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I won’t be going to PAX East this year, but if you are going make sure you stop by my friend’s over at Fangamer and their booth and say hi! You’ll be able to find them if you follow the sweet sounds of the Super Soul Bros. who are performing live at the Fangamer booth.

I’ve been mulling around following Fangamer shenanigans for a long time now. I’m so happy to see my friends grow with their dreams and designs as a company and as people. You want to know amazing people then get to know Fangamer. They make incredible stuff and always try to bring a little extra to the table when they do an event or roll out a new product.

It’s also been six years of PAX with Fangamer! Look at these damn kids in these photos from the first booth build back in those early PAX days. Wishing you guys all the love and success this year!



When LordBBH isn’t torturing himself playing MAME Roulette, Thursday nights are more about the games he wants to play. I love the randomness of the roulette streams, but often I just prefer a good game over a hilariously terrible one. What separates a good game from a bad one? If it’s not fun to play it’s a bad game. I’ve seen BBH find hidden gems in games like Time Tunnel because despite the game looking a certain way or acting up, there’s some element of fun to it. You never know what is going to happen with a roulette which is the most appealing thing about doing one, but it’s also nice the BBH will play things he’s really good at as well as he’s pretty good at what he does.


This really busts my barrels! Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts @Aqy

Aquas is the Ghouls n Ghosts go to guy in my opinion. I’ve known how incredibly punishing the Ghouls n Ghosts/Ghosts n Goblins series can be first hand as one of the first games I ever played was Ghosts on the NES. Finishing any one of these games is a tremendous feat of concentration, skill and just knowing the game. Currently, he’s streaming a lot of Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts on his PSTV  which is an amazing game to play and watch. Aquas has a video list on his youtube that has all his World Record attempts in one place.


There was a break in the TMNT Gauntlet and instead Macaw was going to play hot and steamy romance novels for the Sega Genesis. Actually no, it was a game called “Generation Lost” which came out in 1994 when Sega was self-rating it’s games in an attempt to address to the US Senate. It’s like a futuristic post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure game with the art design was done by Bruce Straley who around that time was already known for his artwork in the Genesis X-Men game (which I played hours as a kid) and currently is known for his work on “The Last of Us” and Uncharted. The game has a close feel to Flashback

Last year around this time Macaw45 broke his arcade stick& pulled it apart live on stream. Every now and then it’s eery ghost will come back to haunt him & hand down several stream-killing technical issues. I just made the ghost part up though so I could make the Ghost of Old Stick Dank Art.

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