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I forgot one of the Dank Art’s I made for Macaw’s streams this week in the last blog entry I made so I stuck it in with todays :3
I really wanted to focus on that Castle game that Macaw was playing as one of my good friends from my high school days who reads my blog and twitter sent me a message freaking out over the fact that someone was playing his fave DOS game ever, Castles. Heck, Castles looks like a DOS game I would play myself. It’s a builder game where you have to build your fortress and be king. Who doesn’t want that? Well being king kinda stinks because the Celts are always trying to knock over your castle because you are building it on their land (what uncivilized heathens!) or some jerk-face is poaching deer in your forests or your dork prince son is getting into trouble with the ladies & to show him who wears the crown around here you’re going to ship him off to the crusades! That will teach him. Macaw killed the game after muddling thru for an hour but it was enough to spank my own interest in looking for this game myself as I bet you Castle Kick-Ass (AKA AnnK’s place) would actually get completed on schedule and my annoying prince Son would be studying in the Kievs Academy where after he completes his study he will rejoin me & the rest of my Cossack army to take over Poland (aw shucks, thats the premise for Taras Bulba but really, it’s a good story). Click on the image to go watch birb build a castle.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.54.50 PM

IMG_0652Dead_Flip Goes on another Pinball rant

Dead_Flip is an interesting guy and you don’t really need to be into pinball to like his show (though it does help since 99% of it is him playing pinball). I recently sat down with Mr Flip and we talked about a few of his upcoming projects for a feature in an upcoming Dank Zine issue. I’m not the biggest pinball fan but I do love to play and I’m always on the hunt for machines to photograph as pinball machines are one of my fave things to take photos of.

LordBBH had a quick 4/20 arcade stream on Thursday night which I literally passed out on my desk while watching. I woke up at like 2am face down on my keyboard & had this really weird scar from the keys all down the right side of my cheek. If I was more awake I would have taken a selfie and tweeted that hot mess out, but I was so tired that I just marched off to bed & shut-down till 9 am later in the day.
I was a bit upset because usually on Thursdays BBH plays more of the arcade games he wants to play so theres a chance of 1CC’s or if a game was really good that came up roulette it might get a run-back on this day. The gem this time was Super Baseball 2020 which for a sports game is actually really fun. The only other baseball game I like for any video game set up is the Mario Super Sluggers when I owned it, however I will stress that game is only fun when you have another person to play with.
I found out later on the next day BBH played more Fighters History Dynamite that evening which was definitely done when I was passed out. Aw shucks- I’ll catch it next time, I guess.

Mother’s Day 

Are we visiting Mom’s grave? No were visiting Mother 3’s grave

It’s been 11 years since Mother 3 came out on April 20th (AKA 4/20 day). Like there wasn’t already enough going on this day, the Mother community got together in some ways to pay tribute to this wonderful game that will sadly never see a North American release. Personally I have said this before when I was playing thru Mother 3 earlier in the year that I don’t ever expect Mother 3 to get an official release by Nintendo. 10 years is a long time to wait for something but I have been waiting since 1996 for a Mother 3 official release cause that’s how long I have been waiting for a sequel to one of my fave childhood game.

Earthbound came out in 1995 for the SNES here in North America when I was a kid. It came out right when the SNES was about to be shelved for the new Nintendo 64 console. When they announced that Mother 3 was coming out for the N64 my heart sunk a bit as I really didn’t like anything about the N64 and I wanted to avoid buying one if at all possible. 3D polygons and graphics didn’t sit well with me at all and still to this day I don’t like the look of these games. Call me old fashioned, but I love the look of sprite work and to me there is more emotion and soul in pixel art then you’ll ever find in awkward polygon graphics. Here’s the video of what Mother 3 would have looked like if it got green lighted.

I am happy with what I have today even if it’s just the fan translation because I can play the game and enjoy it and thats all I want. I look at how older franchises which were like Mother 3- stuck in development hell for years such as Duke Nukem and how mishandled the finished official release was when it finally hit shelves. I also think most fans of Mother 3 have moved on and accepted that this game won’t get an official release and that it’s OK because you really don’t need that to enjoy something you love. By all means keep making fan art, showing your appreciation and love for the game, but instead of begging for something that will never happen do what so many did this 4/20 and just say “thank you” for making a really amazing game.



I am an adorable cyclops mammoth from Space Harrier Dank Art, Hi!!

IT’S CRUNCH TIME. I’m down to the end of the month with building the second issue of my Dank Zine. I’m already halfway thru building up each section of the Zine and hopefully on Wednesday I will be sending the issue off to the printers and then ship them out. Making a Zine is A LOT of hard work, but my hopes are once I reach my next Patreon goal of $600 I should be able to hire someone to help me offset some of the editing and layout of each issue so I can focus a bit more on making the content (and take some time off cause dang AnnK needs a vacation).

If you want to help me reach that $600 goal I’m only $122 away from making it. I’m so close it’s exciting!! You can check out my Patreon for my Dank Zine here where you can sign up to back my dank project and if you want sign up for a subscription and get a physical copy of the Zine every month in your mail box.

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