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When I came home Monday night, LordBBH was already playing one Soccer arcade game & immediately rolled into another one. It was looking like another evening of strange random picks by the MAME Roulette picker, but quickly that all seemed to melt away when B-Rap Boys came up. Last year at exactly this time it was as if everyone was picking up this obscure arcade game and trying to make 1CC attempts (it’s hard as hell!!!). BBH had just started streaming regularly too so he was making attempts to go for it and we all had downloaded the soundtrack. I have very early Dank Art of this game as that was around when I first started calling it “Dank Art” and putting together a collection of it to share with people who were tuning in and watching as well. Other awesome games such as P-47 Aces and Night Warriors (which I own on my JP Sega Saturn). I chucked out a bunch of fun Dank Art that night and BBH kept going well into the evening. I went to bed at 1am I think so I missed the end of the show, but it was one of the better ones where really interesting games came up (despite the chat not choosing Dig Dug but I’m ok with that cause we got to see Night Warriors.

Take it easy Cleric runs- King of Dragons @SRKfunkdoc 
SRKFunkdoc is done with golf for a while and is back into Beatem’ups with 1CC attempts of King of Dragons, it’s very similar to the Dungeon & Dragons games that Capcom released around in the 90’s though I don’t think this one was officially part of the franchise. It was Funkdoc’s first attempts learning this game & he made rapid progress thru the evening making enough save states to help him learn all the different parts of the game to help him get that 1CC. I’m going to enjoy FD doing practice runs of this game as I already like it and I am a huge fan of Beatem’ups already, so expect a lot more Dank King of Dragons art to come out of his streams.


Link enjoying some McDonalds pancakes before going on silly quests @Floatypoe & @ClydeMandelin 
My friends Poe & Mato are still at work getting screen shots for upcoming articles and books for the Legends of Localizations series and amazingly they are streaming a bit later in the evenings now so I can catch their streams live! They recently got a new Nintendo Mini and wanted to play thru all of Zelda just to see if by chance any of the long & overdue spelling mistakes would get cleaned up in this release of the game. Sure enough, Nintendo FINALLY fixed them and this morning when I was checking my twitter feed I’m seeing all the screen shots that they & another friend King Darian got of it all over every other crazy Video Game Blog. Yay for team Poemato for putting the effort in once again!
I keep talking about Mato & Poe’s work because I have been a fan of it ever since I bought my own computer back in 2001. I think then Mato had this very basic site I found thru http://www.starmen.net when I was looking for Earthbound maps. His site, “To Earthbound and Back Again,” was about the differences between the english and Japanese versions of the game and I was intrigued that there were so many differences between the two. Where Starmen.net had message forums and a social aspect, Mato had all the info I was looking for there (except for the info that wasn’t). Here we are years later and it’s amusing for me to know that we are still doing the same thing we were doing all those years ago.


Splatterhouse Rick doing the dishes & can’t get the blood splatters out…. Splatterhouse! @Owlnonymous 
My brother from another mother Owlnonymous has cooked up a new idea for his Owlcade located in his kitchen of his beautiful Florida home. He’s doing PC Engine Raffles where he will randomly choose someone in chat to choose a game and Owl will play it on stream for at least 15 minutes. If you didn’t know, I spent months scrub-playing thru almost every PC Engine game I could find (minus a few sports games) so I am supportive of anything PC Engine. Owl plays a bunch of different stuff from obscure games to arcades, Shmups and Pinball. He’s even into fixing stuff up so give him a Hoo-Hoo and a follow to see what he’s up to. Watching Owl & his friends set up new machines in the kitchen only makes me wish I could squeeze a few arcade & pinball machines into my place.


Macaw45 got around to playing the Earnest Evans Trilogy of games Wednesday morning when I woke up as part of his Wolfteam tribute streams. Wolfteam was founded in 1986 and later went on to change their name to Namco Tales Studio Ltd. as it was formerly known in the 90’s. The team was founded and lead by Masahiro Akishino who Macaw has amazing rants about, so instead of me telling that story I would say to check out the vod here and check it out. It’s highly entertaining.
I will give credit due to @CloudyMusic for actually stating in chat that “Earnest Evans is basically QWOP” because that made me laugh so much I started to draw that decrepit Dank Art of poor Earnest.

I included a few of the Tuesday morning Beatem’up Dank Arts here as well from the DOS games Macaw was playing. I’m big into DOS games these days and finding ones that really stand out in the graphics and story are the ones I really want to get my hands on. Pick up  Water Margin: Heroes of Liang Shan if you can find it as it has some of the most incredible backgrounds I have ever seen in a DOS game and I’m not just saying that because it’s done in such a style that looks like watercolours, but it helps!

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