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Finishing Snatcher

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where did he get these handcuffs? oh nevermind.

Last week I struggled with the harder shooting stages only to find out passing those sequences are essential to completing the game. I kept thinking, “Maybe if I had the light gun I would be beating this faster,” but deep down inside I knew that it was me and I had to try harder. My whole strategy for playing the gun sequences was off. I was taking too much time aiming & shooting and when I switched to “mashing fire really fast” I started to advance.

Skeleton ahead

I’m glad I finally got a chance to play through Snatcher. It’s a highly immersive game and I really enjoyed the noir cyber punk feel to the entire story. As a child I liked a good Adventure style game may it be Leisure Suit Larry or Police Quest and Snatcher looked like it was the most ultimate Adventure game I knew about at the time. There are so many great adventure games out there if your willing to learn other languages and fuss through the pain of setting up an emulator or do what I do and follow a bunch of people who are already doing that.

I moved onto 1CC practice of Sega Marine Fishing practice after Snatcher & really felt the fatigue from the shooting stages. Operating the Dreamcast Fishing Rod is physically tiring after a few runs and often it’s getting tired and not staying focused that can lose a catch. I stopped doing attempts after the game got especially trolling. Don’t get mad, just get even later.

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Not today, Fishy-Fish


I started following ex_mortis because every now and then he’ll play the older style Japanese PC games, but he will play a range of diffrent games from arcade to modern. One day I came home from work and he was playing Gamecube Games, one of those was Pikmin. I used to own a Gamecube back in the day but I only had it for a year before I left it at the aprtment of this guy I was dating. We broke up & I never got that Gamecube back so I never got a real chance to experiance the games on that system. I need to give it another chance though.

Macaw45 was streaming obscure yet interesting Japanese games for older systems. I did a bit of art for one of the PC88 games that he was doing 1CC attempts over a few days. Ashe story is guts monsters are destroying the city and it is up to this team of fighters to save the day. I’m assuming Macaw has spent some time in playing this game already as he can roughly translate what text boxes on the screen say (there is no localization) and even with that the game is still incredibly hard. There were also some Super Spy 1CC attempts as well as a day dedicated to Rambo games. Check out the video on the Rambo Games as that was a lot of fun to watch.

LordBBH is gearing up for the 1CC Athon with regular practice nights on Thursdays as well as sticking to his Arcade Randomizer streams on Monday. I am lucky that BBH has chosen to keep NARC in for his list of games in the 1CC Athon at the end of the month as it’s one of my favourite arcade games. It’s not one of his and I think he was struggling trying to successfully 1CC it on a regular basis. That’s why I am excited he’s opting to keep it on his list of games because having something that is a bit of a challenge would be exciting. This is another reason why I enjoy BBH’s randomizer streams as not every game is a 10/10 and every now and then a challenge presents itself in the most unlikely of game selection.


I met Tony one summer almost 7 years ago on a trip to the Pinery beach over the Labour day long weekend. We instantly became good friends over long conversations about spooky electronic music, strange house parties, Sierra Adventure games and our Ukrainian heritage. Tony was one of the few friends I had that would visit me. It started out of a convenience as my place was on the way home from work into meeting up every other Sunday to grab a beer, play some tennis or play video games.

I asked Sarah to be my date that day and I am so glad I did. I’ve been single for a while now and I wasn’t about to take some stranger or someone I barely knew to one of my most important friend’s wedding. I was happy Sarah wanted to go with me as she’s been crazy busy this summer with all her mural work she’s been up to in Long Beach CA that spending a little time with her is important. I feel so much better about myself when I am spending time with my very close friends that we just have fun focus on making new moments to enjoy.

The cutest thing that happened there was as Tony & his wife got to the end of the aisle walking out of their wedding ceremony they hugged and they said “We did it!” and it was refreshing to be around people so accepting and in love for each other. I want to be around more people like this who really get what living is all about.

I also want to wrap things up with the crazy incredible work Sarah has been working on cause girl has been killing it

Sarah’s new painting

If you are in the San Francisco area on Spetember 17 you should try to check it out!

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