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Another Sick Week! Ahchoo & Getting Better

Sick again???   2017 hasn’t gotten out to a great start for me as I am yet again sick. I started the year with a terrible stomach bug and soon after recovering from that I got hit with a very nasty cold that spread to my lungs and I lost my voice for several days. …

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Bought and sold and bought again

A week in Dank Art Over the weekend I busted into some special paper that I had which is designed to be postcards. This paper is the same texture and consistency as the Dank Art paper so it works quite nicely. I’m not sure how they will hold up against the elements in travel if that happens, …

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The 1CC Marathon is taking place September 30th starting at 5pm CDT and running until October 2nd. Classic Arcade gaming done right! I’m going to be part of it, but so are a bunch of other talented players so make sure you tune in! Check out the schedual here  

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Take a break, take it easy

I’m doing more late night 1CC fishing attempts because I’m playing in the 1CC Athon starting September 30th and going all weekend. Since I work during my week it’s harder to commit to regular streams in a week. I am going to be doing more, so catch me if you can. I had a really good …

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