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I’ve been hinting at a few projects I wanted to do and one of them was a printed book in some capacity. The best way to get all of my art into something printed would be a monthly magazine. I have set up a Patreon to do just that after months of careful planning.

When I was 13 I made my own Zine. I kept doing it right up till I was 20 and stopped doing it as I started writing and producing content for other publications. The main reason why I stopped making one is I no longer had access to a free photocopier. Paying for small print runs is expensive and I figured people we’re so over printed stuff.

Each issue is $15 where most of it is going to the printing and shipping. The more people who subscribe the better the content as I’ll have more funding to put time in to focus on it. As well, since the higher rewards focus on commissions supporting on a higher tier is an incentive to influence the content.

I have very simple goals to start. My first goal is to get 10 people to sign up and then work my way to 20. As I write this I am happy to say I have already made my first goal of 10 issues and now I am working towards going for 20!!!!

I want to keep each issue content heavy, full colour, and of good quality. I want to leave things open for potential growth with this project, but keep my expectations small to start. The original idea behind this was to offer the people who wanted a collection of my art to get just that. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you in the Discord chat to collaborate on cool new ideas!


Macaw45 is still working his way through the TMNT Gauntlet where he’s playing through all the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles 2D classic games. This has been really fun to follow of the last few days though I am not that big of a Turtles fan as I have already mentioned, but drawing TMNT is such a fun thing to do. You can make those Turtles do anything. That was the good and bad thing about TMNT. Cowboy Turtle? Sure! Caveman Turtle? OK! Turtles wearing masks as toys? That happened. There is just something super marketable about these characters which is why generation after generation they keep coming back to make being a kid awesome again.
I’m actually impressed at Macaw’s knowledge of TMNT lore as when he plays he’s constantly talking about storylines from the TV show that I vaguely remember or only half knew about from picking up comic books. If you can’t watch these live make sure you check out the vod’s on his Twitch as they are entertaining.

Murphagator spend the weekend playing Guardians, also known as Denjin Makai 2. I’m super into this arcade Beat-em’up as it’s crazy easy and theres so much detail given to the enemies and backgrounds. I’m impressed that Murph owns the board to this game as it’s not a very popular game (I NEVER saw a machine of this as a kid- only came across it in MAME). Like I’ve mentioned before, my hat always goes off to those streamers on Twitch who put themselves thru hell to stream using the original hardware as it’s not an easy task to do.


Famicom Splatterhouse is fun. I got a first hand introduction at how amazingly fun Splatterhosue is by the two people who speed run the game, @Sacaitlin & @Zallard1 though they much prefer to play the mature arcade version of this spooky game. In fact, you should CLICK THAT VIDEO of Caitlin just owning that World Record at the Galloping Ghost Arcade. You should follow both though as they are amazing players!

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti is close to what you would find in a Splatterhouse game. Our hero Rick is undead in a mask who needs to rescue Jennifer, his girlfriend from a bunch of spooky ghosts inside of a haunted house. The big deal about this game is that its cute yet still owns up to being rather spooky with gross guts bosses, severed hands and gross maggot things. It’s more of a platformer game then a Beat’em-up, but I am not complaining as it’s a highly addictive game with lots of detail.

Totally worth your money picking up one of these if you have a Famicom!



Screenshot 2017-03-13 12.03.15.pngI finally finished my play through of both Police Quest 1 & 2 for DOS over the weekend. By far my choice game out of the entire series of Police Quest games is Police Quest 2 just because it has a more fleshed out world and they got rid of the driving “arcade” game from the first (I should make a compilation of all the crashes I did when I streamed it on Twitch).

Police Quest 1 & 2 were a big part of my young life. When I was a kid I would always stop by my friend’s house for lunch to play on the “old computer” that her dad had stuck in the basement to make room for his new “Windows Machine” upstairs. Even though that old computer was already dated by the time we got our hands on it as kids it was hours of entertainment playing thru this crazy collection of Sierra software.

You could say it all started in Heather’s basement, my love affair with classic computers as it was from that moment on that I caught the bug & started getting into all sorts of shenanigans in our school computer lab. I am happy that I can still play these games today and relive the memories.

The other cool thing about Police Quest is the crazy story behind how such a concept even came around. I’ve read several interviews and it’s even quoted on Wikipedia about how Ken Williams was looking to make a seriously detailed police simulator and by chance the woman who cut his hair was married to Jim Walls, a veteran of the California State Troopers who was on leave from work after a traumatic incident. Them meeting lead to a seriously amusing squash game which in turn got Ken to talk Jim into writing a simple script and make a game designer out of man who could only type using two fingers (Computers were still a new thing for the California Police Dept).

There are people who dedicate their lives to designing great games and every now and then someone who’s never even coded before gets a great idea and runs with it. I’m glad these people take risks and go for it as thats how we keep games interesting instead of being the same thing over and over again.

Check out my vod here and see the thrilling ending to Police Quest 2 in Two parts because something happened to my Internet halfway thru the game :p

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