have a bit more fun with it.

If I havent mentioned this before, when Trap does his stream it’s being captured straight from his arcade cabinet. Theres a few streamers I follow with this kind of set up as it’s probably one of the more difficult setups to do for Twitch. It’s one thing to just own a machine but another to set everything up for capturing. I tend to enjoy streams that are different or unusual simply because the streamer made the effort to get things working so they could share that game with others.

On Saturday BBH did his Viewers Choice Extravaganza when I was…

…Visiting a Good Friend.

A few items for my trip.img_4600
I went to go visit my friend Jeff on Saturday. He wanted to go to this new restaurant he found on Yelp that looked really decent and asked if I could bring over a few NES games to try out. I asked if I could bring my paints so I could make some Dank Art while at his place. I knew BBH was doing the Viewers Choice show and since Jeff said it was OK I packed the Russian semi moist, two travel brushes and a pack of paper in a padded envelope.

The restaurant was located in St Jacobs which is a huge tourist spot so we got to stop inside the Antique shops and Farmers Market right after our lunch. They didn’t have any video games here, but they did have a few things of interest that I took photos of as well as a Bulk Barn. I got a few snacks here and we headed back to Jeff’s Apartment where he hasn’t been in a while.

It had been so long since Jeff had been there all his house plants were still gathered together on plastic in the livingroom. He explained to me it’s easier to keep paying the rent then to put everything into storage and then look for a new place later. In one corner he had his modest collection for Earthbound including the original game he had as a kid. We plugged it in and were surprised that all his original saves were still there, that battery still doing its job after all this time.

I made some Dank Art while we all played video games or looked online for really cheap Monopoly board games. It was nice to just hang out with no real big expectations and I had fun trying to make the Dank Art really cute and derpy looking to get a bunch of good laughs going. When I got ready to go, I turned and gave him the art I made that afternoon and he was so happy. “They really are the perfect size,” He said and we left for the bus.

Earlier on Friday morning I met up with Michelle and we took the girls out to the local farms to get a pumpkin. In town things were just grey and covered in this thick fog here-1

here-1-2it blasted away once we got to the side of the escarpment. It was like waking from a gloomy dream and suddenly minutes away from the good country where we’re going to pick some stuff and then eat it later.

here-1-5It’s so beautiful here and it doesn’t take much to notice it. It’s so close you could reach out and touch it as it passes by your window.

How quickly can you take your time


My new day planner arrived Monday.

I’m still very old-fashioned and carry a day planner. I have been carrying a Hobonichi for three years now because of its convenient size, but mostly because I can accessorize it with Earthbound/Mother stuff. My 2017 planner arrived Monday and since unboxing it I have put it all back together to open again on New Years day when I will make my first entry.

A week of Dank Art & Streams

I wasn’t feeling great on Monday & felt rather sick. I was on a really good run with my art from the weekend but I got taken out a bit when the sickness settled in. I still tried to give it a good shot and make a few things for LordBBH, Aquas and Macaw45‘s streams that evening. I always look forwards to whats going to happen on BBH’s Mame Roulette on Monday’s since it’s so random and he manages to play a lot of freaking games in the span of 4 hours. Some Mondays I manage to whip out a small pile and other weeks the chips are down and I only get a few good ones that are relevant to the stream. I don’t really know why, but I had a slight smoking theme going for all my arts that evening (i’m really proud of that smoking Aliens piece). During his stream, Aquas was playing some Assault as part of his practice for the 1CC Marathon and if you haven’t checked out this game it’s not your average shmup tank game. Assault uses two arcade sticks to maneuver the tank as well as the buttons for shooting. It’s simple when you get the hang of it, but most people would be intimidated when faced with something that steps out of the comfort zone of a regular arcade setup.
Macaw was playing this very bizarre PC98 game called XZR which he got ex_Mortis to play on stream a few night earlier. This game is really out there with an Arabian Knight style theme to it, collecting every sort of illegal/legal drug possible, killing Ronald Regan and a cameo easter egg by Robocop. Yeah. I get a lot of messages in my inbox about these strange old Japanese games I watch and do Dank Art for. I wonder if any of my translator friends would be interested in working on localizations of some of these games- I know many of them are as I keep finding old fan translations they worked on like 10 & even 15 years ago… wow has it really been that long?

I love watching arcade games on twitch may it be emulation using MAME or if people are crazy enough to capture and stream arcade boards. A lot of my love affair with arcades comes with the nostalgia of growing up thru the glory years of the late 80’s and early 90’s, but mostly because one of the first and only reasons I bought a computer was to emulate arcade games. My first official “windows” machine was my then boyfriends old Quake computer and he was nice enough to set it up for me with a SNES emulator so I could play Earthbound & FF6, but i’ll never forget the day he came over and changed a bunch of things on it so we could play arcade games. It was just as complicated as it sounded, the two of us with our heads together sharing one keyboard to play these games, but it was a big life changing experience for me. It’s really hard for me to emulate arcade games now as I am on a full Mac setup at home for my media/photography work. However if I keep working and saving I can get the set up I’ve always wanted in my place and get my hands on arcade experience at home.

I wouldn’t be making Dank Art without the person streaming & I wouldn’t be sharing it without the chat. It’s almost like sharing an opinion or joke when you write it in the chat. I just do it with a drawing. I always try to relate the work to what the streamer is playing or capture a moment. The only thing I really take from it is practicing my own skills at drawing and painting. In an ideal crazy world Dank Art would make me very popular and make me lots of money but thats fantasy and crazy talk. I am more known for my work with painted landscapes, photography and my writing. The Dank Art is done out of my love for games and my enjoyment & friendships made of those who play them. It’s more about who’s playing the game then myself and if I could encourage anything it would be to get more people to be creative when watching streams. Show your love for games and those who play them by sharing your work in your best medium you can and don’t be afraid to do so.

SRKFunkdoc is switching up his X-Men game after a strong consideration that Dazzler won’t stand a chance in 1CC Hell against Magneto and is now learning new strats for other characters with less than a week left for the 1CC Marathon. All of his other games are naturally on par and tight as I have to expect with the caliber of player that Funkdoc is and if you are a fan of any of the games he plays you should check out his stuff. He’s a very detailed player and will go into detail on all the games he’s playing so that if you want to pick them up yourself you can make strong progress by following his advice.
Macaw played more X68000 games which is a system I know next to nothing about. I’m glad he does stream these games as I would know nothing about them if he didn’t. The cool thing about Die Bahnwelt was one of the people who worked on the english localization of the game was in chat that day so it was even more exciting to do Dank Art for the stream. It’s one thing to work on a labour of love which is localizing a foreign game, it’s another thing to see someone appreciate that hard work by discovering it and creating something for it. Another great reason for streaming :3


Games for Charity


I love it when people get together and combine something they love to do so they can give back to those in need. You’ve probably already heard a few oft the players talking this up during their streams, but I always love to talk about cool events happening and even more so when charity is behind them. You should totally go and back the Arcade Superplay Expo if you haven’t already as a lot of the players who I follow here are in this and it should be a great weekend of games. Check out this link and follow!


Gimmick Plushies!


