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It looked as if it was going to be one of those weird MAME Roulette streams of LordBBH’s where nothing decent comes up and a bunch of torture games are played instead. As fun as it is to see BBH play the torture games, I prefer seeing BBH get a few good games and occasionally a gem will make an appearance. BBH got a few duds, but he was able to bring his own special brand of acceptance to each game to keep the night entertaining and I drew a bunch of BBH Sheep Dank Arts to add to the fun.
If you grew up in North America, the chances that you’ve seen any of the Quiz-style arcade machines is probably low, but Quiz arcade machines were a huge deal in Asia and if you look into the depths of MAME there are LOTS of them all waiting to be explored and played (if you can read Japanese). I think to suffer thru them BBH will cheat and set things in MAME to get thru the game so that people can still see what the quiz games are all about.
It might be fun to make a quiz style BBH game but with arcade related questions and a bunch of the icons and inside jokes we have during the streams- I might be down for a cool project like that in the future if someone is a better programer then me!

Macaw finally got through his TMNT Gauntlet with the final GBA game which took well over several hours to run through and (surprise) it was one of the worst games in the entire Gauntlet run and this is including the “Colour a Turtle” game. It’s not that it was a bad game, but it was rather subpar to even the NES games which were actually fun. Suffering thru it, he finished the game and then returned to playing thru weird Japanese Beat’emUp’s the following day. Probably my favourite Dank Art from these three is the Predator one because it has the little determined Birb with the hockey mask and stick ready to go hunt with his embarrassed Predator pal.

Tetris Pals @KevinDDR
For those who are into my Patreon, you know that I had a sit down interview for the Dank Zine that features KevinDDR who is well known for playing Tetris the Grand Master as well as DDR, arcades and even Pinball games. Kevin is sort of an all-purpose-animal who desires to master any challenging game that he stumbles across and currently is on a trip to Japan to do just that. I’m very happy that I got to sit down and talk a bit about Tetris, his trip and what is going to happen when he’s there as Kevin is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. You’ll have to wait to pick up the Zine to read that interview, but if you follow him on twitter you can keep up to date on all his exploits when on his trip. I can’t wait till he goes and comes back so I can do the follow up story. In the meantime, I made these really cute Tetris pieces of Kevin & his roommate Aperturegrillz for the Zine and I shared this one earlier on Sunday when Kevin was streaming a few practice runs.


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Victoria Park looking bleak 
I haven’t been able to get out much this winter with my health being down in the dumps and the weather not being on my side. After adding up all the days that I was sick in 2017 it’s as if I was sick for an entire month. Hopefully with the warmer spring like weather I fend off any more colds or flus that get thrown my way as I would like to see if I can get out to some of the bigger nature parks that are around me where in live in Milton Ontario.

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The Old Court House which is now Town Hall (looking bleak)
 I used to live around this area when I was a small kid and when I was born they turned the old courthouse here into Town Hall. They built the court house way back in the 1900’s when my home town was first established. We’re turning 160 this year, a whole 10 years older then my entire country. Thats peanuts to some of the really old communities in Montreal or along the East Coast which are over 200 years old because of how Canada’s was discovered and inhabited by explorers and those seeking to make money with trapping and hunting.
The building is also haunted cause they had jails in the basement (perfect for dealing with todays politicians) and they used to hang people in the court yard right up to the 60’s. It’s kind of grim to know that when my mom was going to high school they were still hanging people in my future backyard. It’s really creepy when you think about it too much which I don’t because believing in ghosts is stupid.
However, there are people who do believe in ghosts and who get scared stupid when you tell them places are haunted so I would often take dates to this park and tell them about the hangings and ghosts to see how scared they would get. If they got scared I knew I couldn’t date them. If they told me they weren’t scared but then would go on about not being scared or asking about ghosts I would then challenge them to go look at why the lights were working in the abandoned Jailer’s house which only recently was demolished. I’ll just say no man or boy has ever broken into the jailers house with me but one girl did back in the day and we used to get into all sorts of trouble like that when we were teenagers.
However, now that the weather is getting better I’ll try to get out more with my camera and tour you around my little/not so little home town and show off some of the nicer places and their stories.

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