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The Viewers Choice Extravaganza for LordBBH continued from where it left off on Saturday playing requests in place of regular MAME Roulette on Monday. I happened to join in right as BBH was about to finish Golden Axe and got to see him use the magic where the skeleton barfs. It’s silly, but I had a good laugh at it. I never really make requests for the extravaganza as BBH has already played enough Space Harrier (I only ever request Space Harrier) and once I requested The New Zealand Story, but usually I leave the requests up to everyone else and sit back, enjoy and draw up some fun Dank Art in the process. BBH also gets thru a lot of games so when I wake up in the morning I usually have an impressive little pile to share on my blog.

A fresh pile of wake the hell up
This little bugger is going to get you and his pot of gold in Leprechaun 

Tuesdays usually means I have a chance to stream something myself but instead I wanted to get caught up on some of my Dank Zine stuff and just take it easy. By luck, Chuboh was streaming Classic Golden Age Arcade’s on his channel much later in the evening. Outside of him and BBH, I don’t know many others who would even attempt to stream Golden Age stuff, but I love it. I’d stream it myself if I had a better setup from what I have now. I’ve never been one to look down on something because of its age or think something isn’t fun because the graphics are not 3D, but I really enjoy classic games for their look and simplicity. It all stems back from this crazy vacation I took with my grandmother to Point Pele when I was a small child and the hotel where we stayed at had this AMAZING arcade set up of nothing but classic arcade games. Even then these arcades were deemed “old” (it was the 90’s) and some of the other kids who were staying at the hotel as well who’d always be hanging out by the pool wouldn’t go near them because they were too old. I on the other hand had a field day taking advantage of the unlimited amount of free tokens we had because we were staying at the hotel and played old Golden Age games for most of the time we were at the hotel. It’s a special memory for me and one I’m never going to ever get back or experience again but it’s why I enjoy those older games so much.

Macaw returned from IRL Easter shenanigans with a non-stop Gauntlet of SNES games which he streamed for over 5 hours. Many of the games were Super Famicom titles I haven’t heard of and each time he’d 1CC one he’d bring up 3 at a time and have a poll where chat could choose which game he should play next. I know I draw a lot of the Macaw Birb for Macaw’s streams (it is his show after all) but sometimes I think I draw a lot of Birb’s and maybe people just want to see Dank Art from the actual game itself. That’s what I was going with the Hagane Dank Art. After posting it, a lot of people in chat started asking “Where’s the Birb?” “Maybe the Birb is under the helmet” “Maybe he ate the Birb”
My quick response was to be all “ok ok ok- i’ll Birb it up” and moments later I posted Birb in a box of SNES games and balanced returned.
Birb is probably one of the best characters to come out of making Dank Art as I get a lot of feedback from people who check out my work who have no idea what Twitch and Streaming is. I still have the first Dank Art I made where I drew the Birb and when I run out of the best ideas, Birb is there with 20 more terribly great ideas for me to run with.


A few weeks back I was right into doing my annual Leisure Suit Larry 1-3 playthrus which I try to do each year in the spring. Some people have asked when I will do playthrus of the next official games in the series (5,6 &7) and I might actually get around to playing those soon. I love Larry and have been a fan of Larry games since I was a kid. It’s not so much that he’s a sleazy swinger, for me he was your typical shmoe guy just trying to get by and get a date.
I found this book used on Amazon for $1. The shipping cost more than the book! It arrived in great condition and I was super happy with my discount discovery. The book has a walk thru for each original game, little maps, synopsis and character information as well as “Larry” adding his own commentary to the content. Al Lowe is featured through out, though Ralph Roberts is the author credited for the writing. What I really wanted to get with this book are all the behind the scene conversations and stories that you’re only going to get talking directly with the creators of these kind of games so when I do my playthrus of the next 3 games I’ll be sure to use this book as a reference and to show off a few of the more interesting parts of it.


img_0027If you are thinking of backing my Dank Zine for the second issue, all custom Dank Art needs to be requested by this Friday for me to get it in for the deadline. The second issue is already going to be bigger then the last issue that came out as I am already adding more pages to accommodate all the new art I have and to give the feature stories a bit more breathing room. It’s going to be another great issue to make sure you are backing the Zine on my Patreon and keep me making Dank Art!

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