Ultra rare and stupid cute, it’s Mr Gimmick!! In plush form! My ultra talented friend Eyes5 is a sewing genius and has a cute little Etsy shop where she makes things. If you want one, you better let her know because I think these will sell out fast in her shop. Follow here to check her work out! Trust me, she’s amazing!!!

Fall Fair

fair 2016 -4.jpg

The Fall Fair is an annual fall tradition in my home town of Milton. It’s the harvest festival and when I was younger it was heavily focused on showing off our community’s agriculture heritage and pride. Since the farms have all but vanished around here it’s almost surreal going back to the event that refuses to change in my life.

I went alone but I knew I was hopeful that if I went I would bump into someone I knew who’d accompany me on some crazy documenting adventure. Though it is nice to walk around by yourself to get really interesting photos it’s a lot more fun when you have someone with you.

I eventually ran into my Magazine Editor and his son who I walked around with (and went on rides with) while I showed them how easy it was to periscope things and I periscoped a few rides.

I am a writer and a painter but my professional background has always been photography. When I was old enough to go to high school I pulled a few strings so I could go to this one school in town that was the only one that offered photography. My family was really poor in those days and I needed $100 to just take the course to pay for the chemicals and materials. My principal called me into the office and wanted to know why I wanted to take photography and I showed her the ‘Zine I had created in grade 8 and explained to her that I wanted to be a better photographer so I could make the ‘Zine that I had better and more visual. I think she was so moved by the fact that I was 14 and had this crazy passion to combine not just my own creative elements into one package but I was encouraging others to do it as well and paying for it all out of my own pocket. She paid for me to take those classes and if I could thank her every year for doing that I will.


I’ve had some successes as a photographer but success is all a matter of perspective. I hated the years I laboured as a family/baby photographer. Yes I hated it. I know 90% of people who live in my community have a family photo that I took of them and when I see that stark white background with the chipper smiling faces starting back at me when I stand in the hallways of my friends houses I cringe. All I can see is the physical and mental anguish I went thru working for that company. I was #1 in sales for 5 years in a row nationally for the company, but thats a load of dingo’s kidneys when your quality of life is so low you want to die. Those were dark days for me & part of the reason I suffered thru it was because of the terrible relationship I was in. All I remember was my feet & legs were in bandages, I wasn’t sleeping at all, I was smoking 2 packs of smokes a day, working 60 hour weeks when I was on salary and I would sit against a wall at my now ex’s dumb family functions straight after work still in uniform smelling like sweat and baby puke loathing my very existence so he could buy garbage and porn.


I’ve worked for newspapers and magazines and currently I freelance a lot of my work for Magazines and Social Media sites simply because they pay. I’ve moved further and further away from doing family portraits to capture more of what I’ve always had a passion for which is journalistic style photography. I love capturing the moment, the landscape, where we are and to ask questions on how we got here and where this adventure will take us. I am very good at what I do and I still take on the occasional family or wedding session, but I don’t want to advertise it as much. There are so many other talented people out in my community who have the space and the resources for that and I’d rather just be me and do what I love rather then bust my butt for something I’m trying to get away from.

fair-2016-16I love life and I want to live for me. I don’t want to die doing something I loathe just to make someone else happy. That’s what real freedom is. I’ve been searching for that answer for a while now and recently I just got it figured out.

Undercover Private Investigator Simulator

I did my first Creative Painting stream on my Twitch account

Screenshot 2016-09-18 14.24.49.png

Check out the vod here

I’m still trying out a few of the settings, but expect to see more art streams in the evenings. What I would like to try is teaming up with other streamers and see if I can eventually live paint with someone else streaming. It’s just finding the right people to work with where this would be effective, but for now these majorly chill art streams are cosy.

I had a game already picked out from my ancient list of Sega CD games I wanted to play ever since I was a kid. Most of them were all the available “graphic novels” that they had for the system and one of those on the list was Rise of the Dragon.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 23.28.16.png

Let’s play film noir detective simulator!

The back story is that were a Private Ditective who used to be a cop in sometime in the future LA. The Mayor wants us on this special case that involves the death of his daughter but it leads to something much sinister then just a murder. Along the way we are greeted by a bunch of seedy and undesirable characters that we either need to persuade to help us or take care of to help continue the story.This game was on DOS as well and I was plesently surprised people tuned in because of the game title. I really enjoy adventure games such as these and I took to it very fast using just a basic walkthru but as I progressed hoping I could muddle my way thru it like in Cobra or in Snatcher where I would only glance at the guide as needed, this game had game breaking situations where if you didn’t respond with 100% accuracy then you were taken out or the game would just not advance past that moment. If this was me as a kid in 1994 trying to figure this out I would be stumped like a dumb oak.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 23.31.04.png

Me making that guy’s face

Because of that this game is deemed “ruthless” by many who just want to pick it up and casually. There are also segments where you need to go as fast as you can as to not be caught by the bad guys as well as a few “arcade” segments that really shouldn’t have been in there. Still, this switches the game play up a tad and gives you something else to figure out other than who you still need to talk to so you can advance the story.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 23.42.38.png

ARCADE STAGE! Wait- why does this have arcade stages?

Overall it’s decent. I dug out my old Mean Machines magazine to see what they gave this game back in the day and to my surprise they gave this game an honest 89 because when it came to these style of games for the Sega CD they were few and rare compared to the library of interactive novels that found their way on the system in Japan. Play it for the experience and pick it up for an alright price if you want to collect it.

A Week of Dank Art

This was a hard week as I wasn’t feeling my best. I just got through it the best was I knew how and that was to draw. LordBBH is really good at keeping a consistent schedule with Monday night Arcade Randomizer and his Thursday night practice streams that on those two nights I like to hurry home from work so I can enjoy making some Dank Art. When I arrived there were a few technical problems which is where BBH’s quote, “I just wanna play some fucking video games” comes from. It was kind of silly way to start a rather silly instalment of the roulette evenings. I think when it comes to drawing Dank Art the best ones are when the streamer is enjoying the game and generally entertained. That is why you’ll see a lot of work for the most obscure of games simply because of how everyone reacted to it seeing it together.
I got to catch a bit of Macaw45’s PC-88 streams just before heading to bed. He was playing thru this game called D’ that gave me this major “Metal Gear” feel from the semi top down perspective, fighting thru hallways of obstacles and collecting weapons and key cards. It’s got one of those “demons are invading, save the world” plots where you’re this dude mowing down things with a machine gun. This game also has a giant smiling skull in the border art. It’s a real good look on this game.  It’s only there to look badass and to creep you out. Good job, skull.

As the week continued Macaw continued to play through War of the Dead which caught my attention due it’s really creepy premise. You are this girl whose part of the army’s secret fighting force and you’re trapped on this island with a whole bunch of other people trying to avoid all these deadly demons. You eventually need to get everyone into the church which is also the only place where you can save your progress. It looked very frustrating where you’d need a guide to help you along the way but the bad thing for Macaw was he was playing a version of the game that didn’t have a walk through. Though it was similar to other releases on different platforms that had walkthrus, the PC-88 port seemed to have its own sequences and trigger points to advance certain scenarios.
Fantastic_Planet was practicing his 1cc runs of Batman Forever so I popped in to wish him luck. He’s also streaming Zombie’s Revenge at the 1CC Marathon which I have been tuning into him doing runs of for well over a year. It’s kind of neat to me how my own connections and friends online are evolving their Twitch broadcasts over all this time I’ve been watching and drawing.
Batman Forever has a sound glitch where there is no sound. However, it’s still a playable game with an exciting challenge so I hope he does well. It’s a very ridiculous game, but it’s got a charm to it that’s so ridiculous that it works. The event is coming up in two weeks and I think it’s starting to set in so everyone has been upping their practicing.


