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Personally I love the idea of having someone just taking a crack at every single game for a system that they can get their hands on. I’m not going to play every game myself, but I do enjoy seeing things I don’t normally get to when I watch someone else’s random torture- I mean “random game playing”. Most of the people who I follow (or used to follow) on Youtube were making attempts at doing just that. I’m not sure if they gave up or got busy with other projects as I don’t hear much from that group of players anymore. In fact, a lot of my attention has been focused on watching people stream games live rather then going on Youtube to watch a Let’s Play or something that has been recorded. I think my own answer is my streamers fulfil my constant need for content where almost everyone I was subbed to on Youtube hardly ever produces content. Maybe my answer is to find new people to follow, which I have, but I am often waiting for them to put effort and time into making beautiful and informative videos. Thats great, but I wanna watch people play games & no one needs a production crew to do that.

The best part about LordBBH’s roulette is that it’s always around the same time ever Monday evening & has been for a year. It’s there when I get off work on a day that I wouldn’t have anything going on in the first place to encourage me to make Dank Art. I follow a lot of people on Twitch but everyone has their own schedules and often they don’t fit with mine because of how hard I work.

In saying that, I am totally in love with that Twin Eagle 2 Dank Art & I’m so going to paint it larger. This wouldn’t have happened without BBH & the randomness of that Roulette!

Macaw is about halfway playing every 2D TMNT game he could get his hands on. I’m still cranking out piles of Dank Art featuring more of the hilarious side to the games- usually it’s the image of Shredder coming out of the TV in one of its numerous story-arcs for the games. I really like the group images that have lots of detail for the Dank Arts I do and it’s great seeing people’s reactions when I post them online. Macaw will beat every game even if it means restarting the game to ensure that win with more continues if needed, so I know I have a bit more time to put into these Dank Arts vs a Roulette stream where it could be done with in 20 minutes.

Aquas is settling into this monster-like regiment of playing Ninja Gaiden, Mr. Gimmick, and then a series of Ghouls n Ghosts or Super Ghouls n Ghosts or Ultimate Ghouls. It’s a serving of really incredibly punishing games and he speedruns them instead of drinking coffee when he wakes up. That’s rather impressive for me as I’m utterly useless until I inject several cups of coffee in me so I can sit up long enough to focus on what I’m doing after I wake up. Anyway, here’s some mad Gimmick love & one tootin’ one for Pasky.


IMG_9337I am very happy to say that in under one day I have met my goal on my Dank Zine Patreon project. I’m now only $85 away from my second goal so I can make 20 books. A Dank Zine is a lot of work and I want to be very open and talkative about what I am doing and where I am taking this project.

Today I spent a bunch of money for a very nice scanner so I can get the best scans possible of each piece of media I am using for each book. I originally thought was to photograph each image on a cool backdrop but that meant a lot more work then needed so I scrapped it. I also sat down and make layouts templates for the magazine itself as I can’t seem to find templates that will work with the square format that my Dank Art originally is made on. By this weekend I should be popping images into the template and rolling out my first rough draft for people to preview in the Discord room I have made to encourage creator & backer engagement.

I’m also starting to sit down with my top backers to figure out what custom pieces they want me to work on so I can have those images featured prominently in the book. I’m easy going and if you want to influence my work this is a great project to back to do just that. I’m always set up now to take backers & if you want in for the first issue you better get in there soon. Please go back me at www.patreon.com/DankArt 

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