TMNT, DRUNK & Nintendon’t



Macaw started doing this TMNT Gauntlet where he’s playing thru all the 2D Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle games. There’s no way he can do it all in one sitting so this will be featured on his channel for a bit. The best highlights are from when he was playing through the tough as nails NES TMNT game and was totally generated by the Technodrome and then by Shredder. If you grew up in the 90’s then you’ll definitely know about the Turtles as they were everywhere when I was a little kid. It’s weird because I wasn’t really into the Turtles as a kid though I did find myself watching the TV series when there was nothing else on, but I never really understood the hype outside of the comics and the video games. Maybe that passed over me because I was younger but then again I was a strange child & when my friends were getting hardcore into things like TMNT I was getting into underground adult comics and getting into all sorts of trouble for bringing that garbage to school with me.


Currently, I am hyped up listening to Thundercat’s Drunk album which was released this past February.


“Just gotta get thru this day, yo…”

I’ve been listening to Thundercat kind of unexpectedly when I started being more and more obsessed with Flying Lotus back in 2014. When “You’re Dead” dropped I was immediately drawn to the tracks where Thundercat was featured with his unique thick basslines and crazy falsetto backups. It’s a sound fusion of Funk, Hip-Hop and Jazz and they perform rather on point for a live performance group (which is getting rare these days).

Noted tracks right now are of course “Friend Zone” (any song that talks about Diablo & Mortal Kombat has my vote) as well as “Where I’m Going” and “Walk on By”.

Power Pad Junk

Screenshot 2017-03-09 10.21.37.pngI can only really manage an hour’s worth of foot pad games before I get too tired or my feet start to hurt. However I am getting better and working out a lot of the crazy camera issues I was having when I first had this layout working. I tried one of the other games blind, something that I really didn’t want to do when I was setting out to do these streams but I figured “why not” and literally jumped into it. I gave “Baby Kyonshi no Amida Daiboken” a whirl after trying a few rounds of “Metro Daisakusen” which is the dungeon crawler game. Baby is a rather silly game where you constantly need to jump around to save your family or girlfriend. I haven’t figured out who these people are yet, when I play I like to think were going after our girlfriend but its going to get awkward if I find out were saving our family after the way I was playing the game last night. You can check out the vod here!

On a side note, here’s and example of what the prices for “Street Cop” are going for on Ebay. The prices for these games are really off and I recommend if you are thinking of picking up a Family Trainer you wait to see if you can find bundled games complete in box over individuals which might fetch ridiculous prices. Remember I only paid $150 CAN for a Pad & 6 games complete in box!! I understand some games are more rare than others, but I also know if I wait i’ll find a seller who actually wants to sell his games.


I got crazy sick just after participating in the Nintendon’t 3 event so I didn’t get a chance to really talk about it. This was a really fun event where I got to play with a bunch of other Twitch streamers for a week where we played everything and anything that wasn’t Nintendo. I got up to crazy Dreamcast Fishing, but a lot of my other friends were featured in this mix bag of fun such as Owl, Bouphe, Fantastic Planet, Macaw, Goati and more. Check out this awesome completion video and make sure you follow some of these awesome players as this was a fun event & I am happy I got a chance to be featured this year.

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