Mailing out Dank Art

I found some better looking envelopes to use for mailing out Dank Art. I like these ones as they have extra room to put extra things inside. It also has way more room for Gummrick drawings on the outside. I only have one special request left on my list for this week.

I spontaneously streamed 1CC Fishing attempts on Wednesday and stayed up a bit later to play games into the evening. I didn’t have a good night of fishing and was down 3-6 in attempts. All that week I was fatigued and very sore and it showed this evening. I just wanted to be very chill and casual and just enjoy playing games.

Screenshot 2016-09-18 19.22.25.png

I spent an entire Thursday evening painting up the image for my blog announcing the 1CC Marathon. I love flyers and I have quite the collection from when I used to be all about music going back a few years. I still need to get those scanned or take photos of them to share sometime as the artwork is really interesting.

Some people contacted me asking for a printed copy of the flyer- as long as it’s OK I don’t see why not. Let me check first!


One of SRKFunkdoc’s choices for the 1CC Marathon is Pit Fighter and he was doing practice runs for it on Friday evening. Pit Fighter is one of those “Bastard” style games where it’s so bad its good, and Funkdoc can actually 1CC this thing. I own the Genesis port as part of a joke I had over twitter after watching iast stream it. I think everyone was taking a turn playing this game just so they could say they made an attempt but there’s a special kind of charm you get when you play a game such as Pit Fighter. Almost the same kind of special from this one game Fantastic Planet was streaming a bit later. I don’t even know so I’ll just leave that there.

It was very rainy Saturday and any chance I had leaving my apartment was unlikely. I was tied down because an event I was helping to promote had to be canceled over social media so I had to sit around my computer and transcribe information and post it as it came out. I was on call for most of the day so it was perfect for a big long day of painting.

Both Funkdoc and Macaw started streaming at the same time so I was checking out both streams every now and then as I was painting. Funkdoc was doing 1CC Attempts of X-Men and Macaw was playing through Valis II. I would go on to make more Valis art later in the evening when I had a test creative art stream. I made some really fancy looking X-Men art for Funkdoc as I decided he needed more X-Men love. I also caught a bit of Murphagator’s Final Fight stream and made some kick ass Poison art. It seemed as if everyone was having a really hard week practicing their games or 1CC’s including myself.


Here’s the art from the Sunday morning Art stream! There’s some great moments in these and it’s really nice to sit back, relax and draw like this with the chat. I’m really looking forwards to having another though I’m not sure how often I should try one of these. If I could have it my way it would be everyday, as long as there were people who wanted to be apart of it. It’s nice doing what I like to do, but there is a certain desire to be kind and make something for someone. I love taking requests and it’s a big reason why I like to show up to streams and draw.

Getting colder

Michelle and I went apple picking

It used to be nothing but farm land all around here when I was growing up as a kid. The last time I was at this particular farm was around 8am in the morning after a very dewy spring morning for a ploughman competition taking photos for the news paper. That wasn’t even 10 years ago when I was right here yet someplace entirely different…

I was just happy to be doing something that I used to take for granted in my youth. I always loved going to the farms and picking food with my mom. One of the best memories I have of my mom is her packing me up with blankets and bushel baskets with a tape copy of Abbey Road on loop for the ride. I just remember how ruthless her effort was to get out there and do this stuff with me. I see that in Michelle cause she’s always trying to take her kids out to places like these for exactly the same reasons.


I generally feel positive and content these days though I still feel as if I am recovering from a terrible nightmare.


Another week in paradise

Finishing Snatcher

Screenshot 2016-09-11 21.33.38.png

where did he get these handcuffs? oh nevermind.

Last week I struggled with the harder shooting stages only to find out passing those sequences are essential to completing the game. I kept thinking, “Maybe if I had the light gun I would be beating this faster,” but deep down inside I knew that it was me and I had to try harder. My whole strategy for playing the gun sequences was off. I was taking too much time aiming & shooting and when I switched to “mashing fire really fast” I started to advance.


Skeleton ahead

I’m glad I finally got a chance to play through Snatcher. It’s a highly immersive game and I really enjoyed the noir cyber punk feel to the entire story. As a child I liked a good Adventure style game may it be Leisure Suit Larry or Police Quest and Snatcher looked like it was the most ultimate Adventure game I knew about at the time. There are so many great adventure games out there if your willing to learn other languages and fuss through the pain of setting up an emulator or do what I do and follow a bunch of people who are already doing that.

I moved onto 1CC practice of Sega Marine Fishing practice after Snatcher & really felt the fatigue from the shooting stages. Operating the Dreamcast Fishing Rod is physically tiring after a few runs and often it’s getting tired and not staying focused that can lose a catch. I stopped doing attempts after the game got especially trolling. Don’t get mad, just get even later.

Screenshot 2016-09-11 23.11.46.png

Not today, Fishy-Fish


I started following ex_mortis because every now and then he’ll play the older style Japanese PC games, but he will play a range of diffrent games from arcade to modern. One day I came home from work and he was playing Gamecube Games, one of those was Pikmin. I used to own a Gamecube back in the day but I only had it for a year before I left it at the aprtment of this guy I was dating. We broke up & I never got that Gamecube back so I never got a real chance to experiance the games on that system. I need to give it another chance though.

Macaw45 was streaming obscure yet interesting Japanese games for older systems. I did a bit of art for one of the PC88 games that he was doing 1CC attempts over a few days. Ashe story is guts monsters are destroying the city and it is up to this team of fighters to save the day. I’m assuming Macaw has spent some time in playing this game already as he can roughly translate what text boxes on the screen say (there is no localization) and even with that the game is still incredibly hard. There were also some Super Spy 1CC attempts as well as a day dedicated to Rambo games. Check out the video on the Rambo Games as that was a lot of fun to watch.

LordBBH is gearing up for the 1CC Athon with regular practice nights on Thursdays as well as sticking to his Arcade Randomizer streams on Monday. I am lucky that BBH has chosen to keep NARC in for his list of games in the 1CC Athon at the end of the month as it’s one of my favourite arcade games. It’s not one of his and I think he was struggling trying to successfully 1CC it on a regular basis. That’s why I am excited he’s opting to keep it on his list of games because having something that is a bit of a challenge would be exciting. This is another reason why I enjoy BBH’s randomizer streams as not every game is a 10/10 and every now and then a challenge presents itself in the most unlikely of game selection.


I met Tony one summer almost 7 years ago on a trip to the Pinery beach over the Labour day long weekend. We instantly became good friends over long conversations about spooky electronic music, strange house parties, Sierra Adventure games and our Ukrainian heritage. Tony was one of the few friends I had that would visit me. It started out of a convenience as my place was on the way home from work into meeting up every other Sunday to grab a beer, play some tennis or play video games.

