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More TMNT Action! I do get happy when people put some sort of effort into their streams and come up with ideas such as marathons or weeks that feature a certain kind of game. Macaw45 is almost about to wrap up his TMNT Gauntlet where he was playing almost every 2D Turtles game. I should have posted these two in my last blog post, but since I had such a chaotic week at work I missed that chance and decided just to post them up now.

Macaw45 is from Australia so when he streams in his evenings it’s when I am waking up. Often the work I do for his streams are when I am making cups of coffee and figuring out what my days is going to be like. He showed off a bunch of neat Beat’emUps which I really enjoyed as I used to be really into that genre as a kid. A lot of the games he plays are Japanese, so it’s amusing when him or the chat comes up with their own ideas of what the translation should be. The only problem with morning streams is I often find myself cutting out early so I can get to work at my jobs.

Ninja’d Warriors @LordBBH

LordBBH got into playing The Ninja Warriors last night where he was making serious efforts to 1CC the game just because he’s been meaning to do it. The Ninja Warriors is one of those unique arcade games that was in one of those ultra large cabinets. It’s a side-scrolling Beat’emUp by Tatio that came out in 1987 and was unique due to its special mirror set up. It created a special effect that gave the appearance of a single giant screen that spanned 3 screens wide. Only a few games at the time used this method. Oh yeah, the game is tough as nails (probably why BBH wants to 1CC this game) and is very long. I have done Ninja Warriors Dank Art before & sold it, so having a chance to try another Kunoichi was fun.

TAKE IT EASY & keep on putting! Neo Turf Masters @SRKfunkdoc 

Funkdoc is back!! He took some time off after the holidays to sort out some life stuff, but he’s back here and there doing 1CC requests for his subs. Currently he’s doing practice runs of Neo Turf Masters which actually is a lot harder then you think. I hope he gets his golf on and gets that 1CC he’s been working for all this week cause I have seen him online and working hard for it.

IMG_9422I also took time this week to work on a few commissions and special Dank Zine stuff which I can’t show publicly yet (aw shucks) but I can show you the process of this awesome larger Twin Eagle 2 Dank Art that might be featured in the Dank Zine depending if I get another $50 sponsor for the first issue or not. Also Birdland is the emoji that keeps on giving.



OMG I’m so close to my second goal it’s crazy. It seems like such a small number when you look at other crowd funding projects online but it’s my first time and I really wanted to make small steps with this. Thank you so much to everyone who’s backed me so far with this because I was worried I wouldn’t even get 10 people at the $3 range. Here I am almost 5 days into it and I’m close to making my second goal with the rest of the month open.

One of the big things I had to do for this project was to buy a new scanner that could carry the colour range that I wanted so you can see all the neat tone and shade variants in the Dank Art I make. It just arrived and now I can not only scan in the art for the Zine, but I can scan in ALL my Dank Art to archive. I also sat down this week and worked out a layout that I am going to use as I couldn’t find a decent template that would showcase the square images.

I also got my paper samples from the printer and that’s really got me excited. I can’t wait to pull this entire project together and start sharing my Zine with everyone! If you want to be part of this project then you should get in there and help me make it happen!

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