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Make the most of your vacation buckazoid! Space Quest 3 @3FG_Inc

I have been drawing art for my friends’ streams for a while now but it’s been one year since I made a choice to really take it someplace. It was also Puri_Puri who gave it a name, dank as it is Dank Art has stuck around and I have been making a lot of it.

I could always look forwards to Puri’s evening streams as I tend to stay up later and get work in on my many projects. I first followed Puri for his Shenmue speed runs but stuck around because he would play other games I was into such as Space Quest 3. He was playing through a bunch of PS1 games which ambitious as it was it gave him a lot of variety to offer someone who was looking for a nice stream to follow along with.
On Monday, Puri made an announcement that he was quitting streaming full time at 5 days a week so he could pursue other projects in life. There will always be the chance of the occasional stream but the glory days are over. Thank you for all the fun & being a part of my Dank Art Adventures, Puri! I wish you the best in all your future projects.


LordBBH is still celebrating a whole year of Mame Roulette on his Twitch streams and since he’s been putting all this effort in on looking back I have been as well! I will be looking back at over a year of Dank Art in the next coming weeks where I will post up some of the best Dank Art’s that I created in 2016. This weeks Roulette I didn’t get much of the chance to make a lot of Dank Art for it- I had a few other projects on the go and I wasn’t feeling a lot of the games that were coming up in the mix. I don’t do Dank Art to every game, only the ones that really stand out for me and often I want to draw good games. Part of the fun of the roulette is you never know what you will get!

I checked out a bit of Trap stream on Monday evening as well because Trap usually always streams from the original hardware may that be from his actual arcade cab to any of the random game consoles he has lying around. With streaming from original hardware you can run into many technical issues that are often fixed with you choose to emulate some of these retro games on Twitch. I myself try to stream from the original hardware myself if I can so I always try to support those who go the distance to offer people a little bit more when it comes to a stream.

It’s funny that Macaw was streaming Guardians in the wee hours of Sunday morning because earlier on Sunday Murphagator was having fun playing around with the same game. I did a bunch of cool sketches for a few smaller posters from Murph’s stream on Sunday which I will be showing off soon, but because I already got warmed up jumping into these smaller Dank Arts were quite easy & I got them in just before I went to sleep.


I got a little box all the way from Jolly England! I wish I took a photo of what it looked like in the mail box as they had it in a HUGE pickup pigeon hole and for the size of the box that was rather amusing. I was quite happy to open it up and discover a little derpy-cute Kirby looking back at me. Thank you so much for the cute gift, Bouphe!! You totally made my day and are really kind. I brought him to work & had him hanging around there for a while :3


Thank you thank you thank you! I will give him a good home :3

If you haven’t noticed already I have been blogging a lot more frequently! This is all part of changes I wanted to do for my blog so I can keep things a bit more frequent rather then rushing at the end of the week to dump out a huge pile. Also, you should see some new and exciting stuff FINALLY happening this week for me! Make sure you are following/subscribed to my blog and watching for the updates in twitter as they will be happening a lot more often!


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