I asked Sarah to be my date that day and I am so glad I did. I’ve been single for a while now and I wasn’t about to take some stranger or someone I barely knew to one of my most important friend’s wedding. I was happy Sarah wanted to go with me as she’s been crazy busy this summer with all her mural work she’s been up to in Long Beach CA that spending a little time with her is important. I feel so much better about myself when I am spending time with my very close friends that we just have fun focus on making new moments to enjoy.

The cutest thing that happened there was as Tony & his wife got to the end of the aisle walking out of their wedding ceremony they hugged and they said “We did it!” and it was refreshing to be around people so accepting and in love for each other. I want to be around more people like this who really get what living is all about.

I also want to wrap things up with the crazy incredible work Sarah has been working on cause girl has been killing it


Sarah’s new painting

If you are in the San Francisco area on Spetember 17 you should try to check it out!

Take a break, take it easy

Screenshot 2016-09-05 23.10.15.png

I’m doing more late night 1CC fishing attempts because I’m playing in the 1CC Athon starting September 30th and going all weekend. Since I work during my week it’s harder to commit to regular streams in a week. I am going to be doing more, so catch me if you can.
I had a really good catch on Tuesday, check it out!

On the long weekend and I had plans for activities with my friends as well as looking forwards to playing Snatcher on Sunday.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.24.57.png

Get Snatched

I choose Sunday mornings because that is the best time for me to play games. I don’t work any of my jobs on that day, and usually at that hour no one else is streaming. The hardest thing about streaming games on early Sunday morning is waking up.


I was aiming to end Snatcher at around noon that day as I made plans with an old childhood friend for lunch. I told him I could end my stream around noon and meet up with him at 12:15 at Troys diner which is close to me. At what time do you think the game chooses to troll me extra hard? Yup.

Part of the main feature of Snatcher for me when i was young was that you can play the game using the Konami Justifier which resembles a Colt Python (Pro tip: same gun that Cobra uses).



Originally designed to work with Konami’s Lethal Enforces games, these guns found life in the use of other games on the system. They come in pink though I am very attached to the slick blue colour. I think to get the pink one you needed to mail away for it to Konami so people will try to tell you it’s more collectible. For me its all about how well a controller works and often I get burned when I buy second-hand. But wow- imagine how immersive & sexy Snatcher gets when you have to actually “draw” that Colt Python for those light gun scenes. I’m all about light gun games though since the technology is very dated it’s very hard to show off a 100% light gun play thru unless I had the CRT monitor set up. Who knows if using the actual light gun would improve those spider shooting scenes or make them harder. All I am sure of is that it would be fun as I love light gun games.


I also wanted to mention I did make it in time to meet up with my buddy Jeff- he was running late as well & was walking up to the diner just as I arrived. He said, “Why are you running? Geesh!”


It was a lighter week for Dank Art as more people are using their stream time to practice for the 1CC Athon. Lord BBH got a bit of a break after his huge 600th Viewer Choice extravaganza with a few better rolls of the randomizer and used Thursday to work on his 1CC stuff. Choosing a game as hard as NARC to 1CC is going to be a challenge, but I hope BBH doesn’t change his mind & keeps practicing as it’s one of my favorites. You just can’t lose with a game like NARC. I made some art to Monster Maulers, a Japanese fighting game I think never saw a release here in North America and a very beautiful looking fighter named Ninja Masters. There was also some last-minute SOS art done on my part which I think was the best of the night.

Macaw is back into playing really old Japanese computer games, mostly Dios by a company called Zain Soft. As someone who grew up when games were floppy disks, there is a real appreciation for streams like these that show off some of what the best these older systems had. However, Macaw is on Australian time and many of these streams happen when I am sleeping so I only caught the fist few hours of these streams. I usually follow-up watching the videos later as he has been playing a few more randoms.

When I first started to follow Aquas two years ago on twitch he was playing Rolling Thunder 2 and always seemed to get really close to the end before dying. I think the game pissed him off for a real long time as he never picked it back up until recently in BBH’s 600 VCE when it was nominated. Not only did he finish it, but Aquas took it one step closer and 1CC’d the entire game. Way to go, dude! I also did some really cute fan art for Funkdoc of Ninja Kids that has him depicted as the master. It was a more of a chill week for Dank Art, so I had another giveaway one morning where I gave out free dank art to people on my twitter.


I picked up a second Sega Gamegear as it was a lot collection that came with a pile of decent games and accessories such as the power adapters and rechargeable batter pack.

I have a real charming story about my gamegear that I will leave for another blog post as it’s a very long and needs an entire post all to it. I already own another gamgear, but the big problem with them is the screen starts to go. The easy fix is to open them up and replace the capacitors but it’s been a while since I’ve needed to solder anything so I might call on the help of one of my bosses at work and see if he can lend me his talents when I get the kit delivered. I also picked up a sweet copy of Truxton and cleaning up I found my SNES mouse so I can play that silly King Arthur’s World easier.

Adventure Time

I met up with my best buddy Sarah in the city and after stopping at her house we went to the McMicheal gallery to check out some crazy Canadian art.

It was incredibly hot and overly sunny so getting photos wasnt the best, but the gallery was fun and I love having the chance to look at wonderful pieces of art work created by the people I look up to the most in art. It was also fun spending some time with my best buddy as both of us have been working very hard this year. The best part about the day was going back to her place and sketching in her beautiful garden with the cats (Sarah is all about her cats).

Sometimes you just need to rewind with good friends and take a break. I think after the way we both have been working this year some well needed rest is good.


Screenshot 2016-09-05 22.56.22.png

I am the master at Jones in the Fast Lane

Tony came over and we played a bunch of Sierra games after I did some Fishing . We got burgers too! Next weekend is Tony’s wedding so we knew we had to get together before that day and get some fast food and old school Serria games. I’m lucky I still have friends who are close to me who want to get together and do fun things like play old games or go to art galleries or just make some art.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 22.48.17.png

Kings Quest 4 laziness

Tony and I have been talking about doing a Kings Quest 4 stream all year as part of something silly I said about wanting to play all the King Quest games on my stream. Theres still a few more Kings Quest games on the list and I hope we still have time to play thru them.



It’s amazing that I still have this and whats even more amazing is that I used this to get into clubs when I was under age

You wave your torch into my eyes


I went right back into playing Snatcher for the Sega CD on Sunday morning.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.20.51.png

OMG he’s got a gun!! WHERE’S MY SHOOT???

I finished act 1, however I have an open guide with me now for moments where I’m 100% stumped. This game makes Cobra feel like a walk in the park with the amount of options and at times it can get really frustrating when you’ve missed one little option in the menu and need to backtrack. It’s worth it as there’s an immense sense of satisfaction when you complete an area and make progress. This game throws gritty cyber-punk story elements in your face with hard violence and adult situations. Plus if you are a Kojima fan or remember the good old days when Konami was great you’ll enjoy spotting references, cameos and recycled elements from past/future games.


Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.18.19.png

Any game that has a seedy looking bar scene is my kind of game

When I was 12 I used to go to W.H. Smith’s in the mall to buy all my books and by chance that’s where I would find copies of Sega Mean Machines. It was an imported UK Sega gaming magazine which would come to $12 an issue and once a month my dad would give me $15 to fetch it. Against better judgment I would take these to school to read on my lunch but I got picked on by the girls in my class. I eventually started eating lunch in the computer lab because I didn’t need their shit. They were all into 90210 and still played with Barbie’s which I thought was obnoxious. Anyway, I got my first glimpses of Snatcher in the pages of that magazine and was blown away at how violent and sexy looking it was.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 18.22.29

better than Barbie

This is exactly what I wanted video games to be when I was a child. It was the same kind of excitement you’d get watching a movie or reading a book though it was way more stimulating because of how invested you felt towards the characters and story. It’s just great that this game is everything I’ve always dreamed it would be and that I can actually play it as it’s one of those elusive rare games for the Sega CD. I am a collector, but there are some games I’ll never own simply because of a collectors market.


Almost everyone I watch is getting ready for the 1CC Marathon Pasky is organizing. This is amazing news for me, not just because I am in it, but because a lot of my favourite games are being practiced and in turn means better Dank Arts as I am more excited and familiar with the games streamed.

Lord BBH was practicing NARC and I think he’s going to stick to playing it on Thursdays along with all the other games he’s entered. I love NARC. I remember seeing this game in arcades and thinking how insane and amusing the whole concept was. It’s a crime fighting game on drugs- everything is to the extreme and it doesn’t hold back in its zaniness. Mow crack dealers down with a car, arrest criminals or shoot them down, face off with the Big Boss at the end for some of the most “on drugs” end bosses you’ll ever see. It doesn’t just say “Drugs are a Crime”, it punches the message in crimes face for your amusement. Did I mention I like NARC? BBH also had his 600th Viewer Extravaganza on Saturday where for hours he played nothing but requests from his followers randomly for several hours. I sat in for most of it and made a bunch of fun Dank Art for the occasion. I like the randomizer, though I squirm when the viewers choice comes up as everyone always wants BBH to play the worst game in the list rather than the obvious good choice. I get that some games are really terrible and are an experience, but when total garbage wins over a quality game it’s not as entertaining for me unless I can salvage it with something supremely dank. Oh well- you take some and you lose some.

On certain Sundays, iast has a Shmups Randomizer which is totally worth checking out if you are into Shmups. Since a lot of Shmups are technical in design or focuses on the shooting itself it’s harder to come up with concepts for Dank Art. When I can capture something from a game I get very excited. It’s also a great chance for me to actually draw planes, cars, or any vehicle as it’s a challenging object for me to whip up quickly.
Fantastic Planet has this passion for PS1 games and though he’s not on a mission to play every single one like Puri Puri, he finds crazy over looked titles and tries to complete them just out of the sheer challenge. Occasionally he’ll do a Time Gal playthru (which I am a huge fan of). This was a strange Magical Girl style game called chou kousoku gran doll and it had a very strange Magical Girl ending. I think I am the only one who’s done chou kousoku gran doll fan art,
Pjoxt is a wizard and likes games with Wizards in them because that’s what the society of Wizards do when they are not out wizarding. I have this amusing back story that Pjoxt works at his local Wizard factory and it’s basically a large building with many different hallways and rooms where he walks around performing acts of wizardry and occasionally all hell breaks loose when some clumsy hero with a sword comes in & starts hacking up the place. You THINK being a Wizard is like Harry Potter, but it’s a lot of dungeon crawling, hardcore strategy, complex quests and endless wizardry conquests to dark terror core metal. That’s what I think when I think of Wizards.
I also like tuning into ex_Mortis’s casual streams as he plays a random selection of whatever he likes and it’s more about hanging out and enjoy the game and the chat- kind of what I really like about video games with friends. Just hanging out and enjoying the game together on a lazy afternoon instead of wasting it in a pub or a shopping centre (do people still think shopping is fun??)
Murphagator was playing one of my favourite beat em ups for the Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2. This is a rare occasion when I couldn’t photograph or upload the Dank Art mainly because I’m at work or working in a cafe with really crumbs internet and too many people. I loved this game as a kid not just because it was fun and I loved pretending I was Blaze turbo kicking the crud out of everything. I had an overactive imagination as a child and had this whole back story for her and wanted to dress up as her for Halloween. My mom thought the costume wouldn’t be appropriate for a 11-year-old girl. Blaze is incinerating class over other girls from games I could have dressed up as (looking at you, Camando-ass Cammy… who I dressed up for Halloween when I was 24 :/)

I couldn’t sleep much this week so I was happy that Macaw was doing 1CC attempts of The Super Spy, a game that is dominated by BBH. Don’t believe me? Look up the strategy guide he wrote for it here. It’s a “Punch-Out” style Neo Geo game where you fight a team of terrorists who try to take over buildings and bring down the establishment. You don’t get any weapons on starting, but you pick up things like a knife that rusts super fast or guns that hostages have recovered. Theres also only one female bad-guy character, but she crazy bad and majorly difficult. Her name is Pink & she’s like top-tier Femme Fatale. I showed some concept art to my buddy Sarah who loves to paint FF’s and even she commented that she was dangerous. Why not make her the final boss? I could totally see the world’s evilest terror group being run by a woman. Besides lots of Super Spy, Macaw played a bunch of interesting DOS games, the stand out one being Robinson’s Requiem. It’s a space survival simulation game where your character is stranded on a strange planet and you got to explore this dangerous landscape while using your wits to survive. When I was in grade 6 (and I think for most Canadian’s in grade 6) I was forced to watch Voyage of the Mimi and do all the painfully ridiculous educational programs that came with it. I always figured this style of education was a total cop-out when I was a child because all the teacher had to do was press play on the giant TV and stand in the dark classroom as we all ripped on it. The only good thing that came from this was the computer game which was my first time playing a survival strategy game. Maybe it’s worth hunting it down and streaming it someday as I do have very fond memories of hiding in the computer lab playing it and other edu-tainment video games on those ancient Apple IIgs. Also waggon wheels, configurations and Pirate Booty streams.

The softer side of things

I said good luck to Rebecca on Wednesday. She was our office summer high school student this year at my main Social Media job. We had a going away party for her and as difficult as it was for me to take a day off work I kinda owed it as a friend to be there.

I work with some incredible women and I wish I knew girls like this when I was growing up. I always felt a terrible dread when I wasn’t accepted around other girls when I was younger and it made going to class and building on strong and healthy relationships later on in my life a challenge. Though as I get older and stop giving any real fucks about what people think about me I’m starting to build on stronger relationships. I like people for being beautiful and real beauty lies in how kind you are and what you can give of yourself. If I could give Rebecca any sort of advice on her road to becoming a woman is to look for those qualities in people and the sooner you start making yourself happy instead of looking towards the acceptance of others you’ll stop giving all the fucks and enjoy life.
Yes- we bought her a selfie stick as part of her going away gift. Get over it- look how much fun it is.

