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BBH Extravaganza Leftovers

The Extravaganza kept rolling into this week on LordBBH’s channel and I made a lot of Dank Art to go along with some of the games played by BBH. One of the more shocking things I noticed was that the Athena Dank Art got over 50 likes on my twitter feed and for a notoriously bad game I would have assumed it wouldn’t get likes at all. Then again, there must be a bunch of people out there who can’t shake the impression that game left on them after playing it. Out of all of these, my two pick faves are the Bizerk piece and the Flintstone one (which just sold yay!). The Flintstone piece is actually a throwback to a seriously dangerous moment from my childhood when I was two years old and accidentally ate an entire bottle of Flintstone Vitamins when my mother was sleeping simply because they looked and tasted like candy. I got very sick & died.

OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t die but I did get raced to the hospital where they pumped my stomach. Probably not my best moment in life, but my family sure as Hell won’t let me forget it. Whenever I see Flintstone’s now I associate them with overdosing.

You can watch the vod’s here which are broken up into 9 pieces that covers over the several days of Viewers Choice stuff. Make sure you check it out if you missed it.


I’m also making far too much art and doing far too many cool things in my week so expect more blog entries as things happen! I can’t promise you daily posts, but I will be trying to share more with what I am doing more frequently in the week rather then these huge blogs summaries.




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