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Ok in a bit. Final Fight @zuquidity

Zuq  is an amazing streamer from Poland who I got into following from the 1CC-Athon last fall. He plays a wide range or arcade games and Mega Man 4 at 39:08, and Captain America & The Avengers at 16:24. However to me, the best runs are always the 1CC runs where you can watch them on his Twitch channel or his youtube. Here’s a clip of him iCC-ing Dungeons & Dragons with the fighter, no misses on the hardest difficulty. If you are into quality arcade gaming like I am, definitely give this guy a follow.

Ok I love ducks and if you subscribe to Murphagator ‘s stream you get to use these adorable little ducks in chat which are the best damn thing ever. Apparently ducks mean a bit more in the Murph world as lately he’s been displaying this image of a Sonic Duck from Yu-Gi-Oh on his streams. Murph has told the story before which involves him playing in a tournament using a simple deck which had Sonic Ducks in it, but I just like the image because it’s a rather doofy looking duck with a bucket on its head. What can top a duck with a bucket on it’s head? Oh, yeah- Karnov yelling BALLOON every few moments in Fighters History. I think the best response I got from drawing this guy was the one follower on my twitter who said he saw the art while watching & started saying “BALLOON” himself out loud and then his kids couldn’t stop saying it. Sorry, guy! BALLOON is too damn good :3

Happy PB! Super Ghouls n Ghosts @Aqy

I also checked out Aquas‘ speed run challenge of all the main Ghouls n Ghosts games (minus the spin-offs like Maximo) on Saturday when I made this larger piece. I am a huge fan of the GnG series and it was one of the first games we had on my brother’s NES system. I’ve never been able to finish a GnG game, but I am getting much better after watching Aquas speedrun these ghoulish games. This image will most likely be up for grabs and in the upcoming second issue of my zine. Speaking about my Zine…


OMG I have put together my first issue of my Dank Zine and I am sending it off to the printers Monday evening. After months of planing and running a campaign for 2 weeks I have manage to not only hit my first goal but to surpass my second goal and I’m still growing. There’s over 24 pages of full colour artwork, two great interviews and a few special you’ve never seen before things in the first issue. I am already working on the second and third issue as well to keep myself busy (as I wasn’t busy enough). If you want a copy of the first issue you can get one for $15 by backing the project thru Patreon or you can order another issue online but need to pay for additional shipping. You can cancel your subscription at anytime on Patreon for those who are a bit worried about payments and such, but if you keep funding the Dank Zine I’ll be able to add more pages, hire more content creators and keep making amazing Dank Art for everyone to enjoy. Just this past week I had another fun Dank Art giveaway to six people on my twitter feed where I simply just mail them one of the Dank Art’s that I make during one of the many streams I watch and make art for.

Each one of these Dank Arts were given away free to lucky twitter followers :3

If you want to get the first issue at the discount Patreon price make sure you back before MARCH 31st or you’ll be set up to back the second issue instead! I am already sending the files off this evening & I need the final order in by that day to fulfill my Patreon promises, so make sure you sign up before the 31st.



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