I write this knowing the day before I was attacked by a man at my other job simply because I couldn’t provide him the service he wanted. I hate talking about the more horrible things that happen to me, but they happen. I don’t know what is going thru the mind of a 40 something family man when he’s calling me derogatory names and throwing a cell phone at my face, but that’s what happened. I stood there like a zombie sighing”oh no not again”. It brought back a lot of terrible feelings and stress I’ve been trying to deal with but not because of the attack but with how dead & defeated I accepted it. If this was younger me I’d be screaming, fighting back, but there I was just taking it and realizing that was worse than the attack itself. I couldn’t sleep, I was breaking out in hives, I was exhausted and I found it really hard to enjoy anything. Some days it was like all I had to look forwards to was making art so thank you for streaming and giving me a reason to keep going.

Greg spontaneously called me on Saturday and dragged me out of this terrible funk I was in from all the stress.

We went for lunch and we drove to Georgetown where we visited Wastewise, one of the larger recycling depots in the area. They recently shut down the Burlington location and the Goodwill shut down in town so it’s one of the few reuse centres still running. Some people wont even go into a second-hand shop or they get turned off by the smell or sight of what they think is trash, but if you can handle it you might find some treasure. Theres also an allure that you are buying things on the cheap so you can get trapped into buying a bunch of crud you don’t really need. Taking photos of such finds is one way of treasure collecting without bringing home things you don’t need. Places like these are the last stop before the landfill and you can only think it’s the bottom end of someone’s failed garage sale. The day’s of finding anything worth value at these places are long gone though it’s nice to walk around and check things out. We also stopped by The Game Hoard in the mall where I picked up a copy of ESwat which was iast’s choice for Funkdoc to 1CC on his stream.
Pro tip: If there is a Sega Arcade port of the game I’m going to hunt it down and own it.

I felt worlds better after getting some fresh air, lunch and making piles of art later in the afternoon for BBH’s extravaganza stream.


it was small but I don’t mind :3

I also had pie. This is the pie I had. I was so happy to have this pie that I sang the pie song. It’s basically this song but replace all instances of “high” with “pie”. I should make this my new karaoke song and order a slice of pie so I’m ready for the occasion when my name is called.


Got a problem with pie? Deal with it. Also, whats wrong with you?


Whats wrong with you?



throw away a chance at greatness just to make this dream come into play

The end of COBRA

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.52.00.png
Space Adventure Cobra has always been a beloved manga/anime from my past and the game had eluded me for years. I grew up with Sega, but I never had the Sega CD until 2 years ago when I used money my dad gave me for Christmas to buy myself “what I really wanted”. I have a great dad.
Noted, this is a very hard to find game for the system fetching prices over $300 Canadian on ebay. I’ve only ever seen the sequel to this game in JP format in the wild and that was at a retro game swap going back a while. I highly recommend trying this game out as its fun, laid back when it needs to be but keeps you invested so you keep playing. It’s very linear, but I like that when it comes to games like these as too many choices can be overwhelming. The game over all is around 10 hours (you can do it in 7 with no muddling around) so play like I did breaking it up over a few days to really enjoy it.

I finished Cobra & went right into the game I originally was going to play first for my Sega CD Madness Streams: Snatcher. This cyber-punk adventure drama has been at the top of my list for years as one of my most sought after games. Like Cobra, it commands a high price if you are a collector and it’s one of those games I would love to own but probably never will as the game has too many bootlegs floating around the market. If you can’t verify what you are holding in your hands or looking at then you shouldn’t buy it and collecting games is starting to get like that these days. It takes the fun out of collecting to play so for stuff like this I’ll just emulate it. I plan to have a truly unique experience with the game & crack as many jokes as needed when doing it.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 15.58.55.png

Dank Arts


Lord BBH is now down to one Arcade roulette stream a week taking place on Mondays to focus on playing games he actually likes and has submitted for the 1CC athon. I watched the 1CC athon around the winter holidays and I thought it was one of the best events for its type on Twitch as it featured amazing talent, skills and people who I follow to draw Dank art for now. One of the first few games I remember BBH playing was Super Spy & he’s something of an expert on it. The plot is Terrorists have taken over this building & you gotta punch, stab & shoot your way to the top to fight the main villan going thru all his crooked goons along the way. Theres only 1 lady enemy and that’s Pink up there who’s mean as hell & who BBH is a big fan of. The other piece of Dank Art that I want to point out in the BBH pile is the NARC one as I wasn’t 100% confident with posting it & hesitated a few times as I didn’t think it was good enough to share. I do have a small Ultra Dank pile of things I have drawn & either abandoned or never finished that I’ll never share online as I can get like that.

Funkdock is still at it with the 1CC requests where if you subscribe to him on twitch he will 1CC the arcade game of your choice. I’m thinking that’s how it goes for him so if you’ve been dying to see someone master a game with detailed commentary FD is your doctor. I really want him to play thru a game I really like, but I would need to take my time and really give it some thought as it would need to be a game I’d want to give the FD treatment. I had a lot of fun catching FD’s streams in the week that featured E-Swat because in my eye I pictured the cop just as I drew him here- just a slobby guy who’s a cop and has a better day with a full mech-suit on. FD started to play Bucky O’Hare & I did this Jenny drawing. I never watched the show as a kid, my brother was always older for remembering that stuff way back then. It was an experience drawing Jenny as there is a lot of Jenny fan art out there- most are weirdly proportioned sexualized Jenny’s. It’s a fair statement to say that 1 in every 50 Jenny Fan Arts out there is actually decent which isn’t saying a whole lot.

Macaw didn’t really stream a bunch this week, probably due to life or Australian internet, but when he did he played this epic onslaught of Witchaven. It’s a DOS game I actually remember seeing as a child and being excited to play. A few of my friends owned this game in fact and I had very rare occasions playing this when at their houses. The thrill was having Macaw actually beat the game (hours later) but he had to die a whole lot of times to get there as the #1 killer in this game is hidden floor pits with spikes in them that will impale you. That’s the humor in the bird getting hit by the stick Dank Art as there were often moments where it was nothing but non-stop floor spiking for a while. I also get a lot of messages over twitter from people who are fans of Birb- Macaw’s little bird character in the dank arts. I’ve always been into birds since I was a small child though my parents were never cool about pets. My mom did say I could be the owner of all the wild birds I wanted so I would spend hours at the Raptor reserve in my community drawing hawks and eagles that had broken wings or missing eyes. Next time I can get a ride I’ll grab some photos to post here.

Aquas is still going strong routing speed strats for Hammic- the Gimmick hack, Trip World and Ninja Gaiden 2. There was this evening where I was so tired from work that I was watching Aquas’s stream in my living room working on a few tax and bill things and I passed out where I had things set out on the couch. When I came to, Aquas was streaming guitar practice and it was morning. Aquas is one of the few other streamers I know who will stream another skill other than video games, kinda like how I am streaming a Dank Art before playing a game now. It takes a lot of skill to play games live for people, so just think what it takes to perform another skill like music or art. I take a lot of that for granted, but I know how enjoyable it is to share a skill withan audiance which is why I really like Twitch for what it does. It’s a thrill to see skills live and share that with a chat.

Trap doesn’t like my new Apple Watch, but he played some Battle Geregga on a Friday night. Yes, I like Battle Geregga. I can’t play it worth beans, but I enjoy seeing someone with skills play it. And you need skills to play it. Thanks for the Shmoops, Trap.

