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Closing out a Month

Dank Work Making Dank is what I am all about these days and I am happy to announce that I am accepting submissions for creative content! If you want to join the fam and think you have what it takes to have your work featured in my Dank Zine you may submit it here at …

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Let’s stay up & make Dank Art all night

DANK ART The Viewers Choice Extravaganza for LordBBH continued from where it left off on Saturday playing requests in place of regular MAME Roulette on Monday. I happened to join in right as BBH was about to finish Golden Axe and got to see him use the magic where the skeleton barfs. It’s silly, but …

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The Long Weekend

DANK ART Macaw45 got right into some Lighbringer and The King of Dragons arcade runs before signing out for the Easter long weekend. I know Funkdoc is right into doing 1CC attempts of The King of Dragons game right now, but he’s choosing to use the Cleric where Macaw often will choose the Fighter and stick …

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Another Sick Week! Ahchoo & Getting Better

Sick again???   2017 hasn’t gotten out to a great start for me as I am yet again sick. I started the year with a terrible stomach bug and soon after recovering from that I got hit with a very nasty cold that spread to my lungs and I lost my voice for several days. …

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Take a break, take it easy

I’m doing more late night 1CC fishing attempts because I’m playing in the 1CC Athon starting September 30th and going all weekend. Since I work during my week it’s harder to commit to regular streams in a week. I am going to be doing more, so catch me if you can. I had a really good …

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