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Wow- That was so bad! I hope is doesn’t kill the franchise! Streets of Rage 3 @MURPHAGATOR 

Murphagator was torturing himself with Streets of Rage 3 which in my opinion isn’t the best game for the series. I was heavily into Streets of Rage 2 when I was a kid and I wanted to be Blaze for Halloween that year. I used to be pretty hardcore into SoR stuff and would highly defend the series and Sega when arguments would come up on the school yard about if SoR or Final Fight was the better Beat’emUp. Then SoR3 came out and… seriously theres a kangaroo character? Ok, sure. Kangaroos I guess are cool- oh they have the Kangaroo jean shorts? How does it use its pouch now? Yeah, I know only female kangaroos have pouches, but how do we know? By looking at those dumb cut-off jean shorts that is basically an oversized diaper. Also who’d hit kids and the elderly? Yeah well you can play as a kid & watch him get smacked around and same with the old guy. I know he’s suppose to have an old master background story but really. After SoR3 that was pretty much it for the franchise and only rumours existed about a possible 3D game featuring the characters and story on other systems. So yeah, SoR3 killed it. You can still pick it up & try to have some fun with it, but I never found SoR3 actually fun to play & the better game for me will always be SoR2. Mmm Love that game <3

Rock N Rage Arcade

I found out about Chuboh because as soon as Murph was done playing SoR games, he hosted him. Almost all of the followers I have come from people who have hosted someone else so I try to encourage people to do so when they end a stream. Chuboh is into the same kind of stuff I am into- strange and bizarre style games that are fun. When I caught his stream, Chuboh was playing thru a very interesting arcade game called Rock N Rage which is about this rock band that has its lead singer kidnapped and you choose one of the band mates to go rescue her. This game is also unique because Chuboh explained it actually had licensed music. That means they paid money to have tracks from Led Zeppelin and the Beatles to appear in the game. It kind of adds to the feel of the game because you are a rock band that plays your musical instruments to battle bad guys to save your singer. Definitely give Chuboh a follow and check out his streams!

In Birdland this past weekend, Macaw revisited both Cliffhanger and The Shadow, two extremely difficult Beat’emUps with interesting elements to them. Cliffhanger is just looks like a total pain to me- it has skill testing platforming that will really test your abilities mixed in with horribly long fighting sequences, but there is enough mix of the two styles to keep things interesting. The Shadow was an unfinished prototype game for SNES, so I can’t really make fun of it seeing as it never had a proper release. The major thing about The Shadow is that it’s over 2 hours long with no saves which is very taxing for a Beat’emUp and there’s a lot of strangeness to the actual fighting bits. It’s a shame though that this was never finished as it looks amazing and someone really wanted to make an epic style game to pay honour the comic book series and to be a tie in to the movie that it was possibly tied with. I can’t remember ever seeing this movie, but I have a feeling the movie didn’t do as well in the box office so that could explain why this game was never finished. Of course the two gems Macaw shared over the weekend was Skateboard Kid which was an Israeli developed DOS game that at first looked immensely poverty, but as he explored the game more it turned into something far more fun, challenging and entertaining. Also he quickly featured this game Gourmet Sentai which is a unique Beat’emUp with cooking elements to the gameplay. Thats right, I wrote that. It a Japan only SNES game, so if you can use a walkthru or know a little Japanese then totally pick up this game just so you can say you experienced it.

LordBBH played a bit of Sunset Riders on Sunday which I was excited for as I am currently working on some bigger Dank Art from the tiny one I created here. Sunset Riders is HUGE! I had no idea how much love is out there for this game and there should be as it’s crazy fun. I’m always down for watching someone try to do 1CC attempts of this incredibly hard arcade style game.
As always, Monday means MAME Roulette and where last week I only came out with a few Dank Art’s, this week I managed to create five individual Dank Arts for the evening. I usually only do that much for when BBH has Viewers Choice Extravaganzas. Though BBH might say that Monday was a lot of “What the fuck am I doing?” I was really happy he suffered through Final Fury 3 to finish it, painfully fell to his death in Spelunky, ate a bunch of ants, got Hotline Bling playing Mahjong with questionable women on the internet and finally experiencing the non-stop frustration of Final Blow, a overly-complicated boxing game.

Boxing. What are you doing? Final Blow @LordBBH

I want to make this one bigger and make a poster out of it so I can hang it on the wall and look at it when I have no idea why I am doing the dumb stuff I do in a day. This Dank Art sums it up. Thank you, BBH for all your suffering!


IMG_9635I am happy to say that I have recently made my second tier goal in my Patreon project in only a week! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all my backers and those who believed in me to make this possible. I spent all weekend working away at the layout, scanning everything in at the highest levels possible, and popping things in to get ready for printing.

It’s still a small little project, but I hope with the right amount of hard work, dedication and love that I can see a future for my Dank little Zine. I understand that crowdfunding can sometimes be seen in a bad light by those who abuse it, but thats why I spent over four months working and brainstorming a proper plan for this so that it works and I have something to give back to my backers besides just a pile of random images. The cool thing is if more people sign up, the Zine will grow in size and contributions which is what I hope will come from this. It’s far too soon to think like that now, though. The only thing I glad for is that my little Dank dream is coming true and I have so many people to thank for making it happen. Thank guys <3

If you want to get into the project, get Dank Art or want to learn more about my Dank Zine make sure you keep following my blog here and also check out my Patreon page where you can back the project and get an issue!



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