Adventures in Life

I have post cards now! If you want one, please contact me as I am taking requests for these. They are $25 and that covers the shipping. This goes for the little 4×4″ Dank Arts you see in my blog- they go for $15 each which covers shipping them in the mail. All of my Dank Art money goes towards supplies & burgers.

Dank Art money also goes towards improving my stream. A few months ago my entire retro gaming set up went down which is the reason behind all the Sega CD & Emulated DOS games lately. My old capture card died so I needed to put money into ordering a new capture card for my computer. My switcher went down randomly too so I’ll need to order another one of those so I can quickly swap out systems when I play.

I’ve wanted a nice quiet week to myself since I returned from Tucson at the start of the month. I work close to 60 hours in a normal week, more if I am freelancing and about the only thing I get excited for these days is coming home to make Dank Art. I work like this so I can pay off my debts and bills- just get by and live. It was easy living like this when I left home at 18, but these days I crave comfort so I try to make things as comfortable for me when I’m not working.
I remember two years ago I was really worried about living alone and on my own. My mother hated the idea & I remember she called me only to say that she worries about me. I told her she was never worried about me before when I did crazy things, trespassed, investigated news stories, or went off for weeks at a time with next to no contact. She agreed but back then I didn’t want to admit how scared I was, especially to her. Today I’m really happy I live alone and i can have these quiet moments.

You have no idea how simple things like buying food can be taken for granted when its an hour and 20 minute walk to just get to a decent grocery store. I have to be crafty when I eat as it’s super easy to cheap out and order food and you can lose a lot of money doing too much of that in a week. Perogies are simple to make and you can put just about anything in them- I like a simple potato cheddar cheese combo though if I can get my hands on proper sauerkraut I will make those. My dad would tell me when he was a child he would help his mom in the kitchen and she’d make the best perogies he’s ever had. It’s a skill that’s usually handed down through the family but since my dad was born when his parents were in their 60’s I never got the chance. My father would never make perogies from scratch, he’d always buy them from the store and boil. It was a rare moment to see the old guy in the kitchen to do anything besides washing the dishes, but I miss the way he’d cook those things. He had this way of boiling them just right so they were so soft & melty.

I’m limited to buying fresh produce at the local Farmers Market on Saturdays which happens in Downtown. Usually I would be painting at the market, but I have been too busy to get out lately and also too tired. I would like to get out for a few more paintings days this summer, but for those who have been missing me at the market this year I do apologise. I am working on a new collection of landscapes which I will unveil soon so keep watching here for progress photos.

I have been trying to get out and go off on adventures to see what I can gather- anything that I find of interest is useful inspiration. I guess you could call these my insparation walks. I look for things that connect with me or a scene or subject that is beautiful. I can’t stay cooped up in my place all the time and the best way to focus on creating a new collection of work is to get outside and enjoy things. I’m happy I had a chance to have a few quiet days and do this.

I didn’t come all this way to fool you

It felt like a lot of people were sick with something this week so I made a bunch of “Get Will Soon” art to cheer them up. I also played through Earthbound during the week.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 17.40.44

I played through Earthbound because I had yet to do that on my twitch channel. I usually stick to Sunday mornings as that’s the best time for me to stream but I made a few evening appearances just so I could get through the game smoothly. Earthbound is one of my personal top 5 fave games and it was nice to share it with an audience. I recommend picking it up and trying it out. It’s not for everyone, but it’s very charming and it will offer you a unique experience not found in many RPG’s.
I would like to get thru Mother 3 at some point but I am not sure if I should do that right away or get good on some of the plans I’ve made with friends for my stream. I also have a few projects I have been working on, but first….

Dank Art


Since it was a slow week for Dank Art I decided to give away a few of them randomly through my twitter. That’s something I really want to keep doing as I don’t think I will run out of Dank Art. Just another reason to follow to get some free Dank Art. You can still check out the very basic gallery I have here to buy any of the past Dank Arts. I do take commissions so if you don’t see the Dank you were looking for I can still make that happen. Send me a message or email me this way

Since I only got to see a few streams this week I only have the Dank Art you see in this one gallery. Everyone was playing Beat ’em up’s- one of my fave styles of video games to play. Macaw took a break from the PC Engine/ Retro PC98 stuff to play a few SNES beat ’em ups that were a bit more obscure such as Dark Water and Legend. He finished Legend on stream to reveal a top quality ending screen which was totally worth holding out for. Try going for it yourself- it looks like a real fun game to play through. A lot of the games Macaw features on his streams don’t pop up on many other channels which makes the Dank Art harder to interpret if you are not already familiar with the source material. What makes it work is putting the little bird in there which explains why there’s a little Macaw bird in almost all of his Dank Arts. It’s a Dank Artist interpretation of the bird’s experience with the game.
MURPHAGATOR was playing SNES Beat ’em up and did attempts on Sailor Moon. Of course I like this game, not just because it’s a Beat ’em up, but it’s Sailor Moon and I used to be super into that when I was a kid. It wasn’t just the dubbed Anime, I was collecting the actual Japanese manga books and tracking those down at that time in this country was a feat in itself. Sailor Moon has a bunch of great Beat ’em up’s too considering its Magical Girl anime/manga. I used to play this game a bunch when I had my first PC using emulators but I would always choose Jupiter or Sailor Moon herself while Murph was just going thru runs with Venus that night.
Funkdoc was playing thru X-Men Arcade on two occasions this past week to build save states for future attempts. This X-Men game was immensely popular in arcades in the 90’s when it came out with cabinets that featured up to six players with a huge two-screen set up. There are some differences between the North American and Japanese of this game and I highly recommend watching Funkdoc’s stream as he’s always very good at explaining not just the game itself but a bit of the history and information behind it. I’ve mentioned before I am a huge X-Men fan & one day I should share my comic collection in a future blog.

Powerpad Things

For my birthday this year I was sent a copy of “Family Trainer Meiro Daisakusen” for the Famicom system. If you’ve been watching my streams this year you’ll know I’m really into Powerpad games and this game is unique in that its an RPG style game that uses the Japanese Family Trainer pad. I had to do some reading up on the Japanese Family Trainer to figure out what was the best way to play the game.

I had a few ideas about how to play this game, the best way being just buying a Famicom and a Family Trainer Pad and streaming that way. I also toyed around with the idea of buying a Retron 5 to play the game, though my stream needs a new capture card if I am going to capture a HDMI output. The Retron 5 with Capture card alone would be $500 Canadian without a guarantee that this would work. However, I had this idea if I bought a Game Converter & used that to convert the Famicom game could I get away using my North American Powerpad? Trying this method was only going to cost me $60 and I needed a new Retron to stream my NES collection on so doing this was the best first option to try when it came to playing  Meiro Daisakusen.


Look at how huge that Famicom cart is!

I got my editor Rick to drive his kids and I to the Game Hoard in Georgetown where I had my second chance to pick up Sky Kid which thankfully was still there. I knew from checking them out a few weeks back that they had Retron consoles in stock and he was still cheaper than paying for shipping online. I already bought the Game Converter on eBay (I was astounded at how quickly it arrived!) so getting the Retron was the last piece I needed to try out this crazy experiment.


I’m stuck!!

