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The Long Weekend

DANK ART Macaw45 got right into some Lighbringer and The King of Dragons arcade runs before signing out for the Easter long weekend. I know Funkdoc is right into doing 1CC attempts of The King of Dragons game right now, but he’s choosing to use the Cleric where Macaw often will choose the Fighter and stick […]

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Arcades, Dank Art, Painting, Video Games

Oh what a weekend!

DANK ART I have been tuning into more of Murphagator’s streams lately and finally decided to sub this weekend. I did it not just to get a little duck icon, but because I have been enjoying his BeatEm’up playthroughs for months now. I try to Sub as much I can, but I give myself a limit to […]

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LAUNCH I’ve been hinting at a few projects I wanted to do and one of them was a printed book in some capacity. The best way to get all of my art into something printed would be a monthly magazine. I have set up a Patreon to do just that after months of careful planning. […]

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