It works yes and no. Not all Powerpad games work on the Retron 1 or there’s an issue with how I have things plugged in. It’s not really hard to mess up plugging a controller in, but I found that the Power Pad was unresponsive with Super Team Games, but more responsive than I remember using World Track Meet. When I plugged in Meiro Daisakusen it worked with the controller but only the top row of numbers on the B side of the Power Pad would work & I found myself squashing into walls most of the time. It’s a tease to get that far only to see things go splat so quickly :3


They call her Jenny

By chance I also got The Lost World of Jenny for my birthday as well so I had another Famicom game to test out on the Retron to check if it was the Game Converter or not. It works fine, but often I find that the controls will go slightly weird so there is a possibility that something is getting fuddled up in either the conversion or with the Retron itself. It’s something worth looking into.

Overall I was pleased with my experiment- I have a new NES to play my games on and I have a Game Converter to play Famicom games with. I’m now looking into buying a Famicom and a Family Trainer Pad so I can complete my experience with Powerpad style games.

Summer Days


Goldfinch season is here

Theres a heat wave moving through my area and one of the hottest that I can remember. It’s hard to be outside in this weather and already I’ve managed to get sunburned really bad. I can take sun usually well, though I can’t escape sun exposure and I think I got hit by that real bad.


Greg & I went out on Friday to Downtown Milton where there seems to be the best place to go and play Pokemon. I’m not sure how long this Pokemon thing will last for, but it is nice for what it is and we are having fun with it. When we were downtown to catch Pokemon there was a good crowd of people at the pond with music playing just enjoying the evening. It’s a nice thing to be able to get back outside at night and feel comfortable around people just having fun and playing games.

Summer is all about a festival or a country fair happening every weekend at the Fairgrounds. I had to cover a Kids Festival for the Milton Villager Magazine where I freelance photography and occasionally write stories.

I always enjoy a fun fair though I don’t really go for the rides (I get sick) and I try not to go for the midway. I just like to go to community events to take photos and soak up the atmosphere of being around other people. I always manage to get stuck looking after my friends kids but hanging out with kids is actually not that bad. I’m really good with kids and they can be nice if you give them a chance.

Here’s a photo of Squash with my Ninja Boyfriend to close this week out


You look good when you’re tired. You look like you could go on forever

The Dank Arts

With EVO starting up this week and the cult of Pokemon Go taking over the world I didn’t have as much streams to work from. LordBBH did have a Monday night Mame Arcade Roulette, but with the upcoming competition most of his time was spent getting ready for the event. My hopes are that the next time he streams he could do a summary of the events at the competition as only poked in a few times over my weekend. There were a few good moments in these streams, especially the X-Men Arcade stuff. I used to be a huge X-Men comic collector when I was a kid & it was fun to return to drawing these characters again. Also I made BBH a Sheep Dank Art so he could have a causal Sheep to use.

I got to do a quick Q&A with my pal Tomato last week and amazingly Poemato CX made a return to Twitch! PMCX is one of my fave streams to tune into and where I started pumping out Dank Art. They went back to live-translating this obscure Japanese game called Tomato Adventure that has a lot of cute moments and I hope that they start streaming again on the regular. Definitely follow & check out their very cute and chill stream and discover something different.

Streaming through the week Aquas was back with Muchi Muchi Pork runs, possibly one of the more insane bullet hell shmups I have seen. It also stars these adorable pig girls on bikes. Pig girls? Aquas explains a bit of the plot each time he plays though the only thing you need to know is that there’s cute pig girls on bikes.
MURPHAGATOR did a few Streets of Rage 2 runs on Saturday afternoon Streets of Rage 2 being one of my all time fave games for the Sega Genesis. Murph found a neat way to overlay my Dank Art on his splits so when he was doing speedruns my work was featured right there. Thank you, Murph! I’m always happy that people like my work and incorporate it with their streams. That’s what Dank Art is all about, sharing in the experience of playing games with friends.
Funkdoc got up to more of that Jackie Chan arcade game he showed off a few weeks ago. He wanted to show me this incredibly cheap move by this one character in the game where you just spam the butt-attack for an easy kill. It’s probably not the best strategy to win, but it certainly is a crowd pleaser. That in itself deserved some Dank Art.

Macaw got up to playing PC Engine & PC 9801 style games from a few Shmups to some Beat em’ Up’s through the week. He wanted to show off a few games he had stored on the system that he’s only briefly went through to get an idea if it should be played on stream or not. All of these games are Japanese so if it’s heavy in text or heavy in content not suitable to stream he’s gotta spend some time off stream to figure out if it’s worth playing through or not. Often the game is only worth peeking thru quickly to get more of an idea of how and what were games for these older and obscure systems.

Thursday night when I was walking home I got ambushed by a freak severe thunderstorm. I was still quite a distance from home, so I had to seek shelter under a building & wait it out. The winds & rain was so ridiculously intense that my umbrella broke & my shoes were torn to shreds. Just another reason to buy new shoes & my choice was to order clearly the best Van’s on the American website: the DabsMyla slip-ons. DabsMyla  is one of my fave artists out there & I had the pleasure of meeting them in LA at an art show a few years back. Their style is major hype- follow them 100%


I didn’t stay too long at the Market this past Saturday. I had a lot of things on my plate this weekend & I wasn’t feeling great after Thursday’s storm. I did finish the painting I have been working on and I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The best part about creating something is finishing and I understand for many out there just finishing is a feat in itself. That’s why Dank Art is important to me because it gets me hours into using and practicing my skills to finish small projects. I don’t sit down and think “Let’s make a collection”, I like to flow into something naturally and the best way to do that is effortlessly without fear. If I put 3 to 4 hours of art in each day I can go to create and finish the larger pieces with confidence.

The weekend was packed with work, though it was the kind of work that’s fun because it was a photo assignment weekend. I covered the Friday night Classic Car show that I had been promoting in an insane online campaign for months. There was a lot of successes with this event and my team & I rocked it. So many people came out to this thing and it was the event to go to in town. It’s so rewarding to be apart of a positive event for the community.
I also checked out the modest Rib Festival that was over at the Fairgrounds. I was reading online posts that people were not happy with the Ribfest, but CLEARLY these people don’t enjoy ribs or are hardcore rib snobs. I went alone to Ribfest to maximise my rib eating experience and sat there ramming racks of ribs in my face reading a book off my phone. I went for the ribs, I ate the ribs, I went home and sprawled out on my couch and went into a hardcore rib-coma drooling all over myself because I am a lady of class. I would say 8/10 event because I came, I saw, and I conquered.
Sunday I spent most of my day off playing Earthbound, but I did get done a bunch of cleaning and I went for a very long discovery walk at the base of the Escarpment. One of my clients has this “Explore your neighbourhood” idea so I have set up a map and stuck pins in it to go discover all the cool places in my Town and take photos. I used to be ace at doing this already, but the landscape is changing and evolving rapidly around here so it’s just as well I get out there and check it out. I did make sure to take care of my feet when I went out for this adventure.

I have a new desk set up in the game room where I can start to clean up Dank Arts and get them ready to mail out. I guess it’s my new shipping room :p
I picked up an antique dresser that I am using to store and file arts as well as envelopes and art supplies. It’s nice to have a little work space like this so I can keep on top of my ideas and help to get things done and shared with people.